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"We need a real person who embodies America's greatest values. We need someone to inspire us again, someone who can be a symbol for all of us. So, on behalf of the Department of Defense and our Commander-in-Chief, it is with great honor that we announce here today that the United States of America has a new hero. Join me in welcoming your new Captain America."
Government Official[src]

The United States Department of Defense, occasionally referred as DOD, is an executive branch department of the United States of America, that supervises the United States Armed Forces, the DARPA, the NSA, and the NRO.


Project Helius[]

In the 1950s, Department of Defense appointed Gerald Sharpe to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and oversee the Project Helius, although he came to the conclusion that the project was pointless since there was no possible power source for the Ion Fusion Reactor.[1]

Kidnapping of Tony Stark[]

"We've been approached already by the DOD, the FBI, the CIA..."
Pepper Potts to Phil Coulson[src]

The Department of Defense contacted Stark Industries to discuss Tony Stark's kidnapping by terrorists.[2]

Romanoff's Testimony[]

Department of Defense

Natasha Romanoff attending a government inquiry

In 2014, Natasha Romanoff attended a Department of Defense committee meeting that included S. Scudder, P. Wenham, C. Bryant, and J. Sandell. Wenham wanted her imprisoned for the crimes she had committed in her past, but ultimately did not get his way.[3]

New Captain America[]

In 2024, following Sam Wilson's donation of Captain America's Shield to the Smithsonian Institution, the Department of Defense gave the shield to John Walker, appointing him as the new Captain America. This decision was approved by the President of the United States and top-ranking members of the Department of Defense.[4]

Meeting About Wakanda[]

The U.S. Defense Secretary and the U.S. State Secretary had a meeting with the CIA, regarding the current state of affairs with Wakanda. As they voiced Ritson's opinion that Wakanda must be destabilized, Everett Ross opposed the idea, claiming that there was a third party involved.[5]


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