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"Everyone knows I'm a genius."
―Victor Stein[src]

Victor Stein is a genius engineer, inventor, the founder and CEO of Nemo, and a member of PRIDE. He is the husband of Janet Stein and the father of Chase Stein. While serving the needs of Jonah by creating the Dematerialization Box, that kept him alive through human sacrifices, Stein also raised his son Chase with his wife Janet, being abusive to both of his family members. When a brain tumor caused Stein to struggle with his work he began to break apart, soon discovering his wife was sleeping with Robert Minoru. When Stein came close to death, Jonah saved his life but this only resulted in Stein having a mental breakdown in which he attacked his son, causing Janet to shoot him. Stein then fell into a coma and Jonah vowed to save his life somehow.

Victor was kept by Jonah in an Healing Algorithm so that he could design a new Dematerialization Box. Initially, Victor was reluctant to help Jonah, but Janet convinced him to achieve his task as soon as possible so that he could return into the real world and help PRIDE with its new objectives. Victor notably gave Janet insights about the deciphering of the Abstract before being taken out of the algorithm by Janet. He and Janet were decisive in the fight against Jonah at the PRIDE Construction Site, but it also caused Victor to be possessed by Jonah. Initially, Victor managed to keep his personality from time to time, but thought that his losses of time were due to the return of his brain tumor, which pressured him to convince his son Chase to return home. Eventually, however, Victor, who had helped to design weapons against the Runaways, was entirely possessed by Jonah.


Early Life

Meeting Janet

"Time travel's not about going back and forth. It's about staying right where we are, about positioning ourselves so that we remain in the presence of beauty."
―Victor Stein to Janet[src]

Victor Stein meeting Janet in class at Culver University

Victor Stein graduated and went to Culver University and met a woman named Janet in class. The two discussed the idea of inventing time travel, where Stein believed time travel was letting themselves remain in the presence of beauty. The two would fall in love, graduate from Culver and quickly became smitten with each other.[4] Showing himself to have a brilliant mind, Stein worked himself in engineering and eventually moved to Los Angeles with Janet. In addition, Stein founded Nemo Industrial, an industrial company that focused on space transport, and manufacturing. [7]

Birth of Chase

Stein holding his newly born son, Chase

"He's ... he's..."
"Yeah. I get it now, what everybody says."
"And what's that?"
"This is the only thing that matters. Just this."
―Victor Stein and Janet Stein[src]

Stein married Janet and the two had a son named Chase in 2001. On the day Chase was born, Victor held him and talked with the nurse briefly. Victor told Janet that he understood what everyone meant when saying that a child is the only thing that matters.[4]

Joining PRIDE

Stein at the PRIDE's first sacrifice

Victor and Janet joined PRIDE, a group led by Leslie Dean. Like all the members of PRIDE, Stein took part to rituals meant to revive Jonah. To that end, he was entrusted with the management of the Dematerialization Boxes used in these rituals. However, unlike most of his associates, Stein knew what would happen to the selected victims. As such, when they sacrificed Brooks Watten, Stein explained to the other members of PRIDE that the body of the young an had been converted into pure energy which had been absorbed by Jonah.[3] In 2007, Stein attended the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez.[8]

Abusive Father

Stein questioning his own son's resentment

"You don't know shit about sh...!"
"Say it again."
"You don't know shit about...""
―Victor Stein and Chase Stein[src]

Victor became more focused on his work, leading him to become abusive towards Janet and Chase Stein. Despite being named Time's man of the year, he constantly disappointed his son who became to resent him. One day, Victor missed the city championship where his son won the trophy, failing his promise he made on the morning. Picking up Chase, Victor was criticized by Chase who mocked him for being awarded and considered a visionary. Victor ordered him to stop, but Chase cursed him, leading to Victor to punch him hard enough to hit the door window, shocking the boy. Stein dared his son to say again, having to hit him again in anger when he cursed him for the second time.

Unbeknownst to Victor, Janet had begun an affair with Robert Minoru, their fellow member of PRIDE due to the abuse he gave her.[4]

Rite of Blood

Killing Destiny Gonzalez

Stein works on the Dematerialization Box

"You shouldn't be here!"
"Help me!"
―Victor Stein and Destiny Gonzalez[src]

In 2017, Victor, who kept behaving as an abusive husband and father to his wife Janet and his son Chase, had trouble fixing issues with the Dematerialization Box, which added to the high level of distress Stein experienced since he had been diagnosed with an extremely hard to cure brain tumor. Nevertheless, Stein chose not to disclose any of these information to the other members of PRIDE, claiming that he would fix the Box and that the headaches he suffered from were benign.

