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*The [[Runaways]] are woken by the earthquake. [[Nico Minoru]] notices [[Karolina Dean]] is missing.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*[[Jonah]] says he wants Dean to meet her family on his side, and teaches Dean how to control her powers without her bracelet, so that she can uses them whenever she wants.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Dean returns to the [[Hostel]], where the rest of the Runaways are worried, but she assures them she just went for a walk. [[Alex Wilder]] informs them that he is leaving for "work", and reveals that he is working for [[Darius Davis]], to everyone's surprise. Wilder leaves, and Karolina Dean, [[Nico Minoru]] and [[Molly Hernandez]] decide to recover the [[Staff of One]] so thy can destroy the hole from the [[PRIDE Construction Site]].<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*At the [[PRIDE Foundation Facility]], the parents discuss the recent earthquake likely being a foreshock due to Jonah's plans, but decide it is not nothing to worry about quite yet. [[Janet Stein]] informs the team that she has to go, and the Wilders decide to stay monitoring the surveillance feeds and alert the others if their children are found.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Janet Stein meets with Jonah and brings him all the data [[Victor Stein|Victor]] had about how to build the [[Dematerialization Box]]. Jonah shows Janet that Victor is still alive, held within a capsule while he recovers.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*'''[[Infiltration into the Minoru Mansion]]''': Dean, Minoru, and Hernandez break into [[Minoru Mansion]] in order to retrieve the Staff of One. Unbeknownst to them, [[Robert Minoru]] is inside and starts to follow them.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*[[Geoffrey Wilder|Geoffrey]] and [[Catherine Wilder]] discussing having [[LAPD]] cancel the search for the kids, so they will stop running and be easier to find. Geoffrey gets a call from Janet Stein.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Alex Wilder goes to Davis' house and offers to help them with the boxes from moving house. Wilder asks for the old computer in the basement, saying he needs some parts.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*At the Hostel, Chase Stein finds a Rolls Royce car. He approaches [[Gert Yorkes]], but she is rude to him. They have a talk heart-to-heart where they decide to properly begin a relationship. Stein comforts his girlfriend, who admits that is hard for her to be calm without her medication. HE kisses her before deciding to fix the Hostel's electricity.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*[[Robert Minoru]] tries to talk to his daughter, who refuses to return to him and Tina. Nico then goes outside of the house to face her mother, who is wielding the Staff of One.
<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*A fight breaks out between Tina Minoru and Nico, Dean, and Hernandez. Tina throws Hernandez into their swimming pool and freezes it, leaving her to drown under the ice. Dean tries to help but is knocked down. Nico tells her mother that what she is doing is the reason [[Amy Minoru|Amy]] died, because she is a monster obsessed with power and does not love her family.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202">''[[Radio On|Runaways: 2.02: Radio On]]''</ref>
*Tina Minoru frees Hernandez and approaches her daughter, deciding to give her the Staff of One as she needs it more than her, stating her offence that her daughter thinks she does not love her. However, Tina threatens Nico, telling her that if she takes the staff, the next time they see each other their relationship will no longer be as mother and daughter. Nico takes the staff nonetheless, and the trio of friends leave.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202">''[[Radio On|Runaways: 2.02: Radio On]]''</ref>
*Robert Minoru questions Tina's actions, but Tina says she did not believe Nico would take the staff. Robert worries about Nico's control over the staff, with Tina having had problems with it before and it now being in the hands of a volatile 16-year-old.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*On their way to the [[Hostel]], Hernandez rests while Karolina and Nico argue about losing the fight. Nico proposes to train harder and be more strong and work as a team but Karolina gets mad because of Nico's claims that Karolina got defeated by Tina. Karolina tells her that they are not Superheroes and that they are not good at it as she apologizes for disappointing her girlfriend.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*[[Janet Stein]] brings Geoffrey Wilder the book Catherine used for the sacrifices, saying that it could contain information on Jonah's ancestry. Geoffrey is skeptical that it could work, as it is in another language only Jonah knows.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Chase tries to reconnect the electricity from the [[Hostel]], but accidentally causes a blackout nearby. He tries to fix it.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*While they are having dinner, [[Darius Davis]] gives [[Alex Wilder]] more money. [[Livvie]] flirts momentarily with Wilder. Then she proceeds to make Alex a new hair style, they talk about his runaway status. Livvie kisses him.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Some electricians approach the Hostel in order to sort the nearby facility power cut. Yorkes enters the Hostel and instructs [[Old Lace]] to scare the workers, which works. The situation gives Stein enough distraction to steal some batteries from the workers' truck and restore the energy. He then kisses Yorkes.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez arrive back at the Hostel. Nico tells them that tomorrow they will start training to learn how to use their powers better and work as a team.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Nico Minoru apologizes to Karolina Dean for lashing out at her for not controlling her powers in the fight with her mother. They go to bed together.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Gert approaches Molly to comfort her after their experience fighting Tina and seeing a dead body, however, Hernandez rejects her claiming that she wants to be alone. Hernandez escapes from the Hostel using her cap as a mask and proceeds to train herself.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Meanwhile, Janet Stein starts working on translating he book to see how to build a Dematerialization Box for Jonah, in order to ensure Victor's safety.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*Catherine Wilder tells her husband that [[Flores (LAPD)|Flores]] has told her in order to get the charges removed from their children, they need to frame someone else for [[Destiny Gonzalez]]'s murder, and she has an idea who.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
*While Livvie and Alex Wilder say goodbye to each other, Darius Davis calls Geoffrey and tells him that he knows where his son is.<ref name="R2 December 2017-January 2018 Placement"/><ref name="R202"/>
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==[[Double Zeros]]==
==[[Double Zeros]]==

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Cloak & Dagger: Season One

31793546 974833672688529 3629410011236532224 n

Cloak & Dagger Season One



  • Mina Hess is born.
    • This site says on May 9, 2019 and July 17, 2019 that Hannah Hardin is 17, so born between July 18, 2011 and May 9, 2012, c. December 12.5, 2001.
      Appears in Episode 7. Episodes 2-10 filmed July 24, 2017-November 2, 2017, so Episode 7 filmed July 24, 2017 + 101 days * ((6.5 - 1) / (10 - 1)) = July 24, 2017 + 101 days * (5.5 / 9) = July 24, 2017 + 101 days * 0.61111 = July 24, 2017 + 61.72222 days = September 23.72222, 2017.
      Hannah Hardin 5764.22222 days old (15.8). February 25, 2009 - 5764.22222 days = May 15.77778, 1993.
      Ally Maki born January 1, 1986.
      Appears in five episodes in Season 1, middle of filming ([([February 8, 2017] + [February 24, 2017]) / 2] * 1 + [([July 24, 2017] + [November 2, 2017]) / 2] * 9) / 10 = ([February 16, 2017] * 1 + [September 12.5, 2017] * 9) / 10 = August 22.65, 2017. So, 11,556.65 days old (31.6). Middle of Season 1 set February 23, 2017, so born around February 23, 2017 - 11,556.65 days = July 4.35, 1985.
      Appears in Season 2, Episodes 3, 6, and 10. Season 2 started filming October 18, 2018 and Season 1 took 117 days to film, so assuming similar for Season 2. Episode 3 filmed roughly October 18, 2018 + 117 days * (2.5 / 10) = November 16.25, 2018. Episode 6 filmed roughly October 18, 2018 + 117 days * (5.5 / 10) = December 21.35, 2018. Episode 10 filmed roughly October 18, 2018 + 117 days * (9.5 / 10) = February 6.15, 2019. ([November 16.25, 2018] + [December 21.35, 2018] + [February 6.15, 2019]) / 3 = December 25.25, 2018. So, 12,046.25 days old (33.0). Middle of three episodes set ([October 30, 2017] + [October 31, 2017] + [November 4, 2017]) / 3 = November 1, 2017, so born around November 1, 2017 - 12,046.25 days = November 7.75, 1984.
      Overall, Ally Maki's age would make her born around ([July 4.35, 1985] * (1 / (11,556.65 / 365.25)) * 5 + [November 7.75, 1984] * (1 / (12,046.25 / 365.25)) * 3) / ((1 / (11,556.65 / 365.25)) * 5 + (1 / (12,046.25 / 365.25)) * 3) = April 8.18303, 1985, with her average age being (1 * 5 + 1 * 3) / ((1 / (11,556.65 / 365.25)) * 5 + (1 / (12,046.25 / 365.25)) * 3) = 32.13009.
      ([May 15.77778, 1993] * (1 / (5764.22222 / 365.25)) + [April 8.18303, 1985] * (1 / 32.13009)) / ((1 / (5764.22222 / 365.25)) + (1 / 32.13009)) = September 13.9196, 1990. Mina would be 18.4 instead of 15.8 in the 2009 scenes, and 26.4 and 27.1 instead of 31.6 and 33.0 in her 2017 scenes. I might update the system when I get to my big project to make it (1 / years old)^2 instead of just (1 / years old), but this will do for now.




Cotton says that his uncle lent him his house for the weekend, so it should be the weekend. With Tyrone playing on a basketball night, this should be a Friday night. Therefore 3 days before next Episode 1 events on Monday 13th, so Friday 10th.

  • Episode 1 early events.


Followed by four more consecutive weekdays, so Monday. Next day's events established as Tuesday 14th, so Monday 13th.

  • Episode 1 events.


Party was last night. Preceded by a weekday, followed by three, so a Tuesday. Next day's events established as Wednesday 15th, so Tuesday 14th.

  • Episode 1 late events.


Preceded by two weekdays and followed by two weekdays, so Wednesday. This kind of fits with the woman telling the man that his clothes would be ready for Thursday, which is the next day. She should have said tomorrow, but hey, it works. Not too long after the basketball game fight and the party. Next week is state finals for basketball, so by Friday 24th (lines up, Tuesday 21st). Next day's events established as Thursday 16th, so Wednesday 15th.

  • Episode 2 events.
  • Episode 3 beginning.


Preceded by three weekdays and followed by one, so Thursday. Next day's events established as Friday 17th, so Thursday 16th.

Only a little bit of simultaneous events that need ordering.
With Tandy's thread, there's O'Reilly visiting Cotton then O'Reilly visiting Melissa, the latter of which is said to be morning, so these are both morning. Between sunrise (06:14) and noon (12:00), so about 08:09 and 10:05 respectively.
Tyrone has the scene during school time, so likely around 12:10 for the middle of the school day, and then the scenes after school so likely around 16:00-17:00.

  • Episode 3 main events.
  • Episode 4 early events.


Preceded by four weekdays, so Friday. Melissa says that O'Reilly visited yesterday. Greg says "this weekend", so it's not the weekend. As explained in the notes for the 20th, it makes most sense for this to be Friday 17th.

  • Episode 4 events.


It is a weekday, Tyrone is dressed up as a student. It is followed by the day of the state finals. This is then followed by the morning where Evita leaves. There's then an undefined break, potentially just hours, but could be more. Then we have the day of the end of Episode 5, all of Episode 6, and all of Episode 7. So, at least 3 days in total, but potentially more. After these days, we have the Saturday 25th events. While the final, Episodes 5-7 day seems like a weekend, it shouldn't be 6 days before Episode 8, as events move fairly quickly and the basketball state finals would then be no later than Friday 17th. The following week works better, considering they're actually usually in early March. Most importantly, however, if you push back to the previous week, that also means that the first day of these events, this day, is around Wednesday 15th/Thursday 16th, meaning there also must be a 5-to-6-day jump in Episode 4, since the beginning of Episode 4 is a Friday. It makes more sense to just assume this is after school, even if it's a bit of a stretch for all of this to happen after school - though I guess the main events of Episode 7 don't actually span much time in the real world.
So, the Friday of the beginning of Episode 4 is Friday 17th, and we have Monday 20th-Friday 24th in which to place these 3-5 days of events. It makes sense for Episode 8 to be not the day after Episodes 6 and 7, but put another day's gap in there, because O'Reilly has had time to take the psych evaluation and there was no mention before of it being the anniversary "tomorrow". So Episodes 5-7 day can be Thursday 23rd. Then, is the end of Episode 5 set the same day as Evita leaving, or after? It makes more sense if it's the day after, because if it's the same day then that makes the state finals day "yesterday" in Episode 6, but in Episode 6 both Duane and O'Reilly refer to events from the day of the state finals as "the other day/night". So, Evita leaving can be Wednesday 22nd, the state finals Tuesday 21st, and this day Monday 20th. This also minimises the time jump in Episode 4 to just 3 days since the last events.

  • Episode 4 events.


As established on the notes for the 20th, this is the 21st. Matches with it being said to be "next week" on Wednesday 15th.

  • Episode 4 late events.
  • Episode 5 main events.


As established in the notes for the 20th, this is the 22nd.

  • Episode 5 events.


Duane refers to Tyrone visiting him "the other day" and O'Reilly says the club drug dealer interrogation was "the other night", so ideally this should be at least the day after Evita leaves Tyrone (making it 2 days since those scenes), not the same day (making those scenes just "yesterday"). This has been factored into the notes on the 20th. It looks like a weekend, but this should be Thursday.

  • Episode 5 late events.
  • Episode 6 events.
  • Episode 7 events.


As established on the notes for the 26th, Episode 8 pretty much has to end on the 26th because the scene with the Johnsons in the precinct should be the day after Connors' arrest and the end of Episode 8 feeds into the beginning of Episode 9 with Fuchs' death and that is also implied to be the morning after Connors' arrest. This means that the main events of Episode 8 are the 25th. This makes it the weekend, which makes sense. O'Reilly says Tyrone should "do school", but that doesn't have to mean today, she just means that he needs to distract himself in the coming days/weeks. This is the 8th anniversary of Billy and Nathan's deaths.

  • Episode 8 main events.


Episode 9 is weird. It plays out like it's supposed to be linear aside from the scenes of Father Delgado talking about heroes and regression. This would mean that because it has to end on a Monday, the day before Mardi Gras, then the episode starts on Friday because it starts on a school day, crosses the weekend, and ends on Monday. This also allows the Tandy evening scene to be a few days after Episode 8, which is implied from the fact she's been learning. However, towards the end of the episode it is said that Tyrone being at the police station was just that morning, despite at least one night occurring between with Tandy's scenes. Due to the already nonlinear storytelling, we can assume that the beginning is nonlinear as well, set over Sunday and Monday since the Johnsons should really be the day after Connors' arrest and if it's no longer the Friday and now the Monday, then the end of Episode 8 should be Sunday and so the earlier-set scenes of Episode 9 also Sunday. Disregarding the Delgado scenes, Scene 1, Chantelle, has to be on a school day because when she returns to Evita, Evita is waiting to go to school, so it has to be the Monday. Scene 2, Tandy in the church, has to be the Sunday because later we see her in an evening, then see events the next day that coincide with Tyrone on Monday. Scene 3, O'Reilly, also has to be Sunday, immediately after Episode 8. Scene 4, the police station, as mentioned should be Monday. Scene 5, Evita, is as mentioned a school day so the Monday. Scene 6, Tandy stealing the man's hopes at 22:22 has to be the Sunday as mentioned. After that, things (aside from the Delgado scenes) are linear on Monday. We can take the three Sunday scenes as in the order they are laid out, and the three Monday scenes as in the order they are laid out, like two threads of Tandy/O'Reilly and Evita/Tyrone.
As for the Delgado scenes, they could really go anywhere, but usually this stuff is either supposed to be set at the beginning, and revisited/expanded on through the episode, or set at the end, and a preview of where things are going until the episode catches up. It can't be the beginning of when they're shown, because that's before Evita has got to school, so it should probably be the end, between Tandy and Tyrone's argument and Evita sculpting a Tandy figure. Granted, there's a little extra voiceover at the very end, but that's more of a tag afterwards.

  • Episode 8 late events.
  • Episode 9 early events.


The day before Mardi Gras, which of course is Tuesday, so a Monday. Specifically the day before the 28th, so Monday 27th.

  • Episode 9 main events.


Mardi Gras.

  • Episode 10 main events.



  • Episode 10 late events.

Runaways: Season Two

c. 1977

Runaways Season 2 - Poster

Runawasy Season Two

  • Leslie is born.
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Episode 1 filmed February 10-March 3, 2017. Episodes 2-10 filmed roughly June 29-October 21, 2017. This means the middle of filming was ([February 20.5, 2017]*1+[August 25, 2017]*9)/10 = August 6.45, 2017. Annie Wersching was born on March 28, 1977, making her 14,741.45 days old at the middle of filming. The middle of the season, between Episode 5 and 6, is December 11.5, 2017. Working back, this would mean that Leslie was born around August 2.05, 1977.

c. 1986

  • Adam Cooper is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 18 on (so about 18.5 years before) December 3, 2004.
  • Brooks Watten is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 17 on (so about 17.5 years before) December 5, 2003.

c. 1987

  • Jamie Baxter is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 18 in (so about 18.5 years before) December 2005.

c. 1989

  • James Braswyck is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 20 in (so about 20.5 years before) December 2009.

c. 1990

  • Xavier Marquez is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 17 on (so about 17.5 years before) December 7, 2007.
  • Tim Bennett is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 16 on (so about 16.5 years before) December 8, 2006.

c. 1991

  • Anthony Rocha is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 19 on (so about 19.5 years before) December 3, 2010.
  • Kim Hwang is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 20 on (so about 20.5 years before) December 9, 2011.
  • At the end of 8th grade, Leslie has her picture taken with Jonah.<Ep 7/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): With Leslie born around August 1977, she'd have been in 8th grade, 13-14, in the '90-'91 academic year.

c. 1992

  • Karly Scolari is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 16 in (so about 16.5 years before) December 2008.

c. 1994

  • Emily Wong is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 20 in (so about 20.5 years before) December 2014.

c. 1995

  • John Donahue is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 18 on (so about 18.5 years before) December 6, 2013.
  • Bridget Bynum is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 17 on (so about 17.5 years before) December 7, 2012.

c. 1998


  • Yvonne Taylor is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 17 in (so about 17.5 years before) December 2015.


c. December

  • Destiny Gonzalez is born.<Ep 4/><Ep 2/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Destiny is said to be 17, but then said to be 18 on a digital file, in December 2017. It can be assumed that either she turned 18 the day after the P.R.I.D.E. meeting, the day she died - or that the file saying she was 17 at P.R.I.D.E. had been printed in the week or so before, when she was still 17. Whatever the case, this suggests she turned 18 within the month of the show, December 2017.

c. 2000

  • Brian Geparhart is born.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 16 in (so about 16.5 years before) December 2016.


c. January

  • Chase is born. Victor holds Chase after his birth.<Ep 7/>
  • Karolina is born.
  • Alex is born.
  • Gert is born.
  • Nico is born.

c. May

  • Jonah gives the Wilders their house.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 15 years before December 12, 2017. Has to be assumed as rounded from 16, due to the first sacrifice being before Nico is only a few months old, and she's now a senior.
  • P.R.I.D.E. begin taking Runaways. Brooks Watten is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The first of 15 runaways. One a year for 15 years, as Alex says, which would put this 14 years before Destiny, the 15th. However, it is said to have been "15 years" repeatedly, or "over 15 years", as Nico mentions. This is also before the "15 years ago" flashback where Nico is only a few months old, which at the very latest is early 2001. So, for this first one, we can fudge it as 16 years (a rounded "15 years"/"over 15 years") and it was only for the second sacrifice a few years later that they started their regular system.
  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 17-year-old Brooks Watten is sacrificed.<Ep 6/><Ep 4/>
  • Jonah visits the Minorus. Amy has recently turned 2, and Nico is a few months old.<Ep 9/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Says 15 years ago but has to be 16.


c. January

  • Molly is born.
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Molly is 14 in Episode 1. This means she was born between December 9, 2002 and December 8, 2003. The middle of this is June 9, 2003. Value 100/365 inclusive days of leniency = 0.27397. Then, to find out where her birthday falls in the window, we have the dialogue saying she is 3 years younger than the others. Their average date of birth is March 16.8, 2000, so + 3 years is ([March 16.8, 2003]*2+[July 1.5, 2003]*1)/3 = April 21.36667, 2003. Earliest possible September 16.8, 2002, earliest realistic January 1, 2003, latest realistic/possible December 31, 2003. Therefore, earliest ([September 16.8, 2002]*1+[January 1, 2003]*2)/3 = November 26.6, 2002, latest December 31, 2003, 400.4 days of leniency, 1000/400.4 = 2.49750. Allegra Acosta was born on December 12, 2002, making her 5351.45 days old on August 6.45, 2017. Working back from December 11.5, 2017, Molly would have been born around April 18.05, 2003, value 3/(5351.45/365.25) = 0.20476. ([June 9, 2003]*0.27397+[April 21.36667, 2003]*2.49750+[April 18.05, 2003]*0.20476)/(0.27397+2.49750+0.20476) = April 26, 2003.


c. June

  • Adam Cooper is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 3, 2004, ([June 3, 2004]*2+[June 15.5, 2004]*1)/3 = June 7.16667, 2004.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 18-year-old Adam Cooper is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The 2017 meeting is on Friday, December 8th. We can assume that the meeting is always on a Friday. The 2015 meeting is the same day that Amy last played Battlefront, which we know has to be over 2 years before December 8, 2017, so December 4, 2015, not 11th. From this, we can then estimate that each P.R.I.D.E. meeting is the closest Friday to December 6th. This is the Friday closest to 13 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • Jamie Baxter is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 9, 2005, ([June 9, 2005]*2+[June 15.5, 2005]*1)/3 = June 11.16667, 2005.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 18-year-old Jamie Baxter is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 12 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • Tim Bennett is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 8, 2006, ([June 8, 2006]*2+[June 15.5, 2006]*1)/3 = June 10.5, 2006.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 16-year-old Tim Bennett is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 11 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. January

  • USB given at Alex's 6th birthday party.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Based on Alex's date of birth being roughly March 31, 2000.

c. June

  • Xavier Marquez is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 7, 2007, ([June 7, 2007]*2+[June 15.5, 2007]*1)/3 = June 9.83333, 2007.

c. October

  • The Hernandezes die in a fire started by Leslie. Molly gets her powers.<Ep 9/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Funeral 10 years before December 9, 2017, ([December 9, 2007]*2+[July 2, 2007]*1)/3 = October 16.66667, 2007. Death 10 years before December 22, 2017, ([December 22, 2007]*2+[July 2, 2007]*1)/3 = October 25.33333, 2007. Average of these is October 21, 2007. 3.5 days either way to put a week between death and funeral gives October 17.5 (18) and October 24.5 (25), 2007.
  • Molly's parents' funeral.<Ep 3/>
  • The wake of the funeral.<Ep 3/>

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 17-year-old Xavier Marquez is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 10 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • Karly Scolari is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 5, 2008, ([June 5, 2008]*2+[June 15.5, 2008]*1)/3 = June 8.5, 2008.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 16-year-old Karly Scolari is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 9 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • James Braswyck is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 4, 2009, ([June 4, 2009]*2+[June 15.5, 2009]*1)/3 = June 7.83333, 2009.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 20-year-old James Braswyck is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 8 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • Anthony Rocha is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 3, 2010, ([June 3, 2010]*2+[June 15.5, 2010]*1)/3 = June 7.16667, 2010.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 19-year-old Anthony Rocha is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 7 exact years before December 6, 2017.


c. June

  • Kim Hwang is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • 6 months before December 9, 2011, ([June 9, 2011]*2+[June 15.5, 2011]*1)/3 = June 11.16667, 2011.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 20-year-old Kim Hwang is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • The Friday closest to 6 exact years before December 6, 2017.

c. 2011-2012

  • Amy notices that Alex likes Nico.<Ep 8/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Since Alex was 11.


c. June

  • Bridget Bynum is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 7, 2012, ([June 7, 2012]*2+[June 15.5, 2012]*1)/3 = June 9.83333, 2012.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 17-year-old Bridget Bynum is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 5 exact years before December 6, 2017.

c. 2012-2013

  • Chase is fed up with his father not turning up to his games, having now missed the city championships game. Victor becomes angry.<Ep 7/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Chase looks to be about 11-12, around 6th grade (he's already at Atlas, so assuming it has a junior high, that works). This would mean it is in the '11-'12 lacrosse season. The final game of the year in a Brentwood area in 2012 was May 1st, so using that as an estimation.
  • The group used to play Twister.<Ep 1/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): Average date of birth of the 5 seniors is March 2000, meaning the middle of their time as 12-year-olds was September 2012.


c. June

  • John Donahue is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 6, 2013, ([June 6, 2013]*2+[June 15.5, 2013]*1)/3 = June 9.15667, 2013.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 18-year-old John Donahue is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 4 exact years before December 6, 2017.


  • Chase began drinking Alex's family's alcohol at meet-ups.<Ep 1/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): He is said to have been 13. Working with his date of birth of roughly February 23, 2000, the middle of his time being 13 would have been August 24.5, 2013.


c. June

  • Emily Wong is taken.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): 6 months before December 5, 2014, ([June 5, 2014]*2+[June 15.5, 2014]*1)/3 = June 8.5, 2014.

c. December

  • P.R.I.D.E. has a meeting, in which 20-year-old Emily Wong is sacrificed.<Ep 4/>
    • Season 1 (needs updating): The Friday closest to 3 exact years before December 6, 2017.

Double Zeros

Day 4

  • Doing vigilantism, Molly Hernandez protects a woman from her abusvie boyfriend. She uses her powers causing her eyes to shine, which attracts woman's attention who claims that she is like another guy.

