"Now this was crafted from a reclaimed Sub-Ultron arm straight from Sokovia."
"I wanted something lowkey. Why you tryin' to up-sell me, man?"
Jackson Brice and Aaron Davis[src]

The Ultron Blaster Gun is a weapon created by the Tinkerer from an Ultron Sentry's arm following the Battle of Sokovia.



One of the Ultron Sentries's arm that was recovered by the Department of Damage Control after the Battle of Sokovia was stolen by Vulture and was used by Phineas Mason as the base for the Ultron Blaster Gun.[1]

Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew


Jackson Brice makes a weapons deal with Aaron Davis

Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz met Aaron Davis in the outskirts of Queens where Brice enthusiastically demonstrated a weapon created with Ultron parts, straight out of Sokovia. Davis was wary of the weapon, telling them that he wanted a small device so he could simply mug people. When the trio heard a ringtone, Brice and Schultz immediately assumed that Davis had set them up. As they pulled their guns on him, Spider-Man appeared, telling the arms dealers to shoot him instead. Schultz opened fire on the young vigilante and Brice put on the Shocker Gauntlet. When Spider-Man rushed towards him, Brice punched him with the weapon, sending the young vigilante flying. Schultz started the van and drove away with Brice.

Schultz started the van and drove away with Brice. As Spider-Man swung after the two, Brice activated the Ultron Blaster Gun, shooting at the web-slinger and causing damage to the getaway van. With the Vulture showing up and successfully dealing with Spider-Man, Brice and Schultz made their getaway.[1]


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