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"When I first met you, I was fascinated by your strength. Your brutality so clear to me, even as you hid it from me. I wanted to observe everything you did. And as I did, I fell in love with you."
―Vanessa Marianna to Wilson Fisk[src]

Vanessa Fisk[1] (née Marianna) is an art dealer who became Wilson Fisk's wife. She remained loyal to Fisk even after learning of his criminal empire and vowed to stay with him in the wake of her being poisoned by Madame Gao and Leland Owlsley, in their attempt to refocus Fisk's attention away from Marianna. When Fisk had been arrested by the FBI, the couple then attempted to escape New York City together, until Daredevil interfered as he ensured Fisk was sent to Ryker's Island, causing Marianna to go on the run, spending two years overseas. Fisk managed to manipulate the FBI to drop all of their charges on himself and Marianna, allowing her to come home. Marianna married Fisk, but her wedding was crashed by both Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexter, as Marianna was separated from her husband.


Early Life[]

Wooed by a Prince[]

"I was the curator and traveling with it and all of a sudden this tall man in a white suit and an ascot."
"An ascot? That's a bit much."
"That's what I was thinking. He sidles up to me, I love that word, sidle, and he says, "You are more beautiful than any painting here." I knew it was a line, but it worked. I slept with him."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

During her life, Marianna had struggled to find a man who did not lie to her, although she still regarded some as good men. While working at an art exhibition, Marianna was greeted by a man in a white suit and ascot who she had later learned was, in fact, a prince. Upon being charmed by the man, Marianna slept with him, despite knowing that he was just reciting pre-planned lines in order to impress her.[2] Marianna eventually was employed at the Scene Contempo Gallery, becoming an expert with selling their art works to wealthy investors, as she would be able to explain the beauty of works, such as Rabbit in a Snowstorm to those who had wished to understand it.[3]

Meeting Wilson Fisk[]

Selling Rabbit in a Snowstorm[]

Dd103 2571

Marianna meeting Wilson Fisk in her gallery

"People always ask me how we can charge so much for what amounts of just variations of white, I tell them it's not about the artist's name or the skill required, not even about the art itself. All that matters is, how does it make you feel?
"It makes me feel alone."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

While working at Scene Contempo Gallery, Marianna found herself drawn to Wilson Fisk, who was looking over the paintings that were on display, as Fisk took time to stare closely at an all-white painting named Rabbit in a Snowstorm. Marianna approached the man and spoke to him about what makes people want to purchase art as well as the appeal of this painting, as she questioned if Fisk was interested or just looking, as he insisted that he was interested.

Rabbit 03

Marianna and Wilson Fisk study a painting

Seeing that Fisk was not speaking much as he continued to stare at the artwork, Marianna noted how she would often be asked how the gallery could charge so much money for a painting that was merely various shades of white, before she insisted that it was not about the artist's name or the skill required, but simply how the artwork made a person feel. When Marianna had then asked Fisk what this particular painting made him feel, he answered that it made him feel alone, as they both looked at the art together.[3] Fisk agreed to buy the painting from Marianna, as he had then decided to hang it up in the bedroom in his Penthouse in order to look at it every morning and evening.[4]

Asked out for Dinner[]


Marianna greets Wilson Fisk upon his return

"That's it? You're not going to offer to buy every painting here so I can to close up early? Guy actually tried that once."
"A woman that can be bought isn't worth having."
"I'm partial to Italian."
"We agree on more than art."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

A few days later, Wilson Fisk had returned into the Scene Contempo Gallery, where Marianna had greeted him as she questioned how he was enjoying Rabbit in a Snowstorm after he had purchased the painting from her, to which Fisk explained how it had been hung up in his bedroom in his Penthouse, in order for it to be the last thing he sees before sleep, and the first thing he saw when he awoke, which Marianna had then joked that this was either extremely romantic or extremely sad, while Fisk had claimed that he was hoping that it was the former, which Marianna had smiled at.


Marianna suggests Wilson Fisk impress her

Clearly nervous, Fisk then claimed that he wanted to thank Marianna in person for the painting, as she told him that she appreciated the sentiment, and asked if there was anything else that she could help him with. Although he considered backing away, Fisk had then asked Marianna if she would join him for a dinner at the Brasserie, although she claimed that she had to work that evening. When Fisk awkwardly went to leave, Marianna called him back, questioning why he did not consider buying every painting in their gallery so that she could close up early, noting that one man had tried that with her in the past.


Marianna agrees to dinner with Wilson Fisk

Having been challenged to continue attempting to impress her, Fisk had then returned into the room and had then told Marianna that any woman who could be bought, was not worth having, which was an answer that had impressed Marianna, as Fisk had clearly considered who she was as a person outside of the large purchases. Wishing to know Fisk better, Marianna then agreed to join him for dinner, noting that she enjoyed Italian food which Fisk had told her that he enjoyed as well, as they shared a laugh together. Marianna then agreed to join Fisk for dinner once she had closed up the gallery for the night.[4]

Dinner with Wilson Fisk[]

In the Blood 3

Marianna having her dinner with Wilson Fisk

"The city's really changing."
"Not fast enough."
"I don't know. Be a shame to see all of the character scrubbed away."
"You didn't grow up here, did you?"
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Marianna met with Wilson Fisk for their date at the Brasserie, as their waiter poured a glass of wine for Fisk, which he tasted and approved for Marianna to have, as she confirmed that it was delicious. Fisk had confessed to not knowing a lot about the wine, admitting that James Wesley had recommended it, as Marianna joked that she should be out with Wesley instead, which clearly made Fisk more uncomfortable, while Marianna questioned if Fisk went on many dates, as Fisk then confessed to having become too preoccupied recently.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk discuss New York

As Marianna and Fisk then discussed the restaurant, Fisk explained had just opened in their last week. When Marianna noted that New York City was really changing, Fisk told her that it was not changing fast enough, although Marianna expressed her desire to not see the character of the city be washed away, resulting in Fisk questioning if she had grown up in the city, which she confirmed that she had not. Marianna then listened as Fisk had confessed to dreaming as a child about living far away from Hell's Kitchen, noting that his mother had sent him away to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere as a child.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk discussing zuppa

Marianna listened as Fisk told her that his time away from New York had allowed him to confirm that the city was in his blood, noting that he would do anything to make it into a better place for people like her. Pleased with this answer, Marianna raised her glass as she and Fisk cheered to the better place. As their evening continued, Fisk had offered to buy Marianna any dessert, which she refused, despite Fisk recommending their Zuppa Inglese, which Marianna noted was what children ate a birthday parties, which Fisk then admitted to loving this himself as a child, noting that he may have loved it too much.


