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"That's what's wrong with Asgard. The throne, the secrets, the whole golden sham."
―Valkyrie to Thor[src]

King Brunnhilde is the reigning sovereign of New Asgard, erstwhile leader to the fallen Valkyrie; shield-maidens who swore to defend the throne. She resided on Sakaar as a bounty hunter designated Scrapper 142 after her defeat at the hands of Hela. Years into her self-imposed exile, Valkyrie found the Asgardian prince Thor and sold him to the Grandmaster, only to grow towards him when he told her of Hela's new invasion of Asgard. Joining the Revengers, Valkyrie escaped from Sakaar and assisted Thor to defeat Hela, witnessing the Ragnarök as a result before she then joined all of the remaining survivors traveling towards Earth, only for the Statesman to be attacked by the Black Order. She was one of the few survivors from Thanos' attack, helping lead the remaining Asgardians to safety before the Mad Titan destroyed the ship and killed the remaining forces, and ultimately survived the Snap.

Valkyrie played an essential role in the relocation of the Asgardian population on Earth, in their new settlement of Tønsberg, Norway. Over the five years following the Snap, Valkyrie helplessly saw Thor spiraling down into alcoholism and idleness due to his previous failure to stop Thanos. Nevertheless, as Thor had been convinced to rejoin the Avengers to resurrect the victims of Thanos' actions, Valkyrie later led the charge of the Asgardians during the Battle of Earth, which ultimately saw an alternate Thanos and his forces meeting their complete demise. Following this victory, Valkyrie was appointed the new leader of the Asgardians by Thor, who would join the Guardians of the Galaxy while knowing that the Asgardians were left in her capable hands.


Leading the Valkyrie

Defeated by Hela

"She massacred everyone in the palace and tried to seize the throne. When she tried to escape her banishment, he sent the Valkyrie in to fight her back. I only survived because... Look, I already faced her once back when I believed in the throne, and it cost me everything."
―Valkyrie to Thor[src]

Brunnhilde charges with the Valkyrie

Brunnhilde was one of the many Valkyrie sent by Odin to drive Hela back to her prison. Riding a winged steed, Valkyrie engaged Hela in combat. Hela created a vast amount of weapons that she used to kill the Valkyrie as they descended on her.

Brunnhilde fights against Hela

Brunnhilde was one of the last of the Valkyrie, managing to avoid death by the ferocious attack when Hela then personally engaged her but was thwarted by the only other remaining Valkyrie.

Life on Sakaar

Becoming Scrapper 142

"I've spent years, in a haze, trying to forget my past. Sakaar seemed like the best place to drink, and to forget, and to die. One day."
―Valkyrie to Thor[src]

Being all that remained of the Asgardian warrior maidens, Brunnhilde exiled herself to the planet Sakaar where she served the Grandmaster as one of his best acquisition specialists under the designation "Scrapper 142". She had an antagonistic relationship with the Grandmaster's bodyguard, Topaz, but was favored by the Grandmaster himself. Scrapper 142 eventually found and brought the Grandmaster Hulk after he arrived on Sakaar.[2]

Meeting Thor

Valkyrie arrives in the scrapyard of Sakaar

"I am Thor, son of Odin. I need to get back to Asgard."
"Many apologies, Your Majesty."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

Scrapper 142 located a group of Sakaaran Scrappers that had just captured Thor. Considering Valkyrie's payment for delivering the contender to the Grandmaster, she intervened the Scrappers and parked her Warsong in front of them. As Valkyrie was drinking her alcohol, she demanded them to relinquish their ownership over Thor.

Valkyrie attacks the Sakaaran Scrappers

While drunkenly walking towards the Scrappers, Valkyrie stumbled around onboard of her ship and began to trip onto the garbage that was on the ground. Getting up from the ground, Valkyrie told the Scrappers that Thor is hers and if they want him then they'll have to go through her. As the Lead Scrapper disobeyed her demand and insisted on capturing her too, Valkyrie then proceeded to turn on her gauntlets and shoot almost all of the surrounding Scrappers that were holding Thor hostage.

Valkyrie successfully captures Thor

Once one Scrapper survived from the shootout, Valkyrie dodged his attack and subdued him due to her Asgardian strength. As Thor thanked her for seemingly rescuing him from a life of slavery, Valkyrie quickly threw an Obedience Disk onto his neck and activated it with a remote controller, electrocuting and incapacitating him. With the opportunity to capture Thor, Valkyrie took him by the broken cape and went onboard in her ship.

