"To Victoria; staging electromagnetic pulses at each attack sites so Fury's own satellites would confirm our lies? Inspired idea."
Quentin Beck[src]

Victoria Snow is a former Stark Industries employee and an associate of Quentin Beck, who assisted him in carrying out the Elemental Attacks, creating the deception that the world was under threat from the Elementals.


Snow worked for Stark Industries, but was eventually fired. She then joined a group comprised of other former Stark Industries employees led by Quentin Beck. In the aftermath of Tony Stark's death, Snow and her colleagues decided to take advantage of the void he left behind regarding a superheroic presence defending Earth to create their own superhero they would control: Mysterio.

Snow thus took part in Quentin Beck's Campaign, using a EMP Generator in the locations where the attacks of the Elementals were staged to generate electromagnetic pulses, thus fooling Talos, who was disguised as Nick Fury at the time, as well as Nick Fury's Crew.

Once Beck was able to obtain the E.D.I.T.H. glasses from Peter Parker, Snow joined in the celebration of this accomplishment, hugging William Ginter Riva out of joy. During the ensuing toast given by Beck, Snow's idea of creating the electromagnetic pulses during the attacks was praised by Beck, and all of her colleagues cheered to Victoria's name, just like she cheered for her colleagues as Beck congratulated them all. However, she also later faced Beck's anger as he discovered that one of the drones they used had lost a projector, which could be used to expose their deception, and Snow, just like her colleagues, was faced with a drone aiming at her for a moment.

Snow later took part in the last attack in London, using her EMP generator to create an electromagnetic pulse a hundred times more powerful than those she had previously generated, in the same time Mysterio pretended to be fighting the Elemental Fusion. However, the whole trickery was eventually revealed by Spider-Man, who defeated Beck and left him for dead, thus putting an end to the criminal activities of Snow and her associates.[1]









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