"You know, when they first started Homeland, they wanted native speakers. Farsi, Pashtun, Arabic. Use the enemy to catch the enemy."
Dinah Madani to Sam Stein[src]

The United States Department of Homeland Security, occasionally referred to as Homeland Security or DHS, is a department of the United States Government that deals with threats to the public security in the country.


Recruiting Dinah Madani

Dinah Madani's Homeland Security file

In 2009, Rafael Hernandez recruited Dinah Madani to the Homeland Security. Madani was sent to the DHS Field Office in Washington, D.C. to provide intelligence analysis for three years.[1]

Mission in the Middle East

"I just got back from Afghanistan. I was the Homeland Security attaché over there."
Dinah Madani to Billy Russo[src]

In 2012, Madani was designated the Homeland Security attaché to the United States Mission in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan. In Kandahar, Madani cooperated with Afghan National Police member Ahmad Zubair. Together, they investigated heroin traffic in Kandahar which was possibly established by Americans before Zubair suddenly disappeared. The unknown source then sent Madani a record of murder of Zubair executed by unknown military group.[2] Madani opened an investigation in order to find Zubair's killers, however, the footage was stolen and her superiors decided to transfer Madani out of Afghanistan.[3]


"I mean, his only source was this guy from Homeland who refused to go on record. And then Special Agent in Charge for New York, Carson Wolf, stopped by personally and asked me not to pursue it."
"So then the story is true?"
"According to him, if we ran the story, it would interfere with his investigation. He was afraid we'd screw up his chances of catching everybody."
Mitchell Ellison and Karen Page[src]

Unnamed Homeland agent then leaked information about Micro as a hacker who leaked government secrets. New York Bulletin editor Mitchell Ellison received that information and decided to write an article about him. However, Carson Wolf personally visited him and demanded not to publish the article, under the guise that it would compromise their investigation.

Carson Wolf takes aim at David Lieberman

Micro then was identified as David Lieberman. Several Homeland Security agents led by Wolf went to find and capture him under suspicion of terrorism. After a high-speed chase, Wolf held Lieberman at the gunpoint and ordered him to drop his weapon, despite the fact that Lieberman was unarmed. Wolf then shot Lieberman in the chest and pulled on him resisting arrest and domestic terrorism.[4]

Chase of Lincoln Campbell

Homeland Security was one of the agencies that tried to track down and capture Inhuman Lincoln Campbell.[5]


"FBI, Homeland Security. Whatever it is you stumbled onto last night, it's big."
Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Alongside with NYPD and FBI, Homeland Security investigated mysterious criminal activity in New York City.[6]

Madani's Investigation

Dinah Madani arrives to the Homeland Security Headquarters

"The investigation you were pursuing in Kandahar was deemed to serve no one."
"Deemed by who?"
"Frankly, you must have a guardian angel, Madani. They pulled you out of there before you did your career some real harm."
Carson Wolf and Dinah Madani[src]

Dinah Madani was transferred from Afghanistan to DHS office in New York City. Sam Stein was assigned as her partner and they served under the direct orders of Carson Wolf. Madani then continued to investigate Zubair's death but Wolf ordered her to stop it what did not stop her. Later, she asked Stein to find all Homeland files on Ray Schoonover and Frank Castle because she was sure that they can be involved in her case.[3]


"It'd be great for me to get some physical training with the unit."
"You expect me to sign off on sending my team to Brunswick on a getting-to-know-you exercise purely for your benefit?"
"Absolutely not. I thought we could organize something up here in New York, via a private contractor. There's a company, Anvil, that have all the facilities we'd need."
Dinah Madani and Carson Wolf[src]

Madani managed to find Frank Castle's former teammate, Billy Russo who became the CEO of the private military company Anvil. She knew that Wolf won't let her talk to Russo and decided to trick him. She found Wolf and informed him about great deployment reports and special response protocols. She offered him to collaborate with Anvil and organize field training for agents in New York. Wolf then agreed and contacted Russo.

Billy Russo talks with Dinah Madani and Carson Wolf

Madani, Stein, and Homeland tactical unit were brought to the Anvil Training Facility to field training with hostage incident. However, Stein hesitated with one of the hostages and Madani pulled him away and shot the hostile who covered behind them. Then training was completed and Russo talked personally with Madani. They were interrupted by Wolf who said Russo to talk to procurement to discuss further cooperation with Homeland.[2]

Murder of SAC

"This is going to be a jurisdictional cockfight. NYPD and FBI? They're both already trying to jump onboard."
"Screw 'em. He was one of us."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]

Homeland Security was informed about the murder of Carson Wolf who was tortured and executed by unknown assailant. Press learned about the incident but Homeland refused to make any statements. Dinah Madani and Sam Stein examined Wolf's autopsy and other case files. Madani discovered that Wolf's murderer infiltrated into his apartment through the chimney. They then decided that because of Wolf's death, a jurisdictional fight would begin and FBI and New York City Police Department will try to take the case and Homeland Security would not accept it.