Valkyrie electrocutes Thor for his demands

Valkyrie drove her Warsong with Thor being knocked out, it soon that Thor had eventually regained consciousness. Valkyrie informed the Grandmaster that she'll be on her way for the delivery, however, Thor demanded to know who she was and where he was being taken, smashing at the glass and proclaiming himself to be the son of Odin and insisting that he had to get back onto Asgard. Valkyrie simply ignored Thor's demands and then reactivated the Obedience Disk, much to her mockery.[2]

Valkyrie brings Thor to the Grandmaster

"I take ten million."
"Tell her she's dreaming."
"For heaven's sakes, transfer the units."
―Valkyrie, Topaz and Grandmaster[src]

After bringing Thor to a sped-up presentation that led him to be awake from his unconsciousness and found himself sitting in front of the Grandmaster, Valkyrie observed him from afar as the Grandmaster told her that he looked wonderful. While Thor attempted to break from his restraints, Valkyrie was told that she always brings the best stuff and was about be complimented until Topaz called her trash.

Valkyrie ignores Thor's demand to escape

After Grandmaster apologizes on behalf of his bodyguard and called Valkyrie the best, she then noted that she brought a contender and was brought closer to Thor. Once attempted to break free, Valkyrie tased him again with the controller. Valkyrie told Grandmaster that she'll take ten million and was given the units by Topaz. When Thor threatened Valkyrie, she reminded him that she cannot pay for bringing him to the Grandmaster.[2]

Duel in the Grand Arena

Valkyrie having a drink at the bar

"You must be a traitor or a coward because the Valkyrie are sworn to protect the throne!"
"Listen closely, Your Majesty. This is Sakaar, not Asgard, and I'm a scrapper, not a Valkyrie."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

Buying alcohol near the gladiator's quarters, Valkyrie started to open up her fiery beverage before stopping a bystander for stealing it. Thor then spotted Valkyrie who was imprisoned after she had captured him. As Thor was about to talk to Valkyrie, she threatened him with a device that would activate his Obedience Disk.

Valkyrie listens to Thor for help on escaping

As Thor was considerably more nervous about speaking with Valkyrie, she drank her bottle of alcohol until Thor was distracted from her tattoo from her time of joining the Valkyrie. While Valkyrie attempted to ignore Thor, she listened on from Thor being enthusiastic over about his admiration of the Valkyrie and how he had always wanted to join them before learning they were only women. Thor then attempted to hold a conversation with Valkyrie, telling her of the threat of Asgard and Hela's return.

Valkyrie leaves Thor to battle other champions

After Thor had requested Valkyrie's help in stopping Hela, she waved bye to him until Thor called her a coward before being told to go out and fight. Being furious with his reasoning, Valkyrie confronted Thor and stated that he was no longer on Asgard, including the resignation of her title as a Valkyrie. While Thor was electrocuted and beaten by the Sakaaran Guards, Valkyrie told the God of Thunder that no one can escape Sakaar so he'll die anyways.

Valkyrie arrives for the Contest of Champions

Arriving upwards from the Contest of Champions arena with her Warsong, Valkyrie had her drink and sat down to observe the fight in order to see Thor in the area. While the audience continued cheering, Grandmaster introduced Thor as the Lord of Thunder while his champion prepared to arrive. When the champion emerged, it was revealed to be Hulk, having Thor fight against him in a brutal duel. However, Valkyrie was surprised by the sheer blow from Thor, as he strikes Hulk with it at full force.

Valkyrie observed Thor's fight against Hulk

Seeking to end the fight without any more conflict, Thor then tried to use Black Widow's calming technique which Valkyrie found confusing on what he was doing before Thor was thrashed across the arena. During the fight, however, Thor channeled electricity from his body, subduing Hulk, until the Grandmaster intervened and disarmed him. As Hulk stomped upon Thor's unconscious body, Valkyrie looked away left the show while taking another sip from her drink.[2]

Tricked by the God of Thunder

Valkyrie visits Hulk for his next fighting match

"You're so thick-headed that you can't tell when someone's hiding all the way across the universe and wants to be left alone?"
"We need to talk."
"No, you wanna talk to me."
―Valkyrie and Thor[src]

After watching the duel of Thor and Hulk in the Grand Arena, Valkyrie decided to visit Hulk inside of his room in order help him train for his next battle for the Contest of Champions. Once Hulk was ready to train for his next sparring match, Valkyrie asks him what had he been up to before laughing at his reply of saying that he was winning.