Marianna being taken outside by Wilson Fisk

Amused by Fisk's enthusiasm, Marianna agreed to have their Zuppa, as she confessed to always having a weakness for chocolate. While they agreed to try something different, Fisk noted that they could too often get caught up in who they were to risk anything new. When she asked who Fisk was, he told her that he was just a man enjoying the company of the captivating Marianna. However, before their dessert could arrive, Anatoly Ranskahov had then burst into the restaurant in an attempt to tell Fisk that he and his brother had accepted his offer, as Fisk took Marianna out from the restaurant as fast as possible.[4]

Saying Goodnight[]


Marianna being walked home by Wilson Fisk

"I am not interested in gestures, or your money, or whatever that was all about at the restaurant. I went out with you because there is something different about you. I'm not so sure it's a good thing now."
"Like you said I don't do this much. And I'm sorry that our night, it went sideways. But I enjoyed our time together very much."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

In the wake of Anatoly Ranskahov's interruption, Marianna was taken out of Brasserie and walked to her apartment by Wilson Fisk. As they arrived, Fisk asked Marianna if he would be able to see her again, to which Marianna claimed that she did not date the customers from Scene Contempo Gallery, while Fisk noted that she came out with him, although she made it clear that she had regrets about that. Fisk had suggested that he could return Rabbit in a Snowstorm in order to no longer be seen as her customer.


Marianna saying goodnight to Wilson Fisk

However, Marianna had then told Fisk that she was not interested in gestures, or his money, and she did not care about what Ranskahov had been ranting about at the restaurant. Marianna claimed that she agreed to go out with Fisk since there was something different about him, although she suggested that this was not a good thing. Fisk had then apologized for their night going sideways, insisting that while he enjoyed their night, he would understand if she never wanted to see him again. When Fisk asked how she felt about him, Marianna simply claimed that she did not know how she felt before walking away.[4]

Second Date with Fisk[]


Marianna entering the restaurant for dinner

"I've been lied to before, by men, some were even decent ones, but they still felt the need to be dishonest about things that mattered. Do you feel that need, Wilson?"
"I don't like to be in public, and I don't like to be questioned. But you can ask me anything, Vanessa. I will always be honest."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

In the wake of their disastrous first date, Marianna was then invited out on a second date by Wilson Fisk, this time at the Press Lounge Restaurant, although she considered not attending. Despite her concerns, Marianna decided to join Fisk for the second date, much to his clear delight as Marcel showed Marianna to Fisk's table. Greeted him, Marianna make it clear that she had considered not turning up, while acknowledging how Fisk rented out the entire Restaurant.


Marianna agrees to join Wilson Fisk's dinner

Marianna had questioned what would happen if she decided to leave now, as Fisk reassured her that he would allow her to leave and dine alone, noting that this would not be the first time. Marianna then told Fisk that she had been lied to by other men in the past, as they had felt the need to be dishonest with her, as Marianna questioned if Fisk also needed to be dishonest. Fisk then told Marianna that he did not like being in public or being questioned, but promised that he would always be honest with her. Accepting his answer, Marianna agreed to have her dinner with Fisk, asking what they would be drinking.

Dinner date 2

Marianna and Wilson Fisk have their dinner

As they ate together, Marianna told Fisk about some of her previous relationships, including the prince whom she met at an exhibition she had curated. When Marianna explained how this prince had seduced her and she slept with him, she had then seen that it had made Fisk uncomfortable to hear, although he claimed that he was not shocked, but simply regretted not saying something like that to Marianna when they had first met, only for Marianna to insist that she was glad that he did not. Marianna then commented on the wine, as Fisk explained that James Wesley had chosen it, noting that he was being honest.


Marianna asking Wilson Fisk about his work

Marianna had then listened on while Fisk explained that Wesley was more than just his assistant, but that he was his friend as well, with Marianna teasing her surprise that Fisk had a friend, commenting on how Fisk had claimed to be lonely while he looked at the Rabbit in a Snowstorm. Marianna questioned why Fisk had felt alone, to which he claimed it was simply the nature of his business, as Marianna then questioned exactly what the nature of his business was, to which he claimed it was rebuilding New York City, as Fisk went on to claim that he wanted to build something beautiful out of the city's ugliness.


Marianna being asked about her hidden gun

Marianna compared Fisk to an artist, although he claimed to simply be a man with a dream. Changing the subject, Marianna asked Fisk about his cufflinks, noting that Fisk had worn them on their previous date, while Fisk told her that they were his father's and that he wore them everyday to remember him, explaining that his father died when he was a child. Fisk then asked Marianna if he could ask her his own question, which she accepted as she had felt that Fisk had earned a question, before Fisk questioned what gun she had in her purse, and asked if she had thought that she might need it during the night.


Marianna listening to Wilson Fisk's belief

However, Marianna took great offense to this, questioning why Fisk would insult her by acting as though she had no idea about what he really did for a living. Fisk then told her that he had not lied about his intentions for New York, as he claimed that his money and influence would not be enough to really change their city, as he insisted that sometimes change on the scale that he had intended had required force. Marianna then leaned forward and noted that she knew that Fisk was a dangerous man, which was why she had bought the gun, telling him that she would like a reason to stay sat at the table.


