"Van Lunt?"
"Yeah, he's the guy who owns this mausoleum."
Vanessa Marianna and Leland Owlsley[src]

The Van Lunt Building is a large and ornate building owned by Cornelius van Lunt.


Fundraiser Event


Wilson Fisk giving his speech to his donors

Wilson Fisk organized a fundraiser at the Van Lunt Building, and briefly addressed his guests stating his reasons why he, who was a man treasuring his privacy, was willingly subject himself to the public eye despite there were people who questioned him. Fisk, in turn, questioned whoever did not the same when his city was in such a time of need.

Fisk asked his guests' help to ensure that everyone affected by the recent attacks, and everyone who considered Hell's Kitchen his home, would see a brighter day. To finish, he thanked their presence and wished them to enjoy the evening.

Leland Owlsley, who was among the attendants, clapped reluctantly to Fisk's words, while James Wesley did it sincerely. Vanessa Marianna, who was beside Fisk while he talked, told him that the message has been beautiful, though Fisk complimented her by saying that the word "beautiful" was meant only for her that night.


Leland Owlsley collects the poisoned drinks

Fisk began to shake some of his guests' hands, personally thanking them for their presence and donations. Owlsley approached Fisk, and commented that it was the first time he has been in a room with so many rich people since the days of the Junk Bonds. Fisk told him that he had been starting to worry about him, but Owlsley assured him that the favor he asked, speaking with Madame Gao, had been taken care of. Owlsley then commented that he needed a drink badly, and offered one to Marianna.

While they were together, Senator Randolph Cherryh approached Fisk and complimented him for his speech, asking if he had ever considered a political career. Fisk simply told him that he would left it to people like Cherryh, making him laugh and say that it was a good answer. Cherryh requested a moment alone with Fisk to talk about their zoning issue, so Fisk kissed Marianna and promised her that he would be back in a minute.

As Cherryh left, Marianna commented that she did not vote for Cherryh during the last election. Wesley commented that few people voted for him, and Owlsley pointed that he still won and thanked it to astrological advice he got from Cornelius van Lunt, the owner of the building.


Wilson Fisk trying to rescue Vanessa Marianna

Right then, one of the guests fell to the floor, and Owlsley commented that some people could hold liquor. However, many guests began to lose consciousness and literally foam at the mouth, a symptom of poisoning. Fisk ordered Wesley to get the car as they needed to leave, but Marianna lost consciousness too.

Fisk ran and grabbed Marianna in his arms before she fell to the floor. Owlsley, who was calling for a doctor, threw the glass of champagne he was having without having drunk from it, and Fisk tried to make Marianna react before quickly taking her to the nearest hospital.[1]


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