Valkyrie playfully fights against Hulk

Getting a call, Valkyrie was then summoned to Hulk's room. After making fun of the Sakaaran Guards from the doorway, Valkyrie and Hulk playfully sparred each other, leading to her noticing Thor before she questioned Hulk. Knowing what the call was about, Valkyrie rejected Thor's permission to talk. As Hulk threw a part of his bed to ensure Valkyrie did not leave, she agreed to listen for as long as it took her to drink a large bottle of alcohol.

Valkyrie tells Thor about Hela's banishment

While Thor began explaining how Asgard was currently in danger, Valkyrie finished chugging her drink, much to Thor's surprise. Once Valkyrie said her byes, Thor then explained that Odin was dead and Hela had invaded Asgard, which caused her to stop in her tracks. Lamenting over Odin's recent death in Norway, Thor informed Valkyrie of Hela's return to Asgard. Valkyrie then started to open up to him, revealing how Odin had banished Hela for her power to seize control over the cosmos, resulting in Hela's banishment in Hel.

Valkyrie and Thor converse in Hulk's room

Valkyrie then noted her failed attempt at stopping Hela from escaping Hel, costing her everything she cared. After Valkyrie had fed up from Asgard's conflict, Thor offered her an opportunity to join his team so as to escape Sakaar and prevent Hela from fulfilling her goals, only for her to tell him to not get familiar. As Thor agreed with her about Asgard's problems, Valkyrie drew her daggers at his throat to warn him not to get too familiar with her.

Valkyrie listens to Thor after his trickery

Once Valkyrie refused to be involved in the fight against Hela, she was then tricked by Thor after their conversation had led them closer, as Thor stole the Obedience Disk from her, thus allowing him to disarm his disk. Thor then reminded her that the Asgardians were their people and that he will save them, and asked her if she was going to continue to enslave people on the Grandmaster's orders or fight her past before leaping out of the window..[2]

Remembering Her Past

Valkyrie and Loki meet up with Grandmaster

"You're a Valkyrie. I thought the Valkyrie all died gruesome deaths?"
"Choose your next words wisely."
Loki and Valkyrie[src]

In the wake of Thor and Hulk's recent disappearance, the Grandmaster summoned both Valkyrie and Loki to his chambers. Expressing his displeasure at the fact that the two fugitives disappeared from the palace, Grandmaster noted that he needed them back, as Loki offered him that he'll bring them back in twelve hours, leading to Valkyrie in competition with of bring them in a short amount of time.

Valkyrie has a brief duel against Loki

Grandmaster then offered them a bounty for the capture of Thor and Hulk, instead of planning of public execution, leading to him find them quickly as possible. In a separate room, Loki interrogated Valkyrie about her role in allowing the two fugitives to escape, she then replied that she doesn't help anyone, as this had quickly turned into a duel, with both drawing their knives and slashing at the other. As Valkyrie kept fighting Loki, she was discovered by her tattoo on her arm, leading to Loki knowing she was the last living Valkyrie; however, Valkyrie was unwilling to allow this secret to be revealed as she kicked Loki away and threatened him by pinning him against the wall and telling him to chose his next words carefully.

Valkyrie relives her horrifying flashback

Although Loki had still remained unfazed by Valkyrie's threat and noting what a painful memory it must be for her, she was possessed by Loki's magical abilities to make her relive the Massacre of the Valkyrie at the hands of Hela when she had attempted to escape from Hel. Furious at Loki's actions at making her relive her own trauma, Valkyrie knocked him out with a hard punch to the face before chaining him up inside her room.[2]

Helping the Fugitives

Valkyrie locating both Thor and Bruce Banner

"I was thinking that you drink too much and it was probably gonna kill you."
"I don't plan to stop drinking. But... I don't wanna forget. I can't turn away anymore. So... if I'm gonna die, well... it might as well be driving my sword through the heart of that murderous hag."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

With the memories awakened, Valkyrie decided to help Thor and managed to locate him in the Sakaar City and tazed a potential threat. Valkyrie and Thor briefly exchanged glances and questioned who Bruce Banner was, unaware that his alter-ego was Hulk. While Thor awkwardly flirted with Valkyrie, she then directed the two fugitives to her apartment.