Day 5

  • At 9:00 a.m., Nico Minoru wakes Karolina Dean up.
  • Minoru approaches the other Runaways in order to train.
  • Wilder, who has not returned to the Hostel, keeps doing jobs for Darius Davis.
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder prepare their stuff as they agree a meeting place with Davis in order to find their son and bring him back.
  • Nico discovers Hernandez who returns to her room. Nico tells her that they are not vigilantes and promises not to tell Gert Yorkes.
  • The Runaways starts training. Yorkes feel bad due to her leaving her medicines.
  • Frank Dean gives a speech at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. He is approached by an angered Leslie Dean. They discuss about Jonah and Frank's loyalty to him. He promises to his wife that his family is the only things that matters. They are approached by Jonah. Frank leaves. Leslie lies to Jonah reassuring her loyalty to him.
  • Livvie and Alex Wilder have sex.
  • Jonah visits Victor Stein who is working in the simulation made for him in order to make a new Box. Stein loses his temperament and confronts Jonah about his decisions respecting his safety. He decides to stop working despite Jonah's insistence.
  • Davis picks up Alex and tells him that there is more work for him to do.
  • The Runaways discuss about their effectivity as a team, Chase has a discussion with Gert again. Chase asks Molly if he could make him company while he tries to repair the car he found.
  • Jonah contacts Janet and asks her to come and convince Victor to keep working. Janet accepts.
  • Molly advises Chase and tells him not to abandon Gert until she gets used to be off medicine.
  • Darius Davis turns Alex to his father, Geoffrey. In gratitude, Goeffrey gives Davis a documment that declares that he owns part of the construction site as recquired last month. Geoffrey Wilder gives Davis a reservation for the Gordon Hotel so he, his wife and his yet to born son can enjoy of a new life.
  • Geoffrey tells his son that he and Catherine have decided to send him away while they finish doing some business. While he is distracted, Alex uses his cellphone to contact Minoru and the Runaways.
  • Using Rolls car, the Runaways go to Vay Nus in order to rescue Alex.
  • Meanwhile, Janet visits her husband in the simulation. She convinces him to help Jonah in making the box quickly, but she also asks him about analyzing Jonah's book. Victor gives her enough information for her to work everything out. By doing so, she manages to decrypt the book.
  • The Runaways ambush the Wilders and rescue Alex, succesfully.
  • At the Gordon Hotel, Catherine Wilder meets up with Darius Davis, Catherine manifests her disgust for Davis and tells her that the only thing that motivate her is her family's wellness. Without not remorse, like a heartless person, Catherine kills Davis in coldbloog. She then proceeds to call Detective Flores to inform him that she has got a new person to blame on Destiny's murder.
  • Tamar arrives at the Gordon Hotel like he agreed with her husband. On her arrival, she discovers that Davis has been killed.
  • The news inform on Davis' assassination calling it a drug failed sale and inform that Davis is the real person to blame for Gonzalez's murder as the children of PRIDE have been freed from all charges.
  • Alex listens to the news and turns off the radio. He is approached by Nico who tries to comfort him and make ammends. They play Street Fighter II, a game released on 1991. Alex tells Nico of Livvie.
  • Molly Hernandez goes out to follow her vigilantism routine, she finds the same couple from the other night and confronts the guy. Unbeknowst to her, she was being watched by Topher.
  • Molly returns to the Hostel where she is confronted by Gert Yorkes. The Runaways approach the girls, however, they are interrupted by Topher, who introduces himself claiming that me means no harm.

Old School

Day 5

  • Topher talks to the Runaways and tries to convince them that he seeks not problem. Nico Minoru uses the Staff of One to lock him in a weird bubble while the team decides what to do with him, once Topher uses his powers (the same Hernandez has) to free himself, the team decides to let him stay. He is introduced into Old Lace. The Runaways allow him to stay and sleep while they go to rest as well.

Day 6

  • Gert Yorkes gets anxious and, unintetionally, she wakes up Chase Stein. He makes her relax and returns to sleep. Yorkes goes to see Old Lace, but when she tries to talk to Topher, she realizes he has gone.
  • At the PRIDE Foundation Facility, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder arrive. Geoffrey confronts her wife for killing Darius Davis, he is hurt that he died and that his wife did it behind his back. While Geoffrey is grateful that he protected Alex, Catherine dismisses saying that it was because of the money. They are interrupted by Robert and Tina Minoru who congratulates them on the fact their children are not longer fugitive and blamed for murder.
  • Jonah goes to see Victor Stein work on the Dematerialization Box. However, he is getting weaker and starts to spit blood.
  • The PRIDE members discuss the recent events that they have been keeping from one to another. The Wilders could not stop the kids and the Minorus gave Nico the Staff of One. Tired of the secrets, the Yorkeses comment that they have created a serum capable of killing Jonah but they need to use it on a being like Jonah so they decide to use it on the living beings that are in the bottom of the hole in PRIDE Construction Site. Once the serum works, Stacey Yorkes manifests her desire to never see again the other PRIDE members. The Yorkeses leave, while the other PRIDE members discover that their children approached one of the PRIDE dinng centres for indigent people. Leslie Dean suggest to ask the PRIDE Foundation members on what do they know about the kids.
  • Topher and Molly Hernandez have brought food for the rest of the Runaways. Before they arrive, Topher and Hernandez discuss the possibility that they are related. They talk about their powers and how they might have obtained them. Even though, Topher is kind to the Runaways, they are skeptical about trusting in him, to Hernandez's annoyance. Topher tries to make the guys to trust in him, he tells them that the ones who live on the streets give and take and they are novices and he can help them by teaching them survival technics.
  • Alex Wilder manifests his wishes to stop their parents and shows them all the evidence they know.
  • In the PRIDE Foundation Facility, the PRIDE members but the Yorkeses talk about a volunteer that gives food to the indigent, they ask her about their kids, even when she does not know them, she has brought Mike on a Bike with her, as he knows some details about the kids' whereabouts. Mike retells the parents all the events that happened days ago in exchange for 50 dollars. The only intel he can provide is that their kids are safe and sound.
  • Jonah calls Karolina Dean, his daughter, and asks her to meet her as he is weakened. Dean agrees to meet him. Dean is approached by Minoru, Dean tells her girlfriend that she will try to get some money for the group by dressing as a Disney Princess and take some pictures with some little girls.
  • Alex has a plan which recquires of a good computer to hack into the PRIDE Construction Site and make it explode. He dcides to go back to Atlas Academy and steal one of the computers with the help of Topher.
  • Jonah meets with Karolina Dean. He assures her that she is his only priority and gives her a lot of money for she and her friends but she refuses. Jonah offers to show her what he wants to tell her.
  • In PRIDE Construction Site, the Yorkeses arrive and prepare to make a biopsy in the being that is in the bottom of the hole.
  • The Runaways go to the Atlas Academy with Topher. On their way to the Academy, Nico and Topher get closer by talking about Wicca magic.
  • Topher enters Atlas Academy and then procceds to follow the instructions of the Runaways to get the computer.
  • In PRIDE Construction Site, the Yorkeses uses the samples that obtained from the living being and uses the serum on it, they discover that the organic tissues start to die, a signal of necrosis. However, an earthquake starts.
  • The Runaways feel the earthquake, which causes the alarms to set off and all the students from Atlas Academy go out in case a replica takes place, something that might cause Topher problems. Alex and Chase decide to go by themselves to get the laptop, however, they notice that Gert is gone.
  • Gert goes to the nursery room in order to get some of her old meds. The nurse gives the alert to the parents that their kids have been found.
  • The PRIDE members receive the laert and discover that it comes from Atlas Academy.
  • At the computer lab, Chase and Alex notices that the door is locked. However, Chase remembers that Eiffel got the key back in Freshman year and goes to the ladies room to get her help. She agrees to do so in exchange for something. Chase agrees and he obtains the key. He goes out and meets with Yorkes and Wilder.
  • On the city, the traffic lights go off due to the earthquake and chaos erupts in the street. Jonah tells Karolina to go walking, as he noticed that the earthquake was caused due to a an interference on the PRIDE Construction Site. Karolina doubts claiming that she is scare, but Jonah tells her that following him is the only way to know who she is.
  • In the parking zone of Atlas Academy, Topher notices that he has lost something. Hernandez and Minoru decide to approach him, but they realize that PRIDE has arrived. Before they can obtain the laptop, the Runaways are forced to escape.
  • Back at the construction site, while the Yorkeses prepare to leave but they see Jonah and Karolina. Jonah realizes that the Yorkeses were the one that caused the earthquake. The Yorkeses flee.
  • The Runaways meet with Topher who managed to obtain the CPU that Alex needed. Back at the Hostel, Wilder starts to work with the Computer. When Wilder asks Topher for the nature of his powers, he avoids the subject and leaves the room, he is approached by Nico Minoru who wants to talk with him in private. While Topher tries to make a move on her, she dismisses it and gives him the thing he lost, a small container with a few rocks in it. Topher realizes that Nico got it from him while they were on their route to Atlas Academy. Nico is suspicious and tries to get information from Topher as she realized that his powers are not like Molly's, he consumes the sustance to get them.
  • In the Construction Site, Karolina and Jonah approach to the hole, he insist Karolina to trust in him. They use their powers to flee and go to the bottom.

Rock Bottom

Day 6

  • Topher tells his story to the Runaways. He says that his parents were mean to him and they threw him off their home. The Runaways, but Hernandez, insist on the nature of the substance he consumes to get his powers. Hernandez tells Topher to answer the question as she does not want him to leave, as she considers him part of his family. He tells them while he was on the streets he found some weird rocks within a terrarium for lizards and that once he touched them, the rocks gave him power so he took them and crush them and start consuming them from a while in a while. Topher tells them that his supply will run out soon enough and that he fears he will lose what makes him feel alive. Nico Minoru returns to him the substance within the container. The team agrees to leave Topher stay at the Hostel. However, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein are interested on provenience of the rocks, if they were taken out from the dig site by Gene and Alice Hernandez back in 2003 how did they end up on a terrarium for lizards. Topher asks Molly Hernandez from where the rocks were obtained, Hernandez shows him a map from the PRIDE Construction Site located in Los Angeles. Topher wants to learn more about the Runaways' backstory.
  • In the PRIDE Construction Site, at the bottom, Jonah and Karolina Dean. Jonah tells his daughter to put her hand in a crack, by doing so, she activates Jonah's spaceship. Jonah reveals that it fell from the sky long ago before the historical records were created. Dean realizes that she is an alien, Jonah confirms this and comments that the beings within the spaceship are aliens too. Jonah reveals that he escaped from the ship before the impact. Dean understands that Jonah was trying to rescue them. Jonah then introduces to her, her brother, one of the beings that are trapped inside the ship.

Day 7

  • Topher offers Yorkes to bring her some meds for her anxiety attacks. She is grateful to him.
  • Karolina Dean, who is aware of the Runaways' plan, tries to sabotage Alex Wilder's progress with the new computer, but she is interrupted by Nico Minoru and a newly awakened Wilder.
  • Eiffel meets the PRIDE at the PRIDE Foundation Facility, she shows a picture that he took with Chase Stein yesterday. She has her lawyers with she in order to get immnunity. The parents are more concerned about their children and dismiss Eiffle's claim to get immunity despite the fact she has not been accused of anything.
  • In the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, Frances and Aura take Frank Dean to Jonah, who wants to speak with him. Jonah wants Dean to get him a runaway rescued by the Church of Gibborim as he wants someone to sacrifice through the Rite of Blood.
  • The Yorkeses reveal to Leslie Dean, that Karolina and Jonah were together the other day. They tell the other members of PRIDE that the reason why they did not call them on the act was because the mission was a secret. Geoffrey Wilder says that they need to know if Jonah knows their children's whereabouts. Robert Minoru offers himself to obtain the information from Jonah. PRIDE reluctantly agrees.
  • The Runaways notice that Topher took the map of the dig site. The other realize that he wants to obtain the rocks to keep his powers. They decide to look for him so he does not mess up their plan to sabotage the construction site.
  • Topher finds more rocks on the PRIDE Construction Site.
  • Leslie Dean confronts Jonah for meeting with Karolina behind her back.
  • The Runaways approach the dig site and see how Topher escapes from it. They follow him.
  • Janet Stein discovers that Jonah's ship has an anti-gravitational engine.
  • Topher enters his previos home. The Runaways but Yorkes enter and discover that Topher lied from his backward story. Molly Hernandez discover that Topher was present during the night their parents died from the explosion. They discover that when Topher used the rocks, these changed him: Topher cannot age anymore. Topher's family reveal that the accident changed him and he was dangerous to them, he stole, he lied and he injured his dad. The Runaways tries to stop him and calm him down but they fail to do so. A battle engage out in the streets. Topher throws a metal garbage can, Chase Stein uses the Fistigons to protect their friends, however, the garbage can is thrown at Gert Yorkes who is outside waiting on the car. Topher uses his powers to push Yorkes away and gets hit by the garbage can, getting wounded badly. The Runaways are forced to flee while the police arrive. Topher dies.
  • Frank Dean meets with Leslie, Frank reveals that Jonah asked him to get another runaway from the streets. Leslie tries to make the thing easier for him and thanks him for being a good dad for Karolina.
  • Janet visitis Victor on the simulation. She wants to know if there is a way to destroy the anti-gravitational engine from Jonah's ship. Victor prepares himself to find a way how to do so.
  • The Runaways return to the Hostel and discuss about the situation. Hernandez is mad at Nico for her actions. The discussion ends with Hernandez acussing Minoru for being just like her mother Tina.
  • Robert Minoru confronts Jonah in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Jonah collapses due to his dying tissue. Robert reveals Jonah that he is using Karolina Dean's bracelet to increase its frequences of its inhibitory powers on him in order to weaken him. Robert threatens to increase the level of the bracelet if he does not tell him where their kids are. Robert kicks Jonah on the face for Amy Minoru's death. However, Robert is knocked out by Frances and Aura.
  • Karolina tries to comfort Nico, who is still shocked by Hernandez's words. They start kissing and get intimate.
  • Chase and Alex listen to the girls enjoying themselves and they briefly talk about how love is in the air. Alex asks Stein about his relationship with Gert. With Wilder stating that they are already a couple. Stein asks Wilder if he wants to be on a relationship, he denies it and jokes that he is on a relationship with his computer. They start working on the computer.
  • Gert Yorkes approach her adoptive sister to tell her that she feels proud of her for her humanity and wanting to protect Topher. Hernandez confesses that he wanted a family and that is why he felt Topher was like her brother. Yorkes hugs Hernandez.
  • Yorkes approaches Old Lace.
  • Karolina Dean leaves the Hostel.
  • Jonah approaches the PRIDE members and give Robert to them, who is still unconscious. Tina approaches her husband.
  • Karolina approaches her mother as she leaves the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. She wants to know more about his dad: Jonah.
  • Gert is at the hospital. She waits for her parents to pick her up.

Bury Another

Day 7

  • Jonah tells the Yorkeses, Wilders and Tina Minoru that in two more days his ship will be ready and he will live the planet and them, but he needs their help for a few more things. When Tina asks if they refuse to, Jonah tells them that he will kill all of their children. When Stacey Yorkes brings up the information discovered by the Hernandez back in the day, Jonah explains that his ship will not cause an earthquake on any way. In return for their services, Jonah will give them his book, the one that contains all the knowledge from his race and to reveal to them where their children are.
  • Leslie and Karolina Dean talk about the recent events and Karolina's true heritage. Leslie tries to reveal her what she was part of the sacrifices and that Jonah was the one who killed Amy Minoru, to Karolina's shock.
  • Telepathically, Gert Yorkes contacts Old Lace and apologizes for having left her, and tells her that she left because due to being unstable that could cause some of their friends to get killed.
  • The doctor enters the room and calls Gert Chase, as she is using a fake name to be admitted in the hospital. Janet Stein pretends to be Gert's mother and goes visit her.
  • Robert wakes up and talk with the other PRIDE members. Geoffrey reveals that Janet is working with Jonah's book to Catherine Wilder's annoyance at her husband keeping secrets from her. Stacey proposes to trust in Jonah and once they got the book they start doing some good so they can explain their children that they do it for the greater good. The Wilders leave.

Day 8

  • While Alex Wilder works in the computer, he is approached by Nico Minoru. They talk about being the leaders of the Runaways and how they have taken decisions that seem unpopular. Nico then asks Alex for advice on apologizing to Molly Hernandez, Wilder tells her that she is asking the wrong person due to their previous fight regarding Amy's death. Nico goes to talk with Hernandez.
  • Hernandez does not want to talk to Minoru but reveals that Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes have left the Hostel.
  • Stein meets his girlfriend Yorkes who previously called him. Yorkes reveals that she has contacted his mother, Janet. Mother and son talk about the possibility of him returning home. Chase tells that it is not going to happen anytime soon, Janet reminds him that despite taking care of each other, his real family is she and his dad. Chase abruptly leaves with Yorkes, Janet reveals that Jonah needs another sacrifice and that there is no way to stop him as she fears that Chase will be the other victim. Chase ignores his mom and leaves with Yorkes.
  • Frank Dean gives a speech at the Church of Gibborim. He announces the return of his wife, Leslie, to the community. Jonah watches on.
  • Karolina practices with her powers. She is interrupted by Nico Minoru. She notices that something is wrong with her and tries to talk about it. Dean, who is still shocked for the revelations made by her mother, gets rude at Minoru, who apologizes for annoying her.
  • Back at the Hostel, Gert tries to explain herself to Chase but he shuts her up and says that he is going to be the one to talk. He explains that it has not been easy for him to live with her because she has been rude to him and never let him in, and she put him out of her plans and she put him on a hard time by calling her mother like that. Yorkes excuses herself saying that she needed the medications and needed her mother to authorize it. However, Stein calls her selfish. Hernandez arrives and tries to talk to Yorkes, but Stein gives Hernandez a resume of the last events to Hernandez's shock.
  • Wilder advises Dean on how to treat Nico Minoru after their previous discussion. Karolina asks him why he kept a secret related to Amy and if it would have been better to reveal it to her right at the moment. Wilder realizes that she is keeping something realed to Amy and tells her that for Nico, that is a serious matter. They are interrupted by Stein, who tells them that they need to gather the group, and says that is about Jonah.
  • In the Church of Gibborim, the Deans discuss with Jonah about Karolina. Jonah starts offending Frank, calling him weak. But Frank dimisses the offence and stands with Leslie. Jonah approaches his former lover and asks her if she is willing to let him die to which Leslie replies that she has already made a lot of sacrifices on his name and tells him to do the next sacrifice by himself.
  • The Runaways discuss the information about the next sacrifice. Everyone is dissapointed at Yorkes' choice to leave them. When Hernandez questions if Stein and Yorkes had a fight, Stein manifests his wishes to stop sharing room with her. Yorkes leaves. The Runaways prepare to fight back and stop Jonah, Karolina says that Jonah's room is at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office so the team decides to set up everything and go there. Nico approaches Karolina and asks her if she is okay with losing Jonah as it means that she will not have a way to understand the true nature of her powers. They briefly talk about their relationship when Karolina says that she is okay with losing Jonah. Nico suggests her to live in separate rooms.
  • Geoffrey Wilder does some boxing with his personal trainer, Jason. He then goes to the restroom. Unbeknowst to him Jason is killed by Jonah. Jonah ambushes Wilder and starts using his powers on him.
  • Janet Stein reveals to the Yorkeses that she has found a way to shut down Jonah's ship for good. However, Stacey starts panicking about what will happen if they fail and their children are attacked by Jonah and starts wondering if they are okay. Janet confesses and tells her that she has seen Gert and how she contacted her in order to get her medicines from the hospital. Stacey gets mad at her for not telling about Gert and leaves abruptly with an angered Dale Yorkes.
  • Karolina causes a distraction at the Church of Gibborim, giving enough time for the Runaways to get into Jonah's room. They find Victor in the capsule and two Dematerialization Box. They open the one where Jonah is not and find out that Jonah was using Geoffrey as the person to sacrifice. They rescue him and leave. Chase is sad that he as seen both of his parents that day and could do nothing about it.
  • In the Hostel, Gerts tries to approach Chase, but he is still angered at him.
  • Janet frees Victor from his healing capsule and tells him is time to work on how shut down Jonah's ship.
  • Catherine tries to contact her husband. But he does not pick up the cellphone.
  • Alex wakes up his dad, who is tied up and held hostage at the Hostel. He tells his dad that he will make the calls and that he is under his roof and will obbey to him now.
  • Karolina visits Nico, who cannot sleep. Karolina confesses to Nico and tells her that she has been meeting up with Jonah, and found some of her real family members down there in the PRIDE Construction Site. However, she claims that everything is not the same since she found out the truth: Jonah killed Amy Minoru. Nico is shocked by the news, but she hugs her girlfriend nonetheless.

Last Rites


  • Leslie's father dies. Jonah comforts Leslie Dean. He tells her that he will try to inform Leslie's mother about the passing of David Ellerh. Jonah advises Leslie to focus on the future and then tells her that she will have to make some sacrifices for him. She is willing to do it.

Day 9

  • Alex Wilder talks to his dad, Geoffrey, who insists that it is very dangerous to face Jonah and that they should have let PRIDE take care of him. After a brief discussion, Geoffrey reveals that there is a ship down there.
  • The Runaways are filled up with the information, when Chase Stein doubts it, Karolina reveals that it is truth because she has been meeting with Jonah, to everyone's anger. Karolina reveals that he still trusts him, and that the only thing he wants is leaving to his home planet. Nico Minoru wonders if he is gonna take Karolina with him, but Dean dismisses the idea. However, Minoru and Wilder decide that they will leave Dean behind on the mission to destroy the hole where Jonah's ship is.
  • Jonah meets the PRIDE members, except for the Wilders, at the PRIDE Foundation Facility. Catherine arrives and asks Jonah about Geoffrey's whereabouts. He reveals that he wanted to kill him through the sacrifice but the Runaways saved him. He tries to convince PRIDE that he will leave with no harm. When Leslie answers if he will leave alone, Jonah smiles and leaves the room saying that he expects them for that night.
  • Karolina convinces Gert Yorkes to follow up her plan: to rescue the Beings of Light down there in the hole. Wilder refuses but when Minoru agrees with the girls claiming that if they do not save them they will be just like her parents, Wilder agrees.
  • The Runaways take Geoffrey with them to the dig hole in order to find out how to save the Beings of Light.
  • Victor Stein rewatches the message that his time machine received from Chase, the message has Chase warning his father to not use the Fistigons in order to avoid the events that happened after that. Victor wants to form a new life with his wife and son, but Janet is not so calm because she does not know if they will be able to stop Jonah. Victor reassures that everything will be fine once the Yorkeses finish the toxin.
  • The Yorkeses prepare the substance that will kill Jonah.
  • Leslie Dean tells Frank that the "Ascension" her father described for the Church of Gibborim was referring to Jonah's spaceship and that everything was a lie. Leslie expresses her fears that Jonah will take Karolina with her. Leslie tells Jonah that she wants to be there when the ship takes off. Jonah orders Frank to make sure everything will be all right.
  • Frank is approached by a guy who wants to talk with him urgently, but he dismisses him.
  • Alex hackes the trucks from the Church of Gibborim and redirects them to the desert so they do not intervene on their plan.
  • Alex and Geoffrey take down the guards at the PRIDE Construction Site. The Runaways enter the Construction Site and order Gert to be the watchgirl.
  • Jonah discovers that Karolina lied to him thanks to Leslie. He decides to go to the PRIDE Construction Site. Leslie texts the PRIDE members to hurry up.
  • The Yorkeses and the Yorkeses get ready for the attack.
  • Oscar Gonzalez, the brother of Destiny Gonzalez and the guy who approached Frank before, points his gun at Frank. Oscar is looking for information for his sister's disappearing. Gonzalez thinks that Frank has been the leader of the Church and comments that on the streets it has been said that the Church of Gibborim pick up some runaways and then some of them disappear, exactly one per year. Frank tells Gonzalez that he has just found about those missions as well and tells him to go to his office with him. Frank attacks Gonzalez once he turns his back on him. During the conflict, Gonzalez accidentally shoots himself to Frank's shock.
  • Stein, Dean, Hernandez and Minoru go to the bottom of the hole to see how they can free the Beings of Light, Dean's real family. Stein proceeds to use his Fistigons and cut the biological structure of the ship.
  • Gert notices that Jonah and Leslie have arrived. She sends a message to the rest of the team but the ones in the bottom does not receive it due to being under ground.
  • Chase realizes that the biological structure of the ship heals itself. Jonah starts talking to the kids underground believing that only Karolina is in there.
  • The PRIDE arrive at the Construction Site, Jonah orders Xavin to start the launching.
  • Karolina uses her powers to flee with Chase and Hernandez. Nico uses the Staff of One to levitate and escape as well. Parents and children, PRIDE and Runaways, gather together. Victor hugs his son and whispers to him to follow his signal.
  • Jonah manifests his wishes to take Karolina with him, but she refuses as she wants to stay on Earth with the people he cares about. The ship starts to launch, an earthquake begins to happen to PRIDE's dismay as Jonah said there was not going to be any earthquake, to which Jonah replied he may have lied about that. He tells his daughter to leave with him if she does not want to die.
  • The ship begins to launch. PRIDE prepares to achive their plan. Nico tries to use the Staff to stop the launching, but she is not able to do it. Tina then tries to, but the Staff of One no longers responds to her pevious owner, its belonging is to Nico. Victor tells his son to attack Jonah, what he does. When Jonah responds, Karolina deflects the attack.
  • Hernandez punches Jonah while her adoptive parents, the Yorkeses, begin to use the toxin on the ship. Jonah gets up on his feet and uses his powers to push the members of both Runaways and PRIDE away. However, the damage is done: Steins' device and Yorkeses' toxin begin to work. The ship collapses into itself and explodes killing all the Beings of Light with in.
  • Jonah prepares to face up and kill the PRIDE members. Nico gets up and she wets the bottom of the Staff of One with the Yorkeses' toxin. She then stabs Jonah much to Karolina's despair and everyone else's shock. Nico has finally avenged her sister's death. Still, Nico is in shock for his first murder.
  • Karolina reaches to his father corpses. However, Jonah says that now they will have to take them all, when Karolina asks about what he was talking about, the real Jonah abandon the corpse of the person he took for all those years. The person asks where he is before fainting away.
  • The parents approach their children wanting them to return home, however, even if they did not answer, they were not going to. Nico uses the Staff of One to make everyone sleep. The Runaways leave the scene.

