"I'm Unique. It's like Monique, but it's got a "U" in there for uniqueness."
―Unique to Bucky Barnes[src]

Unique is a neighbor of Yori Nakajima.


"Your can isn't even half full. Why don't we just share?"
―Unique to Yori Nakajima[src]

Unique attempted to put his garbage in Yori Nakajima's trash can, prompting Nakajima to start yelling at him. Unique tried to defend himself, referring to Nakajima by his first name, although Nakajima insisted that Unique call him "Mr. Nakajima." Bucky Barnes found Unique and Nakajima arguing and stopped the fight, asking Nakajima what happened. Nakajima threatened to hit Unique, but Barnes stopped him while Unique defended himself. Unique introduced himself, explaining that his name was similar to "Monique," but with the letter "U" added for uniqueness. Nakajima scoffed at this and walked away. Barnes followed him, insisting the two go to lunch together, while Unique walked away.[1]


"You don't gotta body me, Yori."
"It's Mr. Nakajima."
"Okay. Mr. Nakajima!"
―Unique and Yori Nakajima[src]

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