"I saw them get into a taxi. But not in the back, in the front. Like it was theirs."
"What was the company? Did you see a name?"
"Veles. Veles Taxi."
Santino and Matt Murdock[src]

Veles Taxi was a taxi company that served as a front for the criminal activities of the Russian Mafia.


Veles Taxi was the cab company used by Russian Mafia as a front for their drug-dealing operations. It absorbed Prohaszka's Kitchen Cab company after he was killed under the orders of Wilson Fisk. When the masked vigilante interfered in their activities, Fisk offered them to absorb their operations. They initially refused, but Fisk would ultimately get rid of them and absorb their operations anyways.[1]


  • Veles (Велес) is the name of an ancient Slavic and Russian God of earth, waters and the underworld.




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