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"Now, tell me again about your purple alien that loves stones. 'Cause I'll tell you what, man, aliens, they do not love stones."
"Eddie! Don't start!"
"No, they do not love stones. Do you know what aliens love? Eating brains!"
Eddie Brock and Venom[src]

Venom, also known as the Lethal Protector, is an extraterrestrial symbiote that is bonded to a human named Eddie Brock. After being transported from its universe to another as a result of a spell cast by Doctor Strange, it learned about the Avengers, Spider-Man and Thanos before it, along with Brock, were returned back to their universe.


Arriving To a New Universe

"That guy."

Venom and its host Eddie Brock went into hiding in a secluded coastal area. Inside their hotel room, Venom told Brock that symbiotes shared a hive mind that transcended the Multiverse.[2] Unbeknownst to Venom, in another universe, a spell cast by Doctor Strange transported people from any universe who knew Peter Parker's secret identity as Spider-Man into his own.[3] As a result of accessing the hive mind[2], Venom was aware of Parker being Spider-Man and thus was taken out of its universe, along with its host Brock, and brought into Strange's universe.[3] Finding themselves in a resort room, Venom and Brock saw a report on television from The Daily Bugle where J. Jonah Jameson showed a photo of Parker and hashly criticized Spider-Man for his actions. Upon seeing Parker's face on the television, Venom took over Brock's body and licked the television.[4][5]

Returning to their Universe

A detached piece of Venom stays behind

"Yeah, and you thought 'Lethal Protector' was a shit name!"
"Yeah, because it is."
Eddie Brock and Venom[src]

Venom and Brock then left the room and went to the resort's bar in an attempt to make sense of their surroundings. Over the course of the next several hours, Brock conversed with the bartender and learned that the universe they now occupied contained a multitude of individuals with superhuman abilities, with Venom having to remind Brock of this due to his intoxicated state. The two learned about Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, with Venom chiding Brock for disliking the name "Lethal Protector" after learning that Banner went by the name "Hulk". They also learned about Thanos and how his quest to obtain the Infinity Stones resulted in the Snap. Brock did not believe the story about Thanos' desire for the Stones, as he believed all aliens had Venom's singular desire to eat brains. When Brock decided to go to New York City and meet Spider-Man, Venom suggested that they go skinny dipping instead, although Brock refused. As the bartender reminded Brock that he needed to pay the bill, Venom, along with Brock, found themselves enveloped in a bright light. Realizing what was occurring, Venom stated that it did not wish to return yet as they had only recently arrived, but its attempts to resist were futile as it and Brock were transported back to their universe. However, Venom unknowingly left a detached piece of itself behind in the other universe, which began to move on its own.[1]


"Eddie! We are drunk! Get up! Let's go skinny dip!"
―Venom to Eddie Brock[src]

Venom is impulsive and quick to anger, chasitising Eddie Brock for disliking the name "Lethal Protector" and for making assumptions about aliens. It is also opportunistic, seeking to go skinny dipping and expressing disappointment at being sent back to its own universe after such a short time.[1]




  • In the comics, Venom is a symbiote that came to Earth from the planet Klyntar and first bonded with Spider-Man. After that, it made its way through a variety of different hosts, most notably being Eddie Brock. After being bonded with Brock, he became a supervillain and one of the greatest adversaries of Spider-Man.

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