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"Yes. We're already overwhelmed by the guns, drugs and kidnappings and now these things, are they really aliens?"
"It's a little bit more complicated than that, but like everyone else there are good ones and bad ones."
"When they are bad we are powerless to stop them."
―Victor Ramon and Daisy Johnson[src]

Victor Ramon was a former Colonel of the National Police of Colombia, who soon came into conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Inhumans. With all his corruption having been discovered, Ramon was sent to prison but was soon released and made a deal with the Watchdogs, to assist them in their mission to kill the Inhumans. Ramon's plans to sell a 0-8-4 weapon to the Watchdogs was discovered by Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who sought revenge for her cousin's murder. During the battle, Quake had assisted Rodriguez as Ramon was killed when he was shot by one of the Watchdogs, with the 0-8-4 which he was selling.


Dealing with Inhumans

Promoting Lucio

"Me and my compañeros were the law!"
―Victor Ramon[src]

When Lucio had undergone Terrigenesis, he had unlocked his own Inhuman power to put people to a rigor mortis-like state. Seeing the potential with such power, Ramon made Lucio his right-hand man. Lucio used his powers against their enemies, which often included unarmed Colombian civilians, as Ramon took control of Bogotá, with the people too fearful to stop the actions, ensuring that he and his men had gained control.[1]

Stolen Guns

"That convoy was loaded with weapons that were supposed to help us fight whatever this is, and now weapons are gone."
"But we're here. We've got a team on the ground."
―Victor Ramon and Daisy Johnson[src]

Ramon meets some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Due to shipments of Ramon's guns being stolen by an enhanced individual, Ramon contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. who sent Daisy Johnson and Joey Gutierrez to meet with him. Greeting the pair, Ramon agreed to speak in English to help out Johnson in their communication and so Gutierrez did not have to translate. As he led them to his office, Ramon questioned if he was really dealing with some sort of alien in these attacks, noting his men were powerless to stop them from stealing their guns.

Ramon discusses the attacks of Inhumans

Ramon continued to insist that something had to be done as if this individual continued to steal their guns, then they would have a revolution on their hands, although Johnson made it clear that while these new powered individuals could be dangerous there were good ones and bad ones, and they were there to stop the bad ones. Johnson however reassured Ramon that S.H.I.E.L.D. had a special team on the ground, led by Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie, who were investigating the attacks and were there to help Ramon and his police force however they possibly could.[1]

Conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ramon greets Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter

"Good afternoon, beautiful. I need you to answer questions. His fate depends on your answers. Why are you really here?"
―Victor Ramon to Bobbi Morse[src]

Following his own leads, Ramon soon tracked down Francisco Rodriguez who had been dumping the stolen guns into the river and was currently being arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. for questioning. As Ramon pulled up, he spoke with Bobbi Morse who insisted that he allow them to handle the arrest, however Ramon saw the stolen guns in Rodriguez's truck and noted that he had no plans on leaving without Rodriguez in his custody.

Ramon shoots and kills Francisco Rodriguez

Just as Morse drew her battle staves to defend herself, Lucio raised his glasses and used his powers to paralyze her, Rodriguez and Lance Hunter before any of them could react. Ramon ordered Lucio to bring Morse and Hunter back to the station for further questioning in order to learn why they were there. When Lucio asked what was to be done with Rodriguez, Ramon explained he would use him to send a message to any of the other rebels before drawing his gun and firing a single shot into Rodriguez's head. They left his corpse behind while they took Morse and Hunter.

Ramon demands answers from Bobbi Morse

Taking the pair back to the National Police of Colombia's police station, Ramon ordered Lucio to re-paralyze Hunter in order for him to question Morse, who was just beginning to regain control of her body. Ramon held a gun to Hunter's head and ordered Morse to answer his questions, threatening to execute Hunter if she did not answer. He asked her why they were really in Colombia. Ramon then continued demanding to know what S.H.I.E.L.D. was doing there, not believing Morse when she claimed that they were dealing with the worldwide Inhuman Outbreak that was happening.

Ramon hearing about the Inhumans' attack

As they were speaking, the entire building began to shake which Morse noted was her ally Daisy Johnson who had come to rescue her and Hunter. As Lucio was sent to investigate, it was discovered that Joey Gutierrez had melted all the police's guns while Elena Rodriguez was assisting the team in overpowering the police. Seeing that the battle was not going his way, Morse recommended that Ramon escape now, but as he opened the door he was met by Alphonso Mackenzie who knocked Ramon out.[1] Ramon was later arrested for his many corruption charges.[2]

Deal with the Watchdogs

Selling the 0-8-4

Ramon successfully steals a 0-8-4

"I wasn't in prison that long, I didn't forget you, or your cousin."
"Eat shit!"
"You taking the law into your own hands? How ironic."
―Victor Ramon and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Having been sent to prison in the wake of the Rescue in the Colombian Police Station, Ramon soon escaped and looked to getting his revenge on the Inhumans whom he blamed for his defeat. To this end Ramon made a deal with the Watchdogs and successfully stole a 0-8-4 weapon, killing the guards protecting it and intending to sell it to his Watchdogs contacts to assist them in the war against the Inhumans. As Ramon opened the case he looked down at the weapon and smiled to himself.[3]

