"If you're making me an offer, get on with it."
"Looks like we've got two choices here, either I crush this case down to the size of a baseball, and nobody gets what they want, or..."
"Or we could kill you, and take it."
―Viktor Orlov and Jeffrey Mace[src]

Viktor Orlov was a former KGB agent and HYDRA operative hired by the Watchdogs to kill S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace and steal a briefcase containing evidence of Project Patriot.


Early Life

KGB and HYDRA Agent

Born in the Soviet Union, Orlov joined the KGB before joining the terrorist organization HYDRA.[1]

Watchdogs Assassin

Hunting Jeffrey Mace

Years later, the Watchdogs hired Orlov to kill Director Jeffrey Mace. Orlov was present at the ceremony, where Yuri Zaikin did a failed assassination attempt on Mace. Daisy Johnson pushed Orlov on her way to caught Zaikin. Their plan succeeded, as Mace fly to a safe-house. With his Quinjet crashed and Mace hiding in a cabin with Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, Orlov and his men surrounded the cabin. Mace approached them and tried to reason with them, but as a truck was exploded, they started shooting at each other. Orlov entered a warehouse to kill Mackenize. However, Melinda May busted in and the two managed to take Orlov down.[1]


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