Valkyrie brings Thor and Bruce Banner to Loki

The two then followed Valkyrie to her apartment, and she explained that her drinking habits were the result of the Massacre of the Valkyrie. As Thor commented that her alcoholism was a bit too excessive, Valkyrie affirmed him that she was unwilling to stop drinking but willing to fight the Goddess of Death one last time with the intent of stabbing her through the heart. Valkyrie reconciled with the two as Thor agreed with her statement, however; she questioned the group to know if they have a name. Thor claimed that if they were going to get revenge, their new team would be called the Revengers, although Banner claimed to be undecided.

Valkyrie and the Revengers discuss Loki

Valkyrie then welcomed the two fugitives into her apartments and showed them her peace offering; a restrained Loki. As Thor threw a bottle at his head to confirm that Loki was not an illusion, Valkyrie then showed Thor her ancient Dragonfang, which he was impressed by. Discussing their escape plans, Valkyrie insisted that the best route through Asgard would be through a wormhole, which would take them to Xandar. Thor then suggested that they go through the Devil's Anus.

Valkyrie listening to Loki's new plan

As she observed the wormhole, she pointed out that her ship would destroy her Warsong. As Loki began to offer the three advice, Valkyrie threw an empty bottle at his head. Loki then noted that since he had stolen the Grandmaster's security codes to his secret room of ships. Thor then explained to Valkyrie how Loki had tried to kill the two on many occasions. Valkyrie demanded to get rid of the Sakaaran Guards away from the palace before Thor had told them to start a revolution.[2]

Escape from Sakaar

Valkyrie liberates Korg and other prisoners

"Sakaar and Asgard are about as far apart as any two known systems. Our best bet is a wormhole just outside the city limits. We can refuel in Xandar, and we should be back in Asgard in about... eighteen months?"
―Valkyrie to Thor[src]

Acting on the orders of Thor, Valkyrie used the security codes to break into the Sakaaran prisons, which held Korg, Miek, and other members of the Sakaaran Rebellion, and liberated them. Valkyrie then proceeded to disable their Obedience Disks and informed them of the location of the Grandmaster's room of ships.

Valkyrie pilots the Commodore

Valkyrie then boarded her Warsong, with her Dragonfang and traditional armor. However, a group of Sakaaran guards started to chase Valkyrie, with Topaz having been informed that the rebellion was started. During the pursuit, she managed to destroy a few pursuing ships, although Topaz managed to shoot down her ship, forcing Valkyrie to jump from her ship, surviving due to her Asgardian strength. As Thor and Hulk piloted the Commodore, Valkyrie destroyed the remaining ships, before reuniting with Thor and Hulk in the Commodore. As they fled Sakaar, they made their way into the Devil's Anus, and were subsequently knocked out.[2]


Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

Valkyrie shooting at Fenris and the Berserkers

"The people are safe. That's all that matters."
"We're fulfilling the prophecy."
"I hate this prophecy."
"So do I, but we have no choice."
―Valkyrie and Thor[src]

Hours later, the three awoke from their unconsciousness and seemingly found themselves back in Asgard. Horrified by the destruction Hela and her resurrected Berserkers caused to the civilization, Hulk commented that the realm was not in good condition and would have looked nicer had it not been in flames. Valkyrie then noticed a group of heat signatures clustered within a hidden stronghold in the Asgardian mountains. Thor, who assured Valkyrie that he had an ally on the inside, headed to the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf so he could lure Hela away from the Asgardian citizens.

Valkyrie fights against the Berserkers

Whilst the Asgardians headed towards Himinbjorg to evade Hela's tyrannical rule on Asgard, a horde of Berserkers led by Skurge, Hela's right-hand-man, and Fenris surrounded them, preventing an escape. Valkyrie then proceeded to shoot at the gargantuan wolf, only for the creature to absorb the bullets. Having discerned that the bullets caused no harm to the wolf, Banner announced to Valkyrie that he would turn back into Hulk. As Fenris launched toward Heimdall armed with Hofund, Banner fell on the Bifrost Bridge.

The Revengers discuss how to defeat Hela

Fenris dismissed Banner as a threat and approached the Asgardians. However, Banner suddenly turned into Hulk and attacked Fenris, which led to a fight between the two. Watching, Valkyrie immediately realized Banner was the Hulk and the reason Thor brought him. Moments later, reinforcements from Sakaar arrived, providing a safe refuge to the Asgardian citizens onboard the Statesman as Loki and gladiators of the Sakaaran Rebellion prepared to combat Hela's forces. A group of Berserkers attempted to overwhelm the Commodore ship, forcing Valkyrie to crash the ship on the Bifrost Bridge.

