"Vando he was a fool once, too. Twice, actually. But he has a constant reminder of his failure. The fingers were because he screwed up. The tongue, because he lied about it."
Alexi to Harold Meachum[src]

Vando was a loyal member of the Hand who had once had his tongue removed as a punishment from Madame Gao. Vando was tasked with punishing Harold Meachum. However Vando was then attacked by Meachum and Iron Fist and killed during the fight.


Screwing the Hand

Punishment through Pain

While on a mission for the Hand Vando made mistakes. Instead of admitting this, he lied. In order to punish him, the Hand cut off several of his fingers. They also cut out his tongue as a remind that lying is unacceptable.[1]

Punishing Meachum

In order to punish Harold Meachum the Hand send Vando and Alexi to his penthouse. Vando watched on while Alexi questioned Meachum about Danny Rand, wondering why he had failed to tell them that rand is the legendary Iron Fist. Meachum tried to assure them that Rand does not even know that he is alive and that he has no knowledge of the iron fist.

Alexi told Meachum that he might be telling the truth and might just be a fool, but he still had to be punished. Vando grabbed Meachums hand and placed it on the table, while Alexi placed a knife in front of it. Alexi explained that Vando was a fool twice and lost his tongue as a reminder, and wondered how big of a reminder Meachum would need.

Before being able to punish Meachum, Meachum sweared that he has nothing to do with Danny Rand, who at the same moment entered the penthouse in order to discuss a problem. In order to grab his gun Vando let lose of Meachums arm, giving him a chance to grab the knife and kill Alexi. Vando first fired a few shots at Rand, which missed, before being disarmed by him. After a quick fight Meachum appeared behind Vando and slit his throat.

Meachum used a hammer to disfigure the bodies and ordered his son, Ward Meachum, to dump the bodies at the Pellam Bay Park.[1]






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