Later, Stein pulled Wolf's bank records and exposed six secret off-shore accounts which were used by Wolf to keep three million dollars. He visited Madani in her office and gave her files with Wolf's accounts. She decided not to inform anyone about it because all agents, besides Madani and Stein, is suspect.[4] In the wake of Wolf's murder, Rafael Hernandez was asked who should replace Wolf and recommended Madani as the acting SAC.[7]

Greek Mob Operation

"We are about to be the proud owners of a million dollars' worth of illegal weapons. Right now the guns are on a freighter just off the three-mile line due into Jersey tomorrow. We could roll up the Greeks and the guns the minute they hit the dock. [...]"
"No, I want to catch 'em on US soil, in the act of selling them."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]

Intelligence informed Homeland Security that Greek Mob members were going to transport the large consignment of weapons through New York City. Stein offered to take them while they are still on their ship but Madani refused because they need to arrest them on American soil. On the rights of acting SAC, Madani signed the permission for the tactical operation to catch them.

Madani then was visited by Rafael Hernandez who arrived in New York from Washington, D.C.. He informed her that the Office of the Inspector General would be taking over the investigation into Wolf's murder. Hernandez noted that Wolf's corruption put all of Homeland Security under a cloud of doubt following the revelations about Wolf's actions. Also, he commented on Madani's obsession with Zubair's murder and advised her to focus on the Greeks case.

Later, Stein gave a briefing to other Homeland agents about the tactical operation at Red Hook Pier. Stein tasked Sampson to portray a criminal buyer in front of Greeks and Bowers and Sinclair to watch the truck with weaponry. Also, he informed them about snipers' positions and banned all engagements from the follow car, no matter what happens. According to his plan, following the money exchange, the arrest team will arrest all Greeks to hand them to US attorney.

However, Madani noted several mistakes in Stein's plan. She ordered to rearrange sniper position to the corners to control both sides of the warehouse. Then, she recommended making a dedicated communication line for the snipers to ensure better control of the deal. Additionally, she suggested calling Harbor Patrol to cut off Greeks' escape on water.

Dinah Madani supervises tactical operation

At night, Homeland Security arrived at the pier and began preparing the ambush. Two tactical teams and snipers were located on their positions. Madani supervised operation from mobile hub disguised as a taco van and Stein controlled agents at streets. Sampson informed Madani that all area was clear. However before Greeks arrived, Homeland's communications were hacked by unknown hacker who muffled Homeland's audio by broadcast the Donna Summer's song "I Feel Love" and creating a loop at their video feeds. Bowers and Sinclair then noted someone stole the Greeks' truck and followed him until it stopped. They came to the truck but Castle threatened them using a flamethrower and forced them to jump into the water so they did not pursue him.

Madani guessed that they hooked a loop and take a car to find the truck before they could escape. After a high-speed chase, they were opposite each other. They started to go ahead and the collision was inevitable but Lieberman crashed into Madani at full speed and knocked her off the road. Before her car exploded, culprit saved Madani, as she identified him as Frank Castle.[7]

Internal Investigation

"The operation was by the numbers and you ran it well. Right up until the point where you went Steve McQueen and had to do it all yourself."
"What was I supposed to do? I almost had the bastards."
"Instead, they almost killed you. The OIG is going to investigate. How can they not? Truck full of guns just went missing. I suggest you cooperate fully."
Rafael Hernandez and Dinah Madani[src]

Despite her injuries, Dinah Madani came to the Homeland Security Headquarters where Rafael Hernandez and Sam Stein examined case files about the corrupted operation. Hernandez asked her about any information about the robbery that can help them but Madani decided not to tell him about Frank Castle. Hernandez then informed her that the Office of the Inspector General is going to investigate and question Madani and Stein in order to find out what happened at the docks.

Later, being acknowledged that Castle is alive, Madani examined Homeland files on him and found possible lead - New York Bulletin reporter Karen Page who assisted Castle at his trial. She contacted Page and asked her to talk. Page came to the Headquarters where Madani questioned her about her ties with Castle.