Day 10

  • As sun rises, the LAPD arrive at the PRIDE Construction Site and finds Jonah's previous host corpse.
  • At the Hostel, the Runaways discuss about last night event and they talk if that changes something. Alex reminds them that even if they worked with PRIDE to do some good, that does not change the fact that they are murderers.
  • Nico approaches Karolina, who is sadenned by her father's death. Karolina reprimands Nico for chosing to kill his father instead of making him sleep.

Past Life

I think there is where the time jump takes place.

Day A

  • The PRIDE members gather at the PRIDE Foundation Facility. They make a toast for their triumph over Jonah, and are grateful that Nico killed him. Then they agree to seek their children by their own. PRIDE is done.
  • Gert Yorkes is visited by her adoptive sister Molly Hernandez. Hernandez realizes that Yorkes has an application leter for a University in Massachusetts. Yorkes also comments that Chase has not forgiven her for meeting with his mother. Nico Minoru enters the room and asks if she can use the mirror as the other one is at Karolina Dean's room and she would rather not to talk to her after thier previous discussion. However, everything gets akward when Yorkes accidentally brings up Jonah's death. Minoru tells them not to worry and that Yorkes' application for University is a call that they should move on.
  • Alex Wilder and Chase Stein return from gathering food for the rest of the group. They talk about their parents beingthe good guys now, however, Wilder reminds him that PRIDE are killers. Stein tells Wilder to start looking for other options as they need to move forward.
  • Wilder checks the message he has sent to Livvie.
  • Meanwhile, WHiH World News report on the earthquake that took place days ago, Victor Stein's return and his enterprise Nemo's actions after his return.
  • Livvie arrives at the DA office on LA, proving that she has innocence to clear up Darius Davis for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez.
  • The DA office calls agent Flores and informs him on the evidence.
  • Flores meets with Catherine Wilder and gives her the evidence: Davis' location the day of Gonzalez's murder. Flores orders Anthony Wall to destroy the evidence, Wilder orders Flores to send a message in order to keep Livvie's mouth quiet.
  • In the Hostel, the Runaways decide to take a day off. Wilder goes to see Livvie.
  • At the Hospital, after Davis and Tamar's son birth, Wilder arrives while Tamar and Livvie record a video tape. Wilder tells Livvie that she is right and that Davis has been frame by PRIDE, to Tamar's surprise. Before they can talk forward, Anthony Wall starts a shooting. Tamar protects her baby while Wilder protects Livvie. They are all safe.
  • Frank Dean approaches his wife and tells her what happened with Oscar Gonzalez. He is shocked to lear that PRIDE nor Jonah can help him. Leslie informs him that she will close the Church of Gibborim to move on with their life. Frank gets desesperate because of this as he is terrified that he has killed someone, Leslie calms him down and tells she will call PRIDE's contact one more time, but that he will be on his own afterwards.
  • Livvie is interrogated by a policeman at the Maternity Hospital, she tells the policeman that the guy who shot was a gang member called AWOL. However, Tamar tells the policeman to go and take evidence from other people. Tamar tells Livvie that the next time, they will be dead, and that AWOL is a policeman now, and the Police will do nothing because it was one of them. Livvie goes to see Wilder and tells him to tell her everything he knows, Wilder tells her that it is time she meets his friends.
  • The Runaways but Karolina arrive at Livvie's grandmother's house. They meet at the garage and Wilder suggests to hack into the Gordon Hotel's cameras to show that Davis was killed by Geoffrey Wilder.
  • Geoffrey confronts his wife and informs her that Alex was present at the shooting due to him dating Tamar's sister. He is mad at her and tells that since Darius Davis' murder he cannot see her as before. Geoffrey tells Catherine to fix the problem.
  • Leslie informs Flores on Oscar's murder and gives him money to take care of the problem. She informs him that PRIDE will not longer recquire of his services. Frank takes pictures of everything.
  • The Runaways infiltrate succesfully the Gordon Hotel. At the penthouse, where Alex will obtain the footage they need, Nico Minoru feels uncomfortable and leaves the room with Hernandez.
  • Stein discovers Yorkes' application letter for University. They discuss briefly until an usherette woman enters the room. They pretend to be husban and wife on their honeymoon but they keep fighting in front of the woman. Once she leaves, Stein puts the application letter on the chocolate waterfall.
  • With the help of Vaughn Kaye, Karolina Dean enters Jonah's office at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Dean manages to find a message recorded by Jonah in case he never met her.
  • The usherette woman informs a guard from the Hotel that the couple that reserved the penthouse called from Denver, the guard tells her that the LAPD called warning about some teenagers may infiltrate the Hotel. Minoru and Molly Hernandez listen the conversation and proceed to escape in order to alert the others.
  • Alex manages to hack the security cameras and discovers that her mother, Catherine murdered Darius Davis.
  • Geoffrey goes to Tamar's house. He visits Tamar and gives her the money that he promised Davis. He apologizes for what happened and manifests his wishes for her to have a prosperous life. She accepts the money but warns him to be careful.
  • Frank meets with Aura and Frances and frames Leslie with Oscar Gonzalez's murder.
  • Karolina returns to the Hostel and listens Jonah's message and learns that he took many corpses since he was on Earth and that the sacrifices through the Rite of Blood allowed him to be on his current body and manages to connect with her as he did not want to risk to find another host and lost the opportunity to see her.
  • The Runaways escape Gordon Hotel. Alex is shocked by the fact that her mother killed Davis. However, Hernandez's actions cause her to be trapped. She meets Anthony Wall and Flores.

Big Shot

Day A

  • The corrupts LAPD officers take Molly Hernandez in a car. The Runaways and Livvie follow up close.
  • Hernandez is approached by Florez, who confesses he knew her parents. Flores threatens her to torturate her in order to figure out where her friends are. Hernadez uses her powers to free herself and beat up Flores. The Runaways including Karolina arrive at the place to save Hernandez only to see how she resolved the situation. The Runaways go away.
  • The Runaways get rid of their phones as Flores had Hernandez's one. They take Livvie to the Hostel.
  • A dron starts looking for the Runaways.
  • Alex realizes that Livvie still has his phone. However, Alex decides to save all the files from the phone including the footage from the shooting. He and Livvie see that they got AWOL on the footage. Alex decides to copy everything and then destroy the phone. He tells Livvie that he will save everything and then make like her cellphone is on the montains of Wakanda. Livvie agrees and then asks Wilder if she can see the dinasour, Old Lace.
  • The dron encounters Old Lace.

Day B

  • Flores visits the PRIDE members and confronts them for not telling him of what their children were capable of. He then tells them that Darius Davis' murder will led to them and their criminals activities might get exposed. Flores leaves. Victor Stein suggest to use their minds to creat weapons that will guarantee their safety and, ultimatelly, their children.
  • Gert tries to feed Old Lace who does not receive her food. After talking to Hernandez, Chase Stein approaches Yorkes and offers her help. She apologizes for her latest actions. They talk and reconcile their relationship.
  • Livvie decides to go in order to not worry her sister. Alex Wilder offers to make her company, he asks her if there is a place where they can eat and suggest the one Livvie previously suggested, but she says that Anthony Wall eats there too. Wilder suggests to face Wall and present him the evidence they have against him. She refuses because of the danger, but Wilder says he will take his friends without telling them the real reason of the mission.
  • The Runaways arrive at the place ready to eat, but Molly Hernandez notices that Anthony Wall entered the place. Stein realizes it is not a coincidence. Wilder tells the Runaways to trust in him.
  • Wilder faces Wall and brings up the fact that he participated on Darius Davis' murder. Wall gets angry and forces everyone to leave the place. Nico takes advantage and freezes Wall and his partners. The Runaways leave and tell Wilder that they will trap their parents on other way. Wilder takes Livvie to her home.
  • Geoffrey and Catherine discuss how they will approach to Alex, before Victor's new invents do. Geoffrey says that he is considering going to Tamar and claims that he trust her more than in hiw own wife.
  • Janet Stein begins to work with Victor and Robert Minoru on the artifacts capable of tracking their children down.
  • Flores and AWOL discuss on how they failed to catch the Runaways. Wall confronts Flores, which causes the latter to remind of his authority. Wall leaves annoyed.
  • Geoffrey and Catherine visit Tamar. She accepts to call them when she finds out where the kids are. However, when they leave, Tamar enters her home and encounters with AWOL. She agrees to give him intel on PRIDE's activities in order to take them down.
  • Tina Minoru is briefly posessed by a Being. She is approached by Robert. Once he mentions that Nico was the one who killed Jonah, Tina returns back to normal.
  • Geoffrey attacks Flores and tells him why he had not approached them when the AWOL's squad found the Runaways. Flores claims that he did not get the call either and that AWOL is dangerous as he tends to act on his own.
  • Livvie and Alex enter Tamar's home and run into AWOL. Alex decides to talk with him in private.
  • Dale visits his wife, Stacey Yorkes, who is doing research. Stacey behaves rude to him and claims that she is doing a project and should leave her alone. Stacey tells Dale to make her a sandwich, when goes upstairs, Stacey returns to normal as the being who posseses her leave the corpse momentarily.
  • AWOL tells Alex that Flores has a lot of information against the PRIDE members and is his ensurance. Alex offers AWOL to help him put Flores and PRIDE behind bars and the video of he shooting at the hospital will never see the light of day. Alex and AWOL make a deal in front of an angered Livvie who says that AWOL cannot get immunity. Livvie confronts Alex who tells that it is the only way to beat his parents and PRIDE but Livvie not agrees with it and tells him that he is behaving just like his parents and takes him out of the house.

Day C

  • Livvie informs the Runaways on Alex's plan, who disagree entirely with him. They discuss about him putting their parents away but leaving AWOL and his squad out of it. Alex calls them hypocrites for accusing him when they have done worst things.
  • Anthony Wall visits PRIDE and informs him on the file Flores had about them. AWOL offers to get rid of Flores and be the new chief at the LAPD office and work for them and bring their children back to them. PRIDE agrees.
  • AWOL kills Flores by freezing him.
  • AWOL is called by Alex Wilder, he tells him that the plans have changed and he will not meet with him.
  • Karolina listens a voice who calls her. When she goes to find out who was it, she runs into Nico. They finally talk. But Karolina avoids their reconciliation.
  • Old Lace and Yorkes start to feel sick. Chase thinks they are both dying.
  • Following PRIDE's orders, AWOL enters Tamar's house and takes Livvie, the one who knows where the Runaways are.

Hostile Takeover

Day D/Wednesday

  • Livvie is forced to speak by AWOL, who has under threat Tamar and her son, Xerxes. Livvie reveals the location of the Hostel.
  • The Runaways try to take care of Gert Yorkes and Old Lace.
  • Alex Wilder starts to investigate what is happening with Old Lace, as her condition affected Yorkes afterwards. The team discovers that AWOL and his squad has arrived at the Hostel. They discover that Livvie is with them so they realize that she is under threat. They discuss how to save Livvie and themselves.
  • Leslie prepares to dismantle the Church of Gibborim by getting rid of their oldest books. Fran finds her and confronts her. Leslie has finally decided to dismantle the Church but Frank refuses as he claims he has done a lot for it. Leslie asks if Frank's desire is to be a family, and he responds that it is truth. When she leaves, Frank starts taking everything from the garbage.
  • AWOL threatens to kill Livvie if Alex does not come out with his friends and brings the video tape of him shooting at the Maternity Hospital. When Wilder attempts to leave, Hernandez uses her powers to put him on the ground.
  • Victor and Janet Stein discuss how PRIDE has agreed to make weapons in order to get their children by force. Victor says that it is the only way to bring them back. Janet agrees after a while, she accidentally makes something break. Surprisingly to her, her husband is comprehensive and talks with her calmly saying that he needs her as she is very useful. They start kissing and end up having sex.
  • The Runaways try to negotiate with AWOL telling him that the footage will be given to him but he needs to free Livvie. He agrees to take it only if Nico Minoru is the one that gives him the footage. When they refuse, AWOL starts shocking Livvie with a weapon. Alex decides to take the calls and tells the team a new plan. The first step: to take Gert Yorkes and Old Lace out of danger. Hernandez takes Old Lace, while Stein takes Yorkes.
  • Victor enters the lab and sees everything made a mess, he asks Janet what happened and she answers that they had sex like an hour ago, which shocks Victor who calims he wants a clean lab. Janet asks Victor what does he remember and he says that he remembers waking up and seeing the lab made a mess. When Victor realizes that he is not feeling like himself he decides to get some sleep.
  • Aura and Frances visit Leslie Dean, when she brings up the subject of closing the Church of Gibborim, the women get mad and try to remember Dean that the Church is a family and is not under anyone's leadership.
  • Stein manages to take out Yorkes and Old Lace.
  • The Runaways manage to catch AWOL's attention. When he gets into the Hostel, Nico who was using her magic to camuflate the Hostel, creates a fortress around them. Now, AWOL is their hostage.
  • Tina Minoru arrives at Janet and Victor's laboratory, when she starts to make Janet uncomfortable she leaves. Victor arrives at the lab and asks Tina if she is really her, when she says "No", Victor says the same: he is not the real Victor Stein. They both hug.
  • Back at the Hostel, Hernandez, Dean and Wilder face AWOL who claims that they will not win their fight as his team has them sorrounded and their parents have real resources. When he insults Livvie, Wilder starts using the Fistigons to sofocate AWOL and tells him that the starts talking when he feels overpowered, AWOL claims that is not truth in pain. The girls push Wilder away, he apologizes for his behaviour and leave.
  • Dean follows Wilder, who says that the only way to get rid of this situation by taking the hard calls, even if that means killing people. Karolina feels disgusted and claims that she has to give it a thought.
  • Nico Minoru begins to feel that the Staff of One is taking over her. She claims that the reason why she killed Jonah is because the Staff told her that it was the right thing to do. Nico screams that she will not be able to keep the spell any longer as the Staff is causing her pain. Wilder and Dean return, Wilder's idea is to let the squad go in.
  • Yorkes wakes up, she sees her parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who are happy that she has returned to them.
  • Chase has taken Gert to her parents in order to help her feel better. Stacey reveals that she was the one who put a toxin on Old Lace but she was not aware that Gert would get sick too. Dale is mad at his wife for her actions, when Stacey begins to give the cure to Yorkes, Chase stops her and comments that Old Lace is the one to be cured as he and Gert share more than just a telephatic connection. Stunned, Dale takes the antidote from Stacey and puts it on Old Lace. Stacey then faces Chase and admits that he does not know about two things: Bioogy nor her daughter.
  • Wilder orders Minoru to shut down the shield, which she does. The plan is to use the Staff and disable the guns of AWOL's men. When they complete the first step of the plan, Minoru fails to do her part. Wilder and Dean are forced to protect Minoru and fight back AWOL's men while Hernandez goes to rescue Livvie.
  • Hernandez rescues Livvie and they return to the Hostel to fight back.
  • When AWOL and his men sorround the Wilder and Dean, the Staff of One which channels power from the Dark Dimension returns to Minoru, who uses its power to make the squad members disappear entirely. All the team is left shocked at Minoru's actions. However, Minoru is still weakened.
  • Chase takes care of Yorkes as she recovers. Yorkes asks him where they are going to leave, to which he replies that once she is full on her feet. Stein insists that she needs to have more faith on her parents, but Yorkes claims that they are evil and they do not change, something that is corroborated when Stein discovers that they have been locked up in the room with no way to leave the place.
  • Wilder tries to comfort Livvie. However, she apologizes and tells him that she did what she did in order to protect her family and that he should do the same.
  • At the Church of Gibborim, a reconditioning is prepared for Leslie Dean who is brought to the room by Vaughn Kaye. He locks the room with she within as he is more loyal to the Church, Frank, Aura and Frances led the ceremony. Leslie screams for help but no one wants to help her.
  • On the streets of Los Angeles, Victor Stein, who is possesed by one of the Gibborims that escaped the destruction from Jonah's Ship just as Tina Minoru, starts posting some pamphlets dedicated to the faith from the Church of Gibborim.

Last Waltz

Day E

  • Xavin arrives on Earth, she gets to Los Angeles.
  • At the Church of Gibborim, Frank tries to convince Leslie to believe again on their faith, but she refuses to. This causes Frank to take Leslie Dean to the Crater.
  • Dale and Stacey Yorkes take breakfast to Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes who are trying to figure out how to escape. While Gert discusses with her parents, Chase starts drinking the orange juice. Gert tries to alert him that it might be poison, Chase loses consciousness.
  • Molly Hernandez who turned 15 years the day before tries to sing herself happy birthday with a muffin. Alex Wilder discovers her and when he realizes that is her birthday tries to join her but she rejects it and says that she does not want a "quinceañera". However, when Henrandez says that she want to celebrate it with family like Gert, Wilder realizes that Chase must have taken Gert with her parents in order to help Old Lace.
  • Karolina Dean approaches Nico Minoru who is resting, Minoru does not want Dean's help and tells her to go. When Dean goes out of the room she starts hearing the same voice she heard before. She is approached by Yorkes and Wilder who have figured out where Stein and Yorkes are being held.
  • Leslie Dean is taken to the Crater, a place where the Church of Gibborim try to reinconditionate their people. She is taken to a woman, when Leslie claims that she does not believe in their faith and that her name is Leslie Ellerh Dean, when the woman gives her a new alias, she asks for a glass of water as she has not slept nor eat. She then faints out.
  • The Yorkeses inject on Chase a serum that difficults him to lie. They try to make him reveal where the Runaways where hiding. Tina Minoru arrives at the Yorkeses' home after bing sent by PRIDE.
  • Xavin arrives at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and asks for Karolina's whereabout to Vaughn Kaye. Xavin asks him to show her something that Karolina has touched so it will be easier to find her. But when Kaye turns his back on her, Xavin disappears.
  • At the Crater, Leslie finally awakes and talks with the woman who met earlier. Leslie says that if her father was still alive and discovered what Jonah was he would have wanted to destroy the Church too. The woman, who alias is S4E2R, tells Leslie that she has not an army to do it and that it would be such a stress for her baby revealing that Leslie has been pregnant all this time.
  • The Yorkeses try to interrogate Chase but he dismisses all the questions and starts talking about her sexual life with Gert Yorkes. Tina says that this is not useful and pretends to call the other PRIDE members, Stacey aims a gun at her and tells her to go to the basement and that she will not ruin their opportunity to get her girls back at home. Stacey takes Tina to the basement.
  • Janet Stein vistis her husband at the clinic. Victor claims that what Jonah did to him really helped as he has no longer brain cancer nor any trail of the shot he received. Janet is still skeptical if their only way to bring back the kids is by force, but Victor says that it is the necessary thing to do.
  • Wilder, Dean and Hernandez arrive at the Yorkeses' mansion. They decide to enter and rescue the others by force.
  • Stein awakes and sees Yorkes who is worried about him. Tina Minoru who is possessed starts to talk to them, she reveals that PRIDE is making a new arsenal to go against them and neutralize their abilities.
  • Hernandez, Dean and Wilder surprise the Yorkeses and force them to surrender, Stacey who is glad to see Hernandez wishes her a happy birthday, which Hernandez confirms to Dean by saying it was yesterday. Dean and Hernandez go to the basement to rescue Yorkes, Stein and Old Lace while Wilder stays to control the Yorkeses with the Fistigons.
  • Hernandez and Dean break into the basement and confront Tina revealing that AWOL and his team got defeated. The Runaways gather the PRIDE members in the basement and force them to keep down while they leave. Once Hernandez frees Old Lace, the team leaves, but Old Lace stays and threatens the Yorkeses, which gives enough time to Dale to knock her unconscious while Tina leaves the place.
  • The Runaways decide to leave behind Old Lace, which hurts Yorkes.
  • Nico Minoru prepares her room at the Hostel for a ritual from the Wicca's beliefs. The purpose of the ritual is to forget, to not get hurt, to not cause hurt and leave everything behind. Minoru decides to hide the Staff of One, the cause of all her recent pains, on a wall.
  • Leslie Dean sneaks into the Church of Gibborim's craters office and searches the alias of the woman who has been treating her. Dean discovers that the woman is her mother.
  • Leslie approaches her mother, who was supposedly forced to leave the Church, and tells her that she never told anyone of her pregnancy because she did not want to fail as a mother again and asks her if that was her feeling to. Her mother, who is meditating, does not answer. She calls her mother by her name, Susan. The woman finally reacts and gets mad at her for saying her name, as it goes against the person who she is now. Susan starts calling for the guards as she wants to get rid of her daughter for not embracing the light that the Church of Gibborim offers.
  • Victor, who never attended the medic, tells his wife, Janet, that he is planning on causing a new effect on the telephonic lines, in that way multiples calls will be made and by a voice recognizer he will start detecting Chase's line in the zone where Geoffrey said they kids were. Janet is amazed at Victor's intelligence and compliments him. He kisses her.
  • In the Hostel, Hernandez asks her team why they do not feel bad or are willing to cry because of all the things that have happened recently. While Karolina says that they are being stronger for her, Chase claims that is also because they do not want to accept the truth. Wilder agrees and tells them that they need to relax and that they will throw Molly a party for her 15, a quinceañera. Nico agrees and says that they will do it and that they have enough money thanks to AWOL's squad. Hernandez says that they cannot do a party without Old Lace, but Yorkes reminds her that they can do another one once she comes back. Hernandez gets happy.
  • The Runaways go to a local market and start to buy clothes, ornaments, lights and food for the big event that night. Hernandez asks Stein to be her chambelan for her party, Stein accpets but then asks what a chambelan is. Xavin arrives and approaches Dean, she touches her forearman saying that she was looking for her. Dean asks if she knows her. When Yorkes calls Karolina to help them choose the music, Xavin disappears. Dean recognizes Xavin's voice as the mysterious one that she has been listening at the Hostel, Dean tries to look out for her but fails to do so.
  • Back at the Hostel, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein talk briefly about how the Yorkeses have behaved, and Stein says that he understands that their parents love them on their own way. And that he is not sure if he wants to keep fighting because they are people that they cannot beat or out run, Wilder replies that he will do everything to put his parents behind bars due to the awful things they have done.
  • Victor puts on march his plan to catch up the kids and starts listening to every call made in the area close to where the kids are. All the calls are made by Victor's invent. The signal catches to one of the Hostel's cellphones. Chase answers. Victor calls his son and tells him that he is very sick but his mother does not know yet and tells Chase that he wants to see him one last time before time runs out. Wilder interrupts and asks Chase if everything is okay, Chase pretends and keeps the call a secret. When he tries to reply, the call has gone off.
  • The quinceañera to Molly Hayes Hernandez takes place. It is a beautiful moment for all of them.
  • The Yorkeses decide to let free Old Lace in order to track down the Runaways. Stacey says that afterwards they will get rid of the dinosaur.
  • Yorkes goes to see Stein and thanks him for making Hernandez happy, but she notices that he is leaving. Yorkes calms herself down and forces Stein to tell everyone in the group that he is leaving.
  • Chase Stein says goodbye to his friends and tells that he has to leave because he does not feel that he belongs with them anymore and that is why he is leaving. Everyone, especially, Hernandez and Yorkes, are left hearthbroken.
  • The Stein agree a meeting point. Chase meets with his parents who welcome him.

Earth Angel

Day F

  • Leslie Dean wakes up from a nightmare.
  • Vaughn Kaye calls Karolina Dean and informs her of her mother's whereabouts and manifets his worries on the situation.
  • The Runaways eat and discuss how to proceed after Chase Stein's departure. They doubt that Stein would reveal their location. Dean approaches them and asks them to help her on recuing her mother from the Crater. While the others consider it, Wilder refuses.
  • At night, PRIDE starts to prove their arsenal to see if it works.