Victor and Janet went to the Wilder Mansion for the PRIDE's annual meeting, during which Leslie Dean gave them the file of the next victim: Destiny Gonzalez. Victor noticed that Geoffrey Wilder did not read the file and asked him whether he questioned their activities. Still, PRIDE decided to carry on the ritual. Victor prepared the Dematerialization Box, waiting for the arrival of Gonzalez with Leslie Dean. He then helped the members of PRIDE to restrain Gonzalez as she was frightened by what was happening, and closed the Box on Gonzalez when she entered it, initiating the ritual.

Stein murders Destiny Gonzalez

As the members of PRIDE noticed a flashlight, Victor remained in the secret basement while Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder left to investigate its origin. When they returned and informed them that their children were in the mansion, Victor remained alone in the basement to pack up the Dematerialization Box. However, he heard a strange noise coming from it. When he opened it, Victor was shocked to discover that Gonzalez was still alive in it. Although Gonzalez begged him to help her, Victor chose to murder her to cover up for his failure in fixing the Box. Keeping her body inside the Box he took back to the Stein Mansion, Victor later dropped Gonzalez's body into the ocean.[9]

Highly disturbed by the failed sacrifice, Victor had a hard time finding sleep, having visions of Gonzalez begging him to let her go. He was found in his lab by Janet, who expressed concern at the idea that Victor might have a problem he was keeping for himself, but Victor angrily retorted that he needed Janet on his side and trusting him without question.[8]

Kidnapping of Potential Victims

Stein realizes he has been driving an empty van

"Robert, slice his Achilles tendon! Disable him!"
"Are you insane?"
―Victor Stein and Robert Minoru[src]

Stein would go and kidnap someone himself before meeting with any other member of PRIDE, He hit a young girl with a tire iron and tied her up in his van, which he took to the other PRIDE members which he informed Wilder and Minoru. Stein remained deaf to the young girl's screams and drove to the Wilder Mansion, where Wilder and Minoru awaited him. However, it turned out that the van Stein was driving was empty, and that Stein, due to his brain tumor, had simply hallucinated the kidnapping.

Stein and the rest of the PRIDE gathers in the Wilder Mansion

The PRIDE gathered in the Wilder Mansion, where they tried to discover what was wrong with Stein. Stein assured his associates that he was fine and Dean agreed that his idea of kidnapping someone outside of the Church of Gibborim, like a homeless person or a prostitute, was the right idea. As Stein insisted to do the kidnapping, Tina instructed her husband Robert to join him and make sure that Stein would not fail again.

Stein getting choked by Murray

Stein and Robert took the van to a poor area of Los Angeles, they spot a homeless man in a wheelchair who had seemingly passed out. Stein wanted to make sure that he would not wake up and said that he would hit him with his tire iron. Before they could proceed, the homeless man woke up and violently attacked them, trying to choke Stein.

However, the brawl was ended due to the arrival of a LAPD car patrolling in the street. In order to avoid trouble, Robert called Detective Flores, PRIDE's ally. Stein then met at the Los Angeles Police Station, where Stein and Robert were quickly free to go, although they had failed to kidnap their target.[2]


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Shot by Janet

"What, what were we moving on to? Father and son, playing together at the beach."
"I'm an idiot."
"I am making you a man! But you don't want that, do you? You wanna be a baby!"
―Victor Stein and Chase Stein[src]

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"He's angry. Resentful."
"Paranoid. Abusive. Try living with it for 20 years."
Jonah and Janet Stein[src]

Victor had a complex and somewhat changing personality which was influenced by his own nature, but also the brain tumor from which he came to suffer and the treatments he took for it. Despite falling in love with Janet Stein and being marveled by the birth of their son Chase, Victor behaved as an abusive husband and father, frequently berating his wife and son, going as far as to physically abuse Chase. In that perspective, Victor actually replicated his own father Curtis' behavior. Victor did not accept that his genius was put in question and arrogantly claimed that no one could help him in his engineering work. His unbearable brutality caused Janet to have an affair with Robert Minoru while Chase deeply hated his father, and physically trained to be able to retaliate against him one day should Victor once again be violent towards him. Learning that he was suffering from a brain tumor and that he might die did not soften Victor's behavior, and he remained the same abusive and violent man that he had been.

Nevertheless, Victor could sometimes show a softer side to his family. He admitted to Chase that he was hard with him, but claimed that he only did so because he wanted Chase to be better than he himself had ever been. Under the influence of Jonah's Serum, Victor's personality even changed completely, as he showed a more affectionate aspect and went as far as completely forgiving Janet for having cheated on him. However, when the effects of the serum wore off, Victor suffered from withdrawal symptoms which caused him to violently attack his son and nearly kill him.