Marianna hands her gun over to Wilson Fisk

Fisk confessed to Marianna that he had done things that he was not proud of, telling her that he had hurt people and he intended to hurt more, insisting that it would be impossible to avoid for what he was trying to do. Marianna listened closely as Fisk insisted that he took no pleasure in all the pain he caused, but claimed that the city would not be reborn on its own, it first needed to die. Marianna questioned if she needed her gun, to which Fisk told her that when she was by his side, she would be safe, as Marianna had then taken the gun out of her purse and handed it over to Fisk, who put it inside his jacket.


Fisk and Marianna overlook the burning city

As they came to the end of the second date, Marianna and Fisk then witnessed several explosions being set off across New York, as they went to the window to observe the flames. As Marianna looked on in horror at New York burned around them, Fisk asked if she had read about a boy who was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, who beat his father into submission before stealing the child away, as he claimed that those men responsible had been killed in all of these explosions. Marianna had considered the implications of this for a brief moment, before making it clear to Fisk that she approved of their deaths.


Marianna and Fisk leaving the restaurant

Having gained her approval of what he did for a living, as well as his methods for improving the city, Fisk then decided to take Marianna home before their New York City Police Department could shut down all the roads in the aftermath of the explosions, as Fisk gave Marcel a tip as he thanked him for everything that he had done for them that evening, with Marcel being briefly nervous that Fisk was reaching for Marianna's gun that he still had inside of his pocket. Fisk then offered Marianna his hand, which she took before she and Fisk departed the restaurant, ignoring those flames that were engulfing New York.[2]

Love Story with the Beast[]

Vanessa and Wesley

Marianna being asked to help James Wesley

"There are people out there that want to expose me. They don't understand what I'm trying to do for this city. They want to drag my name through the streets. They want to destroy everything that I'm trying to accomplish."
"And are you going to let them?"
Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

Marianna was called up by Wilson Fisk, as they discussed Fisk's time in Asia, only for their conversation to become interrupted as Fisk got another call, as Fisk apologized for having to take a call before wishing Marianna a goodnight. The next evening, Marianna was contacted by James Wesley, who had informed her that Fisk was currently having his emotional breakdown following his unsuccessfully meeting with Madame Gao, as Wesley had asked Marianna to come to Fisk's Penthouse to calm him down, which Marianna agreed to, despite Fisk insisting he wanted to be alone.


Marianna attempts to reassure Wilson Fisk

Marianna insisted to the clearly concerned Wesley that Fisk would be alright, as Wesley left them alone. As Wesley had then left, Marianna complimented Fisk's Penthouse, jokingly commenting on the table that Fisk had overturned during his rages, only for Fisk to plead with Marianna to leave, while she questioned if this was what Fisk really wanted. Marianna noted that Wesley had become concerned about Fisk, although Fisk had insisted that he did not have to be, to which Marianna reminded Fisk that he had vowed to always be honest with her, as she then questioned what it was that was concerning him.


Marianna asking Wilson Fisk to be honest

Fisk had then finally confessed that he was afraid, to which Marianna had asked him what he was afraid of, as Fisk claimed to be afraid of how Marianna would look at him if she knew the truth about who he was. Turning around to look Fisk in the eyes, Marianna asked him to tell her the entire truth, as she was told about how Fisk had murdered his own father with his hammer to protect his mother from his abuse, as the murdered was covered up and blamed on Don Rigoletto, who Fisk's father had owed money to before he died. Marianna listened to Fisk's confession closely, without making a comment throughout.


Marianna listening to Wilson Fisk's past life

Marianna attempted to assure Fisk that this situation was not his own fault, as he had protected his mother, although Fisk claimed that he did not kill his father for his mother, but for himself, noting that he still wore his father's cufflinks to remind him not to be cruel for the sake of cruelty. Fisk then asked Marianna if she believed he was a monster like his father was, as she reassured him that he was not. However, Fisk claimed that this no longer mattered, as there were people out there who wanted to expose his crimes against New York City, while claiming that they did not understand what he was trying to do.


Marianna agrees to still stand by Wilson Fisk

As Fisk claimed that there were people who wanted to drag his name through the dirt and destroy everything that he had been attempting to accomplish on behalf of rebuilding New York into something new and beautiful, Marianna had then simply questioned if he was going to let them do all this to them, or if he was willing to continue to fight for what he believed was best for New York. Shocked that Marianna was not more horrified by his confessions, Fisk told her that he would not allow them to destroy him or all his plans, as Marianna held onto Fisk's arm while the pair of them had looked out over New York.[5]

Remaining Loyal[]

Standing by Wilson Fisk[]


Marianna and Wilson Fisk having breakfast

"The last thing I wanted was for anyone close to me to become a target from those who do not share my dream. For those who will have this city stay exactly as it is: mired in poverty and crime, and I know now, it was foolish to make that decision. I can no longer do it alone."
Wilson Fisk to WHiH World News[src]

Following all of Wilson Fisk's confessions over his past life, Marianna had decided to spend that night in his Penthouse. During their night, Marianna had slept beside Fisk, as he awoke due to a bad dream and looked at the Rabbit in a Snowstorm, only for him to turn back over to Marianna and embrace her, which helped Fisk sleep. In the morning, Marianna had a shower before she rejoined Fisk at his dining room table and they had enjoyed eating some breakfast together.


Marianna helps picking Wilson Fisk's outfit

Marianna managed to convince Fisk to take some more chances with his life, as she joined him in choosing a new suit for him to wear out in New York City, with Marianna selecting a grey suit with a black shirt, rather than the all black suits that he would normally wear. Marianna took great pleasure in helping Fisk step out of his comfort zone, even forcing him not to wear his father's cufflinks, but ones that Marianna picked out for him. Once Fisk was dressed, Marianna completed his look by placing a handkerchief in his suit pocket, but allowing Fisk to admire himself in the mirror, satisfied with Marianna's selections.


