"Subject is in stable condition. All clear at Union Station."
Phil Coulson[src]

Union Station is the main railway station in Los Angeles.


"Look, I know Union Station could have gone another way. Another team might not have let me out of there alive. I owe you, all of you."
"That's bygones and water under a distant bridge far away."
Mike Peterson and Skye[src]

Michael Peterson kidnapped Skye and took her to Union Station in Los Angeles, forcing her to delete all information regarding his identity and his son Ace's before leaving the city, something she had done before, but sending a signal to Coulson's Team at the Bus to let them know her location. Peterson tried to explain the situation to his son, that they were leaving the town to start a new life.

Phil Coulson and Grant Ward arrived at Union Station, and though Ward tried to convince Coulson to sacrifice Peterson in order to save civilians from the potential explosion derived from the Extremis in Peterson's blood, Coulson tried to convince Peterson to surrender himself.

Peterson attacked them and tried to escape with Skye and his son, but Skye soon was able to distract him attacking a group inside the station. Ace was moved aside by his father to protect him, who easily defeated the men attacking him thanks to his strength.

Coulson found Ace, asked a police officer to accompany him outside, and promised him he will find his father. Ward tried to subdue Ward, but easily defeated the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to follow Skye. Debbie sent an assassin disguised as a policeman to kill Peterson, and the assassin started to shoot him on sight. Coulson gave orders to Ward and Melinda May, realizing that maybe a third party was involved trying to reach Peterson, stressing Ward that he should only shoot Peterson if absolutely needed.


Skye tried to convince Peterson that S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to help him, but the assassin was able to hit him with a shotgun and make him fall to the ground floor of the station. May arrived and defeated the assassin before he could kill Peterson or Skye to avoid leaving any witness.

Coulson found Peterson, with evident signs of the Extremis side effects, and they discussed the possible outcome of the situation. Peterson assured that being a good person should matter in the outcome, and Coulson reminded him that his son Ace needed him. Peterson replied that his son was another thing that had been taken from him, just like his wife, his house or his job.

Nothing that Coulson said was able to convince Peterson, thinking they needed to make an example out of him and society lied to everybody, specially now that beings above men had been revealed, and they had become the things they stepped on. Coulson, having died for having the privilege of being near those superior men, assured him that the only thing that mattered is what they chose to make with his gifts, and that Peterson was right, what really mattered is the type of person someone was. Peterson, touched by his words, regretted not having become a hero, but Coulson said he was counting on it just before Peterson was hit by a bullet.

Jemma Simmons run to check Peterson, as Ward shot him with the newly developed Night-Night Gun that Leo Fitz brought to him. Simmons smiled as a sign that their plan worked, and Peterson's explosion had been prevented without harming him.[1]


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