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"I work... worked in the financial department at Union Allied. They're overseeing the bulk of the government contracts for the West Side reconstruction."
"I've seen their signs all over Hell's Kitchen."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Union Allied Construction was the company which oversaw the reconstruction of Hell's Kitchen following the damage caused during the Battle of New York. The company also acted as the façade for the illicit activities and money laundering operations of its leader, Wilson Fisk.

The New York Bulletin exposed its corruption in an article, so Union Allied was liquidated and its assets were reacquired through a number of front companies, including Fisk's new front for his activities, Confederated Global Investments‏‎.


"Heroes and their consequences are why we have our current opportunities."
Leland Owlsley[src]

Union Allied Construction

Following the Battle of New York, money began pouring into New York City to help the rebuilding effort. Wilson Fisk saw this as an opportunity to take charge of the reconstruction in order to make Hell's Kitchen into a better place. He formed an alliance with various criminals, who needed a place to hide their assets. McClintock arranged for funds to be hidden in the pension fund of Union Allied Construction.

Karen Page, a secretary in the financial department, was inadvertently emailed a file meant for McClintock of a spreadsheet showing the pension fund. She realized that the sum was far too large, and brought it to her boss's attention. McClintock laughed it off and said it was just a hypothetical model. He then had the file erased from her computer, not knowing that she had already made a copy and saved it to a thumb drive.

Suspicious, Page asked her colleague from the legal department, Daniel Fisher, to meet her for a drink at the Three Roads Bar. Before she was able to talk to him about the file, Page was drugged. She regained consciousness in her apartment, holding the bloody knife that had killed Fisher, who was lying dead on the floor.

Page was arrested, but not charged, and brought to the 15th Precinct Police Station. Officer Brett Mahoney tipped off his friends, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, lawyers at their newly-formed firm Nelson and Murdock, knowing they might want to take the case. When she met Nelson and Murdock, Page insisted she was innocent but did not tell them about the pension file. Later that night, Officer Clyde Farnum, having been coerced by Fisk's assistant James Wesley, tried to kill Page in her jail cell, but she fought back.

Page was released into Nelson and Murdock's custody, and she finally told them about the wrongdoings she uncovered at Union Allied. However, she did not tell them that she kept a copy of the file. Murdock arranged to have her spend the night at his apartment, where she would be safe. While there, he asked her if she kept a copy of the file, and Page told him she hadn't.

Thinking Murdock was asleep, she later snuck out and returned to her apartment to retrieve the file. Page was attacked by Rance, a hitman hired by Wesley. However, a man in a black mask came to her rescue, defeating Rance and retrieving the file. The man wanted to take the file to the NYPD, but Page warned him that they couldn't trust anybody. Instead, he delivered both Rance and the file to the New York Bulletin.

Ben Urich wrote a front-page article about the scandal at Union Allied. Fisk quietly had Farnum, Rance, and McClintock killed so that all loose ends were tied up. When Wesley asked if Page should also be taken care of, Fisk assured Wesley that she had already done any damage she was capable of.[1]


Name Position Status
Wilson Fisk Leader Formerly/In Custody
McClintock Head Financial Department Deceased
Daniel Fisher Employee Legal Department Deceased
Karen Page Secretary Formerly/Alive


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