Day G/Monday

  • Chase Stein wakes up on his old home. He is welcomed by his mother, Janet Stein, who assures that he did the right thing by returning home. However, when she mentions if he would be able to reveal their friends' location, he refuses to do so. Victor Stein approaches his son and offers him to intern at PRIDE as he means to show that without Jonah they can be the benefit organization they always wanted to be. As he wants to spend more time with his dad, Chase agrees.
  • In the courtyard, Chase and Victor speak about his sickness. Victor, who does not realize that he is being possesed, confesses that he is blackingout and doing things he never decided to do and shows Chase that his skin is dying slowly. Victor claims that he only wants to spend more time with his family.
  • Leslie Dean is taken to Frank Dean, the new leader of the Church of Gibborim. They discuss about their roles in the Church's success. Leslie finally realizes that her husband only wants attention and to be admired, something that he did not obtain while being an actor. Frank replies that all he wanted was to have a family, which Leslie claims it is not truth, that he only wanted to be part of her family and that he is missing what is truly important. She reveals to Frank that she is pregnant and does not know whose baby is, Jonah or him. She claims that she may do a DNA test but that she will not return to the room where she is being kept.
  • Alex Wilder meets with Tamar, however, he was expecting Livvie. Wilder takes the gun that Darius Davis took from him weeks ago with the decision to frame his parents and get justice for Davis. Tamar says Wilder that he can consider his relationship with Livvie done.
  • Nico Minoru recovers the Staff of One, however, she is still influenced by the Dark Dimension.
  • Minoru, Karolina Dean and Molly Hayes Hernandez decide to rescue Karolina's mom from the Church of Gibborim. Dean informs them that Vaughn Kaye will help them too. They are being watched by someone.
  • Kaye joins the girls on their way to rescue Leslie.
  • Chase arrives at the PRIDE Foundation Facility. He listens to the women whom PRIDE tested their weapons on last night.
  • PRIDE discusses what to do with Chase now that he has returned. While the Yorkeses want to test the truth serum on him again, Victor has other plans in mind. Plans which are shared to the rest of the PRIDE members.
  • The Runaways members but Yorkes and Wilder arrive at the Crater. Karolina decides to confront Frank Dean as she knows how to play with him.
  • Karolina visits her father on his office. She starts telling the things that Frank wanted to hear. Frank is happy to see his daughter back and says that now they can guide the Church together, when Karolina asks about her mom's role on that, Frank answers that she has lost her way. Karolina asks to see her but Frank refuses. Karolina says that if he keeps having her away and forces her to stay on a place where she does not want to be she will be dragged into darkness. Karolina insists that she is the only one to rescue her mother and bring her to life, Frank finally accepts to take her to where her mother is.
  • However, Frank outsmarts his daughter and locks her away in a place where her powers will not be helpful. Karolina tells Frank that that is not who he was, Frank replies that he is now the person who she and her mother force him to be.
  • Karolina is approached by S2E4R, Susan, the mother of Leslie Dean, who has finally remembered who she was. Susan tells Karolina the story of how Jonah distorted the vision that she and David Ellerh had for the Church and that she was kept away once Jonah turned his eyes on her daughter, Leslie. Susan proceeds to help Karolina in order to save Leslie.
  • Kaye informs Minoru and Hernandez that Karolina may be in problems. Hernandez convicnes Minoru to use the Staff, to which she agrees only if necessary.
  • Susan takes Karolina to her mother, who is amazed to see her daughter. Susan's plan is to take back the Church by putting Karolina and Leslie as the leaders, however, Leslie says that she wants to end the Church not to guide it. Karolina tries to convince Susan to help them to escape. Susan reluctantly agrees.
  • Gert Yorkes visits Alex Wilder on his room. She says that Wilder is trying to get vengenace and not justice, however, he thinks the opposite. Yorkes starts to starve.
  • At the Yorkeses' basement, Old Lace gets hungry, which forces the Yorkeses to feed her.
  • While Old Lace eats, her telephatic connection with Gert causes her to burp. Which causes Wilder to feel disgusted and tells her that he really wants her to leave his room, however, Gert realizes that she is behaving in tha way due to Old Lace and realizes that she is okay.
  • By night, Susan manages to take her daughter and her grandaughter out of the facility but they got ambushed by Frank. Karolina uses her powers to show the believers from the Church of Gibborim that she is one of the angels that the founder David Ellerh wrote on the books. All the believers are bewildered but happy, they treat her as the One. Once they let Karolina and Leslie go out, Susan stays to purge the Church from Frank's corruption, much to Leslie's sadness who wanted her to stay with her.
  • The team leaves the facility as Frank is taken to the reconditioning by the members of the Church, who consider him a heretic.
  • The Runaways take Leslie Dean to the Hostel, much to Alex's anger as they did not agree with that. Minoru decides that Leslie has to stay, even more knowing that she is pregnant. Wilder leaves the room upset. Leslie thanks the Runaways for rescuing her. Hernandez gives Leslie a new room in the Hostel.
  • Nico and Karolina talk about the amazing thing Karolina did back on the compound. Nico confesses that she is scare of the Staff of One and of what she might be able to do with it. Karolina tries to comfort her and says that may be the darkness that she channels by using the Staff may come from within her and that she might have to embrace who she really is. After a long time, Karolina kisses her as they reconcile.
  • Chase starts to think that he messed up by returning to his parents as he believes that they are proving their new arsenal on innocent people. However, before he sends a message to Gert, he is approached by his father Victor who shows him what really happens behind the walls in the PRIDE Foundation Facility.
  • Chase is taken to all the PRIDE members. They admit that they have done terrible things under Jonah's control, but that now they want to redeem themselves and give everything to them. so their children can do right by them. That the children amend the errors of the parents. They insist that they all wish that but the only way to do it is by Chase taking the first step and join PRIDE. Chase does but he makes his father promises that they will not hurt their friends. And just like that, Chase Stein joins the ranks of PRIDE.
  • Xavin enters Karolina's room at the Hostel. Xavin pretends to be Gert Yorkes, she then changes into the form that Dean met a few days ago. Xavin reveals that she is Karolina's betrothed.

Split Up

Day G

  • Xavin tells Karolina Dean her story on how she was her bethroted due to a prophecy. Xavin says to Dean that their destinies are meant to be together. Dean was to read the prophecy. When Xavin starts to propose, they are interrupted by Nico Minoru who wants to know what the hell is happening.
  • At the PRIDE Foundation Facility, the PRIDE members try to make Chase Stein to convince the Runaways to return to them. Chase claims that they will not return without a fight. Chase says that the other kids will not listen to him because he left them. Robert Minoru insists that there is no reason to keep hiding as Jonah is gone and that they only want a second chance, Chase replies that it does not change the fact that they are killers to Catherine Wilder's annoyance. Victor Stein tells his son that he has to give it a try because in one way or another they are going to bring them back. Chase claims that he promised that his friends would not get hurt. His mother Janet Stein says that no one will get hurt if he succeeds. Robert agrees with the idea reminding him that PRIDE has the weapons to take on them by force if necessary. Dale Yorkes adds that this is the last act of diplomacy, idea that is supported by every member of PRIDE including Stacey Yorkes who claims that it will be war.

Day H

  • In the morning, Leslie Dean knows Xavin who is delighted for Earth's food.
  • The Runaways members discuss about letting their new guests on the Hostel. Alex Wilder gets a call from Chase Stein. Stein tries to convince them on meeting, as he says that PRIDE is preparing to attack them and he wants to avoid that from happening. Despite everyone else disagreement, Wilder agrees to decide a meeting point.
  • Wilder hangs on the phone. Chase is approached by his father, Victor Stein who realizes that the weapons that PRIDE has decided to use on their children have been updated and are now more dangerous, Victor realizes that he is losing his memory and forgets most of the things he supposedly does. Chase tries to comfort his dad and begs him to change the specifications but his father says that the weapons have already been made.
  • Karolina Dean approaches her mother Leslie and tells her that she has to leave and be a better mother to her upcoming baby. Leslie asks if she will ever forgive her, Karolina says that forgiveness is earned through actions, not word. Leslie comments her that the Church of Gibborim will try to search her after her display of her powers, which confirmed every lecture from the Book of Gibborim, she is the new head of the Church. Karolina says that she is not ready to fit into that role, Leslie says that she can help her daughter but not if she pushes her away. They are interrupted by Xavin and Nico Minoru who are discussing, Xavin wants to go with the Runaways to meet with Chase Stein but Nico refuses. Xavin insists that she has to protect her bethroted, Nico says that Karolina needs not protection and it is enough with her. Karolina convinces Xavin to stay at the Hostel and take care of it and her mother, Leslie. Xavin says is an honour, Karolina also asks her to stop calling her "bethroted".
  • The Runaways meet with Chase Stein. Stein notices that Wilder is wearing the Fistigons, Wilder comments that is in case of precaution. The Runaways talk with Stein who reveals PRIDE's ideas to take them by force. He also comments that they are willing to leave PRIDE to them so they start to use PRIDE's resources to help other, like PRIDE should have done at the beginning. The Runaways refuse, leaving Stein disappointed because he knew what was going to happen next.
  • Chase Stein is called by Tina Minoru and asks if the Runaways accepted their offer, which he denies. Stein says that if he talks to Wilder he might convince them, however Minoru replies that it is too late and call the other PRIDE members to act and engage in the fight with their children. Tina engages the drons.
  • When the Runaways notice the drons, Wilder realizes that Chase was followed. The Runaways start to run and try to avoid the drons. They try to fight back but realize that the drons affect Nico's ability to pronounce words and thus affecting her control of the Staff of One, are inmune to Karolina's powers and compromise the technology behind the Fistigons. The team decides to separate. Wilder goes on his own, Hernandez and Yorkes escape together so as Dean and Minoru. The drons follow them.
  • Dean and Minoru manage to destroy one of the drons by making it collapse with a jail. They are found by a dron, however the dron has not any more ammunition, Dean realizes that if they separate one of them will manage to escape completelly. Minoru does not want to, but Dean comforts her by giving her a kiss. Dean tells her that they will meet at the Hostel and proceeds to escape before Minoru tells her that she loves her.
  • Tina uses the dron to follow Dean. Tina informs the Yorkeses on their daughter's location. Hernandez manages to destroy two of the drons by they are found by their parents. They proceed to run.
  • Alex steals a car and uses to try to lose the dron. The Wilders find him and start chasing him with their car. However, due to Alex's dangerous maneuvers in order to avoid the dron, the Wilders order Tina to shut down the dron as they already know where Alex is. Tina obbeys and the Wilders start to chase their son.
  • At the Hostel, Xavin transforms herself on Karolina in order to make Leslie Dean feel comfortable but Leslie says that it is not the way to do it. Xavin asks why Karolina has not responded yet to her attempts to make her fall in love with her, Leslie claims that Humans' relationship are not that simple and that on Earth they have not good experience with Aliens and Lelie says that Karolina is yet to young for that kind of commitments. When Leslie suggests Xavin to start living and then return to see what happens, Xavin says that Leslie will need her help when the Magistrate and the others return for her baby, who has a royal lineage. Leslie realizes that the Magistrate is Jonah, Xavin confirms this and also comments that Jonah and his family survived the ship's explosion and now they are on possession of new hosts, Xavin says that she is a Xartan and that Jonah's family, the Gibborim are problematic. Leslie asks her if the Runaways' meeting is one Jonah's way to bring Karolina back to her, Xavin says that she thinks so.
  • Victor Stein, who is possessed by Jonah, arrives to Karolina's hiding.
  • At the Stein Residence, Janet Stein approaches her son and asks her how is he feeling. He feels bad that his friends hate him. When Janet says that sometimes is better to tell a lie in order to avoid further problems, Chase gets mad at her claiming that her way of thinking was the one that caused all that problem to begin with. Chase says that they have to keep out the lies, he decides to tell his mom that his dad is sick and that his skin is peeling out and is turning white. Janet starts to think that maybe Jonah's healing algorithm is turning Victor into an alien. Chase claims that they have to avoid it and tells his mother to follow him as Victor may have already invented the cure for that.
  • Victor Stein approaches Karolina Dean and tries to convince her to make this easier. Dean blasts him with her powers.
  • Mike on a Bike tries to steal Victor's car, however, he is surprised to see Xavin taking his form.
  • Victor uses some weapons to neutralize Karolina's powers. He is distracted by Mike on a Bike who disables the weapons, Xavin returns to her original form and says that is her duty to save her bethroted. Jonah, who is possessing Victor, gets annoyed at her because he thought that she died in the explosion. Jonah uses her powers to knock Xavin down. Karolina realizes that Victor is possessed by her dad and approaches him. Jonah says that it is truth, and remembers her that he decided to take them all, including her. Jonah uses his powers to knock her down but soon after he realizes that Xavin has escaped.
  • The Yorkeses find their daughters on a store. Hernandez and Yorkes decide to go from different ways, Dale goes after Hernandez and Stacey after Gert. Hernandez manages to avoid Dale by calling him a pedophile which causes people to restrain him allowing Hernandez to escape. However, Gert is taken down by her mother, who is at the moment completelly controlled by one of the Gibborims.
  • The Wilders pursue their son by one of the streets on the local Chinese market. He manages to avoid them, while they look for him, Alex takes Darius Davis's gun and aims at them.
  • Nico Minoru arrives at the PRIDE Foundation Facility to confront their parents and destroy the devices they are using to chase their friends. Tina uses the device that prevents Nico from ordering the Staff. Knowing that she is not capable of casting a spell, Nico fights her mother. Robert Minoru gets into the fight as well and implores his daughter to return as that is the only way. As Nico decides to fight, her parents do not have other option than beat their daughter down. When Nico is sorrounded, she manages to channel power from the Dark Dimension, the process turns the skin around her eyes dark purple and outlines silver and cracks. Robert asks Tina what has she done to their daughter, Tina claims that she has not do anything but that she has seen that happening before. Nico uses her powers to cause a big blast on the facility which causes her parents to be blasted away. The explosion causes a window to broken and one of the mirror shards encrust in her dad's neck. Nico leaves the Facility. Tina comments Robert that she might have let some things out about the true nature of the Staff of One, when she notices that he has been seriously hurt by the mirror shards she calls Emergencies.
  • Alex frames his parents on murder. His parents are arrested.
  • Jonah, using Victor's body, arrives at the Stein Mansion. Janet and Chase realize that Karolina is unconscious. Chase tries to use the device that Jonah used on Karolina but Jonah reveals that the suit he is wearing make the devide not useful against him. Jonah then knocks the Steins out.
  • Knowing that his wife is erratic and not herself, Dale Yorkes takes his daughter Gert and Old Lace out of the city.
  • Jonah reunites with his family, his wife and his daughter who are in possess of Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru, respectively. When their daughter questions where her brother is, Jonah and his wife realize that he is in possession of one of the Runaways' members.
  • Nico, Molly and Alex return to the Hostel. There, they are informed by Xavin that Jonah is alive and that his family is alive as well and they have to kill them all in order to rescue Karolina, it will be difficult but not impossible.
  • At the Stein's laboratory, Jonah tells his wife and daughter that their hosts' bodies are fragile and they need to use energy to keep stronger. Jonah then comments that Humans refrigerate their food before eating them as they produce energy, Jonah asks his family which human looks more delicious, the Humans are Janet Stein, Chase Stein and Karolina Dean.

Cloak & Dagger: Season Two



  • 6-year-old Tyrone beatboxes as Billy tries to rap.<1,7/>




  • Andre fails to hold the blue note, struck by migraine.
    • "96 months ago" is incorrect. Could be considered as 4 months before "92 months ago" (should be 104) or 96 + 12 = 108 months ago. 4 months before February 25, 2009 is October 22, 2008. 108 months before November 3, 2017 is November 7.16667, 2008. So October 30, 2008.




  • Andre is overwhelmed by pain.
    • "92 months ago" is incorrect.
  • Andre prepares to jump, when the oil rig explodes, causing him to slip.


  • Andre meets Lia in hospital and discovers his powers.
    • "Last night."




  • Andre and Lia start their group, and Andre shakes hands as people enter to collect their despairs.
    • "85 months ago".




  • Mayhem crawls out.
    • "242 days ago". As explained under October 29th, this should be March 1st.
  • Mayhem goes to O'Reilly's apartment.


  • Mayhem visits O'Reilly in hospital. She decides to go after Connors.
    • "240 days ago" before October 29th.


  • Mayhem checks in.
    • "236 days ago" before October 29th.
    • Tinsel.



  • Mayhem finds Delgado.
    • "200 days ago" before October 30th.



  • Connors card.
    • "122 days ago" before October 30th.
  • Wyatt.
  • O'Reilly arrives. Mayhem watches.



  • Mayhem puts up Billy's obituary.
    • Obituary says "17, born August 1, 199?".
  • Adina Johnson rejects a case.
  • Mayhem kills a guy who helped Connors.
    • "113 days ago" before October 30th.
      • A year after the incident he got in trouble and Connors didn't help.


  • Mayhem visits Delgado.
    • "102 days ago" before October 30th.
        • Paul Revere.
      • Maribel O'Neil, age 20.
      • Anne Torrez, "Missing since February 13th".
      • One age 17, "Missing since July 21st".
      • Lori Edgars, age 20, stupidly says "Missing since August 9th" and yet underneath "Family reported missing on March 24th, had not been home since the night before".


Friday 13th

  • Tandy practices ballet.
  • Tyrone steals from drug dealers.

Saturday 14th

  • Meeting.
        • James Buchanan 15th president, 1857-1861.
        • Abraham Lincoln 16th president, 1861-1865.
        • Andrew Johnson 17th president, 1865-1869.
        • Ulysses S. Grant 18th president, 1869-1877.
        • Rutherford B. Hayes 19th president, 1877-1881.
        • United States flags of 1776 and 1960.
  • Gun range.
    • "Last few months" since O'Reilly was injured.
  • Tyrone delivers the stuff to O'Reilly.
    • Strongly implied to have been last night.
      • Kid he saw was "14, maybe".
  • The meeting ends.
    • "Next week" implying weekly meetings.
    • Later evidence would make this a Saturday.
        • Statue of Liberty.
  • Tandy delivers Tyrone his physics syllabus. They have movie night.
    • Meeting was today.
        • Zorro.
        • Korean Rabbit Ears.
    • Mikayla's ID expires "8-26-2022".

Friday 20th

  • Tandy and Melissa cook.
    • It's Friday.
  • Tyrone keeps an eye on his family.
  • Tandy watches Mikayla.
    • Faith Winston's ID expires "03-15-2022".
    • Rhonda Ellis' ID expires "11-04-2022".
    • Mikayla Bell's ID, born "8-25-1992", issued "8-26-2012", expires "8-26-2022".
  • Tyrone checks on Evita.
  • Tandy enters Jeremy's home.
    • UFO sighting over Seattle TV show. Similar thing happened in Summer 2018 in the real world, but oh well.
  • Tyrone sits in the church.
  • Tandy walks past Jeremy.
  • Tyrone recites the second law of thermodynamics.
  • Tandy rips and scratches Jeremy's wall.
  • Tyrone hits a warehouse.
  • Tandy rescues Tyrone, saying he is a horrible liar.
  • Tandy explains she is sad Tyrone didn't involve her.
    • Last month after group, Tandy hit a woman's boyfriend's car axle.
  • O'Reilly gets a call and sets up the meeting between groups at the club.
    • Something is happening with months of O'Reilly's work.

Saturday 21st

  • Another meeting, where Mikayla says she sympathised with Jeremy.
    • Clothes strongly imply it is just the day after the events we've just seen, so a Saturday, making weekly meeting days Saturday.

Friday 27th

  • Tyrone practices basketball.
  • Tandy practices ballet. Tyrone arrives.

Saturday 28th

  • In the early hours, Tyrone and Tandy make a plan.
  • Tyrone and Tandy hit the club.
        • Riverside (Let's Go!) by Sidney Samson feat. Wizard Sleeve.
  • Episode 3 - Mayhem plans and attacks.
      • "Missing since January 20th".
  • The club is attacked.

Saturday 28th-Monday 30th Episode 2 Non-Linear Events

1 2 3 4 5
2:1) The dying man draws a symbol.
2:3) Brigid drinks.
2:1, 2:2, 2:3) Brigid arrives on the scene.
2:1, 2:2) Tandy says miserable living is on the person who chooses to live like that. 2:3) Brigid calls in the massacre.
Saturday 28th sunrise. 2:3) Mayhem mocks Brigid (night).
2:3) Mayhem looks at the crime scene.
2:1) Tyrone visits Chantelle and sees Evita. 2:2) Tandy tells Mikayla to walk out. Melissa tells her she probably just drove Mikayla to Jeremy. 2:3) Mayhem goes to the LaTour residence and gets information (day).
2:2) Tandy confronts Jeremy.
Saturday 28th sunset.
2:2) Tandy practices ballet.
Sunday 29th sunrise.
2:2) Tandy visits Lia and meets Andre. Mikayla has been gone all night. Andre talks to Tandy about his migraines. Tandy causes an electrical outage. 2:1) Tyrone ends up in the back of the ambulance taking Mikayla but can't help.
2:4) Andre finds Tandy again and shows her the missing children. He lets her know Mikayla has shown up at hospital. 2:5) Evita teaches Tyrone breathing. They teleport to the hospital. Tyrone and Evita kiss in the hospital.
2:4) Tandy visits Mikayla in hospital. Sunday 29th sunset.
2:3, 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy get to the ambulance park at the same time.
2:4) Mayhem and Tandy take down the ambulance driver. Tandy walks away. They're taking more girls "tomorrow". 2:5) Tyrone goes to Brigid and finds her tied up. He teleports to Tandy.
2:4, 2:5) Mayhem questions the driver. 2:5) Tyrone and Brigid arrive and Tandy is confused as to how that could be Brigid.
2:5) Mayhem walks to Brigid, Tyrone, and Tandy and admits that the cat is out of the bag.
3) Mina experiments. Sunday 29th-Monday 30th midnight.
3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
3) Mina explains the aggressive mouse.
3) O'Reilly realises Mayhem wants her dead. "236 days ago" from this point.
3) O'Reilly picks up Mayhem's key and finds her room, plastered with clippings.
3) Posters. "200 days ago" from this point. Tandy says another job will be "tonight".
3) Playing cards.
3) Mayhem finds Delgado. She says she is about to sin.
3) Strip club. "122 days ago" from this point.
3) They find the girls, saved by Mayhem. "113" and "102 days ago" from this point.
3) The girls are shaken. Tyrone uses their fears to realise where the men were heading. The club was "48 hours ago".
  • This is a bit weird. Tandy's Episode 2 story definitely takes 2 days, Tyrone's seemingly does considering his change of clothes and Evita's change of hair and clothes, but O'Reilly/Mayhem's seemingly only spans 1 day. It has to be taken as 2 days.
  • Since the ambulance driver at the end of Episode 2 says the next run will be "tomorrow", Episode 3 should end the following night - however, that would make it 72 hours since the club, and events after the rescue of that next batch of girls explicitly say it is "48 hours ago". So it has to be the same night as Episode 2's ending. It does also seem that way, but then what about the "tomorrow"?
  • How about the ambulance is right after sunset, then the end of Episode 3 is the next morning right before sunrise? This works. This makes it not just the next day but close to 12 hours apart which is good enough for "tomorrow". This also puts the club scene right before sunset, and considering this is late October night is longer than day so it makes more sense for the just-over-12-hour gap ("48 hours ago" and "36 hours ago" from two points in the episode very close together) between the club and Mayhem taking over from O'Reilly to be just-before-sunrise to just-after-sunset.
  • This also means that Mayhem taking over from O'Reilly is after the daytime of Saturday 28th, leaving her visiting the LaTour residence as the next day and then the ambulance that night. It accounts for the weirdness of O'Reilly/Mayhem's story seemingly only spanning 1 day, because you would otherwise have to add a day in between scenes despite the fact that Mayhem is following up on leads fairly immediately. Either she took a day to follow up on LaTour or a day to follow up on the ambulance - but now, no. It makes more sense. Plus there's some time where it's dark before the club scene and some time between the "48 hours ago" and "36 hours ago" points so it works better to not have to squeeze in over 12 hours of darkness in one night, but rather to have a more natural 14+ hours pass between just-before-sunrise and just-after-sunset.
  • The only real problem left is Tandy's line about "tonight". Either:
    • She somehow knew that he meant later that night, when "tomorrow" could mean any time tomorrow. Maybe there's a pattern of them disappearing around 6AM?
    • Or it's nearly morning so "tonight" doesn't mean the night currently going on but the night starting in 15-18 hours - there's no way she could have known from just "tomorrow", the only way she could know is the writers knowing and imbuing her with more understanding than we actually see her given, she assumes it's tonight but is wrong and finds out soon it's already happening.
  • I will keep that that should be after midnight because that's important for the second interpretation and not contradictory to the first. Then it's up to interpretation which way it works.