Ramon is threatened by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Ramon traveled to Baltimore where he planned on meeting with the Watchdogs, however he was confronted by Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who pinned him against a wall and hit him across the face with his own gun, reminding him that he had murdered her cousin back in Colombia. Ramon revealed that he did indeed remember Rodriguez and her cousin, noting that he had not been in prison long enough to forget them both, which led to Rodriguez hitting him with the butt of his own gun and knocking him to the ground, keeping the gun aimed at his throat.

Ramon laughs at Yo-Yo Rodriguez's efforts

Ramon began laughing at her efforts of taking the law into her own hands to catch him, which Ramon claimed was what he and his subordinates at the National Police of Colombia had been doing all along before S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived. As Ramon continued to insist that his men had only been trying to protect their city before Rodriguez and her cousin had gone against them, Rodriguez claimed that they had abused their power to hurt others. Hearing this, Ramon noted that Rodriguez was abusing her own power. The comment distracted Rodriguez allowing Ramon's men to ambush her.[4]

Confrontation with Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Ramon makes his deal with the Watchdogs

"Go ahead, kill me. You'd be doing what I did to your cousin."
"What you did was murder. This is justice."
"Justice? You can call this justice if it makes you feel better."
―Victor Ramon and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

With Yo-Yo Rodriguez now captured and tied to a chair, Ramon then invited in the various members of the Watchdogs to finally begin their weapons sale. Briggs claimed to be unimpressed by having a hostage presented to them but demanded that Ramon carry on and show him the weapon. Ramon told Briggs to relax and claimed that if they wanted to win the war against the Inhumans they would need the right weapon to battle their enhanced enemies.

Ramon prepares to execute Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Ramon then pulled out the stolen 0-8-4 weapon from it's case and presented it to the Watchdogs, when Briggs questioned what it could do, Ramon informed him that he intended to present it's power by shooting Rodriguez with it, knowing that it's Tesseract level power would tear her apart in an instant. Ramon then calmly stepped forward with the 0-8-4 and began charging up it's energy, telling Rodriguez that it had been a pleasure to see her once again as he prepared to execute her, while Rodriguez bravely held her gaze on him and readied herself for her incoming death.

Ramon is thrown by by Quake's shockwave

However before Ramon could fire, an earthquake was felt across the base caused by Quake, who charged in and attacked Ramon and the Watchdogs, launching one of them back through the doorway. While Briggs laughed at the chance to kill the famous Inhuman, Quake told him that this was not his lucky day before sending Ramon flying backwards with a powerful shockwave. While Quake freed Rodriguez and took cover while Briggs and the other Watchdogs began firing at them, Ramon took his chance and attempted to escape, leaving the 0-8-4 behind as he ran through the downstairs corridors.

Ramon getting cornered by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

However before Ramon could get away, he was confronted by Rodriguez who aimed her gun at him and informed him that she had no intention of bringing him back to prison, despite Ramon offering his hands to her in surrender. As Rodriguez prepared to execute Ramon for the murder of her cousin, she called this killing justice not murder, despite Ramon's mocking claims that her killing him would be the same as what he had done back in Colombia to Francisco,[2] while Rodriguez noted that she would feel better once she had finally killed Ramon and gotten her revenge.

Ramon being destroyed by the 0-8-4 weapon

Ramon continued to try and call Rodriguez' bluff and demanded that she shoot him, provoking her by claiming he had felt satisfaction when he executed her cousin. Rodriguez then put down her weapon and told Ramon that she would not become a killer like him. Noticing that Briggs had sneaked up behind Rodriguez with the 0-8-4 weapon, Ramon began to laugh, inadvertently warning Rodriguez of the incoming attack. In a split second, Rodriguez dodged the blast and stole the weapon, causing Ramon himself to be struck and blown up by the energy blast, killing him instantly.[5]


"How are we supposed to serve and protect the city?"
"You cowards abused your power! That's what you are!"
"See from where I am, you're the one abusing power."
―Victor Ramon and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]
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  • Expert Marksman: As a former police officer, Ramon was proficient with firearms. He was accurate enough to shoot Francisco Rodriguez in the head with his sidearm.



"If you want to win your war on Inhumans, you will need the right weapon."
―Victor Ramon to Alpha Dog[src]
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  • Handgun: To be added
  • Victor Ramon's 0-8-4: As part of a deal he had made with the Watchdogs, Colonel Victor Ramon of the National Police of Colombia killed the men and stole the 0-8-4 weapon. Ramon would later present the weapon to members of the Watchdogs, demonstrating the power of it against Yo-Yo Rodriguez.






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