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"I heard your voice when I was inside, telling me to fight, that's why I was in there for so long. I was fighting."
"That was only wishful thinking."
"No, it wasn't! Do you see any scarring, any special abilities?! That's because it didn't change me. I'm the same person I've always been. I beat it, just like you said I could."
―Vijay Nadeer and Ellen Nadeer[src]

Vijay Nadeer is an Inhuman and the brother of the United States Senator Ellen Nadeer. Upon undergoing his Terrigenesis, Nadeer became trapped in his cocoon for months until he was freed by Jemma Simmons. Now free, Nadeer reunited with his sister, whose hatred for Inhumans led her to hire the Watchdogs to assassinate Nadeer. When Nadeer was shot in the gut and seemingly killed by his own sister, his body was then dumped into the sea where it then underwent Terrigenesis once again.


Early Life

Distrust of Aliens

Vijay Nadeer lived in New York City. While celebrating his mother's birthday, the Chitauri invaded New York City. During the invasion, an explosion struck their house. His mother Sunjina Nadeer died in the explosion, making her one of the civilian casualties of the Battle of New York.

Due to this traumatic event, his older sister Ellen Nadeer began to view extraterrestrial life as a threat to humanity. During the Inhuman Outbreak, Vijay and Ellen decided that if either of them were to become an Inhuman, the other would kill them in order to prevent the spread.[1]

Undergoing Terrigenesis

Trapped inside the Cocoon

Mysterious Inhuman-4x03

Nadeer, trapped in the Terrigenesis cocoon

"It was dark, lonely. For a long time, all I could hear was your voice."
"Telling you to fight."
"And I did. It just took a long time."
―Vijay Nadeer and Ellen Nadeer[src]

In September 2016, Vijay was exposed to the Terrigen Mist and, experiencing his family's worst nightmare, underwent Terrigenesis. Unable to break free of his cocoon and viewing the experience as cold and lonely, he heard his sister's voice telling him to fight it, begging him not to come out scarred with the abilities they all feared. The Watchdogs, now being funded by Ellen, overtook his social media accounts and ran his errands while Vijay was trapped within the cocoon.[2]

Vijay Terrigenesis

Nadeer is finally freed by Jemma Simmons

Seven months later, Nadeer's cocoon was taken to a secret facility by his sister as he was continued to be studied to try and free him of his cocoon while she still hoped to stop him becoming one of the Inhumans. Nadeer then finally began to dissolve his cocoon with the aid of Jemma Simmons, who calmly spoke to him and allowed him to break down the cocoon and free himself, with Nadeer witnessing Simmons being taken away by armed security before she could help him further. Nadeer was then asleep for a time until finally waking up in his father's villa on his family's own private estate.[3]


"You and I were both there when the Chitauri killed mom. Aliens invading our world. Everything changed that day."
"What are you doing?"
"The Inhuman epidemic was the next phase. The aliens were now here, contaminating us, changing us to be like them, which is why we made each other a promise-"
"No. No, Ellen, no."
"-that if either of us was ever infected by the alien plague, it was up to the other to do the right thing."
Ellen Nadeer and Vijay Nadeer[src]

During a walk with Ellen Nadeer, she revealed that she was a supporter of the Watchdogs and intended to have him killed at an isolated point in the woods. Vijay argued that he was unchanged because there was no visible or detectable changes to his biology. A Watchdogs team led by Tucker Shockley were ordered by the Superior to kill Vijay. While trying to kill him his powers activated to preserve his life.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents made their way to the estate and debated with Vijay to join them, with Jemma Simmons herself promising that they would keep him safe. Despite Simmons' best efforts, Vijay chose to follow his sister to a helicopter, leaving the estate, with Jeffrey Mace telling Simmons to let him leave. Ellen told him to be calm and look at her, only to shoot him point-blank in his center mass, keeping her promise, and have his body dumped in the nearest body of water. After sinking to the bottom, Vijay underwent another Terrigenesis in response to his apparent death.[1]


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Vijay Nadeer is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

BP Vijay Powers

Nadeer avoiding an attack at quick speeds

  • Superhuman Speed: Nadeer is able to move fast enough to counter multiple gunmen in a tight space and disarm them in under a minute.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Upon seeing Watchdogs members threaten him with guns, he was able to react faster than the standard human brain normally does, being able to dodge attacks faster than the average human being.


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