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"Where did you get that?"
"It's an old mining tool that I made some adjustments to."
Everett Ross and Ulysses Klaue[src]

Ulysses Klaue's Prosthetic Arm is a modified piece of Wakandan mining equipment, used as a prosthesis by Ulysses Klaue after his left arm was cut off by Ultron. Its sonic and electromagnetic technology allows it to double as a powerful sonic arm cannon.



"Where did you get this weapon?"
"You savages didn't deserve it!"
Black Panther and Ulysses Klaue[src]

Due to having lost his left arm to Ultron[1], Ulysses Klaue acquired a Wakandan mining tool he converted into a prosthetic arm, capable of shattering glass through vibration and powerful energy projection.[2]

Robbery of the Museum of Great Britain

Ulysses Klaue stealing a vibranium axe

"That's just a taste."
Ulysses Klaue to Erik Killmonger[src]

While assisting Erik Killmonger in robbing the Museum of Great Britain, Ulysses Klaue used the arm to break the glass case containing a vibranium artifact, as well as vibrating the artifact to remove the surrounding material, revealing its true nature.[2]

Arrest of Ulysses Klaue

Ulysses Klaue attempting to shoot T'Challa

"I made it rain!"
Ulysses Klaue[src]

Ulysses Klaue used his prosthetic arm while trying to escape from the Jagalchi Market Casino where T'Challa had come to arrest him. Klaue aimed at T'Challa, who threw a podium filled with money at Klaue to protect himself. The podium was completely destroyed, making all the money it contained rain in the casino much to Klaue's amusement.

Klaue firing upon Nakia and Okoye's vehicle

Klaue then attempted to flee during a car race in the streets of Busan. Using his cannon, Klaue was able to destroy Nakia's car, leaving her and Okoye unable to keep chasing him. However, using another car, T'Challa managed to catch up with him. Although Klaue managed to destroy his car as well, he was ultimately captured by T'Challa. Klaue's prosthetic arm was removed and kept in the CIA South Korean Black Site along with its owner.

However, Klaue's prosthetic arm had a tracking device implanted in it. This enabled Erik Killmonger, Klaue's associate, to find the CIA facility and attack it, successfully rescuing Klaue. Klaue's arm was left behind, presumably remaining in the possession of the CIA.[2]


  • Energy Projection: The arm is capable of projecting concussive pulse waves from a port in the wrist. The pulse is capable of crushing vehicles and repelling targets with a single shot. Due to the sonic and electromagnetic properties of the pulse, it is able to momentarily disrupt the nanotechnology within the Upgraded Panther Habit and thus eliminating the charged kinetic energy within the suit.
    • Sonic Frequency Projection: The hand can also emit a powerful frequency capable of shattering vibranium.


  • In the comics, Klaue's sonic cannon can not only fire devastating sonic blasts, but also create sustained, semi-autonomous solid-sound projections, like tangible holograms and was placed on his right hand, after it was cut off by a young T'Challa in retribution for Klaue's murder of his father T'Chaka. The cannon is of Klaue's own design and is not concealed within a prosthesis. It has been repeatedly shown that if Klaue's own body, now a solid-sound projection itself, is destroyed, he can remain 'stored' in the arm and reconstitute himself from it.


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