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The Vibranium Gauntlets are a Wakandan weapon created and used by Shuri. They are panther-like gauntlets made of vibranium and able to fire powerful sonic blasts.



Shuri completes the Vibranium Gauntlets

In 2016, Shuri created the Vibranium Gauntlets. She nearly completed them when Everett Ross, who had been taken to Wakanda to be healed, woke up in her lab. When N'Jadaka seized the throne of Wakanda, Shuri was forced into exile and left her Vibranium Gauntlets behind due to her quick departure.[1]

Battle of Mount Bashenga

Shuri wears the Vibranium Gauntlets against Erik Killmonger

Upon returning to her lab, Shuri reclaimed the Vibranium Gauntlets and went with Nakia to join the Battle of Mount Bashenga, quickly knocking over two Wakandan Royal Guards by firing powerful sonic beams at them. Shuri and Nakia then attacked Killmonger himself as he had defeated Okoye and the Dora Milaje. Shuri shot at Killmonger, who wore an upgraded version of the Panther Habit, multiple times, slowing him down and distracting him so Nakia could attack him. However, when Nakia was thrown away by Killmonger, Shuri switched tactics and tried to subdue him with the Gauntlets by firing a continuous beam of sonic energy. However, Killmonger managed to damage the gauntlets with his Vibranium Spear and his claws, rendering them useless.[1]

Battle of Wakanda

Shuri fighting against Corvus Glaive

By 2018, Shuri had repaired her Vibranium Gauntlets. When Corvus Glaive attacked her while she was trying to safely extract the Mind Stone from Vision, Shuri wielded her gauntlets and tried to fight back against Glaive, although she was ultimately defeated.[2]

Battle of Earth

Shuri using her Gauntlets in the battle

In 2023, Shuri joined the Battle of Earth fighting against alternate Thanos' army and used her Vibranium Gauntlets to fight the alien army. She also used them in conjunction with Hope van Dyne's and Pepper Potts' blasts to attack alternate Thanos, knocking him down.[3]


Shuri briefly subdues Erik Killmonger

The Vibranium Gauntlets are powerful weapons, as well as extremely resistant as they are made of vibranium. Due to the connection between Wakanda and the panther goddess Bast, Shuri designed the gauntlets so they would have the shape of a panther. The Vibranium Gauntlets can be used in at least two modes. They can fire single sonic wave shots which are powerful enough to throw grown men in the air and can even force a wearer of a Panther Habit to step back when hit. They can also be used to emit a continuous flow of sonic energy which was proven powerful enough to briefly subdue a Heart-Shaped Herb-empowered Erik Killmonger in his Black Panther habit.[1] Her gauntlets were powerful enough, in conjunction with Hope van Dyne and Pepper Potts's weapons, to knock over a charging alternate Thanos during the Battle of Earth.[3]


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