"Figured with everything that I heard, all positive of course, your office would be on Wall Street."
"Man, I'm from Harlem. And Clinton made it hot again."
Foggy Nelson and Piranha Jones[src]

The Uptown Investments Building is building owned by Piranha Jones for his company, Uptown Investments.


In 2017, Piranha Jones wanted to hire Luke Cage to appear at a party he was hosting, celebrating a merger with involving Atreus Plastics that Uptown Investments completed on behalf of Mariah Dillard and Shades. Cage, desperate for money to settle a lawsuit against him being filed by Cockroach Hamilton, visited Jones' office in the Uptown Investments Building with his lawyer, Foggy Nelson, to discuss the appearance.

When Cage and Nelson arrived, they were greeted by Lola, who offered them a drink. They turned down the offer and discussed Jones' work in stocks. Lola then escorted Cage and Nelson to Jones' office, where they discovered various merchandise about Cage, including newspapers, bullets that had hit him, a car door he had torn off to use as a shield, various objects that Cage had crushed, and a phony Seagate Penitentiary uniform that was the wrong color. Jones entered, and Cage told him that he got ripped off regarding the uniform. Jones asked Cage his opinion regarding the merchandise, and Cage referred to it as creepy, but Nelson said that Cage meant it in a positive way.

Nelson asked Jones why his office wasn't on Wall Street, and Jones described Harlem as his home. Cage noticed a picture of Jones and Dillard together, and the three of them talked about Jones' father and his nickname, then Jones brought up Atreus Plastics and Cage asked for $150,000 to appear at Jones' party, to which Jones agreed, impressing Nelson, who was going to asked for a smaller sum. Lola then approached Cage and told him that he needed to wear a sweatshirt with bullet holes in it, which Cage refused. However, Lola told Cage that it was in his contract to wear it, prompting Cage to tell Nelson that the party was a bad idea.[1]


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