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"I don't see a decorated agent falling for Fisk's bullshit."
"Yeah, well, that's what Fisk does. Finds a weakness. Hits it hard. When you're already on your knees, you've got no choice but to fall for his bullshit."
Ray Nadeem and Daredevil

Upstairs/Downstairs is the eighth episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


A desperate Dex reaches out for help, Matt forms an uneasy alliance with Agent Nadeem, and Karen concocts a dangerous plan to provoke Fisk.


Benjamin Poindexter returns back to his apartment after the attack on the New York Bulletin. He is about to have a breakdown but manages to collect himself by listening to Eileen Mercer's tapes where she tells him that he must have the North star that guides him. The next day, Poindexter approaches Julie Barnes again and apologizes for his behavior, asking her to listen to him.

Thinking about Daredevil's words, Ray Nadeem checks through the FBI agents' files and concludes that Poindexter might be behind the Bulletin attack. Nadeem is not sure whether or not he can trust the vigilante, so he suggests to infiltrate Poindexter's apartment to find any evidence before confronting him directly.


Poindexter explains Barnes that his mental condition is in the bad state and he is desperate for her support. Barnes asks him about his condition and Poindexter tells her that the FBI used him as a scapegoat and now he lost the system that kept his mind in order. Barnes agrees to help him much to Poindexter's joy, before he receives a message from Nadeem asking to meet at the headquarters. However, when Barnes goes home, Wilson Fisk orders his assassins to kill her and dispose of her body.

Foggy Nelson meets Karen Page and explains his theory that Wilson Fisk's plan is to create the void in the New York City criminal underworld by using the FBI to take down the rivals and becoming the sole source of the government protection for the criminals. He also suggests to use Fisk's house incarceration terms to get him back into the prison, as his conspiracy violates the terms. Nelson tells Page to publish an article about Fisk's violations while he backs them by making a statement as the running candidate for District Attorney.

In order to lure Poindexter out of his apartment, Nadeem organizes a meeting with him and Andrea Morales, saying that she might help in a lawsuit against the FBI, so Poindexter could get back to the work. While Poindexter is distracted, Daredevil and Nadeem search his apartment for the Daredevil's Suit to prove that he is the culprit. Daredevil finds Poindexter's safe, however, the suit was not there, although he finds Eileen Mercer's tapes instead.

Poindexter and Morales go through his situations, however, Morales says that the lawsuit will take time which does not please Poindexter. He tries to contact Barnes, however, he gets a message that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him which frustrates him further.

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While Nadeem and Daredevil are listening to tapes, Poindexter comes back to his home and finds out that he has intruders. Daredevil and Nadeem try to take cover at the opposite building but Poindexter takes a precise shot and injures Nadeem. They take the chance to escape, while Poindexter chases them, however, police officers interrupt him.

Nelson attends the endorsement meeting at the Hell's Kitchen Club to make a point about Fisk's current crime and manipulation of the FBI. Blake Tower tells him that his theories can't do anything on their own without evidence. When Nelson tries to object, he suddenly realizes what Page has in mind and leaves the meeting.


Page arrives at the Presidential Hotel and gets an audience with Fisk at his quarters, trying to provoke him into admitting to murdering his own father, so he could be charged for that. Instead, Fisk manipulates Page and gets her to indirectly admit that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. In the last attempt to provoke Fisk, Page tells him that she was the one who killed James Wesley. Enraged Fisk attempts to attack her, however FBI agents apprehend Page and get her to leave the quarters, as Nelson told them that she might try to kill Fisk in order to rescue her.

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Poindexter burns Eileen Mercer's tapes and goes to Fisk's quarters to inform him that Nadeem knows about his involvement. Fisk comforts him, saying that he will take of this, becoming Poindexter's new North star.

Murdock returns to the church where he discusses Poindexter with Maggie Grace. Murdock questions his decision of letting Poindexter go while he had a chance to take him down, knowing that people might suffer because of him. During the training, Murdock overhears Grace's prayer as she admits to being Murdock's mother.


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  • Wilson Fisk is informed there is a challenge to his ownership of the Rabbit in a Snowstorm painting. Fisk uses a concealed staircase to access his surveillance room.


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