1 2 3 4 5
A 2:1) The dying man draws a symbol.
B 2:3) Brigid drinks.
C 2:1, 2:2, 2:3) Brigid arrives on the scene.
D 2:1, 2:2) Tandy says miserable living is on the person who chooses to live like that. E 2:3) Brigid calls in the massacre.
F Saturday 28th sunrise.
G 2:1) Tyrone visits Chantelle and sees Evita. H 2:2) Tandy tells Mikayla to walk out. Melissa tells her she probably just drove Mikayla to Jeremy.
I 2:2) Tandy confronts Jeremy.
J Saturday 28th sunset.
K 2:2) Tandy practices ballet. L 2:3) Mayhem mocks Brigid.
M Sunday 29th sunrise. N 2:3) Mayhem looks at the crime scene.
O 2:2) Tandy visits Lia and meets Andre. Mikayla has been gone all night. Andre talks to Tandy about his migraines. Tandy causes an electrical outage. P 2:1) Tyrone ends up in the back of the ambulance taking Mikayla but can't help. Q 2:3) Mayhem goes to the LaTour residence and gets information.
R 2:4) Andre finds Tandy again and shows her the missing children. He lets her know Mikayla has shown up at hospital. S 2:5) Evita teaches Tyrone breathing. They teleport to the hospital. Tyrone and Evita kiss in the hospital.
T 2:4) Tandy visits Mikayla in hospital. U Sunday 29th sunset.
V 2:3, 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy get to the ambulance park at the same time.
W 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy take down the ambulance driver. Tandy walks away. They're taking more girls "tomorrow". X 2:5) Tyrone goes to Brigid and finds her tied up. He teleports to Tandy.
Y 2:4, 2:5) Mayhem questions the driver. Z 2:5) Tyrone and Brigid arrive and Tandy is confused as to how that could be Brigid.
AA 2:5) Mayhem walks to Brigid, Tyrone, and Tandy and admits that the cat is out of the bag.
AB 3) Mina experiments. AC Sunday 29th-Monday 30th midnight.
AD 3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
AE 3) Mina explains the aggressive mouse.
AF 3) O'Reilly realises Mayhem wants her dead. "236 days ago" from this point.
AG 3) O'Reilly picks up Mayhem's key and finds her room, plastered with clippings.
AH 3) Posters. "200 days ago" from this point. Tandy says another job will be "tonight".
AI 3) Playing cards.
AJ 3) Mayhem finds Delgado. She says she is about to sin.
AK 3) Strip club. "122 days ago" from this point.
AL 3) They find the girls, saved by Mayhem. "113" and "102 days ago" from this point.
AM 3) The girls are shaken. Tyrone uses their fears to realise where the men were heading. The club was "48 hours ago".
  • L is "36 hours ago" before an event about half an hour after "48 hours" after the club, so is about 12.5 hours after the club, so A about 06:30, L 19:00, and AM 06:30.
  • F is about 06:46, sunrise.
  • J is about 18:40, sunset.
  • As mentioned, L is about 19:00.
  • M is about 06:47, sunrise.
  • U is about 18:40, sunset.
  • AC is 00:00.
  • As mentioned, AM is about 06:30.
  • D and E are between C and F.
    • It makes sense for D and E to be about simultaneous. I can work it out specifically using episode timings.
  • G, H, and I are between F and J.
    • H and I will be about 33% and 67% of the way between H and M respectively. G would be about 50% of the way. H F-J, event 1.
    • G F-J, event 2.
    • I F-J, event 3.
  • J is 18:40 and M is 06:47.
  • M could be the 3rd-4th event since J. It can be guessed, therefore, that it is about the 3.5th event after J. Therefore, each event between takes about [(24:00 + 06:47) - 18:40] ÷ 3.5 = 207.71429 minutes.
    • K could be the 1st-3rd event since J, so about 2nd. Therefore, 2 × 207.71429 minutes = 415.42858 minutes after J. 18:40 + 6:55.42858 = 01:35 (01:35.42858).
  • M is 06:47 and U is 18:40.
  • U could be the 6th-8th event since M. It can be guessed, therefore, that it is about the 7th event after M. Therefore, each event between takes about [18:40 - 06:47] ÷ 7 = 101.85714 minutes.
    • O could be the 1st-5th event since M, so about 3rd. Therefore, 3 × 101.85714 minutes = 305.57142 minutes after M. 06:47 + 5:05.57142 = 11:53 (11:52.57142).
    • P could be the 1st-4th event since M, so about 2.5th. Therefore, 2.5 × 101.85714 minutes = 254.64285 minutes after M. 06:47 + 4:14.64285 = 11:02 (11:01.64285).
    • Q could be the 1st-7th event since M, so about 4th. Therefore, 4 × 101.85714 minutes = 407.42856 minutes after M. 06:47 + 6:47.42856 = 13:34 (13:34.42856).
    • R could be the 3rd-6th event since M, so about 4.5th. Therefore, 4.5 × 101.85714 minutes = 458.35713 minutes after M. 06:47 + 7:38.35713 = 14:25 (14:25.35713).
    • S could be the 2nd-7th event since M, so about 4.5th. Therefore, 4.5 × 101.85714 minutes = 458.35713 minutes after M. 06:47 + 7:38.35713 = 14:25 (14:25.35713).
  • L is 19:00 and Q is 13:34.42856.
    • N should therefore be roughly (19:00 + (24:00 + 13:34.42856)) ÷ 2 = 04:43 (04:43.03570).
  • U is 18:40 and AC is 00:00.
  • AC could be the 7th-13th event since U. It can be guessed, therefore, that it is about the 10th event after M. Therefore, each event between takes about [(24:00 + 00:00) - 18:40] ÷ 10 = 32 minutes.
    • V could be the 1st-2nd event since U, so about 1.5th. Therefore, 1.5 × 32 minutes = 48 minutes after U. 18:40 + 0:48 = 19:28.
    • W could be the 2nd-4th event since U, so about 3rd. Therefore, 3 × 32 minutes = 96 minutes after U. 18:40 + 1:36 = 20:16.
    • X could be the 2nd-5th event since U, so about 3.5th. Therefore, 3.5 × 32 minutes = 112 minutes after U. 18:40 + 1:52 = 20:32.
    • Y could be the 3rd-6th event since U, so about 4.5th. Therefore, 4.5 × 32 minutes = 144 minutes after U. 18:40 + 2:24 = 21:04.
    • Z could be the 4th-6th event since U, so about 5th. Therefore, 5 × 32 minutes = 160 minutes after U. 18:40 + 2:40 = 21:20.
    • AA could be the 6th-7th event since U, so about 6.5th. Therefore, 6.5 × 32 minutes = 208 minutes after U. 18:40 + 3:28 = 22:08.
    • AB could be the 7th-9th event since U, so about 8th. Therefore, 8 × 32 minutes = 256 minutes after U. 18:40 + 4:16 = 22:56.
    • AD could be the 8th-10th event since U, so about 9th. Therefore, 9 × 32 minutes = 288 minutes after U. 18:40 + 4:48 = 23:28.
    • V to AB and AD all happen consecutively, so can be estimated at (19:28 + 20:16 + 20:32 + 21:04 + 21:20 + 22:08 + 22:56 + 23:28) ÷ 8 = 21:24. The exacts can be worked out using episode timings.
  • R is 14:25.35713 and V is 21:24.
  • T is between these, so approximately (14:25.35713 + 21:24) ÷ 2 = 17:55 (17:54.67857).
  • AD is 21:24 and AM is 06:30.
  • We can simply divide the linear events between these, ignoring the midnight event. AM is the 9th event since AD. Therefore, each event between takes about [(24:00 + 06:30) - 21:24] ÷ 9 = 60.66667 minutes.
    • AE is the 1st event since AD. Therefore, 1 × 60.66667 minutes = 60.66667 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 1:00.66667 = 22:25 (22:24.66667).
    • AF is the 2nd event since AD. Therefore, 2 × 60.66667 minutes = 121.33333 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 2:01.33333 = 23:25 (23:25.33333).
    • AG is the 3rd event since AD. Therefore, 3 × 60.66667 minutes = 182 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 3:02 = 00:26.
    • AH is the 4th event since AD. Therefore, 4 × 60.66667 minutes = 242.66667 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 4:02.66667 = 01:27 (01:26.66667).
    • AI is the 5th event since AD. Therefore, 5 × 60.66667 minutes = 303.33333 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 5:03.33333 = 02:27 (02:27.33333).
    • AJ is the 6th event since AD. Therefore, 6 × 60.66667 minutes = 364 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 6:04 = 03:28.
    • AK is the 7th event since AD. Therefore, 7 × 60.66667 minutes = 424.66667 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 7:04.66667 = 04:29 (03:28.66667).
    • AL is the 8th event since AD. Therefore, 8 × 60.66667 minutes = 485.33333 minutes after AD. 21:24 + 8:05.33333 = 05:29 (05:29.33333).

So, the results are:

  • Sat 28 06:30: A 2:1) The dying man draws a symbol. Tandy and Tyrone arrive.
      • 01:08-02:08.
  • B 2:3) Brigid drinks.
  • C/D/E. The exact seconds don't 100% line up continuity-wise so I've done a tiny bit of fudging by a second or 2 to line them up.
    • C 2:1, 2:2, 2:3) Brigid arrives on the scene.
    • D 2:1, 2:2) Tandy says miserable living is on the person who chooses to live like that.
    • E 2:3) Brigid calls in the massacre.
      • 2:1) 02:16-05:08.
        • 2:1) 02:16 Scene 1 begins - Set as 00:00.
        • 2:1) 03:54 Have you touched anything? - So 01:38.
        • 2:1) 04:06 The symbol blows away - So 01:50.
        • 2:1) 04:11 If you don't leave now - So 01:55.
        • 2:1) 04:31 The door closes - So 02:15.
        • 2:1) 04:33 She didn't mean - So 02:17.
        • 2:1) 04:39 Or it's on them - So 02:23.
        • 2:1) 04:42 Those people in the club - So 02:26.
        • 2:1) 04:55 And why not? - So 02:39.
        • 2:1) 05:06 Doing nothing is not a solution - So 02:50.
        • 2:1) 05:08 Scene 1 ends - So 02:52.
      • 2:2a) 13:21-13:33.
        • 2:2a) 13:21 Scene 2a begins - 3 seconds before 01:50, so 01:47.
        • 2:2a) 13:24 The symbol blows away - 01:50.
        • 2:2a) 13:29 If you don't leave now - 01:55.
        • 2:2a) 13:33 Scene 2a ends - So 01:59.
      • 2:2b) 13:33-14:18.
        • 2:2b) 13:33 Scene 2b begins - 2 seconds before 02:17, so 02:15.
        • 2:2b) 13:35 She didn't mean - 02:17.
        • 2:2b) 13:41 Or it's on them - 02:23.
        • 2:2b) 13:44 Those people in the club - 02:26.
        • 2:2b) 13:57 And why not? - 02:39.
        • 2:2b) 14:08 Doing nothing is not a solution - 02:50.
        • 2:2b) 14:10 Like Brigid said - So 02:52.
        • 2:2b) 14:18 Scene 2b ends - So 03:00.
      • 2:3a) 21:32-21:57.
        • 2:3a) 21:32 Scene 3a begins - 10 seconds before 01:38 so 01:28.
        • 2:3a) 21:42 Have you touched anything? - 01:38.
        • 2:3a) 21:54 The symbol blows away. - 01:50.
        • 2:3a) 21:57 Scene 3a ends - So 01:53.
      • 2:3b) 21:57-22:34.
        • 2:3b) 21:57 Scene 3b begins - 10 seconds before 02:15 so 02:05.
        • 2:3b) 22:07 The door closes - 02:15.
        • 2:3b) 22:21 I need to make a report - So 02:29.
        • 2:3b) 22:34 Scene 3b ends - So 02:42.
      • So:
    • 00:00 - 2:1) 02:16 Scene 1 begins.
    • 01:28 - 2:3a) 21:32 Scene 3a begins.
    • 01:38 - 2:1) 03:54/2:3a) 21:42 Have you touched anything?
    • 01:47 - 2:2a) 13:21 Scene 2a begins.
    • 01:50 - 2:1) 04:06/2:2a) 13:24/2:3a) 21:54 The symbol blows away.
    • 01:53 - 2:3a) 21:57 Scene 3a ends.
    • 01:55 - 2:1) 04:11/2:2a) 13:29 If you don't leave now.
    • 01:59 - 2:2a) 13:33 Scene 2a ends.
    • 02:05 - 2:3b) 21:57 Scene 3b begins.
    • 02:15 - 2:1) 04:31/3b) 22:07 The door closes/2:2b) 13:33 Scene 2b begins.
    • 02:17 - 2:1) 04:33/2:2b) 13:35 She didn't mean.
    • 02:23 - 2:1) 04:39/2:2b) 13:41 Or it's on them.
    • 02:26 - 2:1) 04:42/2:2b) 13:44 Those people in the club.
    • 02:29 - 2:3b) 22:21 I need to make a report.
    • 02:39 - 2:1) 04:55/2:2b) 13:57 And why not?
    • 02:42 - 2:3b) 22:34 Scene 3b ends.
    • 02:50 - 2:1) 05:06/2:2b) 14:08 Doing nothing is not a solution.
    • 02:52 - 2:1) 05:08 Scene 1 ends/2:2b) 14:10 Like Brigid said.
    • 03:00 - 2:2b) 14:18 Scene 2b ends.
  • Sat 28 06:46: F Saturday 28th sunrise.
  • Sat 28 F-J, event 1: H 2:2) Tandy tells Mikayla to walk out. Melissa tells her she probably just drove Mikayla to Jeremy.
  • Sat 28 F-J, event 2: G 2:1) Tyrone visits Chantelle and sees Evita.
  • Sat 28 F-J, event 3: I 2:2) Tandy confronts Jeremy.
  • Sat 28 18:40: J Saturday 28th sunset.
  • Sat 28 19:00: L 2:3) Mayhem mocks Brigid.
  • Sun 29 01:35: K 2:2) Tandy practices ballet.
  • Sun 29 04:43: N 2:3) Mayhem looks at the crime scene.
  • Sun 29 06:47: M Sunday 29th sunrise.
  • Sun 29 11:02: P 2:1) Tyrone ends up in the back of the ambulance taking Mikayla but can't help.
  • Sun 29 11:53: O 2:2) Tandy visits Lia and meets Andre. Mikayla has been gone all night. Andre talks to Tandy about his migraines. Tandy causes an electrical outage.
  • Sun 29 13:34: Q 2:3) Mayhem goes to the LaTour residence and gets information.
  • Sun 29 14:25: R/S
    • S part 1 2:5) Evita teaches Tyrone breathing. They teleport.
    • R 2:4) Andre finds Tandy again and shows her the missing children. He lets her know Mikayla has shown up at hospital.
    • S part 2 2:5) They teleport to the hospital. Tyrone and Evita kiss in the hospital.
  • Sun 29 17:55: T 2:4) Tandy visits Mikayla in hospital.
  • Sun 29 18:40: U Sunday 29th sunset.
  • Sun 29 21:24: V/W/X/Y/Z/AA/AB/AD. The exact seconds don't 100% line up continuity-wise so I've done a tiny bit of fudging by a second or 2 to line them up.
    • V 2:3, 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy get to the ambulance park at the same time.
    • W 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy take down the ambulance driver. Tandy walks away. They're taking more girls "tomorrow".
    • X 2:5) Tyrone goes to Brigid and finds her tied up. He teleports to Tandy.
    • Y 2:4, 2:5) Mayhem questions the driver.
    • Z 2:5) Tyrone and Brigid arrive and Tandy is confused as to how that could be Brigid.
    • AA 2:5) Mayhem walks to Brigid, Tyrone, and Tandy and admits that the cat is out of the bag.
    • AB 3) Mina experiments.
    • AD 3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
      • 2:3) 26:40-27:11
        • 2:3) 26:40 Scene 1 begins - Set as 00:00.
        • 2:3) 27:03 You get lost on the way to prom? - So 00:23.
        • 2:3) 27:06 I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want - So 00:26.
        • 2:3) 27:11 Scene 1 ends - So 00:31.
      • 2:4) 32:04-35:24.
        • 2:4) 32:04 Scene 2 begins - 2 seconds before -00:08 so -00:10.
        • 2:4) 32:06 Tandy looks at her phone - 31 seconds before 00:23 so -00:08.
        • 2:4) 32:37 You get lost on the way to prom? - 00:23.
        • 2:4) 32:40 I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want - 00:26.
        • 2:4) 32:48 You coming? - So 00:34.
        • 2:4) 33:03 Wait, wai-wai-wait - So 00:49.
        • 2:4) 34:13 Ball of light goes off - So 01:59.
        • 2:4) 34:55 Keep a lookout - So 02:41.
        • 2:4) 35:04 Tandy finishes leaving - So 02:50.
        • 2:4) 35:13 You know what? - So 02:59.
        • 2:4) 35:18 His throat is punctured - So 03:04.
        • 2:4) 35:24 Scene 2 ends - So 03:10.
      • 2:5) 39:50-41:32
        • 2:5) 39:50 Scene 3 begins - 10 seconds before 01:58 so 01:48.
        • 2:5) 40:00 Look if - if you're in there - 25 seconds before 02:23 so 01:58.
        • 2:5) 40:25 Scissors - 27 seconds before 02:50 so 02:23.
        • 2:5) 40:52 Teleports - 8 seconds before 02:58 so 02:50.
        • 2:5) 41:00 Wait if you're here then who? - 6 seconds before 03:04 so 02:58.
        • 2:5) 41:06 His throat is punctured - 03:04.
        • 2:5) 41:24 Well I guess the cat's out of the bag - So 03:22.
        • 2:5) 41:32 Scene 3 ends - So 03:30.
      • So:
    • -00:10 - 2:4) 32:04 Scene 2 begins.
    • -00:08 - 2:4) 32:06 Tandy looks at her phone.
    • 00:00 - 2:3) 26:40 Scene 1 begins.
    • 00:23 - 2:3) 27:03/2:4) 32:37 You get lost on the way to prom?
    • 00:26 - 2:3) 27:06/2:4) 32:40 I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want.
    • 00:31 - 2:3) 27:11 Scene 1 ends.
    • 00:34 - 2:4) 32:48 You coming?
    • 00:49 - 2:4) 33:03 Wait, wai-wai-wait.
    • 01:48 - 2:5) 39:50 Scene 3 begins.
    • 01:58 - 2:5) 40:00 Look if - if you're in there.
    • 01:59 - 2:4) 34:13 Ball of light goes off.
    • 02:23 - 2:5) 40:25 Scissors.
    • 02:41 - 2:4) 34:55 Keep a lookout.
    • 02:50 - 2:4) 35:04 Tandy finishes leaving/2:5) 40:52 Teleports.
    • 02:58 - 2:5) 41:00 Wait if you're here then who?
    • 02:59 - 2:4) 35:13 You know what?
    • 03:04 - 2:4) 35:18/2:5) 41:06 His throat is punctured.
    • 03:10 - 2:4) 35:24 Scene 2 ends.
    • 03:22 - 2:5) 41:24 Well I guess the cat's out of the bag.
    • 03:30 - 2:5) 41:32 Scene 3 ends.
    • 3) Mina experiments.
    • 3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
  • Sun 29 22:25: AE 3) Mina explains the aggressive mouse.
  • Sun 29 23:25: AF 3) O'Reilly realises Mayhem wants her dead. "236 days ago" from this point.
  • Mon 30 00:00: AC Sunday 29th-Monday 30th midnight.
  • Mon 30 00:26: AG 3) O'Reilly picks up Mayhem's key and finds her room, plastered with clippings.
  • Mon 30 01:27: AH 3) Posters. "200 days ago" from this point. Tandy says another job will be "tonight".
  • Mon 30 02:27: AI 3) Playing cards.
  • Mon 30 03:28: AJ 3) Mayhem finds Delgado. She says she is about to sin.
  • Mon 30 04:29: AK 3) Strip club. "122 days ago" from this point.
  • Mon 30 05:29: AL 3) They find the girls, saved by Mayhem. "113" and "102 days ago" from this point.
  • Mon 30 06:30: AM 3) The girls are shaken. Tyrone uses their fears to realise where the men were heading. The club was "48 hours ago".

Saturday 28th continued

[Episode 2]

  • 06:30 - 2:1) The dying man draws a symbol. Tandy and Tyrone arrive.
  • 2:3) Brigid drinks.
  • 2:1, 2:2, 2:3) Brigid arrives on the scene/2:3) Brigid calls in the massacre/2:1, 2:2) Tandy says miserable living is on the person who chooses to live like that.
    • 00:00 - 2:1) 02:16 Scene 1 begins.
    • 01:28 - 2:3a) 21:32 Scene 3a begins.
    • 01:38 - 2:1) 03:54/2:3a) 21:42 Have you touched anything?
    • 01:47 - 2:2a) 13:21 Scene 2a begins.
    • 01:50 - 2:1) 04:06/2:2a) 13:24/2:3a) 21:54 The symbol blows away.
    • 01:53 - 2:3a) 21:57 Scene 3a ends.
    • 01:55 - 2:1) 04:11/2:2a) 13:29 If you don't leave now.
    • 01:59 - 2:2a) 13:33 Scene 2a ends.
    • 02:05 - 2:3b) 21:57 Scene 3b begins.
    • 02:15 - 2:1) 04:31/3b) 22:07 The door closes/2:2b) 13:33 Scene 2b begins.
    • 02:17 - 2:1) 04:33/2:2b) 13:35 She didn't mean.
    • 02:23 - 2:1) 04:39/2:2b) 13:41 Or it's on them.
    • 02:26 - 2:1) 04:42/2:2b) 13:44 Those people in the club.
    • 02:29 - 2:3b) 22:21 I need to make a report.
    • 02:39 - 2:1) 04:55/2:2b) 13:57 And why not?
    • 02:42 - 2:3b) 22:34 Scene 3b ends.
    • 02:50 - 2:1) 05:06/2:2b) 14:08 Doing nothing is not a solution.
    • 02:52 - 2:1) 05:08 Scene 1 ends/2:2b) 14:10 Like Brigid said.
    • 03:00 - 2:2b) 14:18 Scene 2b ends.
  • 2:2) Tandy tells Mikayla to walk out. Melissa tells her she probably just drove Mikayla to Jeremy.
    • Meeting, so should be a Saturday.
  • 2:1) Tyrone visits Chantelle and sees Evita.
    • 8 months since Evita last saw Tyrone on February 28, 2017, so around late October.
  • 2:2) Tandy confronts Jeremy.
        • Chevrolet El Camino.
  • 19:00 - 2:3) Mayhem mocks Brigid.
    • Mayhem taking over from O'Reilly is about 12 hours after the club, "36 hours" before Episode 3.

Sunday 29th

  • 01:35 - 2:2) Tandy practices ballet.
  • 04:43 - 2:3) Mayhem looks at the crime scene.
  • 11:02 - 2:1) Tyrone ends up in the back of the ambulance taking Mikayla but can't help.
  • 11:53 - 2:2) Tandy visits Lia and meets Andre. Mikayla has been gone all night. Andre talks to Tandy about his migraines. Tandy causes an electrical outage.
    • Mikayla hasn't been seen all night.
  • 13:34 - 2:3) Mayhem goes to the LaTour residence and gets information.
        • Govinsky.
        • Sotheby's.
  • 14:25 - 2:5) Evita teaches Tyrone breathing. They teleport.
  • 14:25 - 2:4) Andre finds Tandy again and shows her the missing children. He lets her know Mikayla has shown up at hospital.
        • Hymn to Saint Brigid.
      • Dara McNair last seen "January 3rd".
  • 14:25 - 2:5) They teleport to the hospital. Tyrone and Evita kiss in the hospital.
  • 17:55 - 2:4) Tandy visits Mikayla in hospital.
  • 21:24 - 2:3, 2:4) Mayhem and Tandy get to the ambulance park at the same time/2:4) Mayhem and Tandy take down the ambulance driver. Tandy walks away. They're taking more girls "tomorrow"/2:5) Tyrone goes to Brigid and finds her tied up. He teleports to Tandy/2:4, 2:5) Mayhem questions the driver/2:5) Tyrone and Brigid arrive and Tandy is confused as to how that could be Brigid/2:5) Mayhem walks to Brigid, Tyrone, and Tandy and admits that the cat is out of the bag/3) Mina experiments/3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
    • -00:10 - 2:4) 32:04 Scene 2 begins.
    • -00:08 - 2:4) 32:06 Tandy looks at her phone.
    • 00:00 - 2:3) 26:40 Scene 1 begins.
    • 00:23 - 2:3) 27:03/2:4) 32:37 You get lost on the way to prom?
    • 00:26 - 2:3) 27:06/2:4) 32:40 I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want.
    • 00:31 - 2:3) 27:11 Scene 1 ends.
    • 00:34 - 2:4) 32:48 You coming?
    • 00:49 - 2:4) 33:03 Wait, wai-wai-wait.
    • 01:48 - 2:5) 39:50 Scene 3 begins.
    • 01:58 - 2:5) 40:00 Look if - if you're in there.
    • 01:59 - 2:4) 34:13 Ball of light goes off.
    • 02:23 - 2:5) 40:25 Scissors.
    • 02:41 - 2:4) 34:55 Keep a lookout.
    • 02:50 - 2:4) 35:04 Tandy finishes leaving/2:5) 40:52 Teleports.
    • 02:58 - 2:5) 41:00 Wait if you're here then who?
    • 02:59 - 2:4) 35:13 You know what?
    • 03:04 - 2:4) 35:18/2:5) 41:06 His throat is punctured.
    • 03:10 - 2:4) 35:24 Scene 2 ends.
    • 03:22 - 2:5) 41:24 Well I guess the cat's out of the bag.
    • 03:30 - 2:5) 41:32 Scene 3 ends.
    • The driver says there's another run tomorrow.

[Episode 3]

    • 3) Mina experiments.
      • Rat has been trying out maze for the last 3 months.
        • Ratatouille.
    • 3) Mayhem says she will find the girls. She shoots but Tyrone gets them away. 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out.
    • 242 days ago Mayhem crawled out. Scenes before this scene, but culminates in this being "now". At the earliest that was February 28, 2017 (could be a jump back like how film credits scenes aren't necessarily linear), which would make this October 28, 2017. However, it would appear this is a Sunday, so Sunday, October 29, 2017 works (also means that Evita's "8 months" line is on the day exactly 8 months on, October 28th), making the scene March 1, 2017 - works, since it's at the end of the episode which ends on March 1, 2017.
  • 22:25 - 3) Mina explains the aggressive mouse.
  • 23:25 - 3) O'Reilly realises Mayhem wants her dead. "236 days ago" from this point.
      • "236 days ago" from this point.

Monday 30th

  • 00:26 - 3) O'Reilly picks up Mayhem's key and finds her room, plastered with clippings.
  • 01:27 - 3) Posters. "200 days ago" from this point. Tandy says another job will be "tonight".
      • "200 days ago" from this point.
    • The driver said there was going to be another job tonight. He said "tomorrow", so this should be now the next day, though it's complicated.
  • 02:27 - 3) Playing cards.
  • 03:28 - 3) Mayhem finds Delgado. She says she is about to sin.
  • 04:29 - 3) Strip club. "122 days ago" from this point.
      • "122 days ago" from this point.
  • 05:29 - 3) They find the girls, saved by Mayhem. "113" and "102 days ago" from this point.
      • "113 days ago" from this point.
      • "102 days ago" from this point.
  • 06:30 - 3) The girls are shaken. Tyrone uses their fears to realise where the men were heading. The club was "48 hours ago".
    • The club was "48 hours ago". So this is in fact just later that night, which makes more sense. I guess the ambulance driver was referring to early hours tomorrow, same night.
  • Mina works.
  • Delgado rants and raves about there being no plan.
  • Tandy and Tyrone arrive at the place the men were headed to.
  • Tandy attacks with a ball of light.
    • It was night "36 hours ago". As explained, this is nearly dawn so just over 48 hours ago was just before sunrise, 36 hours ago was just after sunset.
  • Tyrone teleports girls to safety.
  • Tandy dives out of the way as Mayhem runs over a trafficker.
  • Tyrone takes Mayhem into the Cloak's dimension.
  • Mayhem finds Fuchs inside the dimension.

