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"Jump points are the best. They make your face all scrambly, but they're a lot of fun."
Kraglin Obfonteri to the Wakandans[src]

The Universal Neural Teleportation Network[1] is an artificial network of generating wormholes in the space continuum, called Jump Points, that enables space-ships to fast travel across the universe by jumping between different planetary systems.


Kree-Skull War

Mission on Torfa

Kree Warships going through a jump point

The Supreme Intelligence sent the Starforce and Accusers to a mission on Torfa to rescue a Kree informant by the name of Soh-Larr. The Starforce and the Accusers used a jump point from Hala to Torfa, using the Helion and Accuser Warships respectively, but the mission turned out to be a trap set by Talos to capture Vers.[2]

Searching for Vers

After Talos captured Vers, he went to Planet C-53, where Mar-Vell was posing as Doctor Wendy Lawson. When Vers called Yon-Rogg with this information, he asked Att-Lass how far they were to the closest jump point, to which Att-Lass replied that it is twenty two hours away.[2]

Kree's Attack on Earth

Having received a call from Yon-Rogg to attack Planet C-53, Ronan the Accuser and a unit of Kree battleships used the network to arrive near Earth. After their attacks were rendered futile and a large number of their forces were destroyed by Carol Danvers, Ronan ordered a retreat, using the closest jump point to go back to their home planet. [2]

Traveling from Sovereign to Berhert

While they were chased by the Sovereign fleet, the Guardians of the Galaxy tried to leave behind the starships by escaping through the network to Berhert, passing through a jump point near a Quantum Asteroid Field. While the Milano successfully entered the jump point, it crashed on the planet due to the damage caused by the Omnicraft fleet.[3]

Seven Hundred Jumps

Yondu Udonta's body reacts to all the jumps

"It ain't healthy for a mammalian body to hop more than fifty jumps at a time."
"I know that."
"We're about to do
seven hundred!"
Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon[src]

When Rocket Raccoon, Yondu Udonta, Groot and Kraglin Obfonteri escaped the destruction of the Eclector aboard the Quadrant, Rocket set the coordinates to reach the planet Ego, unwittingly initiating a dangerous sequence of jumps across space to reach it - more than 50 jumps is considered dangerous for the mammalian body, and from the site of the Escape from the Eclector, travel to Ego required 700. This resulted in serious discomfort and temporary disfigurement for all on board, which only subsided once the Quadrant had reached Ego.[3]

Infinity War

Ambush on Thanos

The Benatar approaching a jump point

"Approaching jump in three... two... one..."

In 2018, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, and Carol Danvers used the Benatar to travel from Earth to Planet 0259-S, using a jump point. After Thor killed Thanos, the heroes used the Benatar and another jump point to return to Earth.[4]

Answering Distress Calls

The Benatar leaving Indigarr through a jump point

"And they're gone."

In 2024, Thor and Korg watched as the Guardians of the Galaxy used the Benatar to leave Indigarr through a jump point to answer distress calls throughout the galaxy.[5]


  • Berhert is located at only one space jump from the Sovereign.
  • The mammalian body structure can't handle more than 50 consecutive jumps at a time without possibly suffering damage to their health.
  • The Universal Neural Teleportation Network show a lot of similarities with the Stargates from the comics: a network of devices, created by the Shi'ar Empire, that create stable wormholes throughout the universe. In the comics, Xandar has this technology because of their alliance with the Shi'ar.
  • The location where Thanos' ship attacked Thor in space was said to be 22 jump points away from Asgard.[6]


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