The Revengers stand against Hela

As Thor gained his new electricity powers, Valkyrie fought against a horde of Berserkers, slicing each one down with her Dragonfang. After all the Berserkers were killed, Valkyrie reunited with the Revengers as they prepared to fight Hela. Thor soon realized that since Asgard is a people, not a place, he authorized Loki to cause Ragnarök, as the doomsday prophecy foretold that only the Destruction of Asgard would end Hela's threat.

Valkyrie counters Hela's attack

As Loki revived Surtur with the Eternal Flame in Odin's Vault, Thor and Valkyrie fought against Hela. As a result of his lightning new powers, Thor and Valkyrie were both able to stalemate her. Hela then launched her Necroswords at Valkyrie, who was able to deflect all the weapons. However, the Goddess of Death managed to subdue the Asgardian warrior. Thor responded to one of Hela's attacks by launching another lightning blast at her, only for her to quickly impale him with a Necrosword.

Valkyrie is defeated by Hela

As Hela approached Valkyrie, Thor leaped up and told her that Asgard was all hers. Surprised by his statement, Hela claimed that he could not defeat her as she was the Goddess of Death. Thor agreed with her statement and acknowledged that while he couldn't, Surtur could, who emerged from the Royal Palace, having been resurrected by Loki. As Hela attempted to stop the Fire Demon, Valkyrie attacked Hela, which allowed enough time for Thor to use his lightning powers to destroy a portion of the Bifrost Bridge.[2]

Destruction of Asgard

Valkyrie witnessing Asgard's destruction

"Your throne."
―Valkyrie to Thor[src]

Valkyrie and Thor watched helplessly as Surtur laid waste to all of Asgard with his Twilight Sword. Together, they sadly acknowledge the prophecy of Ragnarök, and accepted that they would die to ensure that the safety of the remaining Asgardian refugees who were on the Statesman. Suddenly, they spotted Hulk emerge from the waters attacking Surtur. The unaffected Fire Demon threw Hulk onto the Rainbow Bridge and continued his mission. As Hulk approached Surtur, Valkyrie and Thor told him to stop smashing.

Valkyrie serves under the leadership of Thor

Hulk proceeded to help the two Asgardian warriors escape onto the Statesman. Aboard the Statesman ship, both Valkyrie and Thor witnessed the realm's destruction and Hela's apparent demise. The crestfallen Asgardians looked up to their new king, Thor, for leadership. Valkyrie was then present when Thor announced the new Asgard would in fact be Earth.[2]

Infinity War

Arrival of the Black Order

On the journey to Earth, the Asgardians were ambushed by the Titan warlord Thanos and the Black Order. During the ambush, half of the Asgardians on the ship were slaughtered, along with Heimdall and Loki.[4] Valkyrie was one of the many survivors from Thanos' attack, helping lead the remaining Asgardians to safety escape pods alongside Korg and Miek, before the Mad Titan destroyed the ship and killed the remaining forces inside the Statesman.[5]


Shortly after the attack, Thanos managed to complete the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers, causing half life in the universe to disintegrate into nothingness.[4] Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek were among those who survived Thanos' snap.[3]

New Asgard

Settling in New Asgard

After the Snap, the surviving Asgardians were forced to accept that their days of fighting were passed them, as their homeworld had been destroyed during Ragnarök along with half of the population having been murdered by Thanos. Therefore, they settled to life on Earth and lived in Tønsberg, Norway, renaming it New Asgard. Instead of ruling in an effective way, Thor neglected his duties as king and reverted to a life of alcoholism, which resulted in a massive weight gain as a way to cope with his failures, much to Valkyrie's dismay. With an absent leader, Valkyrie fell into the position of helping her community.[3]

Visited by the Avengers

Valkyrie greets Hulk and Rocket Raccoon

"Valkyrie! Great to see you, Angry Girl."
"I think I liked you better either of the other ways."
Hulk and Valkyrie[src]

In 2023, Hulk and Rocket Raccoon visited New Asgard in hopes of recruiting Thor, having discovered a way to resurrect the victims of the Snap. When they arrived, Valkyrie warned them that they shouldn't have come.

Valkyrie is reunited with Bruce Banner

Valkyrie was then greeted by Bruce Banner, who commented that it was nice to see her again. Unimpressed by Hulk's new form, she stated that she preferred him either of his two ways. Banner introduced her to Rocket, whom she exchanged glances with.

