"Oh, you know, these days, the 20-somethings, they look 30. And the 10 year olds, they look 20."
"Why you looking at 10 year olds, man?"
―Venue Manager and Luke Cage[src]

The Venue Manager is a manager at Delaney Hall‏‎ who encountered Kilgrave.


"New York State Liquor Authority. Undercover. We got reports of underage drinking in here."
"We ID everyone at the door."
"Oh, including those underage high school girls doing shots of Jäger in the front row last night?"
"Well, you got bad info."
"Then you got nothing to hide. We need to see video of the show."
"You want a raid, you got it."
"All right, my office is up the back staircase."
Jessica Jones, Venue Manager and Luke Cage[src]

Upon finding out that Kilgrave had used his powers to silence everyone during a concert at Delaney Hall, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, decided to visit the location. The two broke in but were found by the manager, who yelled at them to get out, as the place was closed. Jones and Cage pretended to be agents of the New York State Liqour Authority investigating claims of underage drinking, which convinced the manager to let them see the footage of the concert.

At his office the manager attempted to bribe Jones but they insisted to see the footage. The manager was shocked to find both the video as the audio footage removed.

While upstairs, Kilgrave had entered the hall and used the microphone to get the attention. Upon noticing who had used the microphone, the manager was sent away by Jones and Cage.[1]





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