"They all worked together, every human floor."
"And now they're out of your reach. Cut off, you Kreeper."
"They're free!"
Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Flint, and Tess[src]

The Uprising in the Lighthouse was a rebellion against the Kree Watch initiated by Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Flint so that the Humans in the Lighthouse could be able to put an end to Kasius' rule over them.


"This fight's not over. If we want to survive, we can't let Kasius pit us against each other anymore."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
In the aftermath of the Destruction of Earth, the remaining Humans having taken refuge in the Lighthouse were enslaved by the Kree led by Kasius. For years, the Kree Watch kept the human population under their harsh rules, exerting birth control, strictly overseeing the few resources they allocated to the Humans, and occasionally holding Renewals to keep the population in fear. Over time, the Humans grew used to the idea that they could not fight back against the Kree and that they needed them to ensure their survival.[1]
Mack Flint TLD

Alphonso Mackenzie and Flint reclaim weapons to fight against the Kree Watch

However, the situation changed when a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived from the past in the Lighthouse. S.H.I.E.L.D. was soon confronted by the Kree Watch and some of the agents managed to escape to the surface of the Earth to find answer. Meanwhile, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez decided to remain in the Lighthouse to help Flint, an Inhuman who had recently gained his powers, to assist the Lighthouse residents.[2] Despite the Kree releasing Vrellnexians in the human levels of the Lighthouse, Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint were able to exterminate the creatures and to convince the survivors to join them in a rebellion against Kasius.[3]


"They killed the Vrellnexians. And we lost eight soldiers."
"How can that be?"
"The humans have guns."
"Where on this cursed rock did they find weapons?!"
Hek-Sel and Kasius[src]
Having decided to collaborate and to rebel against Kasius, the Humans in the Lighthouse managed to kill several Kree Watch guards sent into the human levels to see whether anyone had survived the unleashing of the Vrellnexians. During one assault, Gunner drew two guards into an ambush by throwing stones at them and running away, leading them to be killed by Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and other rebels. Despite Flint's being enthusiastic towards the uprising, Mackenzie remained skeptical regarding their chances of success.
Tess Revived

Tess is brought back from the dead

The loss of the guards was reported to Kasius by Hek-Sel, who decided to have his Kree Doctor revive Tess so she could send a message to the rebels. Upon arriving into the human levels, Tess soon encountered Mackenzie, Rodriguez and Flint who took her to the Salvage so that she could tell them her story. Tess explained that Kasius had revived her in order for her to transmit his demands: all the Inhumans, the children over ten and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had to be delivered to him; otherwise he would eradicate all the Humans in the Lighthouse.

Rebels Salvage

Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez announce that they will directly confront Kasius

Before making a decision, Mackenzie decided to find out how Kasius could possibly exterminate them all. They discovered that all the oxygen lines of the human levels were rigged with bombs, which would incinerate the whole place should they explode. Therefore, the rebels devised a plan to beat Kasius to his own game: Tess was sent back to him and informed Kasius that Rodriguez and Mackenzie had taken the Level 35, where all the equipment Kasius needed to breed Inhumans was kept, and that they would destroy it if he did not come and meet them. Angered, Kasius still reluctantly accepted to meet their request.


Kasius confronts the rebels

On Level 35, Mackenzie and Rodriguez confronted Kasius who had taken Tess with him, demanding that he surrendered the bombs' controller in exchange for his equipment to be left undamaged. However, Kasius refused this deal, claiming that he had the power to kill all the human residents in one trial. Despite Rodriguez taunting him, Kasius considered himself to be in the upper position. When Flint joined them, Kasius demanded one last time that the rebels surrendered, claiming that he would always win in the end no matter what they attempted.

Rodriguez Blocked

Yo-Yo Rodriguez fails to steal the controller from Kasius

Choosing to directly face Kasius, Rodriguez tried to use her superhuman speed to reach him and steal his controller. However, she was blocked by the energy barrier created by the Kree Battle Axes of the guards surrounding Kasius. Delighted by this failure, Kasius decided to trigger the bombs in retaliation for the rebels' failed attempt. However, little did he know that Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint had simply been playing for time since the beginning. Indeed, this gave the other rebels enough time to disconnect Kasius' bombs and gather them in Level 25, where they blasted without harming anyone.

This gave the rebels a strategic advantage over the Kree Watch. Indeed, not only Kasius had failed to exterminate them, but they were now out of reach of the Kree Watch, as they had moved over Level 25 while most of the Kree guards, including Kasius, were stuck below Level 35. Moreover, Tess took advantage of the tremors due to the explosion to join her friends. Kasius slowly realized that he had been tricked, but still claimed that Mackenzie, Rodriguez, Flint and Tess could not escape him. However, Mackenzie proved him wrong by detonating the bombs he had put on the Inhumans breeding equipment, which was completely destroyed. Much to Kasius' fury, the four rebels were able to escape, leaving him in a full defeat.[4]


"I've gotten to know Elena quite well. Pain can be so persuasive."
"Mack, run! Leave! Go home!"
"I'm not leaving. I said let her go!"
"Look at her tremble. Perhaps she knows what comes next for you... for me, huh? For all of us here, standing on the edge of timeless, violent glory."
Kasius, Yo-Yo Rodriguez (2091), and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
The revolution initiated by Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Flint was only the first severe blow to be dealt to the Kree Watch's grip over the Humans. Indeed, Kasius soon had to face another challenge: the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had previously escaped to the surface of the Earth managed to return into the Lighthouse, where they were reunited with their friends, enabling them to increase the strength of the rebellion while Kasius was left to find the deceased body of his loyal warrior Sinara.
Kasius Death

Kasius is slain by Alphonso Mackenzie

Kasius progressively lost control of both the Lighthouse and himself. Much to Hek-Sel's concern, the Kree leader began acting in an irrational and rash way which eventually led him to consume the Odium, a mortal liquid which temporarily granted him extreme superhuman strength and durability. Despite this empowerment, Kasius was ultimately killed by the combined efforts of Mackenzie and Jemma Simmons while most of the Kree Watch guards were killed by Flint, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the explosion they caused when activating the White Monolith.[5]


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