"How did you do this?"
"It's based on the theory that if gravity can alter time, and light can create gravity, then light can also alter time."
"You're using light to bend time back in on itself."
"That's exactly right."
Chase Stein and Victor Stein[src]

Victor Stein's Time Machine is a radio-based device designed by Victor Stein that can receive visual messages from the future.



"Atmospheric refraction. Causes the light from the sun to be distorted. The sun's already gone, but we still see it."
"So it's here and not here at the same time?"
"Right now, we're looking backwards in time, a moment stretched beyond its normal limits. Imagine being given extra time to consider, or reconsider what you're doing, the choices that you make."
Victor Stein and Janet Stein[src]

When Victor Stein first met his wife, Janet, at Culver University, they discussed the concept of time travel.[1]

Describing it as his "passion project", Stein worked on this time machine for years. He finally perfected the project after feeling inspired by his son, Chase, who had revealed to him also to have knowledge in engineering and they were both working together on the Fistigons.[2]



Victor Stein and his son test the time machine

"Show us Los Angeles of the future."
Victor Stein[src]

Having completed his invention, Victor showed the machine to Chase. Testing for the first time, Victor asked to see Los Angeles of the future. After the device did not work, Victor had an anger attack and revealed he has brain cancer. When Victor and Chase left the workshop, the time machine worked predicting Los Angeles being destroyed in the future.[2]

Message from the Future


Chase Stein sending a warning to his father

"I hope you get this in time. I know it's a long shot and I could probably screw a lot of things up. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry for... I'm sorry for all of it. Please, whatever you do, Dad, don't pick up the Fistigons."
Chase Stein[src]

Victor Stein was woken up in his lab by strange noises coming from the time machine he had previously deemed not functional. Stein picked the machine up and was surprised to see images successfully displayed on the time machine's screen. The machine showed pictures of Stein's son Chase, in a future version, apologizing to him and warning him not to take the Fistigons. However, Stein failed to heed this warning and, during an anger outburst, attacked Chase with the Fistigons.[1]


"I got your message from the future."
"I know you haven't said it yet, but you will, and it's so moving."
"Not the weirdest thing I've heard today."
"I'm gonna need you. Wait for my signal."
Chase Stein and Victor Stein[src]

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