"Blood was lost during the motorcade attack. My baby cousin's blood. Find the inmate who shanked Fisk. Make good on your word. Or we'll come find ya."
―Vic Jusufi to Matt Murdock[src]

Vic Jusufi is the leader of the Albanian Syndicate, currently incarcerated in Ryker's Island.


Arrested by the FBI

Being a leader of the Albanian Syndicate, Jusufi was arrested by the FBI and incarcerated inside Ryker's Island. In a prison, Jusufi heard some rumors that Albanians were arrested because of Wilson Fisk who cut a deal with FBI and was released. In order to revenge, Jusufi sent a team, led by his cousin to ambush the convoy and eluminate Fisk. However, Fisk survived because of Benjamin Poindexter who killed all Albanians, including Jusufi's cousin.[1]

Approaching Matt Murdock

"Vic, please. You took a shot at Fisk, and you missed. I won't. Not if you can get me out of here."
Matt Murdock to Vic Jusufi[src]

Still inside Ryker's Island, Jusufi learned that someone asked Michael Kemp about him. During the riot, Jusufi ordered him men to apprehend Matt Murdock who became a target of inmates and guards, bribed by Wilson Fisk. Jusufi and Murdocl came to an understanding in an effort to take down Fisk.

Jusufi revealed that the Albanian Syndicate were not behind the stabbing that got Fisk released from prison, and that the prisoner, Jasper Evans, was paid by Fisk and then secretly released. Jusufi then directed one of his men to ensure that Murdock got out of prison safely so that he could track Jasper down. Before he left, Jusufi promised that if he fails to take down Fisk, Jusufi will find him.[1]


  • Bilingualism: Jusufi spoke his native Albanian and English fluently.





  • Cousin †




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