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"You know why they call this the Viking Motel? Because this is how they built their fortresses. Unassailable. One way in, one way out."
Lia Dewan to Dagger[src]

Vikingtown Sound is the seventh episode of the second season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


Adina is pushed to a dangerous edge as she looks to get answers and closure for her two boys. Meanwhile, Tyrone comes in contact with a mysterious figure on his search for Tandy.


Following her kidnapping, Tandy Bowen regains consciousness in the Viking Motel, where Andre Deschaine and Lia Dewan plan on making her one of their victims of sex trafficking. Bowen is confident that her friend Tyrone Johnson will come for her, but Deschaine tries to manipulate her and persuades her that Tyrone will not. As she attempts to attack Deschaine with a Lightforce dagger, Bowen realizes that she is unable to do so, as she had lost all hope which used to fuel her powers.

Bowen is introduced to Del, another girl held at the Viking Motel. Bowen accuses Dewan of keeping the girls as prisoners, but when Dewan offers Del to leave, Del refuses. Bowen further talks with Del, who admits that life in the Viking Motel is far from ideal but remains convinced that Deschaine and Dewan are actually helping her as no one else will. Bowen refuses to give up this way and attempts to escape, but she is stopped by Bo, the motel's enforcer. Bowen is then drugged to make her more compliant.

Meanwhile, Tyrone and Detective Brigid O'Reilly investigate the greenhouse where Bowen was before being kidnapped. Admitting that he previously rejected her, Tyrone decides to find his friend and goes to the support group she used to attend. He meets with Deschaine, who claims to know Bowen very well and doubts that she ever considered Tyrone her friend, instead suggesting that she only used him. In order to prevent Tyrone from hindering him, Deschaine touches him and accesses the Dark Dimension to play a record which gives Tyrone the impression that Bowen does indeed not care about him.

However, Deschaine is unaware that someone else is present in the Dark Dimension: Mayhem. Taking advantage of Deschaine's absence, Mayhem finds the recording being played, and replaces it with another recording which improves Tyrone's state of mind, recalling him that Tandy does consider him a great friend and giving him enough strength to resume his search for Bowen. Thanks to Mayhem, Tyrone supposes that the ambulances have something to do with Bowen's disappearance. He goes on a roof and draws his vévé, channeling enough energy to teleport in an ambulance to force the driver to reveal Bowen's whereabouts.

Deschaine, who also sees another vévé in his mind, goes to Chantelle Fusilier as he saw her in Tyrone's mind. He claims to be a simple man suffering from heavy migraines, but Fusilier sees through his lies, understanding that Deschaine might be after a greater power. Deschaine tries to forcefully find answers by manipulating Fusilier from the Dark Dimension, but is surprised when Fusilier simply meets him there, her status as mambo giving her some powers as well. Fusilier studies Deschaine's vévé, but is reluctant to help him out of fear that he will misuse his powers.

Angered by Fusilier's lack of cooperation, Deschaine orders her to play the recording of her happiest memories. She chooses the birth of her niece Evita, and while she plays the recording, Deschaine takes another disc, which controls Fusilier's heartbeat. Deschaine slows the disc down, eventually stopping Fusilier's heart, killing her in the real world. Before dying, Fusilier notices Mayhem's presence but instructs her not to interfere, and claims to Deschaine that she is not afraid of death.

In the Viking Motel, Del, who has been troubled by everything Bowen told her, steals a phone from a client and discovers that Dewan has lied to her: Del still has a family who cares about her, and the girls who were supposed to arrive earlier in the motel were not killed as Dewan had told her, but actually saved from Dewan and Deschaine. Upon hearing Del arguing with Dewan, Bowen, who is on the verge on being forced to have sex with a customer, regains hope and manages to manifest a Lightforce dagger.

Tyrone arrives at this moment, crashing the ambulance he stole inside the motel. He confronts Bo, and despite being far less muscular than him, he manages to take him down using his own powers. Both Bowen and Tyrone wreak havoc in the motel, assaulting the customers abusing the girls until they are reunited, while Mayhem continues to give them courage from the Dark Dimension by destroying the recordings used by Deschaine. However, Tyrone gets engulfed in a massive outburst of Darkforce which incapacitates him, much to Bowen's dismay.

In the meantime, Adina Johnson keeps Detective James Connors prisoner in the Johnson Residence. She admits that she is torn between her desire to kill Connors to avenge her son Billy's death and her wish to have Tyrone cleared from all charges against him. Despite a brief argument with Otis Johnson who came to warn her of Connors' return, Adina keeps interrogating Connors while cooking, asking for every detail on how he had his uncle Asa Henderson cover his crime. Over time, however, Adina grows tenser as she admits that she still cannot trust Connors, and that despite him being tied up to a chair, she still feels in danger and powerless in front of him.


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Medusa - Perseus Edit Cinephile
Reclaim Ayelle
Basic Instinct The Acid
Walk Alone Nesby Phips
Supernova Najee the 1
  • Tyrone Johnson draws a huge version of the Loa symbol on a rooftop, then teleports in front of an ambulance.
The Lion The Beast The Beat Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


  • Vikingtown Sound is Joe Pokaski's directorial debut. This is the first episode of Cloak & Dagger to be both written and directed by the same person.


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