"The fight continued to this historic theatre where severe damage was wrought. Witnesses described two men at the centre of this fight."
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The United Palace Theatre is a theatre located at Harlem, New York City.


Duel at the United Palace Theatre


Luke Cage attempting to locate Diamondback

During the fight with Luke Cage, Diamondback retreated at the United Palace Theatre while Cage was following him. Diamondback shot off the lock before entering, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Taking his position hidden inside the theatre, Diamondback loaded his Judas Rifle, tormenting Cage, explaining how his mother had destroyed herself due to his father's actions.

Final Battle

Diamondback fighting against Luke Cage

Expressing his rage, Diamondback attempted to shoot Cage with the Judas Bullet, but Cage had dodged the shot before destroying the platform Diamondback was standing on, causing him to fall all the way down. Despite being outmatched by Cage, Diamondback had continued fighting, kicking and punching him repeatedly in his gunshot wound in order to cause Cage the maximum pain that he could. Cage simply grabbed Diamondback and launched him out of the door with all his strength. However, this move took all the energy that Cage had left as he collapsed onto the ground in agony, while Diamondback quickly left the theatre before Cage could recover himself and then follow him.[1]


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