Madani asked Stein to came to her office and asked him to find several United States Armed Forces veterans from her list, like Edward Drogin and Gunner Henderson, for her investigation. However, Stein refused and left her office. Madani caught him up and informed her that man who stole the weapons was Frank Castle and she is not going to the public with this. Later, OIG Agent questioned Madani and Stein about the operation and they did not inform him about Castle.[8]

New Leads

"One of the guys on your list turned up. Gunner Henderson."
"Where is he?"
"Dead. On a mountain in Kentucky."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]

Kentucky State Police informed Homeland Security about the shootout at the woods and dead Gunner Henderson. Madani and Stein went to Kentucky and examined the crime scene. Madani had found that Henderson was attacked by a tactical unit and they all were taken down by him and someone else. She was sure that it was Frank Castle and asked Stein to quietly check blood samples. He confirmed that it was Castle's blood and they decided to find him.[9]

Billy Russo at the office

Madani informed Billy Russo that Castle can be alive and asked to contact with him. Later, Russo visited her at the office and informed her that his sources are silent and Castle must be dead. When he left, Stein furiously asked her why she did not tell him her plan to get a civilian involved with their case, claiming that this decision compromised their investigation and Stein's own career if Madani's agreement with Russo backfired.

After examining the case files, Madani realized that Henderson was killed right after Homeland Security learned about him. Then she has found that her office must be bugged. Together, they silently checked Madani's office and found a bug.[10]

Undercover Operation

"I'm expecting our targets to come in armed and ready to fight. They believe they are there to capture a dangerous enemy. When they find us waiting instead, I don't expect them to come quietly. Okay? Schematics and assignments are in the folders before you. Study them and get ready. There will not, I repeat, not be a copy of this tactical plan online or anywhere else except right in front of you."
Dinah Madani[src]

Knowing about the bug, Dinah Madani and Sam Stein planned to organize a fake tactical operation to ambush the officials who attempted to assassinate Frank Castle. According to their story, Castle had contacted with weapon dealer Jack DeLeon to purchase ammunition for weapons which was stolen from the Greek Mob. They talked about this in Madani's office to make sure that they will be heard. On the briefing, Madani informed agents about the real designation of their operation and gave them files with more details. Madani then made a fake operation plan and put it into the system.

Dinah Madani and Sam Stein at the gunfight

Homeland Security tactical unit led by Madani and Stein holed up at Abandoned Warehouse and waited for culprits. They spotted a group of armed men in masks, surrounding them and ordering them to surrender. They ignored the order and emerged into a violent firefight in which all hostiles were killed, as well as several Homeland agents.

Their leader attempted to escape but he was stopped by Stein who held him at gunpoint, ordering him to drop his weapon. Unmasking him, Stein realized that it was Billy Russo and briefly paused in shock. Russo used his brief pause to use his wrist blade to kill Stein. While Russo escaped, Stein was unable to tell Madani about Russo, dying in her arms.[11]

Rawlins Conspiracy

"Bill Rawlins is a highly-decorated agent. But I'll look into it. Of course, I will. And if there's anything, you'll be the first to know."
"Well, this is a Homeland Security investigation."
"Well, I'm not sure what jurisdiction Homeland Security has over CIA agents' conduct on foreign soil, Agent Madani. And Rafi can tell you, we generally clean our own dirty laundry."
"It's not that simple, Marion. Several of our agents were killed in an operation not five miles from here. On US soil."
Marion James, Dinah Madani, and Rafael Hernandez[src]

In the wake of returning of Frank Castle, Dinah Madani returned to Homeland Security Headquarters for work. She found Rafael Hernandez in her office, and before he returned her badge and ID card, he asked her why she did not tell him about Castle. She showed Hernandez a deactivated bug and informed him about conspiracy, which included Homeland Security, CIA, NSA and possibly DOD, and linked with her Kandahar investigation and Castle. She also told him about her suspicions, CIA agent William Rawlins, who was in charge at all of this. Hernandez then showed her files about mercenaries from her mission.

Billy Russo is questioned on camera

Noting that they all worked at Anvil under Billy Russo's orders, and Russo could be involved in the death of Sam Stein and other crimes, Madani confronted him at the Royal Hospitality where Russo attempted to kill her and Castle.[12] Later, Madani sent several agents to escort Russo to the Headquarters, questioning him about his involvement in Operation Cerberus and cooperation with William Rawlins. However, Russo refused to answer any of her questions because she had no evidence and left the Headquarters.

Later, Hernandez contacted Marion James and asked her to come to the Headquarters. Hernandez informed James that Homeland Security had discovered evidence that Rawlins ran an illegal assassination program funded by heroin sales in Kandahar, with Madani noting that Ahmad Zubair was assassinated when he had discovered the truth about the operation. James denied any knowledge of his illegal actions, noting that Homeland Security did not have jurisdiction over CIA agents' conduct.

