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"It's Rand. Some bad people have gotten on the inside. Criminals. They're using the company as a cover to conduct their own business."
"What kind of business?"
"They're trying to get a synthetic heroin into the city. [...] Well, look. Ward doesn't believe me. But if I can prove to him it's really happening, he'll have to help me shut it down."
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus is the fifth episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


An insidious new drug hits New York, Danny recruits Colleen for the fight, and Claire discovers that credit cards can have many users.


Three businesswoman walk down the street with suitcases, they soon split up into different directions to present heroin to other businessmen. The heroin could just be placed on the skin and produce a reaction. One of the drug sellers, Sophia, showed the man how it worked by trying it on a Junkie. After a reaction, the test showed it worked. Meanwhile, Danny Rand talks to Sandi Ann, the company scientist, about the heroin. Rand assures her that he will deal with it and thanks her.


Joy Meachum talks to Melvin Ortiz, who's client is suing Rand Enterprises. Rand goes to see Ward Meachum about the heroin, but Meachum worriedly closes the door so that no one sees that there is a drug in his office. Rand explains how the heroin could be connected to the Hand because of the dragon symbol on the packet. Meachum tells Rand that it is his problem, Rand angrily storms out. Meachum then puts the packet of heroin in his drawer. Rand goes outside and question the assistant, Megan, about her capabilities that she could display as the company assistant. Rand asks her to find out when the next shipment arrives at Red Hook Pier, she tells him she can't but she could get him a meeting with someone who could. The two Meachum's meet at the elevator Ward asks Joy if she talked to Rand, Joy says she hasn't, but she wants to get to the bottom of this situation.

Rand's Apologies.png

Rand walks down the street when Ortiz's client, Regina Fitzgerald, approaches him saying that her son got cancer from the Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant. Rand vows to make it right, but Ortiz records it. Meanwhile, Claire Temple trains with Colleen Wing. Temple continously kicks the pad that Wing is holding. Rand walks into the Dojo and sees them. Wing says that the conversation has to wait as she is in the middle of a lesson. Rand informs her he ordered takeout, many workers then walk in and set up a table with food. Temple, Wing, and Rand then eat together while Temple questions Rand about K'un-Lun to learn more about him. She then leaves when she realizes Rand wants to talk to Wing. After Temple leaves, Rand asks for Wing's help in stopping the heroin trade. Wing tells him that she just wants to teach karate. Rand tells her that if the heroin gets on the streets, her students will be in danger. He then offers to buy her building so she won't have to pay rent; she agrees.

The Meachum siblings angrily discuss Rand's actions with Fitzgerald. Joy tells Ward that Rand had no idea that he was speaking for the company while Ward quickly thinks of an excuse to use in court. After Joy walks out, Ward takes a look at the heroin and then takes some medicine. He looks down at his phone to see Frank N. Stein texted him saying to do as Joy says. Knowing that this is his father, Ward looks around for a camera and sticks up his middle fingers.

In a board meeting, Ward tells the share owners that settling will be a mistake. Lawrence Wilkins protests saying they will boycott products and their income will decrease. Joy, however, defends Ward which makes the owners agree. After the meeting, Ward examines the heroin more. Meanwhile, Rand finds Wing's Katana. Wing takes it from Rand and shows him her skills. Rand then takes out her nunchucks and performs his own moves.


At the Red Hook Pier, Rand and Wing arrive and sneak around. Rand slows down to thank Wing, but she tells him to get this over with. They approach the shipping container and see the workers open it up. Rand takes a video of the inside, but realizes it's just equipment. Rand thinks they are hiding something and hops inside a container undetected. However, two men approach causing him to have to hide behind a box. They close the truck and drive away unknowingly carrying Rand with them. Wing knocks out a worker and takes his car to trail them. Rand enters a room inside the truck and finds Radovan Bernivig, who is being held captive. His guard, King battles Rand, but stabs Bernivig in the fight. Rand angrily punches King out. Rand takes Bernivig and uses the Iron Fist to punch his way out of the truck. Wing approaches the back and the two jump onto her car. Wing takes the man to Temple.

Ward and Joy.png

Joy enters Ward's room to find that he has used the heroin. Ward starts to gain his bearings and hugs Joy thanking her for being beside him. He tells her there's no way out. At Chikara Dojo, Temple notices Bernivig's lung has collapsed, so she takes a credit card and tapes it to Bernivig's chest explaining that the pressure will re-expand his lung. Bernivig pleads for them to take him back because the Hand has his daughter. Temple backs up when she hears of the Hand because of their infiltration into Metro-General Hospital. Bernivig explains how he created the heroin. Rand promises to get his daughter. Temple explains that this is a job for someone with extraordinary abilities. Rand says he has been training for this his entire life. Meanwhile, at a warehouse, King reports back to Madame Gao who punishes him by sticking her cane into the back of his head, killing him.


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