Marianna stands by Wilson Fisk on the news

Marianna had then stood by Fisk, as they went outside the New York State Supreme Court Building and gave a speech in front of all of the New York media, including WHiH World News. Marianna had looked at Fisk with pride, as he told the people of New York that they must not bow down in fear to the actions of the masked man, as Fisk had gained huge approval. With Fisk telling the world that he was a man seeking to help the city and could no longer do it without support, he introduced himself.[5] The following day, the New York Bulletin wrote their praising article about Fisk, where they mentioned Marianna.[6]

Meeting Matt Murdock[]


Marianna warmly greeting Matt Murdock

"So, give me an idea of what you're after."
"I am not sure."
"Good, art isn't furniture. If you knew exactly what you were looking you would be just decorating. Art should speak to you, move you."
―Vanessa Marianna and Matt Murdock[src]

While she was working inside the Scene Contempo Gallery, Marianna had greeted Matthew Murdock once he arrived into their gallery, with Marianna then introducing herself to Murdock, and offering her help. Murdock acknowledged the strange nature of a blind man coming into an art gallery, which Marianna laughed at before Murdock explained that some of his guests told him that his Apartment could use some new artworks to brighten it up, as Marianna jokingly questioned if these guests Murdock had mentioned were actually women.


Marianna and Matt Murdock discuss the art

Marianna told Murdock that he did not need sight to appreciate art, only honesty, although Murdock jokingly claimed that sight did help. Marianna went on to claim that there was something deeply intimate about experiencing art from somebody else's eyes, while noting that it would make a good line and Murdock should use it with any future women. As Marianna led him through the gallery, Murdock claimed to not have a clear idea of what he wanted, Marianna claimed that this was good, noting that art was not furniture, and should speak to him and move him, before she took Murdock over towards one piece.

Speak of the Devil 5

Marianna describes the art to Matt Murdock

As Marianna took Murdock to one of her favorite pieces, he asked her to describe it to him, as she told him about the sea of tonal reds that represented anger as well as the heart, commenting on how the piece struck the perfect balance between the two emotions. When Murdock claimed that it sounded aggressive, Marianna insisted that it all depended on his point of view, as Murdock suggested that they find something a little less challenging. Murdock asked Marianna if she had a man in her life, to which she jokingly questioned if he was flirting with her, although Murdock insisted that a man who had won her heart clearly would be able to provide a good opinion on art.


Marianna introduces Murdock to Wilson Fisk

Before she answered, Marianna noted that Murdock could simply ask him himself, noticing that Wilson Fisk had just arrived into the gallery. As Marianna then greeted Fisk, he expressed a hope that he was not interrupting, as Marianna noted that they were just talking about him. Marianna introduced Fisk to Murdock, as Fisk recognized Murdock's name through his law firm, Nelson and Murdock, which Murdock had run along with Foggy Nelson. Marianna explained that Murdock was looking to purchase some artwork from her, as she had noted that he wanted to know Fisk's opinions on what he should buy, to which Fisk simply advised Murdock to buy anything that Marianna selected.


Marianna teases Wilson Fisk for his words

Marianna listened closely as Murdock noted that he and Fisk were on opposite sides of a legal case involving Elena Cardenas' building, as Fisk was trying to have destroyed after he had bought it from Armand Tully. As Fisk spoke about his views on how New York City had been suffering for long enough and could be reborn, Marianna interrupted him by noting that Murdock was her customer, and not one of Fisk's donors, which Fisk had accepted. Apologizing for the hard sell about his viewpoints on their future, Fisk had then insisted to Murdock that New York City's future had remained extremely important to him.


Marianna watches as Matt Murdock leaves

As Marianna stood by, Murdock simply told Fisk that he felt the same way about New York, before he turned to Marianna and thanked her for her time showing him around the gallery. Marianna questioned if Murdock had just changed his mind about what he was looking for, although Murdock insisted that he simply had to reconsider the cost of the artworks that he had been looking at. With that, Murdock then addressed Fisk before walking out of the gallery, which had left both Marianna and Fisk somewhat confused about what Murdock's actual intentions had been with coming into the gallery to speak to her.[6]

Assassination Attempt[]


Marianna sees Wilson Fisk give his speech

"That was beautiful."
"That word is meant only for you tonight."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Marianna was taken to a benefit that Wilson Fisk was hosting to gain funding for his organization. There she stood beside Fisk as he gave a speech to those attendees at the Van Lunt Building about his plans for Hell's Kitchen, promising that all the residents of New York would eventually see a brighter day. Once Fisk had finished his speech, he kissed Marianna, who called that speech beautiful, only for Fisk to insist that the word had only belonged to her, before they made their way through the guests wishing to speak to Fisk, as he thanked them for the donations.


Marianna drinking alongside Leland Owlsley

As they had their way through the room, Marianna had joined Fisk, as he spoke to Leland Owlsley, who insisted that he had completed the task that Fisk had recently set him, before then offering them a glass of champagne, which Marianna happily accepted. Their group was then interrupted by Senator Randolph Cherryh's arrival, who jokingly suggested that Fisk should run for office, before he asked to talk to Fisk about zoning issues, as Marianna stayed by James Wesley and Owlsley where they had discussed Cherryh, and how he regained his position, as Marianna had admitted that she did not vote for him.


Marianna is poisoned by her champagne

While Owlsley talked about Cherryh and his relationship to Cornelius van Lunt, Marianna had then felt herself getting dizzy, while drinking the champagne. Without any warning, several of the guests began to collapse and vomit, as Owlsley blamed it on them not being able to hold their drink. However, Fisk realized that something was wrong, as he called for Wesley to get the car and ran to Marianna's aid just as she dropped her glass and collapsed in Fisk's arms. Marianna almost immediately lost consciousness as the poison in that glass began to kill her as Fisk cradled his lover, demanding Wesley get him help.[7]

Recovery in the Hospital[]


Marianna is taken straight to the hospital

"I'll make them suffer for what they have done."
"I expect nothing less."
Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

