"You know why they call this the Viking Motel? Because this is how they built their fortresses. Unassailable. One way in, one way out."
Lia Dewan to Tandy Bowen[src]

The Viking Motel is a motel located in New Orleans. It was the front and base of the sexual slavery ring led by Andre Deschaine.


"This motel is filled with girls like you. And they all start off thinking there's someone out there that's gonna find them. Then they all remember. The friend they told off, the mother they screamed at. When you have nobody, nobody's gonna save you."
Lia Dewan to Tandy Bowen[src]

The Viking Motel was a motel where Andre Deschaine and Lia Dewan sequestrated young girls to forcibly serve as prostitutes as part of their sexual slavery ring. Among the girls kept at the Viking Motel were Del, and later Tandy Bowen. Although Dewan claimed that the girls were free to go if they wanted to, even though they had been manipulated in believing that the life at the motel was the best they could get, Bo made sure that no one leave the Viking Motel.

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Bowen was brought to the Viking Motel after being captured by Deschaine and Dewan while investigating on the case of missing girls across New Orleans. Upon regaining consciousness, she found that she was in a room of the motel with Deschaine by her side, and realized that she could no longer use Lightforce due to having lost all hope. Bowen was then introduced to Del, and was told by Dewan that no one would come to rescue her from the Viking Motel.

Although Del refused to follow her, Bowen attempted to flee from the Viking Motel, only to be caught by Bo, who forced her to return to the motel. Bowen was then drugged to make her more compliant, and given a princess costume she would wear while waiting to be forced into sexual intercourse with a customer of the motel. However, she overheard Dewan arguing with Del in another oom after the latter found a phone and discovered that Dewan had lied to her. This caused Bowen to find hope again, thus reactivating her Lightforce-based powers and enabling her to wreck havoc in the motel.

In the meantime, Tyrone Johnson had also obtained the location of the motel and crashed an ambulance in it in an attempt to save Bowen. He fought and defeated Bo just outside the building before entering and finding Bowen. As they expressed relief upon being reunited, however, Johnson collapsed on the floor, engulfed in a massive outburst of Darkforce.[1]

Despite Johnson's condition, Bowen managed to transport him back to St. Theresa's Church. Shortly afterwards, the NOPD arrived in the motel to investigate what had happened. The girls who had been held prisoners in the motel were interrogated but to no avail as they were too scared to talk. The Viking Motel's owner was arrested but quickly released thanks to his lawyers, and one detective voiced his conviction that the motel would soon reopen despite the damage since prostitution remained a lucrative activity in New Orleans.

The Viking Motel was recreated in the Darkforce Dimension on two occasions: firstly, when Bowen and Johnson played Duel to D'Spayre and found themselves back in the motel as the final boss stage[2]; and secondly during the final confrontation against D'Spayre.[3]


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