[Episode 4]

  • Tyrone admits it took Connors.
  • Brigid takes the girls to the Bywater Station House.
  • Tandy is angry he didn't tell her. She offers to enter.
    • End of Season 1 was "months" ago, mentioned twice.
  • One of the Kings is interrogated. He asks for his phone call.
  • Tyrone describes what happened with Connors.
  • The Kings man calls to say Tyrone was responsible.
    • Tyrone's poster appears to say he is 18.
    • Tyrone "blew up [their] action last night".
  • O'Reilly is told this is not her case, as they arrest the girls for prostitution.
  • Tandy enters Tyrone's dimension.
  • Tandy finds a gas station.
  • Brigid calls to warn Tyrone they might come after his mother.
  • Tyrone visits his mother.
    • Billy August 1, 1990, 17 again.
  • Tandy meets That Which Stands at the Crossroads.
  • Adina panics.
  • TWSatC tells Tandy to pay to play.
  • Adina packs things in a hurry.
        • Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies by J. William Worden
        • In the Beauty of the Lilies by John Updike.
        • Grief Cottage by Gail Goodwin.
        • The Age of Louis XIV by Will and Ariel Durant. By association, Louis XIV.
  • Tandy is worried about giving up her dagger.
  • Adina finishes as the gangsters arrive.
  • Tandy gives the dagger and gets a coin.
  • Tyrone prepares to teleport.
  • Tandy looks at the coin.
  • Tyrone can't teleport. They run away.
  • Tandy sees herself through the binoculars then finds herself on the other end.
  • Adina hotwires a Lexus.
        • Lexus.
  • Tandy enters a building and Mayhem ambushes her. She says there's no way out.
  • O'Reilly enters the house and calls for Adina and Tyrone. She finds a file. The police call in the lead on Tyrone.
  • Adina says he shouldn't be in New Orleans. They drive up to a police blockade.
  • Mayhem sees nothing in mirrors while Tandy sees many versions of herself.
    • Mayhem has been here for hours.
  • Adina and Tyrone ditch the car and rush from the police.
  • They get on a tram but the boy from the Kings that Tyrone saved board, and they jump off.
  • Tandy and Mayhem. find a room where someone has been living.
    • Connors has been there for months, mentioned twice.
  • Tyrone takes his mother to a church where no one will come since it's thought to be haunted by vampire nuns.
      • 300-year-old vampire nuns, so the story would be from 300 years ago.
  • Mayhem says men don't need Tandy's help. They find a mysterious room of records.
  • Tyrone starts to tell his mother the story of the nuns.
  • Mayhem says these disappearances are different to usual.
  • Tyrone continues to tell the story.
  • Mayhem says that many of the girls taken were lost already.
  • Tyrone talks about the transatlantic voyage.
  • Mayhem says the girls were lifted without a trace.
  • Tyrone talks about the girls being sneaked into the city.
  • Mayhem doesn't understand the captors' rhyme or reason.
  • Tyrone finishes the story.
      • When New Orleans was still an up and coming trading port, France sent women to help populate the city. These girls would travel across the Atlantic, unknowingly being sent into the arms of vagrants and thieves. Usually never to be heard from by their families again. Legend has it that the King of France hand-picked these group of girls known as the "Casquette Women". Each one travelled with their casket-shaped box. The transatlantic voyage was rough. It chapped their skin, ruined their hair, making them grotesque to the men tasked with selling them. Their appearance was so unsightly that they were sneaked into the city under the cover of night. And hidden in the attic of the convent. The next day, a horse drawn carriage slowly pulled two dozen caskets from the dock into the convent here with no explanation as to what was in them. And the legend of the Clemence vampires was born.
  • Mayhem and Tandy agree that the person behind the kidnappings must be linked to the record room.
  • Adina says she doesn't like Tandy.
    • Adina says Tandy's visit, on the anniversary of Billy's death when she stole Adina's ID, was "last year".
  • Mayhem and Tandy look through Tandy's records, realising they chronicle the times she felt lack of hope.
  • The boy finds Adina and Tyrone and reports to the Kings.
  • Tandy's first record.
      • Tandy's parents argue. Tandy is a baby, so c. 1999.
        • ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears, Galia Arad version.
  • Adina and Tyrone try to talk down the boy.
  • Tandy's second record.
      • Tandy's parents argue as Tandy sits on the sofa, c. 2005 since it's another younger actress.
        • We Don't Want To Go Home by Nina Sky.
  • Tyrone tells his mother there's another way out.
  • Tandy accepts that she just has to get through one more record.
  • The boy makes the Kings leave. Tyrone tells Adina he got him to say the police are coming. He the calls O'Reilly.
  • Tandy's final record.
      • Tandy's parents argue, Melissa can't find her keys. c. 2009.
  • O'Reilly enters to talk to Tyrone as the police arrive. Adina leaves, Tyrone fails to teleport again.
  • Tandy smashes the record, but finds Mayhem is gone.
      • The key argument continues/finishes.
  • The police enter with guns.
    • Tyrone is 18.
  • Connors picks up a poncho.
  • Tyrone is anxious.
  • Mayhem finds Connors.
  • Tyrone looks out of the window.
  • Mayhem ties a rope around Connors' neck.
  • Tyrone thinks.
  • Mayhem hoists the noose.
  • Tyrone runs for the door.
  • Connors says he is sorry, but Mayhem resumes
  • Tyrone can't open the door and prepares to surrender.
  • Tandy attacks Mayhem and gets her dagger back.
  • Tyrone waits.
  • Tandy slices the rope.
  • Tyrone continues to wait.
  • Tandy says she broke the rules as the place distorts.
  • Tyrone teleports.
  • Tyrone arrives back in the church. Tandy is back. Connors is as well, and escapes through the window. Mayhem has been left behind.

[Episode 5]

  • Otis does bead work.
  • O'Reilly shoots. She's still off.
  • 11:51 - Tandy apologises.
        • 11:51AM.
  • Melissa tells Tandy about last night. Tandy is unimpressed.
      • Last night.
  • Tyrone goes to O'Reilly for help, but she says no.
  • 23:56 - Tyrone texts Tandy for help.
        • 11:56PM. Looks light but might just be the lighting of the church.

Tuesday 31st

  • Tyrone says he can't wait any longer.
  • Connors goes to dig.
    • If that was 11:56PM, this should be the morning now.
  • Tyrone takes magazines out.
  • Connors walks the number of steps.
  • Tyrone sorts.
  • Connors finds the spot.
  • Tyrone looks at shells.
  • Connors digs.
  • Tyrone pours out gunpowder.
  • Connors goes to his car boot.
  • Tyrone puts his hand in the gunpowder pile.
  • Connors gets a saw from his car.
  • Tyrone scatters the powder.
  • Connors stands by the water.
  • Tyrone uses a veve.
  • Connors says he wants to help.
  • Tyrone is suspicious. Connors cuffs himself.
  • Tandy visits Andre.
    • The girls' rescue was a couple of nights ago, which lines up with the 11:56PM.
  • O'Reilly looks at Fuchs' obituary.
    • "Fuchs, aged 32, passed away on February 11, 2018."
  • Otis talks to his friend. Tyrone arrives with Connors.
        • Target.
  • Tandy talks to Lia to try to get information.
  • Connors is tied to a chair. He starts to talk.
  • Tandy talks about Liam.
  • Connors talks about his uncle, Asa Henderson.
  • Tandy says she and the boy took on the whole city.
  • Connors says his family have been in New Orleans for ages.
      • Great great grandfather was a founding member of the Promenade Society.
  • Tandy says they even jacked a few people.
  • Tyrone realises the Promenade Society is where Connors covered up the murder.
  • Lia says she knows what that's like.
  • Connors explains how he called his uncle.
      • An afternoon at the Promenade Society was all it took to cover up the murder.
  • Lia says it sounds like Tandy's ex brought out the worst in her. She says the best and worst.
  • Connors talks about the Monopoly file.
        • Monopoly, get out of jail free card.
  • Tandy says she should face her ex one last time.
  • Connors talks more about the file.
  • Tandy asks Lia to come with her.
  • O'Reilly finds her courage.
  • Tandy and Tyrone meet, with Tandy using him to look like her abusive boyfriend to Lia. Tyrone realises and becomes angry. He leaves, saying he doesn't need her.
  • Lia starts to talk about her horrible ex, Eric.
  • Otis says he doesn't trust Connors.
  • Lia talks about how Eric used her.
  • Otis admits, however, that people do change.
  • Lia talks about how she eventually said yes to Eric, until she found Andre.
  • Tyrone asks if Connors deserves justice.
  • Tandy says she hopes Eric is locked up somewhere. Lia scoffs.
  • Otis says Tyrone's chance is too good to pass up.
  • Lia explains that Eric is a top drug runner.
  • Otis says that if Connors is lying, he will kill him.
  • Tandy asks where the grow house is.
  • Connors says he knows what happens if he's lying.
  • Tyrone sneaks into the steam room on Connors' instructions to steal the keys.
  • O'Reilly comes to help.
  • Tandy watches the grow house.
  • O'Reilly breaks into the Promenade Society and says there's a bomb threat.
  • Tandy walks through the bushes.
  • The man says there isn't a threat, but a bomb goes off.
  • Tandy looks around the grow house.
  • The men evacuate the society building.
  • Eric finds Tandy.
  • Tyrone tells O'Reilly that either way with Connors, the problem is solved.
  • Tandy kicks Eric.
  • Tyrone goes looking for the file.
  • Eric's men arrive and attack Tandy.
  • Tyrone teleports to the wine storage where Connors told him the file was.
  • Tandy struggles with pepper spray in her eyes.
  • Tyrone finds number 4, as Connors instructed.
  • Tandy gets up, starting a ball of light.
  • Tyrone inserts the key.
  • Tandy forms a ball of light.
  • Tyrone looks inside.
  • Tandy unleashes the ball.
  • Tyrone taps a bottle.
  • Tandy hits a man.
  • Tyrone taps another.
  • Tandy swipes with a light dagger
  • Tyrone taps another.
  • Tandy hits one with a spade.
  • Tyrone taps another.
  • Tandy hits another.
  • Tyrone taps another.
  • Tandy throws a pot at a guy.
  • Tyrone finishes tapping and finds the hollow bottle.
  • Tandy interrogates Eric but he says he does not know who is taking the girls.
  • Tyrone opens the special bottle but finds nothing.
  • Otis waits. There's a knock. He goes to the door, but looks back and finds Connors gone.
  • Tyrone teleports Connors to the church and punches him, accusing him of setting him up.
  • Tyrone sees Connors' fears.
  • Tyrone decides he will take Connors to someone else for judgment.
  • O'Reilly is still off.
  • Tyrone takes Connors to Adina.
  • Lia comforts Tandy, only to tase her and kidnap her.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy greets people.
  • Tandy is in a van.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": A story.
  • Tandy is taken away.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": The farmer looked at the viper.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy talks about the farmer's tough choice whether or not to help the viper.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy says the farmer went back out in the storm to build his fire.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy talks about the moral of the story.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy proposes a toast to Tyrone.

[Episode 6]

  • Hands go through the records.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Young Tandy and Tyrone are found by Nathan and Billy.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy proposes a toast to Tyrone. Connors arrives, and is a friend.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy wanders. Nathan asks Tandy to sort ballet tickets for a friend.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Adina and Billy sing. Chantelle and Otis dance, and Melissa dances with Duane. Tandy panics when Nathan reaches to Melissa's face, but he assures her he was just getting confetti out.
        • The Sweet By-and-By.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": Tandy and Tyrone talk about when he saved her.
    • Tyrone was "9 years old" on the night of the incident.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Perfect Life": In a convenience store, a racist man hits on Tandy and the clerk agrees with his comments. He spots Tyrone's gun and is scared he's being robbed, pulling a gun on them. Tyrone says Tandy will get his badge out. However, she sees something and drops her bags and the clerk shoots. She reaches for Tyrone but their powers activate and repel them.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Melissa finishes up making lunch for Tandy.
  • The man turns the record to the B side.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Melissa talks to Tandy ahead of her heading out to help Roxxon with their old rig.
    • 10 years since Nathan moved away. Unclear if this is related to the date of the incident, which should be 8 years, 8 months ago.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Tandy gets to the rig.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Tandy meets brother workers Tyrone and Billy. Mina arrives and is rude.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Tandy talks to Tyrone as they work. She realises the pressures have been building for the past month. She starts to tell Mina what will happen if the drill stops, like her father did to Ivan.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Tandy spots a man, the same thing she spotted in the convenience store. The heat builds and the pipes begin to burst.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Fractured Family": Tandy tries to help Mina and suddenly manifests a dagger.
  • Lia sedates Tandy further.
  • The man turns the record again, but it has a new A side.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "All Alone": Tandy approaches Liam for helping the shorebirds. She flirts, and Liam's girlfriend, Mikayla, wants him to leave. She gets him to sign, however, using the opportunity to pickpocket him.
      • Roxxon moved to Pensacola 20 years ago.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "All Alone": Tandy runs and gets in a car that Tyrone is stealing, telling him to drive.
        • Mercedes-Benz.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "All Alone": Tyrone realises Tandy is using and mentions his brother. She says Mikayla's name and is surprised, not knowing how she knew it. She says Tyrone's as well, surprising him. The police catch up and they drive away, with Tyrone driving into a lay-by to evade them. However, they nearly drive into a man and swerve to avoid him.
  • Lia tells the man, Andre, to put Tandy back under. Andre says they have nearly found her breaking point.
  • Andre changes the record.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy is confused as she asks Liam about the shorebirds. She sees Andre in the street. She unintentionally steals Liam's wallet and runs from police but finds no car. She goes through a door.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy finds herself in the rig. Mina blames her.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy finds herself back in the original vision, still in her Roxxon clothes. Nathan grabs her and tells her to stop causing a scene. She thinks about seeing the man in every vision, and shouts at her father to shut up.
  • Tandy breaks out into the cloak dimension and finds Andre in the record store. Andre explains his struggle with pain. She tries to stab the record.
      • Andre tried to kill himself on the night of the explosion, but was hit by the explosion and was able to sometimes get rid of his headaches.
    • Andre incorrectly says Tandy stole people's hope "last year".
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy thinks she has woken. She escapes from the ambulance.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy finds Tyrone in his church.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy and Tyrone bring in O'Reilly and she brings in the police. However, Tandy insists that the police won't stop Andre, so she and Tyrone head after him themselves.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy and Tyrone go to the meeting group. Lia threatens Mikayla but Tandy saves her and Lia runs. Andre threatens them with a gun, and when Tandy says that she does have one person in her life, Tyrone, Andre shoots him.
    • Tandy Completely Immersed in "Jam Session": Tandy believes she has returned to the cloak dimension with Tyrone. Andre gets her to give up her hope by handing over her dagger.
  • Andre tells Lia Tandy is ready. She is taken from the ambulance.


Wednesday 1st

[Episode 7]

  • Andre plays trumpet. Tandy lies, still asleep.
  • O'Reilly and Tyrone look at the crime scene in the grow house.
  • Tandy wakes and is angry at Andre.
  • Tyrone feels bad for what he said to Tandy.
  • Tandy is taken by Lia.
  • Adina talks to Connors, saying she is not sure if his helpfulness for Tyrone outweighs justice for him killing Billy.
      • Adina made crabcake the night after Billy went missing.
  • Tandy meets Del.
      • Tandy has been attending the group for "weeks now".
  • Tyrone meets Andre, who takes the opportunity to touch him.
  • In the cloak dimension, Andre finds a "Tandy + Tyrone" record.
  • Andre asks if Tyrone is OK.
  • Meanwhile in the cloak dimension, he plays the record to affect Tyrone's feelings.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy + Tyrone"): Andre says Tyrone looks bad.
  • The record keeps playing.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy + Tyrone"): Andre says Tyrone and Tandy live in different worlds and live by different rules. Tyrone stands up for Tandy however.
  • Realising the record is not enough to affect Tyrone, he stops it.
  • Tyrone says Tandy is "just..."
  • Andre removes the needle.
  • Tyrone says Tandy is good at packing away her remorse.
  • Andre flips the record.
  • Andre says that if Tyrone had done half the things Tandy has, he'd be in jail. Tyrone denies this and goes to leave.
  • Andre plays "Tandy Does Not Care About You".
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy Does Not Care About You"): Andre says Tandy will leave Tyrone alone. Tyrone tries to insist she wouldn't.
  • The record spins.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy Does Not Care About You"): Andre convinces Tyrone he is better off leaving Tandy behind.
  • Andre smiles in the cloak dimension, having succeeded.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy Does Not Care About You"): Tyrone leaves.
  • Tandy talks to Del about the way things work.
  • Connors is honest with Adina. Otis arrives.
    • Connors says he spent the last 8 months alone, also meaning the time since he got back is negligible.
  • In the cloak dimension, Andre finds Chantelle on Tyrone's records. Mayhem arrives.
  • Andre visits Chantelle in real life.
    • Andre has had migraines for a few years. We know it's at least 8 years.
  • Tandy decides to leave.
  • Tandy is caught, and finds out Del told Lia. When instructed, Del breathes drugs onto Tandy.
  • As Adina and Otis argue, Connors tries to escape. However, Adina returns and he gives up, returning to where he was.
  • Mayhem roams the record shop in the cloak dimension.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Tandy Does Not Care About You"): Tyrone is on a tram.
  • Mayhem removes the needle.
  • Tyrone notices a change.
  • Mayhem discards "Tandy Does Not Care About You".
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Perfect Life"): Tyrone sits as ballerinas get onto the tram. He teleports away.
  • Lia dresses Tandy, who cannot move.
  • Mayhem looks through records.
  • Tyrone walks.
  • Mayhem puts on Ambulances.
  • (Tyrone's Head Affected by "Ambulance Sirens"): Tyrone sees ambulances everywhere.
  • Tyrone calls Brigid, saying that he thinks Tandy was on an ambulance.
  • Chantelle says Andre is nearly a god and becomes wary of him. He enters the cloak dimension, but she follows.
  • Tyrone makes a big veve on a rooftop.
  • Tyrone attacks one of the ambulance drivers.
  • Tandy tells Dal that they are lying to her.
    • Some other girls were supposed to come a couple of days ago. Yesterday it was a couple of nights ago, so I guess this is absolutely confirmed as almost 3 days after Tandy stopped the kidnapping, 2 days after they were supposed to arrive at the motel.
  • Andre decides to kill Chantelle. He gets her to listen to a memory, then stops her heartbeat record. Chantelle subtly warns Mayhem not to intervene.
  • Connors admits he buried Billy in a fairground.
  • Chantelle lies dead in her home.
  • The abducted girls wash clothes.
  • Del spots an unlocked phone as the guard looks at a vending machine.
        • Snickers.
        • iPhone.
  • Tandy is afraid.
  • Lia finds Del as she is searching the Internet on the iPhone.
  • A man enters Tandy's room.
  • Del tells Lia she knows now that her family have been searching for her.
  • The man puts money on Tandy's bedside.
  • Del tells Lia she now has hope.
  • Tandy makes a dagger, her hope restored.
  • Mayhem throws records to smash them.
      • Some sort of "May 21st 197-" banner.
  • Tyrone drives an ambulance.
  • Tandy steels herself.
  • Lia tries to make Del think she is unwanted.
  • Tyrone arrives at the motel, crashing the ambulance.
  • Mayhem puts a record on.
  • Tandy attacks Lia, helping Del.
  • Tyrone fights the guard.
  • Tandy breaks out.
  • Tyrone wins his fight by teleporting around the guard.
  • Mayhem tries another record.
  • Tyrone breaks into the motel. Tandy breaks out.
  • Mayhem puts the record on.
  • Tandy breaks into a room.
  • Mayhem throws records.
  • Tandy attacks a man.
  • Mayhem bounces another record onto the floor.
  • Tyrone fights.
  • Tandy throws daggers and breaks through a wall. They reunite, but Tyrone collapses. Dark energy is expelled from him.

[Episode 8]

  • Samedi looks at Tyrone's figure.
  • Tandy can't get Tyrone to respond.

Thursday 2nd

  • Lia and Andre steal a car.
  • Tandy calls Evita.
  • O'Reilly comes to the church.
  • Adina visits Delgado.
  • Tandy and O'Reilly dive into Tyrone's dimension.
  • They meet Papa Legba.
  • Tandy ends up in the arcade and O'Reilly in the mall.
  • Tandy says she will play for Tyrone.
  • Adina asks Delgado to submit evidence.
  • Andre uses Lia's despair. He finds the records destroyed.
  • Mayhem captures O'Reilly.
  • Evita tries to communicate with Papa Legba but gets signs from Chantelle.
  • Tyrone gets Tandy to play and they end up inside the game.
  • Mayhem and O'Reilly talk.
      • Crick-its World Tour May 21st 1974 poster.
  • Chantelle visits Evita and tells her that she needs to take her place, which means marrying a Loa.
      • Evita is planning for college.
  • Delgado tells Adina that she needs to confess.
  • Tyrone and Tandy progress through the levels.
  • Evita uses a voodoo model.
  • Tandy and Tyrone fight trough the motel level.
  • Evita is upset.
  • Tandy and Tyrone reach the boss level - Andre. Tandy disappears.
  • O'Reilly and Mayhem reach an agreement.
        • Smurfs.
    • O'Reilly was at the motel "today".
  • Tandy tells Samedi the game sucks.
  • Evita begins a prayer.
  • Tyrone is angry at Tandy for ditching the game.
  • Evita says that for the rest of her days, she is her new husband's.
  • Tandy tells Tyrone he as to come back but he doesn't want to.
  • Evita starts seeing dancers.
  • Tandy tells Tyrone he is dying.
  • Dancers continue.
  • Tandy asks Tyrone to remember who he cares about.
  • Evita is concerned for Tyrone.
  • Tandy says she is upset about Andre showing Tyrone dead.
  • Chantelle dances.
  • Tyrone says Andre messed with his head too.
  • Chantelle continues to dance.
  • Tandy says she would rather fight 100 times with Tyrone than one time without.
  • "To have and to hold."
  • "So if you're staying here..."
  • "In sickness and in health."
  • "... Then so am I."
  • A candle blows in the church.
  • Samedi asks what it will be, but when Tyrone dawdles, a decision is made for him - Evita's marriage.
  • The group return to the real world.
  • Adina confesses to killing Connors.
      • Adina hasn't confessed in 7 years.
    • Adina killed Connors last night.
  • Andre leaves Lia behind on the road.
  • Evita is sad as Chantelle is taken away.
  • Tandy discovers that her mother has relapsed.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem lights a lighter.
  • Tandy becomes upset.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem looks around, holding the lighter.
  • Tandy is upset and cries.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem lights papers on fire.
  • Tandy slumps.
  • The papers burn.
  • Tandy cries.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem watches them burning.
  • Tandy sobs.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem flips her hair.
  • Tyrone joins Tandy and comforts her.

Friday 3rd

[Episode 9]

  • Andre plays one of Mikayla's records. He has Melissa's.
      • "96 months ago" Andre fails to hold the blue note.
  • Tyrone decides to look for Andre, but is nervous about leaving Tandy. She assures him.
  • 10:21 - Tandy leaves her mother a message apologising. O'Reilly/Mayhem tells her she should have stayed away, but lets her join in her car.
        • 10:21AM.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem says the girls from the Viking Motel started humming and have disappeared.
      • She checked that morning for the girls, but they'd gone.
  • As they drive, they come across Lia's body and insist on taking her.
  • Tyrone follows Solomon. He calls his mother, and she says Connors is helping, but he teleports outside and sees her burning bloody newspaper.
      • "92 months ago" Andre is overcome by pain.
  • Tandy can find nothing in Lia's head, so prepares to kill her, but O'Reilly/Mayhem convinces her to wait for Tyrone to see if he can help.
  • Tyrone talks to Solomon saying he wants to meet with the Uptown Block Kings.
    • Tyrone says, "Ain't seen this one before," so it might not be the latest paper - "Luke Cage in Harlem Rumble" by Karen Page. Probably from about a month ago.
  • Tyrone joins Tandy in the church. They enter Lia's mind.
      • "92 months ago" Andre prepares to jump. The oil rig explodes and he slips.
      • "92 months ago" the next day, Andre meets Lia and discovers his power.
  • Tyrone and Tandy enter Lia's memory and see Andre offering her to come with him.
  • They descend further and see Lia playing cello. Tandy takes her sheet music.
  • Andre finds a reissued Lia record and puts it on.
  • The duo come back out to the offer memory, but Andre takes control of himself in the vision. He says he is going to become a god.
      • Andre has had his migraines for "years".
    • Tandy and Tyrone have had their powers for "8 months". Closer to 9 but oh well.
      • Andre has had his powers for "8 years".
  • Tandy and Tyrone escape.
  • Tyrone gets a call - Solomon has arranged a meeting.
    • "85 months ago": Andre and Lia start their group and he collects despairs by shaking hands.

Saturday 4th

  • Tyrone knocks out a bunch of gangsters.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem says she is not waiting anymore and prepares to kill Lia.
  • Tyrone finds a gang leader.
    • Halloween party poster, lines up.
  • Tandy says O'Reilly/Mayhem can't kill Lia.
        • O'Reilly/Mayhem told Tandy not to kill Lia hours ago.
  • Tyrone takes the leader to the top of a Roxxon building and drops him off.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem says that just because bad things happened to Lia doesn't mean she's justified.
  • Tyrone catches the man and replaces him on the roof, hoping to have scared him.
  • Tandy says Lia deserves justice.
  • The men say they know who Tyrone is, and Tyrone says that they then know they can't stop him.
  • Tandy says O'Reilly/Mayhem doesn't know what it's like to be a victim. She says Tandy is just weak.
  • Tyrone says the men need to start following some rules.
  • A fight begins between Tandy and O'Reilly/Mayhem.
  • Tyrone says he can't stop people buying drugs, but wants them to stop forcing others into drugs.
  • The fight continues.
  • The men say pimps and traffickers are a significant portion of business. Tyrone knocks a man off the building again.
  • The fight continues on.
  • Tyrone catches the man again and says that New Orleans isn't perfect but he'll still fight for it.
  • Tandy and O'Reilly/Mayhem's fight comes to an end.
  • Tyrone says if they don't do what he says, he'll keep fighting them.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem gives in, but says anything Lia does is now Tandy's responsibility.
  • Tyrone says he needs one more thing: the location of a buyer.
  • Tandy delivers Lia to the hospital. Tyrone says he knows where Andre is: Club Delight.
  • Tandy and Tyrone realise they might have to kill Andre together.
  • They get to Club Delight but think they might have the wrong place.
  • Andre kisses his trumpet.
  • Tandy thinks the gang played Tyrone, but they notice a plaque.
  • Andre plays his trumpet.
  • They realise the original club burned down, and that's where Andre will be.
  • They teleport to the location and find nothing, but hear music.
  • They find Andre playing with a group of victims listening. Tandy throws a dagger and Tyrone transports it into Andre, but the victims suddenly disappear.
  • Andre's door opens in the cloak's dimension and he steps through to play.
  • Tandy and Tyrone hear music in the air.