Marianna was rushed inside the Metro-General Hospital and carried inside by Wilson Fisk while James Wesley and Leland Owlsley then explained that she had been poisoned to Murray and Schwab who took her away. Wesley contacted Rosenberg to assist with the surgery while the nurses worked to save Marianna. After a few hours, Marianna was saved and taken off intensive care. While she slept in her hospital bed, Fisk stayed by her side all night as she recovered and spoke to her about his experiences with religion and his family before vowing to find the people responsible and make them suffer.[8]


Marianna finally awakes inside the hospital

Fisk was still waiting beside her bed when Marianna awoke, confused at how she had ended up in the hospital. Fisk explained what had happened to her and deeply apologized, as he felt it was his fault her life had been endangered. Fisk explained he was making arrangements for her to be moved out of the country as soon as possible so that she would be safe from harm, but she refused, telling him that she wished to remain by his side. Fisk promised to find the people responsible for the assassination attempt and make them suffer; Marianna told him that she expected nothing less.[9]


Marianna recovering in Fisk's Penthouse

Marianna was moved into Wilson Fisk's Penthouse to complete her rest and recovery. When Fisk did not come when she called him by ringing the bell he had provided her with, Marianna went to speak to him and found him looking through a pile of paperwork at his dinner table. He explained they were for a transfer of funds for Marianna's departure from New York City which were now going back to their original places, although he did express his confusion at the numbers and planned to have Leland Owlsley review them. Fisk later learned that Owlsley was responsible for Marianna's poisoning and killed him in revenge for the harm he and Madame Gao had done.[10]

Engagement & Departure[]


Marianna being proposed to by Wilson Fisk

"I'm not going to let them take you away from me, Wilson."
―Vanessa Marianna to Wilson Fisk[src]

As a reaction to Leland Owlsley's death, Wilson Fisk's organization was revealed to the FBI by Carl Hoffman. Marianna then watched members of his organization were arrested on the television, she begged Fisk to leave with her but he assured her that it was too late and he would be arrested but arranged for her to be taken to a helicopter where he would join her once he had been rescued. As the FBI broke into Wilson Fisk's Penthouse, Fisk gave her a ring and asked her to marry him, as the FBI took him away from her, Fisk told Marianna that she was his heart, leaving Marianna alone in the penthouse.


Marianna is forced to leave New York City

Marianna waited beside the helicopter as Wilson Fisk used his power to organize a violent escape from custody. As he traveled to her location, Fisk called her to inform her that he was on his way, although he warned her that if he was not at her location in twenty minutes, she would have to go without him. Fisk, however, did not make it to her in time as he was confronted by Daredevil and recaptured. With no other choice, Marianna boarded the helicopter and left the city without Fisk, but not before putting on the ring that he gave her.[10]

Going on the Run[]

"It was her decision. We strongly advised against Europe, given the extradition risk, but Ms. Marianna enjoys the art and she can be very insistent."
"Yes, she can. But it's too easy for the Albanians to get at her there. Call Felix. Tell him to put Vanessa someplace safer. Someplace closer."
Benjamin Donovan and Wilson Fisk[src]

While Wilson Fisk was arrested and taken to Ryker's Island to begin his sentence, Marianna was forced to go on the run. Fisk arranged through Benjamin Donovan to have a considerable amount of his assets go to Marianna to ensure she was comfortable, although Fisk insisted that it would not be safe for her to return to the United States of America in order to see him. Fisk's continued criminal activities undertaken while in Ryker's, including making deals to have the Punisher brought into the prison, almost resulted in him losing all of his money that was being used to keep Marianna safe, although the gamble paid off and Fisk soon regained his fortune.[11]

Before long, Marianna was threatened with a charge as an accessory to Fisk's crimes and so Fisk attempted to make a deal with the FBI to regain his freedom and bring Marianna back to New York City.[12] However, this had resulted in Fisk becoming a target of the Albanian Syndicate. It was during this time that Marianna insisted upon going to Spain to look at the artworks, despite Felix Manning's objections, until Fisk tracked her down and then demanded that Manning move her somewhere safer.[13] As Marianna continued to spend all of her time with only Fisk's bodyguards for company while in Europe, she had become increasingly frustrated and lonely, despite the nice treatment she was getting with Fisk's fortunes. While she was in Bilbao, Marianna eventually felt as though she was completely alone, despite being surrounded by all the many tourists who had also been there.[14]

Return to New York[]

Reunited with Wilson Fisk[]


Marianna finally returning to New York City

"Thank you. This is all so generous."
"It's nothing. I wanted you to feel welcome."
"I do. It's incredible."
"Do you want something to eat from one of the restaurants, or I could make you something?"
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Through all of Wilson Fisk's secret dealings with the FBI which had allowed him to manipulate them to his will,[15] Marianna was finally granted permission to return into New York City without fear of being arrested as an accessory to Fisk's crimes, which Tammy Hattley was now working to have revoked. Upon hearing this news, Marianna had then boarded a helicopter and flew straight back to New York from Europe, finding Fisk was waiting for her on the helipad.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk warmly embrace

While Fisk was given new information from Johnson, Fisk was more concerned with his reunion with his future wife as Marianna stepped out of her helicopter. As they held each other in their arms, Marianna smiled and greeted Fisk, as the couple delighted at being reunited for the first time in two years following the FBI's arrest of Fisk and all his time spent inside Ryker's Island as a result. Having softly rested their heads against one another, enjoying each other's company, Fisk then invited Marianna to rejoin him back home, under the protection of her FBI security team, which he had managed to obtain for them.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk arrive at the hotel

Escorted by the FBI, Marianna was taken to the Presidential Hotel, as Fisk opened the door for his love and explained how their Hotel had three restaurants, a spa and all of the staff that Marianna could ever need. While Marianna clearly delighted with all of this, Fisk had noted that everything he had listed was all theirs, admitting that he had just bought the Hotel for Marianna to enjoy, noting that their Penthouse had the best view of New York City, commenting that it was their city to enjoy now that they were finally back together, to which Marianna noted that it was clear everything that Fisk had ever wanted.