However, Hernandez informed her that several Homeland Security agents had been killed on the US soil while investigating this case, noting that he had asked her to come so they could deal with the situation between them. When Madani asked James to hand over Rawlins, James noted that potential scandal would put the American foreign policy back by, at least, ten years and refused to cooperate with the Homeland Security.[13]

Frank Castle's Testimony

"You want evidence proving William Rawlins killed Ahmad Zubair. You want a video. A video that I already sent you, which you carelessly managed to lose. A video that already got me killed once."
"Killed by who?"
"You want that video so that Frank Castle can point at himself on the screen and then point at William Rawlins and then say: "That's your guy". And then you want justice 'cause you haven't figured out that there is no such thing yet."
Micro and Dinah Madani[src]

Later, Dinah Madani was contacted by Frank Castle who agreed to tell her everything he knew. In the Headquarters, Castle told on camera everything about his service in Kandahar and Operation Cerberus. Then she questioned David Lieberman who refused to give any information before his wife and son will be rescued. Then he made a plan to save his family and told Madani about it.

When Castle and Lieberman went to the exchange to save Lieberman's family, Madani and Homeland agents arrived and attacked Anvil agents. Several agents and mercenaries were killed while Castle was captured. They attempted to capture Lieberman, however, he was shot in the back by Homeland Security agents. Homeland then managed to escape with Liebermans, they then informed them that that was a fake and Lieberman is alive. He reunited with his family at the Headquarters. Later, Madani found Castle's tracker in the vehicle and realized that he won't let Homeland find him.

However, Lieberman hacked his hideout's cameras through Madani's computer and showed her real-time footage of William Rawlins brutally beating Castle. Madani and a group of agents stormed the hideout to save Castle. One of the agents shot Russo in the arm and he managed to escape.[14]


"You're officially still at large but we wiped your prints and DNA from the criminal justice system and replaced them with those of a dead man. We've done what we can to give you your life back. Pete Castiglione is a free man."
Rafael Hernandez to Frank Castle[src]

While Russo treated himself at the Anvil Headquarters, the team of the Homeland agents went to the location to capture him. However, Russo managed to kill all agents and blew up the headquarters while escaping. Later, Rafael Hernandez and Marion James met at the Homeland Security Headquarters and looked at the footage from the Micro's Hideout. They asked Dinah Madani where Castle now but she said that he managed to escape and she does not know where he is. Hernandez ordered her to make a report about the incident.

Later, Madani received some coordinates which were pointed at Central Park. She realized that Castle was there and took her handgun and went to the location, despite Hernandez's orders. Russo however shot her at the head before he was defeated by Castle. Madani was then taken to hospital where she and Castle recovered from their wounds. Then they were visited by Hernandez and James who informed him that Castle's DNA was removed from the system and now he can live as a free man. Hernandez informed her that the comatose Russo was taken to custody.[15]

Gideon Shaw

"Traffic division picked up a Gideon Shaw last week for a busted tail light and gram of weed. Didn't have papers. Homeland Security flagged him for his links to the Stylers."
Tomas Ciancio[src]

Gideon Shaw was tracked down and arrested for a busted tail light and gram of weed. Homeland Security flagged him for his links to the Stylers. Shaw was detained at Kearny Point ICE Facility in New Jersey.[16]

Billy Russo's Case

OIG Interview

""A Homeland agent's poor taste in sexual partners caused the murder of several DHS agents and almost cost her own life." That the tale you want me to spin? The one that leaves Rawlins a decorated hero and Ahmad Zubair just some guy in an unmarked grave?"
Dinah Madani to Marion James[src]

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Jurisdiction Issue

"The jurisdictions are clear. Russo is NYPD territory. Your agency agreed to that. Right around the time when they handed us their paperwork on a crime scene they trampled all over like they were doing us a favor, throwing us a bone."
Brett Mahoney to Dinah Madani[src]

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Larkville Incident

"Sheriff, Mr. Castiglione here is part of a very sensitive Homeland Security investigation."
"Is that right?"
"I would like it if he was never here. Officially."
Dinah Madani and Roy Hardin[src]

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Scott Lang

"Now as a part of his joint plea deal with Homeland Security and the German government, he's allowed to return to the U.S., provided he serve two years under house arrest, followed by three years of probation."
Jimmy Woo to Cassie Lang[src]

Following his aiding to Captain America and escaping the Raft, Scott Lang and Clint Barton each made a deal with the German government and Homeland Security. As part of their deal, they were allowed to return to United States of America to be placed under house arrest for two years.[17]


Name Position Status
Rafael Hernandez Operations Director Alive
Carson Wolf Special Agent in Charge Deceased
Dinah Madani Special Agent in Charge Retired
Sam Stein Agent Deceased
Bowers Agent Alive
Sinclair Agent Alive
Sampson Agent Alive
Wendy Medical Examiner Alive


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