[Episode 10]

  • A robbery happens. The getaway driver suddenly disappears, however.
        • Take on Me by A-ha, Wendy Wang & Inga Roberts cover.
  • The driver appears in Andre's dimension as he plays.
  • Tandy asks what happened, and they realise Andre isn't dead, and must be playing the music on the wind.
        • Just after the end of Episode 9, so sunrise must have happened.
  • Mina helps O'Reilly/Mayhem. She suddenly disappears.
    • Terror incident incorrectly called "last year".
  • Tandy and Tyrone visit Evita.
  • Evita staples Tyrone's cloak to the ground and they open a gateway.
  • Tandy and Tyrone find Papa Legba gone. However, Tyrone helps Tandy to find confidence and they make it to the Esplanade.
  • Evita speaks in French.
  • Tyrone asks Tandy which way to go.
  • Evita chants. A dark creature manifests, but O'Reilly/Mayhem arrives and takes it out. Evita says she has to protect her candle.
  • Tandy and Tyrone get to the mirrors and enter through in the cloak and ballet outfit.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem fights the dark creatures manifesting themselves as riot police.
  • Tandy and Tyrone get to Andre. Tandy throws a dagger but he sends her away, and blows his trumpet at Tyrone to send him away as well.
  • Tandy finds Nathan in her vision.
  • Tyrone finds a version of himself in his vision.
  • Nathan is patronising to Tandy.
  • The other Tyrone says Tyrone threw away his life.
  • "Don't talk to me like that." "Like what?" "Like I don't know what you did."
  • "You couldn't control yourself. You couldn't keep your head down or your pants up. You couldn't let it go." "He killed Billy." "Guess who's still dead."
  • "This is all a big misunderstanding. There are two sides to every story, and I never got a chance to explain." "OK, so explain."
  • "Mom already told you there was no good in harping on it. But you didn't listen. And now, for all your efforts, you're a wanted man."
  • "Yeah, everybody else's fault, but you couldn't share any blame. And I'm not buying any of this."
  • "Maybe you should've been the one who died." The other Tyrone dodges punches. "I knew you were gonna do that. And that too."
  • "Do you think that it's easy to support a family? To raise a child?"
  • "Billy getting shot screwed up our family, but it didn't break it. Your tiny rebellions did.

It also broke her."

        • Books.
  • "I don't think anything's so hard that you'd have to raise your hand at mom. Ever."
  • "She's a murderer now." "No."
  • "That shows how much you know." "I know how a man's supposed to act, and I'm sad I didn't have one for a father."
  • "She's a murderer now, and she's not gonna be able to come back."
  • "You ungrateful - You can't hurt me, pumpkin. I'm already dead."
  • "You gonna be able to look her in the eye?"
  • Tyrone gets out, but finds Tandy still asleep. "Tandy!"
  • "Tyrone?" "There's nobody there, Tandy."
  • Tandy remains asleep.
  • "Tyrone, can you hear me?" "Your friends are all gone." "Not this friend."
  • Tandy also gets back out, but they both slip back in.
  • Tandy finds herself in the grow house.
  • Tyrone runs up the stairs.
  • "Can you hear me?"
  • "Tandy, I hear you!"
  • Nathan emerges. "You can't just get rid of me."
  • The Tyrones punch.
  • "I'm a part of you."
  • The Tyrones tumble down the stairs.
  • "Of who you are."
  • The Tyrones stumble through the stair rail and find themselves in the precinct.
  • "There are certain things you can't escape. Whether you like it or not."
  • "Where are we?" "Ty? Where are you?" "Tandy! Tandy -"
  • "He put us here. Andre, he separated us."
  • Tyrone uses a precinct keyboard to punch the other Tyrone.
  • "Screw that!" Tandy goes through the wall.
  • More punching between the Tyrones.
  • "Follow my voice."
  • The Tyrones wrestle.
  • Tandy looks around, now in a Viking Motel room.
  • Tyrone shoves the other Tyrone into a chair.
  • Tandy gets to the motel room bed.
  • "Tandy!" An officer attacks Tyrone.
  • Tandy looks around.
  • Tyrone avoids more officers. "Ty, you're getting louder." "So are you!"
  • Andre finds Tandy. "Stop fighting it."
  • Tyrone makes his way through the precinct.
  • Andre plays. "Tandy, this way!"
  • Tyrone runs.
  • Tandy opens a door.
  • Tyrone opens a door and they meet, but Andre awaits them once they get through.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem fights the figures.
  • Andre says he's everywhere now, and brings Nathan and the other Tyrone through the doors.
  • One figure reveals themselves to look like Fuchs.
  • Tyrone and Tandy agree to switch partners.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem isn't duped by the figure and pulls the pin on his grenade.
  • "This is not your fight." "What's up? You don't hit men?"
  • "It was stilted enough when I was fighting your boy, but this? This is silly."
  • "I don't know who you are or what Tandy told you, but-"
  • "You do light tricks. Okay? I can move through space." "Tyrone can move through space.

All you can do is play the watered-down, insert-in-a-matinee-playbill version of him.

  • "Let me tell you who I am. I'm the guy who knows everything you did. To your wife and your daughter."
  • "I am the perfect version of him." "You're not even half the man."
  • "I see you. And I see that you need someone to tell you that she came out the other side a hero."
  • "He tried to be perfect. He operated out of fear. I'm not afraid." "That's all you are."
  • "You let down your family. Your wife, your daughter."
  • "My best friend was strong enough to hold himself up in a world hell-bent on knocking him down, again and again."
  • "I was working to make the world a better place."
  • "And he keeps getting up. Again and again."
  • "You were working to break down two beautiful people, because it was too damn inconvenient to build them up, wasn't it?"
  • "He's not aiming for some ideal a bunch of assholes who don't understand him set for him, because that line moves. Always."
  • Tyrone shoves Nathan.
  • The other Tyrone teleports to the other side of Tandy and tries to escape, taking the vision back to the Johnson household.
  • "She came out amazing. Despite all you piled up on her doorstep."
  • "See, the real Ty wouldn't have come at me like that."
  • Tyrone shoves Nathan into a kitchen cabinet door.
  • "He's not basic."
  • "She's smarter than you."
  • "Not predictable."
  • "She's better than you."
  • "He rolls with everything the world throws at him."
  • Tyrone shoves Nathan again.
  • "You know, he lost his brother, then he put it all on his own shoulders."
  • "She's gonna rise out of the ashes of your anger. You just watch."
  • "And I was in trouble, and he reached out and saved me."
  • Tyrone kicks Nathan.
  • "You can't hold a candle to -" Andre enters, "That's enough of that."
  • Andre plays and they slip into visions once again.
  • Tandy finds herself in the motel bed.
  • Tyrone finds himself among cloaks. He calls for Tandy.
  • Tandy hears his voice.
  • "Tandy? Tandy?!"
  • "Nice move, there."
  • "You can run all you want, Mr. Johnson. But there's no escaping yourself."
  • "Now it's time to turn back to your own fear."
  • "Tandy? Tandy's not here anymore." "Where is she?" "You got bigger fish to fry."
  • Nathan enters the motel room.
  • "Time to finish what we started."
  • "Tandy, sweetheart. Look what you got yourself into."
  • The Tyrones punch again.
  • "Screw you."
  • Tyrone kicks again.
  • "What? You think you can just send your friend after me? And put me away? You're too afraid to face me yourself."
  • "It's just you and me! Your own worst enemy! You couldn't save your brother, you couldn't save your family."
  • "You're afraid of me knowing about this, about your friend, Tyrone, knowing." "No. Not anymore. I can't hide anything in my past. I can't put it away. I can't put you away, and I get that now."
  • "You're supposed to be the perfect version of me? I've been fighting you my whole life."
  • "I told you, you can't hurt me with that. How about this? Does this work for you" Tandy produces a light sword.
  • "Day after day, trying to be the perfect student. The perfect son. For what?"
  • "The things you did won't define me. They'll affect me for sure, but only as much as I let them."
  • "I am not perfect. I've never been."
  • "Now all I can do is level up. Be better than you. Than Andre, than the world."
  • "Being angry at the world, when you lean into it, is OK. So long as it allows you to see the things that make you angry and change them. My friend taught me that.
  • "I wish it could be that easy. But I will always be a part of you." "You're right. But I get to decide how big a part. Me."
  • "The expectations I've been forcing myself to live up to? They're not mine. And they're not real. And you know what, Perfect Tyrone? Neither are you."
  • Tandy nicks Nathan's throat. "In a world where the most important thing in my life is an A and the second is a B..."
  • Perfect Tyrone is caught in a cyclone-like wind.
  • "... I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to file you under, Dad." "And where's that?" She cuts a Z into his shirt like Zorro.
  • Perfect Tyrone blocks his ears.
  • Nathan retreats and disappears.
  • Perfect Tyrone disappears.
  • Tandy is emotional.
  • Tyrone teleports out.
  • They get back out, and Andre says he is starting the main show. Tandy, however, wakes his victims with daggers because they're made of hope, and she uses a light ball to blind him, while Tyrone steals his trumpet.
  • Evita protects the candle as O'Reilly/Mayhem fights. She is struggling when Evita takes out the figures with her staple gun.
  • Tyrone says they've got one more trick, and Tandy leaps from Tyrone's darkness with a light sword, stabbing Andre as Mikayla and Melissa hold him back.
  • Tandy and Tyrone show Andre the despair he causes others to feel.
  • Evita and O'Reilly/Mayhem wonder where the figures suddenly went. Tandy and Tyrone escape out of the gate.



  • Destiny Gonzales' body is found in Runaways: Season 1.


  • The state senator is arrested and Tyrone let off. The Johnson parents are back together.
  • Tandy packs.
  • Lia does community service.
  • Mina looks at a mouse.
  • Evita does a Voudon marking with Andre's symbol and Cloak and Dagger. Tyrone watches, but then teleports away, but Evita works out he was there.
  • Father Delgado settles in the church.
    • Tyrone's letter says, "Over the past nine months I have had a lot of time to think on the lessons you taught me." He settled in the church on March 1, 2017, which lines up with this being December.
  • O'Reilly/Mayhem hoists Connors' body up with a sign saying "guilty".
  • Tandy leaves home.
  • Tyrone checks on Solomon, who refuses business with dodgy men.
  • Tyrone joins Tandy on the bus. They are heading off to deal with a place where girls have shown up on the beach. They finally become a couple.
    • Should be after Destiny's body shows up, but considering the letter, probably only around December - perhaps 3 days after Destiny's body, so December 12, 2017.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 6



  • The team arrive in a foggy New York. The Empire State Building is the only building above the clouds. Simmons enhanced the jump drive, saying again that they had time. They fly over the incomplete Empire State Building.
  • Simmons explains they have made an LMD with Chronicom hardware to know S.H.I.E.L.D.'s history, so they can know where might be attacked. Mack is cautious to approve but Daisy does so immediately, and the Coulson LMD is activated.



  • Attacked.
    • Enoch was going to protect Fitz for another 73 years, 261 days. The latest he can wake up is December 27, 2091, so the latest this can be is April 9, 2018. Should presumably be after the timeline split, but that might not be possible. When we know more about what happened after, we can hopefully make some assumptions about how not much happened for potentially a couple of months, and Enoch got Fitz back unthawed in the original timeline, while he didn't in this one.


  • Coulson watches May sleep.
  • Coulson tells May about how he once planned to ask her out.
  • Coulson suggests May become an academy teacher.
  • Coulson falls asleep.


  • Coulson dies.
    • They got longer than expected so around the "Weeks, if I'm lucky" range. Weeks after the end of Season 5 on Thursday. At the very least Monday 10 days later. Realistically, at least 1.5 weeks so 11 days. Should be at least 14 days. Maximum should be 30 days, before it becomes a month. Realistically, maximum should definitely be 45 days before it becomes a rounded 2 months. Absolute maximum 60 days before it becomes "months". So (10*1+11*2+14*4)/7 = 12.57143 to (30*4+45*2+60*1)/7 = 38.57143 days, about (12.57143+38.57143)/2 = 26 days after Season 5. Depends partially on the placement though.

December 2018/January 2019

  • Daisy and Jemma contact Mack for the last time in months.
    • Months before Day 1.



Day -2

  • Yo-Yo starts discussing speed with Mack in trying to catch the incidents before they're over.
    • 3 days before Day 1.

Day 1

  • Piper and Davis have a rough landing.
    • "One year later" after opening scene.
  • Daisy meets with an alien. He scoffs at her, but becomes scared when he finds out it's Quake. She attacks and Simmons enters to question him about Fitz.
  • Mack detects something in Castleton, and May and Keller head over.
  • Men come through a dimensional gate in a wall at a basketball court. May and Keller's jet is taken down.
  • Back at the Lighthouse, Mack discusses what to do. Keller suggests Ley Lines.
    • Discussing speed for the last 3 days.
    • They talked about "anomalies" often last year.
    • Months since they had contact with Daisy and Fitz.
      • Also had an incident with city bus with holes torn through it and a lake that froze solid in the middle of the desert.
  • Morning - Mack watches Coulson holograms. May is recruiting people.
        • Mack says he's late for his morning check-in.
    • Tomorrow is a year since Coulson died.
  • Daisy and Jemma interrogate the alien, asking if he stole the fuel from Fitz's ship when it was cut in half.
      • They found out that the ship was cut in half, and found one half, which had a manifest. They since met with every supplier on that manifest. They've been to the O-2 oceans of Trinawa and rusted moons of Pyree, knowing someone must have tracked the ship and given that information to whomever attacked it. They want to know if the alien filled Fitz's ship with his fuel and then sold the tracking data, and to whom. However, he didn't. He bought the broken half of the vessel but didn't know anything about an attack.
    • The details of what happened to the ship could be important to whether it's feasible that the attack happened before the split.
  • Daisy, Jemma, Piper, and Deke go to find the half of the ship.
  • May tells Yo-Yo she's onto her and Keller.
    • A year since May and Mack broke up. Coulson dying was last year.
  • The quartet find Fitz's cryochamber, but empty.
    • There was a complete loss of cabin pressure, which Jemma seems sure only happened in this new timeline. It presumably happened at the time of the attack, which would make it post-split and thus Season 5 ending before early May. However, it is possible that a) Simmons is wrong and/or b) the cabin pressure was lost over time or just more recently.
  • Yo-Yo tells Keller she needs to lay things off a tiny bit to keep Mack OK.
  • May finds Mack in a bar. She takes him to meet Marcus Benson.
      • May and Andrew were married for "years".
    • Note: They're 2 hours' drive from Culver University.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy wouldn't open for another year or two, which could become relevant.
  • Daisy says to Piper and Davis that they will return home for a while. Simmons climbs into the chamber.
  • More people come through dimensional portals, and discuss how Sarge will come through a museum.

Day 2

  • Simmons finds an inscription and realises where Fitz most likely is. They say that they cannot go that deep into space, and Simmons is angry. They are found by the Confederacy.
    • They've been looking for Fitz for "the last year".
  • Benson studies the man stuck in the wall. He suddenly comes to life and mutters something, and a timer drops with a location.
        • 1 hour, 3 minutes away.
  • Fox puts in the location and finds it is again on a Ley Line. Mack sends the team to Indiana.
  • The dimensional crew enter the Museum of Natural History.
  • Davis flies to get away from the Confederacy.
  • Davis makes a jump, but Simmons has set the coordinates.
        • Lexus.
  • The crew send Snowflake to distract S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Snowflake pretends they have her son hostage. A blast goes off.
  • Mack and Benson realise communications are knocked out.
  • The team struggle from the blast.
  • A truck comes through, and a man steps out who looks like Coulson.
  • Fitz injects himself and has alien eyes.

[Episode 2 - Window of Opportunity]

  • Sarge's crew rob a store.
        • Pepsi.
        • Gain detergent.
        • Bounty paper towel.
        • Era laundry detergent.
        • Irish Spring.
        • Zest soap.
        • Dove.
        • Nestle.
        • Coffee Mate.
        • Axion liquid.
        • Folgers.
        • Pringles.
        • Chester Cheetah.
        • Dell.
        • GQ.
        • August 2018 GQ Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.
        • Travis Scott.
        • Kylie Jenner.
        • InStyle.
        • Vogue.
        • August 2018 Vogue Saoirse Ronan.
        • Saoirse Ronan.
        • Cosmpolitan.
        • August 2018 Cosmopolitan Mila Kunis.
        • Mila Kunis.
        • Esquire.
        • ESPN FC.
  • The team discuss Fox's death, and Mack says to keep the man who looked like Coulson secret.
  • Sarge's crew realise they need more PEGs.
      • They've just eaten for the first time in days.
      • Jaco has his home atmosphere for the first time in 9 years.
    • Leaflet says "WHISKEY LIQUOR ESTABLISHMENT hereby declares its intention(s) to apply for a Retail Drink License, Sunday Sales and N64 Retail Malt Beverage Drink License no later than Sept. 20, 2018".
    • Leaflet says "SALE OF CAIRE ESTATE. COMMISSIONER'S SALE CAIRE CIRCUIT COURT Case No. 5254234 Division II Nationstar Real ESTATE LLC dba Mortgage Company PLAINTIFF vs. MATTHEW JOSEPH DEFENDANTS BY VIRTUE OF A JUDGMENT RENDERED JULY 17, 2018. BY THE CITY JUDGE, IN THE ABOVE CAUSE I SHALL PROCEED TO OFFER FOR SALE At the CAIRE ESTATE Court House Door550 Yorkshire Street To the highest or best bidder at public auction on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, at 10:00 a.m.".
  • Marcus looks at Tinker, and says it's probably related to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mistakes.
  • Fitz is caught out at as a liar. He saves his own life when he offers to work for free.
      • Fitz was found on Sivos.
  • Sarge has to deal with a guard who finds them.
  • Mack reveals to May that he knows about Yo-Yo and Keller.
  • Yo-Yo reassures Keller. They find out there's another sighting.
      • Fox was like how Keller was 10 years ago.
    • Yo-Yo asked for distance yesterday.
  • Benson asks to know all the details. May becomes angry when he questions if Coulson is even dead, and he shows them that the DNA is a 100% match with Coulson.
  • Sarge prepares one side of a portal.
  • Enoch says he is confident they will return Fitz to cryostasis. They are taken to see the captain.
  • The captain tells them that he has decided to jettison all the other crew.
  • Mack tells Benson that Coulson is painful for May.
  • Sarge's crew begin their robbery of a jewellery sop.
  • May and Yo-Yo investigate and discuss Keller. Mack lets them know he's been sighted nearby.
        • Lexus.
    • May told Yo-Yo to go for things with Keller yesterday.
  • The jewellery shop worker opens a vault for Sarge's crew. They open the portal to their rig.
  • Fitz plans what to do.
  • Sarge's crew ask for PEGs.
  • Yo-Yo and Keller wait as May heads back to where they were to look again.
  • May finds the invisible rig.
  • The captain nearly sends Fitz out of the air lock, but Enoch reprogrammes it and instead sends the captain out into space.
  • Sarge walks out briefly. May enters the rig where he is. A fight begins. Jaco joins and Snowflake says to let her kill May.
  • The jewellery woman calls for help. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team outside struggle, with still a couple more minutes left before they get into the vault. May attacks Snowflake and locks her out by dropping the portal door onto the floor.
  • May helps the woman and she runs for safety. Sarge heads back inside. May is distracted by him and Snowflake trips her through the portal into the vault, then closing the portal. Keller and Yo-Yo get in.
  • Jaco asks Sarge why he froze at the mention of Coulson.
  • Benson shows Mack a video of Sarge's crew on a dying world.
  • Fitz decides to reroute to Kitson to help the crew.
  • Just as Fitz leaves, Daisy and Simmons arrive.

[Episode 3 - Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson]

  • Malachi finds out about Fitz and Enoch.
  • The group argue about Simmons' actions. Daisy says to return home, but they are interrupted when a man asks to inspect.
  • Fitz and Enoch are betrayed, but make a deal to get away.
    • Enoch plans to orbit Jupiter for 72 years, 312 days, which is problematic.
  • Enoch gets past a scanner.
  • Enoch says Fitz is his best friend.
      • There was an incident with the MazTats.
    • "This past year."
  • They get to the casino.
  • The inspection is carried out. The man becomes worried when they mention Fitz, and Malachi attacks, but Davis stops him.
  • Enoch uses his calculations to win them money.
  • Malachi says he is hunting Fitz for tampering with the universe.
    • Fitz died over a year ago.
  • Enoch starts playing to get more money.
  • The inspector tells them how horrible Kitson is.
  • Enoch is fooled by a bluff.
  • Daisy, Simmons, and Davis find the men who betrayed Enoch and Fitz. They tell them about them going to Kitson and what happens there. Davis takes the hallucinogenic food and gives some to Daisy and Simmons.
  • Fitz refuses to use the brothels to make money, so Enoch decides to take him to a high stakes game.
  • Fitz enters the game, where if he loses he will be sold into slavery. Enoch uses whistletones that only Fitz can hear to communicate.
  • Daisy and Simmons are hit by the puffs as they enter Kitson.
  • They realise Davis took loads.
  • Davis is tripping hard. Piper tells him to stay.
  • Daisy and Simmons talk nonsense. Simmons remembers Fitz and leaves, and Daisy has to avoid a creep.
        • Harry Potter: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, expecto patronum.
  • Malachi escapes.
  • Davis tells Piper.
        • Animal Crackers.
  • Daisy and Simmons talk under a table.
  • Fitz is rumbled when Enoch malfunctions.
  • Malachi teleports away, and Davis accidentally shoots the fuse box.
  • Daisy and Simmons realise the alarm going off must be to do with Fitz.
  • Enoch explains the alarm must have been caused by another Chronicom - a hunter.
  • Daisy and Simmons encounter the Chronicom hunters and Daisy struggles to aim her quakes.
  • Enoch becomes existential. He explains that the dead alien's blood is mostly sulphur.
  • Daisy manages to fight.
  • Fitz uses the sulphur to prepare a way out. He encourages Enoch and he gets up.
  • Simmons asks about her husband, but a bouncer tells her she is crazy from the puffs.
        • Simmons was under the table for the last 20 minutes.
  • Daisy finishes.
  • Enoch helps spark a fire on the sulphur.
  • The bouncer tells Simmons to go home. Fitz breaks through the door and is confused to see her, but is suddenly taken by Malachi. Enoch is confused by her.
  • Sarge fires a beam into the sky and gets signals.

Day 3

[Episode 4 - Code Yellow]

  • Deke's Framework Remorath Rumble.
  • Deke talks about changing the world.
  • Agent Diaz tells Mack they don't have more leads now since the "fireworks".
  • Keller tries to tell Mack about Yo-Yo, but Mack tells him not to so long as he knows he's not compromised. Yo-Yo enters and wonders if the grid in the sky might've been a map.
  • Sarge kills a man, who gets crystalline protrusions.
  • Deke does a taste test. He is told by Lindsay that someone is in the conference room for a meeting. Deke asks Sequoia to get the boba herself.
      • Deke made business deals at Burning Man.
  • Deke meets Sarge, but thinks it's just Coulson.
  • Keller talks to Yo-Yo about how he thinks Mack isn't over her, but that he won't give up.
  • Deke starts to suspect "Coulson" and tricks him by asking about a fake Agent "Doug". He tries to run, but has to hide from Jaco.
  • Marcus looks at the man Sarge killed's body. Keller tells them about him/
      • Harold Simcoe was 51.
      • Reported missing a week ago.
  • Trevor Khan reveals to Deke that he works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and helps him out of the situation.
  • Marcus says that there's a parasite like in the man like an ant. The parasite escapes Simcoe's body.
  • Deke is unimpressed that Khan called Mack. He reunites with Mack and May, but they pay him little attention. He is not happy he is "Code Yellow".
      • They attended a Phish concert.
        • Phish.
  • Diaz, Yo-Yo, and Keller walk the corridors, looking for the parasite. Keller helps Yo-Yo up to the vent to look, but then the parasite flies into him.
  • The agents break in and a shootout begins.
    • This is what Deke has been doing for the "past year".
  • Sequoia gets back with boba and calls Deke. He warns her and she insists he come to save her. Deke leaves while the pilot is distracted.
  • Marcus says that no one has medical experience of dealing with a case like this. Keller suddenly flatlines and then starts acting out of control.
  • Pax comes across an IT worker who has headphones on and hasn't realised what's happening.
  • Deke gets to Sequoia. She is difficult, but they head out.
  • May fights Snowflake, but Sarge ambushes her with a gun.
  • Deke is not happy when he realises Sequoia is posting their escape online.
  • Mack stops Pax as he attacks Deke, and Deke repeatedly shoots him with an I.C.E.R.. He uses it too much, so when Jaco arrives, it's used up. He comes up with a plan, and Trevor Khan takes Sequoia away.
  • Sarge tells Snowflake not to kill May.
  • Deke tricks Jaco into entering the Framework. Mack is disgusted at Deke's use of Daisy in the virtual reality.
  • Keller begins to break apart with crystals, and Yo-Yo is forced to kill him.
  • May wakes up in the back of Sarge's van.
  • Sequoia's Instagram-like story is played.
    • "Visiting my bae today."
      • Before the start of the episode. Less than 24 hours ago due to the way these stories work.
    • "#Lit".
      • Before the start of the episode.
    • "#Remorath Rumble".
      • Before the start of the episode.
    • "He's working right now."
      • During "Deke's Framework Remorath Rumble".
    • Deke talks about disrupting the world's food in a positive way.
      • During "Deke talks about changing the world".
    • "I'm just gonna bring the boba to him." Sequoia then spots Sarge's crew arriving.
      • This scene doesn't really fit, because Sarge is said to be in the conference room when Deke sends Sequoia to get the boba, but he's only arriving as she leaves - and it doesn't seem like any time passes as Deke then heads to the conference room. I guess Sarge went back outside to get his crew just as Sequoia was leaving, then went back to the conference room just before Deke got there, so this is between "Deke does a taste test. He is told by Lindsay that someone is in the conference room for a meeting. Deke asks Sequoia to get the boba herself" and "Deke meets Sarge, but thinks it's just Coulson".
    • Sequoia wants to borrow Snowflake's look for Coachella, but can just be next year's.
    • "#AsianPride".
      • About halfway between leaving and returning, so roughly during "Trevor Khan reveals to Deke that he works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and helps him out of the situation".
    • Sequoia films herself back at the offices, and talks about how they're under attack and it's making her reflect.
      • Likely between "Marcus says that no one has medical experience of dealing with a case like this. Keller suddenly flatlines and then starts acting out of control" and "Pax comes across an IT worker who has headphones on and hasn't realised what's happening".
    • Sequoia films as Trevor takes her to safety.
      • Likely between "Sarge tells Snowflake not to kill May" and "Deke tricks Jaco into entering the Framework. Mack is disgusted at Deke's use of Daisy in the virtual reality".
    • "#Savior".
      • Follows right on.
    • "#MyHero".
      • Likely between "Keller begins to break apart with crystals, and Yo-Yo is forced to kill him" and "May wakes up in the back of Sarge's van".
    • Thank you for saving my life, thank YOU for introducing me to frosé.
      • Likely after "May wakes up in the back of Sarge's van".

