"Children, it is time. We seek a great bounty, hoping that one of the young gathered here today ascends to something greater."

The Vicar was a Kree tasked with exposing eighteen year olds at the Lighthouse to Terrigen Mist in order to see if they are Inhuman. When the young Flint vanished after his own Terrigenesis, the Vicar tasked the Kree Watch with tracking him down, murdering Tess as a warning to the other Humans. However, Flint eventually revealed himself and killed the Vicar with his new Inhuman powers.


Transforming Inhumans

Flint's Unusual Transformation

"Have you seen the boy?"
"Flint? Hm. Can't say I have. He's a total floor rat. He could be anywhere."
"Or you could be hiding him."
―Vicar and Tess[src]

Vicar begins another Terrigenesis ceremony

Under the direct orders of Kasius, the Vicar gathered together all the eighteen-year-olds at the Lighthouse in order to test to see if any of them were Inhumans. Before the ceremony went ahead, the Vicar also collected Flint, a boy somewhat younger and forced him to go through the ceremony as well. With all of the children now gathered before him, the Vicar gave a speech in which he announced that they were there to seek what he called a great bounty, in the hopes that one of the children present would then undergo their transformation and become an Inhuman warrior to be used by Kasius.

Vicar discusses Flint's sudden disappearance

The Vicar was handed one of the Terrigen Crystals as he crushed it, telling all the children to receive their gift from Kasius. As the Vicar watched closely, Terrigen Mist surrounded himself and all of the four children, with seemingly no result. However, Flint then underwent his own Terrigenesis, becoming encased in his own Inhuman cocoon. As the Vicar went to examine the boy however, his cocoon smashed open and Flint had vanished due to unknown reasons. Unwilling to allow a newly turned Inhuman to be lost, the Vicar demanded that his men find Flint and bring him back to him immediately.

Vicar confronts Tess about Flint's location

As the Kree Watch searched throughout the Lighthouse to find Flint, the Vicar instead went and found Tess to confront her personally. Although Tess denied having seen Flint, noting that he could be anywhere due to being great at hiding, the Vicar noted that he had seen Tess speaking to Flint just before the ceremony, leading him to believe that they were close and she could be protecting him. Tess claimed that she was protecting her business due to Flint being good at finding things. Not believing this, the Vicar ordered the Kree to publicly execute Tess while they still continued their search.[1]

Flint's Revenge

Vicar witnesses the sudden surrender of Flint

"You were offered the highest honor a human could hope for to join Kasius below and see others rewarded in kind. Now they'll get nothing. But good, you turned yourself in."
"I won't let any more innocent lives be lost. Not for me."
―Vicar and Flint[src]

While his search for Flint was unsuccessful, the Vicar threatened all of the inhabitants of the Lighthouse to kill many of them if the young Inhuman was not delivered to him, using the corpse of Tess to make his point. However while the hunt had still continued, the Vicar was confronted by a hooded figure, as the Vicar questioned if he had any information, the figure revealed himself to be Flint, who had finally showed up himself as he did not want innocent people to be harmed and turned himself in, much to the Vicar's surprise.

Vicar is impaled through the eye by Flint

The Vicar had his own Kree Watch seize Flint and making him kneel, telling Flint that he had been offered a high honor from Kasius with the chance to undergo Terrigenesis and become an Inhuman warrior. However, as the Vicar was vowing that all Flint's friends and family would get nothing as a reward for his transformation, he then noticed that the only items found in Flint's pockets were some pebbles which he had brought with him. As the Vicar watched, Flint assembled the pebbles into a pointy rock that he threw straight through the Vicar's right eye, killing him instantly as the Vicar's corpse fell down.[2]






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