Valkyrie informs them about Thor's status

She informed them that Thor wouldn't see them and informed that that his state was extremely bad, with the King only being seen once a month for alcoholic supplies. Despite her reluctance, she directed the two to Thor's hut.[3]

Battle of Earth

Valkyrie joins the Avengers against Thanos

"Anyone see an ugly brown van out there?"
"Yes, but you're not going to like where it's parked."
Captain America and Valkyrie[src]

Following the Blip, Valkyrie, along with Korg, Miek, Einherjar guards, and the resurrected Asgardians, were transported to the destroyed ruins of the Avengers Compound by Doctor Strange and Wong right as Thanos unleashed his army of the Black Order, the Outriders, Sakaarans, Chitauri, and Leviathans on the Avengers in search of the time-displaced Infinity Stones. They left New Asgard through an Inter-Dimensional Portal and arrived on the battlefield.

Valkyrie charges towards Thanos and his army

She then stood alongside all the assembled heroes as they prepared to face Thanos and his army. Riding her steed, she charged into battle once again and aided the Avengers in fighting Thanos' army. In the initial clash, she swooped down on a Chitauri Gorilla.

Valkyrie reports where Luis' Van is located

As the Avengers realized that the Infinity Stones were in danger and that they needed to return the Infinity Stones to their proper timelines by using the Quantum Tunnel, Valkyrie reported Luis' Van was located behind enemy lines after Captain America asked where it was located.

Valkyrie assists Spider-Man in battle

Unfortunately, as the Sanctuary II began bombarding the area after Thanos had ordered an airstrike, Valkyrie gave Spider-Man, who was carrying the Nano Gauntlet, a ride after he was dropped onto her steed by Pepper Potts. Spider-Man attempted to introduce himself to Valkyrie, but a shot from the Sanctuary II soon separated them.

Valkyrie assists Captain Marvel in battle

After Captain Marvel destroyed the Sanctuary II, Valkyrie joined her, along with other female heroes, in fighting past Thanos' army to reach the Quantum Tunnel. As she and the other heroes cleared a path for Captain Marvel, Valkyrie managed to down a Leviathan by using her spear to tear through its thick armor, which Scarlet Witch held back. However, Thanos managed to destroy the van with his Double-Edged Sword.

Valkyrie kneels before Iron Man after his death

Eventually, the battle was concluded when Iron Man stripped the stones off the gauntlet and snapped his fingers, killing Thanos and his army for good, but coming at the cost of his own life in the process.[3] All the heroes, including Valkyrie, gathered around the fallen hero and knelt out of respect to him.[6]

King of Asgard

Valkyrie talks with Thor

"You're a leader. That's who you are."
"You know I would make some small changes around here."
"I'm counting on it, Your Majesty."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

After Stark's funeral, Thor returned to the New Asgard and reunited with Valkyrie. As the two gathered on the hill overlooking the New Asgard, Valkyrie inquired as to when Thor would be back, reminding them that the Asgardians needed a king to lead them. However, Thor instead assured Valkyrie that Asgard already had a king, referring to her.

Valkyrie is officially named the ruler of Asgard

Staring in disbelief, Valkyrie took his statement as a joke, but soon realized Thor was serious. Thor, who relented to Frigga's advice that he received during the Time Heist, decided to be the man he wanted to be, not what was expected of him. Glancing at the prospect of being the leader of the Asgardians, Valkyrie warned Thor that she would make many changes to the New Asgard in his absence. Valkyrie then watched as Thor left with the Guardians of the Galaxy.[3]


"The Valkyrie are legend. Elite warriors of Asgard sworn to defend the throne."
"I'm not getting dragged into another one of Odin's family squabbles."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

Valkyrie embodied all that the Valkyrie were renowned for; she was selfless, brave, noble, loyal and dedicated to her people, to her Valkyrie sisters, and to Asgard. Sadly, the Massacre of the Valkyrie by Hela inflicted deep psychological scars on Valkyrie, traumatizing her greatly. The final blow came as she witnessed a fellow Valkyrie sacrifice herself to save her from Hela's attack. With the overwhelming grief combined with anger against Odin for sending them against Hela, and with the shame of being the only survivor, Valkyrie abandoned Asgard and fled into exile on Sakaar.

