"This town represents the worst of humanity... allowing the greed of a few to destroy the needs of many. Their water was poisoned, which drove them out. The great failing was their unwillingness to band together."
Hive to Daisy Johnson[src]

Union City is an abandoned urban town in south Wyoming used as a base by the HYDRA operatives and the Inhumans led by Hive.


Union City was a mining town who benefited of suppliants of natural gas, but the contamination of the aquifers led the majority of the citizens to leave the town.[1]

In 2016, the Inhuman known as Hive purchased Union City with the purpose of using it both as a base for both him and his Inhuman thralls and a place for Holden Radcliffe to work at trying to recreate the experiment used by the Kree to conceive the Inhumans.[2]

Soon after, Union City became the battleground of a brutal three-way struggle between Hive and his Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., and a pair of Kree Reapers summoned to Earth by Hive to help complete Radcliffe's experiment. The fight ended with the Reapers dying, and after Radcliffe's experiments proved unsuccessful, the Inhumans were forced to abandon Union City.[1]


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