"I do more than just manage money, brother. I offer a whole suite of high-end services. Everything from bespoke analytics and business intelligence to temporary power of attorney over assets to prevent asset seizure."
Piranha Jones to Luke Cage[src]

Uptown Investments is the financial company founded by Piranha Jones.


"Atreus' stock is low. You buy a controlling interest before they announce this new tech, a $20 million investment could be worth billions."
"That's inside information."
"It's the best kind. My grandmother thrived on it. When do you need our investment?"
"Yesterday, okay? I've already set up the shell company in the Caymans. You've already given me power of attorney, so you're insulated."
Piranha Jones, Shades and Mariah Dillard[src]

Piranha Jones had founded his own company with Mariah Dillard supporting him by giving him clients and downtown connections. For the support, Jones would supply Dillard with "real money", and his information about offshore banking and stocks so she could do it herself. Jones succeeded in giving Dillard the information, and this would fuel the Stokes Crime Family with success.[1]

Jones possessed the inside information that the Atreus Plastics had designed the indestructible plastics for military use and paper-thin OLED monitor. Also, Jones learned that nobody knows about the Atreus' unregistered patient, besides Glenn Industries that intended to merge Atreus. Jones contacted Dillard and offered her to purchase the Atreus' stocks before they jump, and convince Mark Higgins to accept the merge with Glenn Industries.[2]

Dillard decided to give Jones power of attorney over all of her funds, including the money from her weapons business, and even Harlem's Paradise. Jones then set up the shell company at the Cayman Islands, so he could complete the purchase and prevent asset seizure. As Dillard blackmailed Higgins, he approved the merging and both Dillard and Jones were provided with the impressive revenue.[3]

In the wake of the successful deal between Atreus Plastics and Glenn Industries, Jones organized a big party and even hired Luke Cage as his own celebrity.[4] However, Jones was attacked by the Stylers, and despite Cage's efforts to rescue him, Jones ended up in the Stylers' capture. Bushmaster forced Jones to give him access to Dillard's bank accounts and financial assets, and then he executed Jones.[5]


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