Valkyrie's overall personality underwent a drastic change during her time on Sakaar. She became a notorious alcoholic, seeking to eventually drink herself to death, and adopted a rude, sardonic, gung-ho and generally selfish attitude towards everyone besides the Grandmaster and Hulk. Feeling no remorse or empathy, she delivered numerous contenders to the Grandmaster for years, filling in any spare time with drinking, fighting, training, or hunting - sometimes all at once. She developed a strong bitterness toward Asgard and the monarchy but her deep-rooted fear of Hela and the trauma from their last encounter remained with her even though she was eventually able to bury the memories of the massacre deep in her subconscious.

When she encountered Thor, Valkyrie initially remained apathetic and unmoved by his efforts to get her to help him and Hulk escape. Valkyrie took a sharp turn however when in an encounter with Loki, he unlocked the memories of the Valkyrie massacre that she had buried long ago, forcing her to finally confront her fear and guilt and enabling her to begin moving past it at last. Thus, Valkyrie finally resolved to help Thor and Hulk escape Saakar and help save the Asgardian people from Hela. By the time she reached Asgard, she was essentially her old self again except her penchant for heavy drinking remained. Nonetheless, she bravely charged into battle against Berserkers and helped distract Hela long enough to cause her eventual downfall at the hands of Surtur. Following this, she rejoined her people as a lieutenant of Thor.

Five years after the devastating loss of many fellow Asgardian due to Thanos' attack on the Statesman and the Snap, Valkyrie was not traumatized unlike Thor, but she was dismayed that Thor did not rule in an effective way and instead became a drunken hermit who only came for his people to get drinks. Valkyrie thus took over as the de-facto leader of the surviving Asgardians and appeared to have no hope Thor would come to his senses and showed apprehension towards Hulk and Rocket when they came for Thor, though remained cordial. Regardless, Valkyrie appeared to bear Thor no ill-will and was willing to acknowledge him as King after he had regained his drive and hesitated accepting the position from him, though she eventually did when he made it clear he was serious.

Powers and Abilities


"Gotta watch out for those Asgardians, man. They are hard to perish."
Korg to Thor[src]
  • Asgardian Physiology: Valkyrie possessed many superhuman attributes that is similar with her species, the Asgardians.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Valkyrie knocks down Hulk

      Valkyrie managed to help Thor stalemate Hela, with a kick managing to slightly make her stumble back and she managed to stab her with enough force to cause her some pain and impale her through the chest with her sword so Thor may blast Bifrost Bridge and her down to the ocean. She also managed to overpower Loki and even knock down Hulk in a brief sparring match. During the event Battle of Earth Valkyrie was also able to defeat many members of Thanos' army, knock down a Gorilla while riding on her steed and pierce a Leviathan's thick armor with her spear.
    • Superhuman Durability: Valkyrie was able to withstand Hela's mighty attacks, falls from great heights, extreme pressures and temperatures, and powerful explosions. During the event Battle of Earth Valkyrie also resisted being shot down, along with Aragorn, by an energy shot from Thanos' ship.
    • Superhuman Speed: Valkyrie could run at very high speeds. She was able to deflect a wave of projectiles hurled at her by Hela in rapid succession, and to momentarily incapacitate Hela with a sudden jump on the latter.
    • Superhuman Agility:

      Valkyrie leaps and grabs onto Commodore

      Valkyrie naturally possesses great agility, allowing her to land on her feet after a big fall. She was also able to jump across aircrafts and grab onto the side of the Commodore.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Valkyrie was able to fight many Berserkers, and even the more powerful Hela herself, without tiring at all. Later, she fought Thanos and his army along with the Avengers and many other heroes.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Valkyrie can react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds. She was able to dodge a powerful attack from Hulk.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's resistance, Valkyrie can still be injured like any other Asgardian. However she is able to heal very fast. Similarly, she is unaffected when drinking large amounts of alcohol. Although, if she drinks a lot, she can still get drunk evidenced by when she fell off of the Warsong when grabbing Thor.
    • Longevity: Even though she is thousands of years old and much older than Thor, Valkyrie still looks like young and fit.