Marianna is shown around the penthouse

Marianna and Fisk had then headed upstairs to their penthouse suite, walking by Benjamin Poindexter along the way who had requested a word with Fisk, who rejected his request in order to spend more time with Marianna. Once they were inside, Marianna found that Fisk had already laid out a romantic scene for them, with candles around the room and the dinner table prepared for them. While Marianna looked around the suite, Fisk had offered her whatever she wanted, although Marianna rejected this. While Marianna looked at the artworks, Fisk offered her the chance to redecorate or even her own collection.


Marianna thanks Wilson Fisk for his efforts

Having heard all of Fisk's offers to make her happy, Marianna smiled and thanked him, as Fisk insisted that he simply wanted to make her feel welcome there. As Fisk questioned if Marianna was hungry and offered her something from the hotel's restaurant or his own cooking, Marianna politely refused, claiming that she was not hungry and was instead simply tired from her long journey from Europe to New York. Despite having all his offerings rejected, Fisk apologized to Marianna for not considering her tiredness and had instead shown her to their bedroom where she could have her bath before going into bed.[14]

Early Morning Confessions[]


Marianna eating breakfast from Wilson Fisk

"I was surrounded by people but I wasn't with them. I was lonely."
"Vanessa, we have both been lonely."
"And I still am. I'm here, surrounded by your things, your people, even you but I still don't feel that I'm with you."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

The next morning, Marianna eventually awoke to find Wilson Fisk had already begun cooking her favorite breakfast, as she apologized for oversleeping. When Marianna tried the food, Fisk then looked at her reaction and had questioned if she wanted more salt, but Marianna had insisted that it was perfect. As they sat in silence for a brief moment, Fisk had questioned what it was that had been bothering Marianna ever since she arrived at the Presidential Hotel, desperately hoping that he could find a way to improve things for Marianna.


Marianna explains why she is feeling lonely

Finally, Marianna confessed to Fisk that while she had been in hiding from the FBI she had always been surrounded by all his bodyguards who had been tasked with protecting her, such as Francis, and while they had been extremely polite to her and her days in hiding had still always been nice, she never felt more than that. Marianna told Fisk about the time she found herself in Bilbao where she was surrounded by hundreds of other people, yet had felt a desperate feeling of being lonely. As Fisk admitted to feeling the same, Marianna explained that she felt they were not fully together, even when they were reunited.


Marianna sadly allowing Wilson Fisk to leave

Upon hearing all this, Fisk asked Marianna what he could do to make things improve, promising that he was willing to do anything for their relationship to be better. However, before Marianna and Fisk could discuss their possible future together, they were then interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Felix Manning, who requested a word with Fisk in private, apologizing for interrupting but insisting the issue he had come to discuss could not wait. Marianna's feelings for isolation were intensified when Fisk told Manning that they would not discuss this matter in front of Marianna, as Fisk apologized and left.[14]

Meeting Benjamin Poindexter[]


Marianna first meets Benjamin Poindexter

"Pleasure to meet you. Vanessa Marianna."
"I've always told Wilson he has great taste in art."
"He does love to put beautiful things on display."
―Vanessa Marianna and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Just as Marianna had been heading downstairs from her bedroom in the Presidential Hotel, she was surprised to find that some workmen were hanging the Rabbit in a Snowstorm painting. As Marianna had looked at it, she was greeted by Benjamin Poindexter who explained that the painting had come from Wilson Fisk as a gift to her. While Marianna noted that she had been wondering what had happened to the painting, Poindexter had introduced himself, promising to do whatever she required.


Marianna personally thanks Ben Poindexter

As Poindexter claimed to be their new James Wesley, Marianna then thanked him and sat down, while Poindexter commented that he had always believed that Fisk had a great taste in art, to which Marianna commented that Fisk liked to put beautiful things on display, thinking of his treatment of her. Marianna asked Poindexter where he found the painting, to which he explained how Esther Falb refused to sell it, but Poindexter had been able to convince her to sell. As he said this, Marianna noticed blood onto the frame, then realizing that Poindexter murdered Falb to get it, although Marianna was unfazed by this.[14]

Assassination of Ray Nadeem[]


Marianna and Fisk observing the painting

"I don't want to admire your world. I want to live inside of it with you."
"Vanessa, it's one thing to know my work, but it's another to dirty your hands with it."
"My hands were never clean. If you truly want me, share your life with me. Fully."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Eventually, Wilson Fisk returned into the Presidential Hotel and found Marianna waiting for him, although Fisk was first taken aback by seeing Rabbit in a Snowstorm hanging on their wall, as Marianna explained that this was a gift from Benjamin Poindexter. While Fisk noted that he intended for the painting to stay with Esther Falb, Marianna had then noted how Poindexter had wanted them to think of him as their new James Wesley, although Fisk insisted that this was not the case, although Poindexter was useful.


Marianna telling Wilson Fisk to include her

Marianna then questioned if Poindexter was dangerous, only for Fisk to insist that it was nothing for Marianna to be concerned about. This comment had frustrated Marianna as she questioned Fisk over how exactly he intended to handle Poindexter, telling him to speak plainly to her for once. Marianna told Fisk how she had been fascinated by him when they first met at the Scene Contempo Gallery as she fell in love with Fisk's strength and brutality, although she insisted that if he continued to keep these aspects of his life hidden from her, then she would be left as lonely as she had been in Spain once again.


Marianna gives Wilson Fisk a final ultimatum

Marianna had explained that when Fisk had refused to speak to Felix Manning in front of her, she had been reminded that she was not fully a part of his life. Marianna had told Fisk that she no longer wanted to simply admire Fisk's world, but instead wanted to be included into it. However, Fisk warned Marianna that if she were to be included in his world, her hands would be dirtied by it all, only for Marianna to insist that her hands had never been clean as she once again told Fisk that if he wanted her, he must share his life with her. Considering this, Fisk then took Marianna's hand and had asked her to come with him.