Day 4

[Episode 5 - The Other Thing]

  • May thinks about Coulson. She wakes in Sarge's truck. Sarge sends Snowflake on a mission and tells May she will turn her.
  • Trevor reports Deke is out of surgery. Mack checks with Yo-Yo that she's OK. She says to keep an eye on Marcus.
  • Enoch is depressed. They explain, however, that he helped them save humanity.
  • Ships arrive and block their path.
  • Sarge says he has never been somewhere that his face is recognised, and notes that May seems to hate him more than everyone else.
  • Enoch realises it's not the Confederacy. He opens the door to Chronicom Altarah.
      • When the ship cut Enoch's in half, he and Fitz got away in escape pods. So it's still just about possible Fitz stayed frozen for a while longer.
  • Piper and Davis are locked up.
  • Altarah explains what happened to Chronica-2. Enoch realises they want to learn about time travel to go back and save their planet, but Simmons explains they don't even know how they did it. Altarah reveals she has Fitz.
      • Chronica-2 has been destroyed.
      • In recent years there were whispers of strange phenomena on distant planets, before Chronica-2 was affected as well.
  • Sarge tries to guess how a man could've looked like him, but May tells him that he is the impostor. May remembers Coulson saying "the other thing" like Sarge just has.
  • May is forced to fight a parasitic man whom Sarge has shot through the head. When crystals burst from him, May stabs him.
  • Mack tells Marcus there have been concerns.
  • Enoch suggests they put Simmons in danger to motivate Fitz. Realising they need Fitz alive, Daisy attacks Altarah.
  • Yo-Yo says they have experienced something similar to the parasite before.
      • Marcus' husband was in a car crash 2 years ago. After a few days, he turned off the ventilator.
  • Sarge reveals the parasites are Shrike. May realises Sarge isn't creating them, but is hunting them, and came after Deke because he doesn't belong.
  • Mack and Yo-Yo show Marcus the monoliths.
    • A week ago, Marcus wouldn't have believed any of this stuff.
  • Sarge says he's 100, and that he's waiting for the Shrike's creator.
    • Sarge has been alive for 100 years, though it seems he hasn't aged as much as he should have due to moving close to the speed of light.
  • Simmons hands herself over, wanting to at least be with Fitz and for her friends to be safe.
    • They've been looking for Fitz for a year.
  • May tricks Snowflake into coming close, then knocks her out. She then attacks Sarge and manages to defeat him. Simmons remembers Coulson falling asleep.
  • Marcus asks for a Quinjet to visit Yucatan and then South America.
  • Daisy, Piper, and Davis return. Trevor reports that May has Sarge.
  • Enoch tells Fitz what he did, angering him. Enoch nonetheless activates sedative gas.

[Episode 6 - Inescapable]

  • Fitz and Simmons reunite in the mental space. Altarah tells them the problem.
      • Fitz says Enoch sent them 100 years into the future, which is quite a bit of a rounding.
    • Altarah has chased Simmons and co. for a year.
  • Fitz proposes.
  • The couple chat, but Simmons gets worried about talking about their time travel experiences and turns into a younger version of herself.
      • Fitz ended up on Saldon after the crash.
  • Fitz follows younger Simmons to her childhood bedroom.
  • Altarah says they should watch and see what Fitz and Simmons can do.
  • Fitz reads Simmons a story but finds it's the Darkhold.
        • Paddington.
        • Winnie the Pooh.
        • Jane Goodall.
  • Fitz comes back out of the room and confronts Altarah.
      • Simmons is 7-and-a-half, so it is how she looked around March 1995.
  • Enoch tells Altarah she's doing the wrong thing.
  • Fitz convinces Simmons to turn back into her adult self. Her memory after finding out about Fitz's death begins.
      • Simmons was learning integrals by March 1995.
      • Simmons is implied to have had three PhDs by the time she turned 17, backing up their 2004 graduation.
      • Again, young Simmons was 7.
  • Fitz follows Mack into the memory, finding out about his time travel, his death, and Coulson's sickness.
    • Memories from between scenes in The End.
      • Coulson was sick for a long time.
  • They end up in a university memory, where Simmons confronts Fitz about the Doctor.
    • The university memory.
        • Manchester United F.C..
        • Le proporzioni del corpo umano secondo Vitruvio.
        • Charles Darwin, specifically shown "1809-1882".
  • They run from the Doctor but a box in Simmons' room unleashes an evil Simmons.
        • Ringu.
    • It's been a rough year for Simmons.
  • They find themselves in the Lighthouse.
  • They revisit the day they were recruited to Coulson's team.
    • The memory from the day they were recruited. Would be in the first half of 2004 between meeting and graduating.
      • They were the two youngest ever enrolled.
      • Simmons hints that she's younger, which matches the deleted scene from Seeds.
  • Fitz is attacked by Evil Jemma. Simmons is captured by the Doctor, and Fitz by Evil Jemma.
  • Altarah tells Enoch to cooperate.
  • Their friends in the mental space help them, and they end up in a containment module. They argue about the pain they've caused each other, then realise they're talking about the times they saved each other. They get out.
  • Fitz and Simmons tell Altarah they can't do it. Altarah prepares to threaten them, but Enoch incapacitates her and rescues them. They teleport away as Simmons tells Fitz he's a grandfather.
  • Mack is overjoyed that Fitz is alive. Mack tells Daisy the ones who destroyed Chronica-2 are here.

[Episode 7 - Toldja]

  • Izel talks to a man at the bar. Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch accidentally return to Kitson. A man takes the disc and they are stranded.

Day 5

  • Sarge is taken to the control room in the Lighthouse and meets Mack.
      • Again, Sarge is over 100.
  • The trio are taken to see Mr. Kitson.
  • Yo-Yo talks to Jaco and offers him medicine.
  • Sarge says they will need to release him.
  • Deke tries to impress Daisy. He finds out about Fitz.
        • Air Jordans.
        • Michael Jordan.
    • Daisy looked for Fitz for the past year.
  • Deke confronts Mack. Mack offers him the chance to help.
      • Deke calls the timeline split the multiverse.
  • Snowflake mutters about how she feels sorry for Jaco, but the burning is worth it.
  • Mack has Sarge come face-to-face with the Coulson hologram.
  • Fitz and Simmons meet Mr. Kitson.
  • Mr. Kitson puts Fitz and Simmons in a guillotine game. Izel has him rig it so the third man is killed, and takes them.
  • Daisy tells Mack she can't believe he and Yo-Yo are still split up. Deke reveals he's got access to Sarge's computer system and there are two Shrike hosts headed for each other.
  • Jaco starts blowing fire.
  • They pick up the Shrike hosts from Iowa.
  • Izel says she needs Terrans' help to acquire artefacts of hers.
  • Mack tells Sarge his Jaco plan failed and that they will save the Shrike host lives.
  • The Shrike react to each other and activate. The team are forced to get Sarge's help.
  • Sarge advises them to make it cold, and Yo-Yo and another agent have to wear oxygen masks as they open up the back in high altitude. Eventually, the crystals break.
  • Sarge smugly indicates that they need to free him.
  • Fitz and Simmons get on the ship Fitz had left to return home. Enoch says goodbye.

[Episode 8 - Collision Course (Part 1)]

  • Fitz helps them jump to near Earth.
  • Mack tells Sarge to pick just one of his crew.

Day 6

  • Sarge picks Snowflake, but needs help because without Pax, he can't fix his Shrike repellent.
  • Mack gets Deke's help for the repellent, and pushes him for 10% of his business.
  • Deke works on the repellent. Snowflake tells him he has a beautiful soul.
    • 17 hours, 53 minutes ETA.
  • Mack and Yo-Yo discuss how the beasts they face are never what they expect.
  • Izel hums to a Shrike.
  • Mack tells Pax they're flying after Sarge, which worries him.
  • Sarge refuses to let Daisy distract him. He reveals their planet is in danger and that the monster he is after is called Izel.
  • Izel says she is worried she will never get home without the Di'Allas, and that Earth might be in trouble if she doesn't get them.
  • Mack gets a report from Benson.
  • Izel turns the crew into Shrike hosts.
  • Snowflake says to Deke he's hers now.
  • May says a part of her trusts Sarge. Daisy can't stand him.
      • They buried Coulson, so Daisy must still have been around after he died.
  • Mack and Yo-Yo look at South American mythology's connection to the Di'Allas.

Day 7

  • The team catch Deke and Snowflake. Sarge is angry that the repellent isn't working.
  • A crew member shares his concerns. Fitz becomes jealous of himself.
  • Pax talks to Jaco about being scared, and Yo-Yo interrupts to ask for information.
  • Sarge reveals he has a sword to kill Izel, and finds out about Daisy's powers.
  • The Shrike hosts start to build a tower.
  • Daisy contacts Mack. They find out an unidentified object is coming into the atmosphere and want to make contact.
  • Fitz and Simmons realise they were never given coordinates and that Izel has disappeared.
  • Pax starts to say he's going to tell the agents everything.
  • Sarge says he has an insurance policy.
  • Pax tricks an agent and kills him, but Yo-Yo wraps him in chains and puts Jaco back in the Containment Module.
  • Having heard from Yo-Yo, the team confront Sarge about what he's doing. He reveals his bomb will destroy miles of land and kill a lot of people, but he feels it's justified since he will kill Izel. Snowflake explains that the truck can't be stopped, and they realise they are stuck.
  • Mack says not to fire on the ship because they don't know what it will achieve, and that they could fire on the truck before it gets to a populated area but that they would be killing their friends. Yo-Yo says to hope Deke figures out how to deactivate the bomb.
  • Sarge climbs up onto the roof.
  • Jaco tells Pax to move away from his jacket.
  • Sarge opens a portal through Jaco's jacket and gets onto the plane.
  • Deke finds the bomb.
  • Fitz and Simmons wonder where everyone is as they come in to land.
  • Deke carefully removes the bomb.
  • Davis asks Mack for his call.
  • The truck closes in.
  • Enoch contacts Isaiah for help.
  • Malachi says not to bother going after Enoch or Fitz and Simmons, saying they only need Fitz and Simmons' minds.

[Episode 9 - Collision Course (Part 2)]

  • Mack considers that Sarge is likely not someone to make a martyr play.
  • Pax tells Sarge about Yo-Yo's powers. He isn't worried.
  • Fitz and Simmons realise the crew are acting weird.
  • Snowflake describes the explosive and they realise it's an atom bomb.
  • Sarge and Jaco take Zephyr One and put up a field to stop Yo-Yo. He makes him turn the plane around.
  • Deke can't stop it. Daisy manages to contain the bomb as the tower is destroyed.
  • Sarge doesn't understand why it didn't go off.
  • Izel is angry that the tower is gone. She tells Fitz to make contact.
  • Sarge sees Izel's ship flying away and has Davis follow it.
  • Yo-Yo attacks Pax in the corridor.
  • Sarge tells Jaco no one slows them down, even Snowflake. When Pax is delivered in chains, Sarge kills him for this reason.
      • Snowflake has been with them for years.
      • They've been hunting Izel for longer than they've had Snowflake.
  • May and Daisy realise the Shrike are outside.
  • Simmons contacts Davis. He hints that something's wrong. They find out Simmons is on the ship. Sarge calls out Izel, saying he will kill her, and that she stole his memories.
    • Simmons had a year of space travel.
  • Sarge says to get him to the ship now.
  • Izel sees Fitz and Simmons recognise the voice and accuses them of conspiring. They steal crew's guns and escape.
  • The group in the truck barricade windows.
  • Yo-Yo talks to Jaco about what his family would want.
  • Mack reveals he's escaped his handcuffs and attacks Sarge. Jaco arrives, taking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s side.
  • Daisy lets the Shrike in and disintegrates them with her powers.
  • Fitz hides with Simmons, telling her she smells nice.
  • Mack, Jaco, Davis, and Yo-Yo enter the ship. Jaco and Davis stay to hold off the crew as Mack and Yo-Yo go after Fitz and Simmons.
  • Fitz and Simmons are found by crew members, but Yo-Yo saves them. They're reunited with Yo-Yo and Mack.
  • Jaco and Davis nearly get Izel, but she gets away.
  • The group come back together and the crew chase them. Fitz uses the airlock and Jaco opens a portal in his jacket.
  • The group reunite with Daisy, May, Deke, and Snowflake. Deke excitedly hugs Fitz, who doesn't know him.
  • Jaco goes back to the ship with the bomb, sacrificing himself.
  • Daisy tells Mack she will tell him what happened at debrief. May and Yo-Yo drink to Jaco. Piper teases Davis, and he falls asleep.
      • "When do I get to hear stories about deep space?"
        "When we sit down for debrief?"
        "I saw an ocean of lava."
        "For real?"
        "Yeah, I didn't think I could come back to anything more bizarre, but... I should've known better."
        "Ah where you've been the last five years?... I'm looking forward to that debrief."
      • Piper took a few days of rest and relaxation after they got back. Works with being back 3 days.
  • Deke annoys Fitz. Simmons lies and says Fitz had wanted to be called "bobo". He wants to go to Scotland.
      • Deke again calls the timeline split the multiverse.
  • Sarge is taken to lockup.
  • Daisy asks Deke why Snowflake isn't in lockup. He accuses her of being jealous.
  • Mack says a toast.
  • Daisy unpacks.
  • Fitz and Simmons talk, Piper takes a selfie with sleeping Davis.
  • Deke brings a TV for Snowflake.
  • May looks at Coulson's badge.
      • 1964JUL04 shown again. Can't make out issue/expiry dates.
  • Mack visits Yo-Yo and tells her how he feels. They end up kissing.
    • They survived the fight "today", and Sarge taking the plane was "today".
  • May shoots Sarge.

[Episode 10 - Leap]

  • Sarge is wheeled to FitzSimmons for help. May admits to shooting him.
  • May tells Daisy it was time to take an extreme measure.
  • Yo-Yo tells Mack May had said she wanted Sarge dead. Piper arrives and says she can't believe it.
      • May was Mack's right hand these last few months. Don't think that can refer to the beginning of the season because it doesn't seem possible for it to have been a few months.
  • Fitz and Simmons are shocked about Sarge's pulse coming back.
  • Sarge has part of a memory.
  • Yo-Yo points out that May wouldn't use a gun.
  • Yo-Yo visits May, who doesn't know why she's locked up.
  • Fitz and Deke discuss trying to work out the Coulson-Sarge connection. Piper enters.
  • May explains what she remembers, and she and Yo-Yo realise Davis might be in trouble.
  • Daisy finds Diaz, who is injured but can't remember what happened.
  • Mack suggests a guard for Simmons and Sarge. She doesn't want one, but he insists. Sarge has another flash of memory.

Day 8

  • Daisy and Yo-Yo visit Davis, who has also lost time.
    • "The space puff incident of 2019."
    • The party was last night.
  • Deke finds Piper and tells her the Shrike shard is dangerous.
  • Davis realises the last thing he saw was Izel.
  • Deke takes back the Shrike shard and Izel switches into him.
  • Yo-Yo and Daisy tell Mack about Izel's possession, as "Deke" comes across an agent, deciding to go for the director.
  • Mack locks down the Lighthouse. The team exchange secrets to prove each other. Mack locks up Daisy and Yo-Yo for safety. Piper arrives and accuses Deke. They realise it's Fitz. Izel comes out and jumps between them. She nearly makes Mack kill Deke, and makes Piper shoot herself in the hand. Izel takes over bodies to get to Davis, then kills him. She takes over Mack and leaves.
    • Piper lost time today.
        • Piper lost time for an hour.
  • Sarge has more flashes. He wakes up and Simmons tells him about Izel's possessing.
  • Yo-Yo and Daisy go after "Mack". May and Deke mention the Fear Dimension.
  • Sarge stays lying down.
  • Fitz explains a theory that the third monolith is creation and sent a copy of Coulson back in time and across space.
  • "Mack" tells an agent "he" needs his cuffs.
  • Sarge slips out of his restraints.
  • Izel uses Mack to get into storage.
  • Fitz realises she'll be after the energy of three Monoliths in the gravitonium device.
  • Izel tells Sarge he's here to join her. She explains the truth behind him.
  • Daisy and Yo-Yo help Mack. Mack is worried about them being free.
  • Sarge refuses to join Izel and says he will stop her.
  • Izel walks out and takes over Yo-Yo. Mack volunteers to go with her.
  • Davis is taken away in a body bag.
  • Simmons recovers from Sarge's attack.
  • Sarge is taken back into holding, feeling defeated.
  • Mack clears the way for "Yo-Yo" and they leave on the jet. May says he is trusting his team.
  • Fitz tells Deke they encountered someone like this before: Ghost Rider, and if Sarge is like him, they will not be able to hold him.
  • Sarge refuses to believe he is who Izel says, just as powers start to manifest in his hands.

Day 9

[Episode 11 - From the Ashes]

  • Izel goes inside Mack and tricks Yo-Yo into revealing Benson would know where to go.
  • Piper is desperate. Daisy reassures her FitzSimmons will get something.
  • Fitz, Simmons, and Deke can't crack the problem. Simmons tells Daisy May keeps rewatching the part where Sarge seems to have memories of them.
  • May asks Sarge if he remembers them but he gets angry, surprised to find he dents the table.
  • Daisy tells May not to hold out hope with Sarge, and May gets angry.
  • Izel goes into Mack to trick Benson, who reveals the three sites and the one he thinks is most likely. Yo-Yo subtly communicates what's wrong, but when Benson doesn't give "Mack" the location, "Mack" stabs an agent in the neck.
  • Benson says he doesn't fear death, but Izel says he must fear something.
  • Daisy tells Sarge he is nothing to her.
  • Simmons tells Daisy she runs away from things and not to bottle up.
    • They left to find Fitz last year.
  • Mack claims coming on the plane with Yo-Yo was purely tactical. Izel uses the Monolith energy to create Thomas, Benson's dead husband.
    • Mack and Yo-Yo kissed "the other night".
  • Daisy finally reads Coulson's letter.
  • Daisy snaps Sarge's neck in the hope his true nature will come out.
  • Fitz, Simmons, and Deke are shocked, but Sarge does start to come back again.
  • The illusion of Thomas makes Benson feel guilty, and he is broken.
  • May tells Piper that she has a slight trust for Sarge.
  • Sarge wakes, with powers. He breaks out of his cell.
  • Daisy retrieves the sword, ready to threaten Sarge and kill him if need be.
    • Coulson died a year ago.
  • Mack admits his choice wasn't just tactical, and Yo-Yo says she would have done the same. They trick Izel into getting them out of the containment module and Mack sends it out, getting Benson to safety.
  • Daisy goes to kill Sarge, but he is ready to die before he becomes dangerous, and in being willing to sacrifice himself, Daisy starts to see a little Coulson in him.
  • Mack and Yo-Yo are bound at the temple as Izel proceeds.
  • Deke works out Izel is using harmonic resonance and they have to disrupt it.
  • Piper lets May know Benson has been found in a containment module in the Yucatán and told them about the temple.
  • Daisy tells May Sarge just wants to belong and they have to try. Meanwhile, Sarge picks up the sword.
  • Izel says Yo-Yo and Mack will help. They refuse, but then look over to see Flint, who is confused about where he is./6,12: Flint is created and wakes, confused.
  • Atarah says she cannot see a flaw in their plan, and Malachi says she is the flaw, killing her, and telling the others they have their instructions.

[Episode 12 - The Sign]

  • Izel takes over Flint so she can use his powers to build the Monoliths.
  • Fitz reveals they can now get close to Izel.
  • May tells Sarge Robbie Reyes could control what was inside him.
  • Deke shows them he's built several of the devices they've made to stop Izel possessing them.
  • May asks Sarge to try to control what's inside him.
  • FitzSimmons reveal they've melted the daggers down into bullets.

Day 10

  • The team fly. May wonders if they can separate Coulson from Pachakutiq.
  • Izel finishes with Flint.
  • Izel calls to the Shrike to bring her an army.
  • The team find Zephyr One and check for Izel, but she's not there.
  • They find Zephyr One is dead and realise Izel can probably hear their comms.
      • They went to a smelly planet, shiny planet.
  • Deke reveals he might have a way for them to get past Izel, but is worried FitzSimmons will be angry.
  • Flint frees Mack and Yo-Yo and they explain they created him with their minds.
  • Deke shows them his tech startup in the Lighthouse.
  • Sarge, Daisy, and May are attacked by Shrike hosts.
  • Fitz and Deke argue about his plagiarism.
  • Izel says the first three will need bodies to inhabit when they arrive, taking Yo-Yo, Mack, and Flint's.
  • Deke explains that he did everything because he's lonely and feels unwanted. He takes the machine and teleports, successfully.
  • Deke rescues the trio. He lures the hosts away then tries to jump, but can't go far because the device needs to recharge.
  • May and Daisy talk about the fact that Sarge momentarily seemed like Coulson.
  • Deke gets to the main chamber but thinks they might be too late.
  • Flint is brought aboard Zephyr One and helped.
        • Romero movie.
  • May tells Sarge she still believes there's good in him, even if it isn't Coulson.
  • FitzSimmons direct Deke to Zephyr One by comms.
  • Daisy gets back to the plane and says they need to fly now.
  • Pachakutiq starts to come out as Sarge approaches Izel. Izel opens the gateway.
  • Yo-Yo and Mack tell Daisy about Flint. The hosts invade the plane.
  • Deke says he needs to be flown away, mentioning Elon Musk owes him a favour if they can't.
  • Sarge tries to kill Izel but finds he can't.
  • Mack tells Daisy that the devil will come in the face of someone you love - not to trust Sarge.
  • Sarge stabs May and throws her through the gate.
  • Isaiah meets with Enoch and says the anthropologists have been reassigned as hunters, attacking him.

[Episode 13 - New Life]

  • FitzSimmons witness May's apparent death and tell Daisy.
  • Chronicoms arrive in the Lighthouse and attack.
  • Daisy tells Mack she should have listened to him about Sarge. Deke contacts for help flying away on the Quinjet.
  • The Chronicoms discuss Enoch's weakness. Malachi has the Toolbox.
  • Fitz tries to contact Enoch, but can't get through.
  • Izel is pleased that Pachakutiq has been awoken.
      • He's been trapped in the body for centuries.
  • May is in the Fear Dimension. The three start walking.
  • Yo-Yo rips seats off the plane.
  • FitzSimmons find Khan's team dead. They realise the Chronicoms have their knowledge, so they can only hide in Deke's lab.
    • Deke's development lab was empty until a few days ago, which was after they escaped the Chronicoms.
  • Pachakutiq becomes angry with Izel.
  • Deke fends off Shrike hosts.
  • Yo-Yo shoots hosts but a Shrike enters her.
  • Mack directs Deke. Yo-Yo and Daisy arrive, explaining to Mack about Yo-Yo's Shrike.
  • FitzSimmons hide from Chronicoms.
  • The three put their stones into place. May looks through a gap and sees the coming beings.
  • FitzSimmons prepare to blow up the Chronicoms' data and themselves with it, but Isaiah takes out the other Chronicoms, being Enoch in his skin. He says they will have to change the natural course of their lives forever.
  • Yo-Yo asks Daisy to kill her if necessary, but she says it won't come to that. Daisy tells Yo-Yo she has revenge on her mind.
        • Keller lasted half an hour after the Shrike entered him.
  • Izel heads to the Fear Dimension and calls to May, knowing she is around because life and death are meaningless in their realm. She has evaporated the three with the sword, and engages Izel in a duel.
      • Izel has been handling problems herself for centuries.
  • Deke is left to shoot Shrike hosts as Mack, Yo-Yo, and Daisy go to take out Pachakutiq.
  • Daisy quakes Pachakutiq, which reveals his true form. He is unaffected, however, and fights back.
  • Meanwhile, May continues to fight Izel. Izel puts the stones back in. May beats her, but is attacked by other beings.
  • Yo-Yo begs Daisy to kill her. She can't, and goes to fight Pachakutiq. Yo-Yo starts strangling Mack. Izel returns through the gate, but before she can kill Daisy, May stabs her and evaporates her, also destroying all the Shrike including the one inside Yo-Yo. She collapses, returning to a dimension where she should be dead. Yo-Yo quakes Pachakutiq and Mack slices him apart, evaporating him as well.
        • From what was said earlier, should be about half an hour after the Shrike entered her.
  • May starts dying. A S.H.I.E.L.D. team suddenly arrive, led by Simmons, who says they can repair her issue soon. The team cut a sample from the White Monolith.
  • They get on-board Zephyr One, where Simmons says they've had help and time. They freeze May and Simmons says she doesn't know where Fitz is, she's not allowed.
  • Simmons explains that the Chronicoms have been attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. because they see them as the only threat able to stop them from establishing Earth as Chronyca-3. She says they lost the Lighthouse. Simmons explains that the Lighthouse wasn't the only point of interest targeted as they jump away, leaving the temple to be bombed.
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