"It's a little concoction that he has been perfecting since his days with SIS. It makes you suggestible and highly responsive."
"Dude, that's truth serum."
Sonny Burch and Luis[src]

Uzman's Truth Serum is a concoction that makes the person who was injected to be truthful and highly suggestive.


At the X-Con Security Consultants Office, Luis calls Scott Lang that the FBI would be at his home in the morning to check around the house. Lang would tell him to go to his house. Before Luis can leave, he was confronted by Sonny Burch and his goons. Burch would call up Uzman to equip his serum to lead out the truth of where Lang is. After having a miscommunication about whether or not it is truth serum, Burch would tie up Luis, Dave, and Kurt and ask them when was Lang which Luis wouldn't tell him. This would cause Burch to use the truth serum into Luis so that he can coerce the information out of him.

Luis would tell Burch how he and Lang have met and talking about Lang and Hope's relationship. Luis finally revealed that they are hidden in the woods. In the process, he reveals to Kurt and Dave that their business is in debt and is at the brink of being shut down. Suddenly, Ghost would appear to extract information which Burch and his goons have now learned about.

Luis, Kurt, and Dave would get released would go after Burch. Luis called up Lang to be warned about the FBI and should get out of the woods as fast as possible. Luis had also commented that he hated the way that Lang had been washing the dishes.

Luis started to look for Ant-Man and Wasp when he was approached by Burch who was about to kill him when Kurt and Dave used their tasers to knock out Burch's goons as Luis knocked out Burch. After Luis took off to warn Lang about the FBI are coming their way, Dave and Kurt had apprehended Burch's goons and injected them with the truth serum. Once they were approached by the police, Dave and Kurt explained what had happened and told that the men they arrested were criminals to which they admitted right away.[1]


Uzman's truth serum is psychoactive drug of some sort that is used in an effort to obtain information from people who are unable or unwilling to provide it otherwise. Using the truth serum on a person, it will make them completely responsive to questions where the person would only answer honestly. Uzman used the serum on Luis and resulted into him talking completely honest and made statements that he wouldn't say such as him telling Scott Lang about how he washes the dishes improperly.



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