Marianna suggests to murder Ray Nadeem

Marianna was taken downstairs, to Fisk's secret control room where Manning and Shelby were waiting for him, surprised to see Marianna joining Fisk. Marianna was then given a seat while Manning updated them both about the situation with Ray Nadeem, whose testimony to the Grand Jury had been sealed and inadmissible. Although Fisk had suggested they force Nadeem to stand trial, Marianna instead noted that as he was still a risk to them and they knew where he was, they should send Poindexter to assassinate Nadeem, which would ensure he could not expose their operation, which Fisk had agreed to.[14]

Wedding Day Preparations[]


Marianna shows off her dress to Wilson Fisk

"Don't you understand we're all broken? The point is just to find the person whose broken pieces fit with yours."
―Vanessa Marianna to Wilson Fisk[src]

Following their reunion and promise to open their lives to each other, Marianna ad Wilson Fisk decided to be married, also believing that a public wedding would redeem Fisk's image to all the people of New York City as well as the press who had been condemning his name for so long. As they were getting ready, Marianna came to visit Fisk while he was getting ready, showing off her wedding dress which took Fisk's breath away. Fisk questioned if he really looked as nervous as he felt, to which Marianna had said that he did but that it was charming regardless.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk discuss their love

Fisk then took Marianna's hand and invited her to sit with him, as he explained that he had never believed that he could actually feel the way he felt towards Marianna, noting that before they had first met at the Scene Contempo Gallery, he had believed there would never be somebody he would care for above his own life. Marianna listened closely as Fisk confessed that these thoughts had left him terrified that this proved he was nothing more than a vain man who only loved the way he saw himself in Marianna's eyes, as Fisk questioned if he did not deserve Marianna's love and was merely a broken man.


Marianna helping Wilson Fisk get dressed

Upon hearing this, Marianna comforted Fisk by reassuring him that everybody in the world was broken and claiming that the point of life was simply to find the person out there whose broken pieces fit with their own, while making it clear that she believed her and Fisk were a perfect match, which seemed to comfort Fisk. Seeing that Fisk had struggled to decide on which tie he should wear for their ceremony, Marianna instead picked out a rose, softly smelling it before handing it to Fisk to wear. Once Fisk put the rose on his all-white suit, he and Marianna then turned around and examined him in their mirror.[16]

Marrying Wilson Fisk[]


Marianna kisses Wilson Fisk at the wedding

"Everyone's looking at us."
"They're staring."
"What's happening?"
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Marianna and Wilson Fisk's wedding ceremony then went ahead, as they stood opposite each other on the roof of the Presidential Hotel. Among the guests who were in attendance were several high-profile criminals, which included John Hammer and Latimer Zyl, who were invited by Fisk. During the wedding ceremony, Marianna watched while Fisk had become momentarily distracted while looking into her eyes, as Marianna had to snap him back to reality so that the ceremony could continue.


Marianna being greeted by Rosalie Carbone

Having said "I do," Marianna and Fisk then finally wed one another, getting a round of applause from those in attendance. Heading onto the dance floor, Fisk and Marianna shared a private kiss before they stepped out to greet their guests, as Rosalie Carbone of the Carbone Crime Family first congratulated Marianna on her beautiful gown and ceremony before also speaking with Fisk. Once Fisk had finished his talk with Carbone about their arrangements regarding the payments Carbone was making to him, he had then rejoined Marianna onto the dance floor for their first dance together as a new married couple.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk dancing together

Once Marianna and Fisk had stepped onto the dance floor for their dance, almost every single guest took out their phones to record the dance. While Marianna happily danced with the man she loved in her arms, they soon noticed that something seemed to be wrong, since everybody in the room had become distracted by watching a video that had been sent to all of the phones at the same time. While they tried to ignore this, Fisk eventually grabbed a phone and realized the video was of Ray Nadeem, confessing his crimes and the crimes of the FBI moments before his death, exposing Fisk to the world.


Marianna and Fisk see Benjamin Poindexter

As confusion mounted, Tammy Hattley informed them that something was wrong and several agents were down. At that moment, Marianna and Fisk looked with horror as Benjamin Poindexter, dressed back in the Daredevil Suit, got on the stage and gave his toast to the couple, having just learned that Fisk had Julie Barnes killed. Poindexter then threw the microphone directly at Marianna's skull, only for it to be blocked by the arrival of Daredevil. Marianna and Fisk were both then dragged away to safety, as Daredevil and Poindexter furiously fought each other, both intended to attack Fisk for their own reasons.[16]

Battle at the Presidential Hotel[]


Marianna and Wilson Fisk plan their escape

"Be angry later. Be smart now. Listen to me. We need to run."
"You didn't make a mistake marrying me."
"I know that. But now, be smart. For both of us."
―Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Once they had made it back into their Penthouse, Marianna listened as Wilson Fisk had expressed his fury at Benjamin Poindexter being able to attack them and ruin their wedding, as Marianna commented on the threat that Ray Nadeem had posed to them which was exactly why she ordered his assassination. As Fisk had vowed to discredit Nadeem and then get revenge on Poindexter, Marianna told him to hold back his anger so that they could escape, knowing Poindexter still posed a threat.


Marianna and Wilson Fisk facing Daredevil

However, just as Marianna and Fisk had made it upstairs, intending to use the secret doorway to escape before the New York City Police Department could arrest them, they had then found that their path was being blocked by Daredevil, who had told Fisk that his criminal career was over. Marianna was then told to run for safety by Fisk as the two bitter enemies then began their furious fight. Marianna then witnessed Fisk and Daredevil hitting one another and throwing each other through the Penthouse walls, furiously attempting to beat each other to the death as they found themselves to be equally matched.


Marianna stopped by Benjamin Poindexter

While Fisk and Daredevil continued their fight, Marianna had made it to their Penthouse's door and tried to make her escape, only to find Poindexter had killed the FBI agents guarding them and had made it inside. Once Poindexter observed the situation, he saw that Fisk was too far away to stop him as he then turned all his attention to killing Marianna, intending for Fisk to feel his pain when Julie Barnes had been murdered. However, Daredevil charged to Marianna aid, kicking Poindexter aside and then pushing Marianna out of harm's way while Daredevil and Fisk both had begun fighting against Poindexter.


