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"If that girl had been taken down in Bahrain, she wouldn't have gone on to kill all those people in Cambridge. Thanks to your friend back there, HYDRA has the green light to exterminate Inhumans."
―Vijay Nadeer to Skye[src]

Vijay Nadeer was a virtual recreation of the real-world person of the same name inside the Framework. Believed by HYDRA to possess Inhuman abilities, Nadeer worked with Grant Ward in a desperate attempt to escape only to be captured by HYDRA agents. He was then transferred to the custody of The Doctor, who subjected him to an excruciating experiment that ultimately killed him.


Captured by HYDRA

Interrogated by Skye

"Your name is Vijay Nadeer. Don't deny it."
"My DNA is not a crime. I'm not a criminal."
Skye and Vijay Nadeer[src]
What If...15

Nadeer is questioned by Skye and Grant Ward

Vijay Nadeer, going under the alias of Jason Rajan, was captured by HYDRA for he was suspected of both being an Inhuman and illegally smuggling Terrigen Crystals for the S.H.I.E.L.D. resistance. Nadeer was interrogated by Grant Ward and Skye, with the latter soon revealing that she knew his true identity. When confronted about the suspicions of illegal activities, Nadeer abruptly reacted but was knocked out by Ward, who was an undercover agent and had helped him get an official HYDRA ID card, in an attempt to have him not disclosing any compromising information.

Nadeer was violently woken up by Melinda May, who he recognized as the one responsible for the Inhumans' persecution since she had brought back Katya Belyakov to the United States of America, leading to the Cambridge Incident. May ordered Nadeer to be taken to the Doctor and Nadeer suddenly got afraid by the perspective. His interrogators remained ignorant of his pleas and Skye took him out of the cell. On the way, she questioned him about the Rescue in Bahrain, as she had only known an alternate version in which May had killed Katya. When Skye offered to help him escape, Nadeer disbelieved her and punched her before fleeing on his own. However, he was caught by The Doctor and his guards.

Inhuman testing machine

Vijay Nadeer is brutally tortured by the Doctor

The Doctor took Nadeer and put him in a machine of his design which was made to assess Inhumans' powers without triggering Terrigenesis while Skye looked in horror at the torture.[1] Like other Inhumans who were tested, Nadeer did not survive the ordeal. As per Project Looking Glass, Nadeer's superhuman reflexes were replicated and put into Aida's synthetic body along with other Inhuman abilities.[2]





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