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"Do you know Captain America? I've got his action figure. But I lost the shield, so I made him a new one. All by myself. I just glued a magnet to it, so it looks like the real one. And then I painted it, but Cap's shield is cooler. But this one doesn't have to take down any aliens, so it'll do."
―Vido Arocho to Jessica Jones[src]

Estevido "Vido" Arocho is the son of Oscar Arocho and his ex-wife, Sonia.


New Neighbors

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Talking with Jones

"Hey, Vido. What's up? What are you doing up this late on a school night?"
"Where's my dad?"
"He's downstairs. But you know what? He told me to keep an eye on you."
"My dad doesn't like you."
"But you do, right? So do you have any cool toys in your room you wanna show me?"
Jessica Jones and Vido Arocho[src]

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Visiting Jones

"What do you want, kid?"
"I showed you my room. Can I see yours?"
"I'm busy."
"With superhero stuff? Are you fighting crime? Can you teach me superpowers? I'm strong. Can you push a building over? Are you bulletproof?"
"All right. Cut it out, kid."
"How'd you get your superpowers? Are you an alien? Can you fly?"
Jessica Jones and Vido Arocho[src]

Arocho opened the door and walked into Alias Investigations Office, in which he spoke with Jessica Jones. As he walked about the apartment, he began to climb outside an opened window and lost his balance, being rescued by Jones from collapsing. Being pulled back in, Oscar Arocho and Sonia hurried to the boy's aide, warning Oscar of Jones' presence in the building. Later, however, Arocho explained that she had saved him from collapsing out her window.[2]


"Sonia took Vido."
"She didn't pick up her phone, so I came by her place. Her neighbor said she left with Vido, carrying suitcases."
Oscar Arocho and Jessica Jones[src]

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Family Dinner

"Did you save anybody today?"
"Yeah. Actually, yeah, I did."
"What happened? Did you have to hit someone?"
"After dinner, Vido."
"Oh, come on, I wanna hear it now."
―Vido Arocho, Jessica Jones and Oscar Arocho[src]

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"He's a cool kid. Reckless little shit, but he's cool."
Jessica Jones to Oscar Arocho[src]

Vido Arocho showed himself to be a bright kid, who greatly admired his personal hero Captain America for his heroic actions. Arocho wants to be a superhero, as shown with his conversations with Jessica Jones, as he wants to protect others. Though he can be reckless at times, he doesn't mean to be himself or others at harm. In addition, Arocho was very talkative and would ask Jones questions on how she got her powers, often annoying the detective. He also showed himself to be quite creative, as he created a new shield for his Captain America toy by using a magnet.


  • Bilingualism: Arocho was taught and developing in bilingual households of Spanish and English languages.





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