Marianna is escorted away by Wilson Fisk

Marianna then kept herself out of harm's way as best she could while witnessing Fisk, Daredevil, and Poindexter all furiously fighting one another, causing considerable damage across their Penthouse suite. As Poindexter armed himself with broken glass and began throwing them, Daredevil blocked the glass, protecting both himself as well as Marianna. Intending to protect his wife, Fisk then gave Marianna his jacket, which had protective armor inside, leaving Fisk exposed to Poindexter's next attacks, as Fisk ordered Marianna to get herself to safety while she still could while Fisk stayed to fight his enemies.


Marianna's life being saved by Daredevil

As Marianna was making it up the stairs, she saw Poindexter pick up several pieces of broken glass and throwing them at Fisk, resulting in them piercing his skin as he no longer had a protective jacket. When Poindexter was then knocked to the ground by Daredevil, he looked up and saw a chance to kill Marianna who had stopped on the stairs. Poindexter then threw a metal bowl directly at Marianna's head, only for Daredevil to then leap forward and knock it out of the air. Having witnessed this attempt on his wife's life, Fisk furiously grabbed ahold of Poindexter and slammed him into a brick wall, crushing his spine.


Marianna screaming for Daredevil to stop

With Poindexter now out of their fight, Marianna then watched on as Fisk faced off against Daredevil. Despite his superior strength, Fisk found himself at a disadvantage in their fight due to all his injuries as well as Daredevil's fast reflexes, as Marianna was forced to watch as Daredevil hit Fisk onto his knees. As Marianna and Fisk looked each other in the eyes, Fisk then appeared to give up the fight and allowed Daredevil to hit him repeatedly, as Fisk's blood sprayed over Rabbit in a Snowstorm. As Marianna watch on in horror, Daredevil continued beating Fisk into submission, as Marianna begged him to stop.


Marianna stands by the beaten Wilson Fisk

Eventually, Daredevil stopping hitting Fisk and even stopped himself from breaking Fisk's neck and killing him. Marianna then watched as Fisk promised to keep hurting Karen Page and Foggy Nelson unless Daredevil killed him, only for Daredevil to refuse and insist that Fisk would return to Ryker's Island or he would target Marianna herself. With that, Daredevil had removed his mask and revealed his identity as Matt Murdock, forcing Fisk to agree to all his demands in order to protect his new wife from harm. Marianna then stood by the utterly defeated Fisk and comforted him as Daredevil left the scene.


Marianna is taken into custody by the NYPD

While Marianna stood by her husband, Brett Mahoney and a team of officers from the New York City Police Department stormed into their Penthouse suite and took them all into custody, including Poindexter who was lying crippled on the floor. As the recaptured Marianna and Fisk were taken out of the Presidential Hotel by Mahoney's men, with other FBI agents and Tammy Hattley also being arrested, the married couple were put in separate cars, as Fisk furiously demanded to get the chance to say goodbye to Marianna, only for Mahoney to refuse his request as they were taken away and separated once again.[16]


"Don't you understand we're all broken? The point is to find the person whose broken pieces fit with yours."
―Vanessa Marianna to Wilson Fisk[src]

At first, Marianna was shown to be inquisitive, smart, wide-eyed and humorous. She showed the strength of character when she bought a gun to her next date with Wilson Fisk after finding a reason to distrust him, though she relented upon realizing his softer side and seeing the potential good his actions were capable of. Despite learning of his criminal past, witnessing his Bombing of Hell's Kitchen and then learning that he murdered his father as a child, she remained loyal to him. She was comforted by the fact that the Russian Mafia had been destroyed during the bombing, despite the many innocents also caught in the crossfire. Not even her near-death experience could break her trust for Fisk, and she was consent with the fact that Fisk was going after the ones that poisoned her to make them suffer. She was willing to board the helicopter to leave him behind, but only because he wanted and ordered her to.

Returning to America, Marianna is shown to have a cold and ruthless side equal if not more than Fisk's, willing to spill blood in order to obtain what she wants. While noticing the recently retrieved Rabbit in a Snowstorm had part of the canvas covered in blood, Benjamin Poindexter had murdered Esther Falb in order to retrieve it, she not only showed no signs of guilt or remorse for Falb's death but proceeded to ask Poindexter to frame it. She also willingly participated in Fisk's criminal activities, in particular, she ordered the hit on Ray Nadeem, Fisk was initially only going to go as far as to let Nadeem take the blame for the Daredevil murders, but when Marianna insisted Fisk gave the order on her behalf.


  • Tactician: Marianna was the one to suggest Wilson Fisk go public as the one trying to save Hell's Kitchen, and not the man in the mask. The plan was successful, as Fisk rapidly gained support in his campaign. She was considered to be such a threat that Madame Gao and Leland Owlsley felt the need to remove her from the equation by poisoning her drink, although she survived. When she returned to New York City from Barcelona, she was included in Fisk's decision making, such as ordering Felix Manning to have Benjamin Poindexter kill Ray Nadeem, a move that ultimately proved to be Fisk's downfall.



"What kind of gun is that you have in your purse?"
"It's a .22."
"Did you think that you would need that tonight?"
Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]
  • Jimenez Arms JA32: Marianna carried a small handgun in her purse to her second date with Wilson Fisk, knowing he was a dangerous man. She confessed that she carried the gun when Fisk correctly guessed she had it, and eventually gave it to him at the end of the date.

Other Equipment[]

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Clinical psychologist Dr. Andrea Letamendi noted that Marianna "allows us to see the compassion Fisk has, and it's genuine that he's so loving and heartfelt and compassionate—he has this sense of connection to humanity. It's so interesting to have that dynamic and that this incredibly intelligent, powerful woman brings it out in him."[17]
  • Sandrine Holt was set to replace Ayelet Zurer as the character in Daredevil: Born Again,[18] before the role was given back to Zurer during the creative overhaul.[19]


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