During his time in the Healing Algorithm, Victor had the opportunity to reflect on his past behavior. When visited by Janet, he chose not to resent her upon learning that she was the one who had shot him and confessed both his mistakes and his lies to her. When Janet helped him to make his time in the algorithm more comfortable, Victor once again claimed that he deeply loved her. Once out of the algorithm, Victor, despite still appearing as cold and stern, retained some of this softer personality, complimenting Janet for her design of the Anti-Gravity Device, openly regretting him attacking Chase and agreeing to work with Minoru, his wife's former lover. Victor also worried about a possible return of his disease, unaware that he was being possessed by the Magistrate, causing him to successfully contact Chase for him to peacefully return so that the Stein family would be reunited.

Like several other members of PRIDE, Victor was worried that his child would follow the path of violence he had walked onto before trying to engage into a more virtuous behavior. As such, when both Victor and Chase were trapped in the Dark Dimension, and Chase began beating up a recreation of Curtis, Victor managed to convince his son to stop, explaining that such a violence was always the result of a choice, and that Chase had the potential to make the good choice Victor himself had failed to see. In the aftermath of his escape from the Dark Dimension, Victor even went as far as to reluctantly admit that he needed help, agreeing Stacey Yorkes' offer to join the Alien Abductee Anonymous, starting some kind of friendship between the two due to their shared traumatic experience of being possessed by the Gibborim.


"Forgive me if I'm too busy changing the world to notice that your bangs have grown out."
―Victor Stein to Janet Stein[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Stein showed himself to be brilliant individual, being awarded and crowned a visionary by many news companies and magazines. His technical skills are impressive, even when in a mildly disoriented state, as seen when he was able to discern that the equipment which the PRIDE intended to use on their children were modified to the point of being weaponized, after merely observing for a moment the implements' design schematics shown in his lab.
  • Master Engineer: Stein excelled in engineering, working with his son on the Fistigons and X-Ray Specs, as well as a time machine which can display images coming from the future. Stein's skills enable him to understand the functioning of the Dematerialization Box, which makes him a highly valuable member of PRIDE. As such, Jonah declared that Stein was the only member of PRIDE he truly needed to ensure his own survival and to fulfill his projects; this was perhaps established by the fact that he always tried to maintain a civilized conversation with Victor, never outright subtly threatening him the way he has with the other PRIDE members and even went out of his way to save Stein when the latter came close to dying at least twice.
  • Expert Businessman: Stein is an accomplished businessman. Prior to his coma, he was the founder and CEO of the company Nemo. The company was well known for its technological prowess and Stein's leadership was regularly praised in magazines.
  • Hacker: To be added



  • Fistigons:

    Stein wearing the Fistigons

    Stein helped his son Chase to work on the energy-blasting gauntlets named the Fistigons. Ignoring the warning given to him earlier by his own time machine, Stein picked them up when attacking Chase in an anger outburst and fired at his son with it.

Other Equipment

  • Disruptor: Along with Janet Stein, Victor created and tried a powerful computer virus which was eventually confiscated by the FBI.
  • Dematerialization Box: Stein was the only member of PRIDE able to understand the mechanisms of the Dematerialization Boxes used to revive Jonah, and was therefore entrusted with one Box he kept in the garage of the Stein Mansion, trying to fix it when it experienced malfunctions.
  • Victor Stein's Time Machine: As part of his main scientific ideas about time travel, Stein invented a time machine designed to show pictures of both past and future events. However, he was never able to make it properly work until he decided to resume the project with his son Chase. The time machine notably gave him images of a warning coming from a future Chase.
  • X-Ray Specs: Stein used the X-Ray Specs during the Rescue of Molly Hernandez, observing the Coven's ritual to determine whether the path was clear for Geoffrey Wilder to intervene.







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Behind the Scenes

  • James Marsters has stated that his performance as Victor Stein is inspired by Vincent D'Onofrio's portrayal of the Kingpin in Daredevil: "He did a Kingpin that so surprised me. It was in so many ways exactly opposite of what I was expecting, of what I’d read in the comics. In the comics, Kingpin is always charming. He’s an extrovert. He’s in control of any social situation. And in private he’s mean and that’s the contrast. Vincent just flipped it 180° and went for the vulnerabilities and the insecurities in the character. He was able to bring out a sophistication that you can’t get in a static image."[10]
  • Simon Potter and Donald Mills were stunt doubles for James Marsters in the role of Victor Stein.


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