"The Valkyrie are legend. Elite warriors of Asgard sworn to defend the throne."
Thor to Valkyrie[src]
  • Master Combatant:

    Valkyrie fighting against Hela

    As the leader of the Valkyrie, Valkyrie is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having received immense training in unarmed combat and swordsmanship as well as having thousands of years of combat experience, making her one of the most powerful and best warriors in Asgard. She was able to overpower and chain up Loki fairly quickly and possibly able to train Hulk for the Contest of Champions, defeat several Berserkers with little effort, and even aid Thor in fighting against Hela herself, though Hela had the upper hand. In fact, Valkyrie was the only Valkyrie to survive the battle against Hela, whereas her fellow Valkyrie who were legendary for being elite Asgardian warriors were massacred by Hela.
  • Spear Mastery:

    Valkyrie tears through Leviathan with spear

    Valkyrie is extremely skilled at using a spear in combat, being able to use it to defeat many soldiers of Thanos' army and even cut a Leviathan during the Battle of Earth.
  • Sword Mastery: Valkyrie is extremely skilled at using a sword in combat, being able to use it to easily defeat several Berserkers at once, and even able to use it to fight off Hela.
  • Knife Mastery: Valkyrie is extremely skilled at using knives in combat, being able to use them to contend with Loki in a brief sparring match.
"I was thinking about "best." Cause I always say you're the best. She brought me my beloved champion, you know."
Grandmaster to Valkyrie and Topaz[src]
  • Expert Tactician: Valkyrie is the leader of the Valkyries, so she has to formulate plans to get the upper hand in battles. After the defeat at the hands of Hela, she went to Sakaar and quickly made a name for herself as one of their best Scrappers. Later, her tactician expertise allowed her to become the King of New Asgard as appointed by Thor.
"I think maybe I should take over from here."
―Valkyrie to Bruce Banner[src]
  • Expert Pilot: As a scavenger and bounty hunter, Valkyrie is well-versed with operating various types of spacecraft, including her own ship, the Warsong. She later knew how to fly The Grandmaster's ship, the Commodore.
  • Bilingualism: Valkyrie is fluent in her native Asgardian, as well as English.



  • Dragonfang: The ceremonial sword belonging to all the Valkyrie.
  • Daggers: Valkyrie was equipped with dual daggers that she used against Thor and would later use them while sparring with Loki.
  • Asgardian Spear: Weapon from Asgard used to fight.
  • Zeus' Lightning Bolt: To be added

Other Equipment

  • Valkyrie's Armor: As a former Valkyrie maiden, Brunnhilde wears a prestigious gray and white uniform consisting of an ornate protective armor that includes: a chest plate with a collar or high collar protector, shoulder protectors, gauntlets, boots golden knee pads and golden plates on the hips. Her armor is also complemented by a blue layer of cloth that has the symbol of Odin in relief.
  • Warsong Gauntlets: Valkyrie wears a set of gauntlets which she can activate to remotely controlled the weapons of the Warsong.


  • Warsong: The ship of Valkyrie; used to bring Thor to the Grandmaster.
  • Commodore: Grandmasters space ship used to escape Sakaar.
  • Statesman: Grandmasters ship used to transport the surviving Asgardians, Valkyrie, Loki, Thor, Korg, Meik, and himself. It was later attacked by Thanos.


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  • Grandmaster Palace: As a scrapper in Sakaar, Valkyrie would visit the palace that is owned by the Grandmaster, in order to check up on his favorite champion Hulk. Following Thor's duel with Hulk in which he lost consciousness, Valkyrie would visit Hulk for his scheduled training. When Valkyrie arrived again, Valkyrie played with Hulk but find Thor attempting to convince her to side with him on fighting against Hela, but refused to partaken the conflict. With her and refusing to go to Asgard, Thor decided to escape alone and smashed a window, jumping through it to leave the palace. Back at the palace again, Valkyrie and Loki were summoned by the Grandmaster and ordered them to track down Thor and Hulk. Valkyrie eventually decided to fight against Hela with Thor, leading to them creating a rebellion so that they would be able to escape from the Grandmaster.
  • New Asgard: To be added






  • In the comics, Brunnhilde was selected by Odin to lead the Valkyrior, and she became a long-time member of the Defenders. She was based on the Norse mythological figure Brynhildr.
    • Following her introduction in Thor: Ragnarok, an alternative version of Valkyrie that resembles Tessa Thompson's character was introduced in the mainstream comic universe, as an Asgardian vigilante and a member of the Exiles.
    • Another version resembling Thompson's character, albeit one native to the 616 universe, was subsequently introduced; her name is Rūna.
    • During her battle with Hela in Hel, Valkyrie's life is saved by the sacrifice of a blonde Valkyrie more closely resembling the Brunnhilde from the comics.
  • Valkyrie's number among the Grandmaster's Scrappers, 142, refers to the Incredible Hulk #142 issue, where Valkyrie first met Hulk.
  • Valkyrie is the first ruler of the Asgardians that is not part of the Asgardian Royal Family.

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