"Vega, clear the perimeter. No press for a hundred yards."
Daniel Sousa[src]

Vega was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve who helped Daniel Sousa by securing the Wilkes Residence from reporters.



"Why would Wilkes have a Russian passport?"
"Maybe because he's a Russian spy."
Daniel Sousa and Vega[src]

Vega was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve branch located in Los Angeles under the command of Daniel Sousa. Sousa had Vega accompany him to the Wilkes Residence to investigate what connection Jason Wilkes had with the men who tried to kill him and Peggy Carter in Isodyne Energy Headquarters before an explosion occurred. Since reporters were surrounding the residence when Carter arrived to help in the investigation, Sousa told Vega keep the press away from the crime scene.

Vega went into the bedroom of Wilkes and found a gun of the same make and model as the one that had killed Agents Beringer and White the day before. As Vega went to report his find to Sousa, he overheard Sousa and Carter discussing why Wilkes had a Russian passport; Vega accused Wilkes of being a spy. When asked for evidence of his accusation, Vega showed his find, but Carter did not believe Wilkes to be a spy because the evidence was too easy to find.[1]

Engagement Celebration

"Poor Violet. Doesn't realize she can do better, huh?"

Vega and the other agents in the Auerbach Theatrical Agency learned that Daniel Sousa asked his girlfriend Violet to marry him and had a gathering with pie to celebrate. Peggy Carter arrived and asked what was occurring; Agent Ryan informed Carter while Vega teased Sousa. Vega continued to eat as Sousa and Carter stepped away to talk.[2]

Beating Sousa

Vega was sent with Agent Blackwell to beat Daniel Sousa because he would not cooperate with Vernon Masters.[3][4]

Vernon's Boys

"Vernon sent them to kill whoever pulled the trigger on that thing. Ain't that about right, boys?"
Jack Thompson about Vega and Blackwell[src]
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In Custody

"Vega's singing like a bird, giving up every one of Vernon's buddies."
Jack Thompson[src]

Vega, along with Agents Harper and Blackwell, were arrested by Daniel Sousa and Jack Thompson for their loyalty to Vernon Masters. Vega feared Thompson and told him who worked for Masters, without Thompson touching him.[5]



  • Makarov PM: Agent Vega carried one of these guns when he was sent to the desert in order to kill Daniel Sousa and whoever was with him following Vernon Masters' orders. However, Jack Thompson convinced him they would be more valuable alive, so Vega did not have to use it.




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