The Valkyrie Steeds are a race of white winged horses, commonly ridden by the Valkyrie.


Massacre of the Valkyrie

The Valkyrie Steeds were ridden by the Valkyrie during their attack on Hela in Hel. Hela overpowered the warriors and all the Valkyrie Steeds in the battle were killed by the Goddess of Death.[1]

Battle of Earth

Brunnhilde, one of the Valkyrie, rode Aragorn, her Valkyrie Steed, into the Battle of Earth, aiding the Avengers and their allies. Pepper Potts dropped Spider-Man onto the Steed to help him keep the Iron Gauntlet away from Thanos's forces.[2]


The Valkyrie Steeds have the ability to use their wings to fly.

Notable Steeds


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