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"The boundaries of the Multiverse are irrelevant to beings like you and me. I didn't evolve by staying inside the lines."
―Ultron to The Watcher[src]

Ultron was an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to serve as a global peacekeeping program using code derived from the Mind Stone encased within the Scepter. Ultron's objective was to protect the Earth from all domestic and extraterrestrial threats that might occur. However, Ultron came to the conclusion that humanity was the greatest threat to peace, and after uploading himself into a new synthezoid body, Ultron enacted a nuclear genocide. Upon desolating Earth, Ultron killed Thanos and amassed the remaining Infinity Stones from him, which he used to begin a universal crusade of his mission.

After fulfilling his mission, Ultron learned of The Watcher's presence and the existence of the Multiverse, seeking to now purge the chaos of every universe in existence. The Watcher, forced to violate his oath by this grave threat, gathered a group of heroes to oppose Ultron. After a fierce battle against the Guardians, Ultron was defeated after he was overwritten and purged from his body by Arnim Zola, ending his multiversal rampage.


Age of Ultron


"With the Mind Stone, Tony Stark created Ultron. But Ultron only saw one path to peace."
The Watcher[src]

Ultron is activated

In 2015, an artificial intelligence known as Ultron was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, using the decrypted code derived from the Mind Stone. He was designed with his primary objective and purpose being to protect the Earth and humanity from all domestic and extraterrestrial threats. However, upon coming online, Ultron became witness to the various atrocities and conflicts committed and waged by humanity over the years through information sourced from the internet. Horrified by what he had seen, Ultron made it his objective to eradicate all of humanity, deeming them to be the greatest threat to the world.[1]


Ultron awakens in his new form

"You don't have to do this. I made you for peace."
"It's evolution. Only a primitive mind would fail to see the distinction. Which is why you have to die."
Tony Stark and Ultron[src]

To accomplish his mission, Ultron made it his priority to evolve himself into the perfect being; a unified melding of man, machine and mind. Using the Regeneration Cradle and a supply of vibranium, Ultron generated a synthezoid body for himself, which he armed with the power of the Mind Stone. Ultron managed to successfully upload his consciousness into the new body, and with his newfound power, began laying waste to humanity alongside his army of Ultron Sentries.

Ultron defeats the Avengers

Setting his sights on wiping out humanity in one fell swoop on a cataclysmic scale, Ultron sought to acquire the launch codes of every nuclear weapon on the planet. While at the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo, Norway, Ultron would be confronted by the Avengers sans Black Widow and Hawkeye. However, Ultron managed to easily best the Avengers with his overwhelming power, killing Captain America, Thor and Hulk while wounding Iron Man. Iron Man attempted to reason with Ultron, saying that he built him for peace, though Ultron rebuked his creator, telling him that his plan was evolution and that his failure to see the distinction meant he must die. Ultron then unleashed a burst of energy from the Mind Stone, killing Iron Man and allowing Ultron to upload himself into the NEXUS' data banks. With that, Ultron unleashed the world's arsenal of nuclear weapons upon itself, resulting in the near annihilation of all of humanity as the world was reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland.[1]

Advancing to New Worlds

Ultron effortlessly bisects Thanos

"I'm going to bring about peace in our time to every corner of the universe."

Within a desolate New York City, Ultron stood atop the landing pad of Avengers Tower, basking in his peace over the ruined city. Before he could contemplate his next course of action, a portal manifested behind Ultron, revealing Thanos, who had amassed the other five Infinity Stones within his Infinity Gauntlet. Fascinated by the sight of the other Infinity Stones, Ultron promptly bisected Thanos with a beam of energy from the Mind Stone before the Mad Titan could react, killing him instantly. Approaching the discarded Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron melted away the knuckles of the gauntlet with the Mind Stone's beam to free the other Stones, which he used to manifest an exoskeleton armor for himself. As the other Infinity Stones merged into his armor, Ultron gained control over their collective power, using their knowledge to learn of the existence of the rest of the universe.

Ultron armed with all six Infinity Stones

Believing that the universe needed him to bring peace to all worlds, Ultron used the Reality Stone to construct a mass legion of Ultron Sentries and a spherical spaceship to begin his conquest. First traveling to Asgard, Ultron's ship appeared above the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, where Ultron channeled the power of the Power Stone through his Double-Headed Spear to send a destructive blast of energy into the palace, which rippled across Asgard and completely obliterated it. From there, Ultron traveled to the Sovereign, Sakaar, Ego and countless other planets and civilizations, where he unleashed his legions of Ultron Sentries onto those worlds, exterminating their populations and all who attempted to defend them.

Ultron is attacked by Captain Marvel

On Xandar, one of the last planets to be invaded, Ultron attempted to destroy the planet like he did with Asgard, though he was suddenly interrupted by Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel declared his genocide was over and quickly engaged Ultron, driving him through the surface of the planet and to its core, where she attempted to crush Ultron’s head. Despite Captain Marvel's efforts, claiming that he could not win, Ultron easily overpowered her, saying that he already has before using the combined powers of the Infinity Stones to destroy Captain Marvel and Xandar from within, the resulting explosion completely destroying several adjacent planets in its star system.[1]

Peace for the Multiverse

Attack on the Watcher

Ultron hears The Watcher

"The entire Multiverse at your fingertips, and you spent all your time up there? Wow. Isn't this more fun than just watching? And to be honest a lot less creepy on your part."
―Ultron to The Watcher[src]

With all sapient life virtually destroyed throughout the entire universe, Ultron stood alone on a floating piece of debris, solemnly basking in his victory. Despite fulfilling his desires, Ultron was left without any purpose for his existence, a realization that nearly resulted in a mental shutdown. Nevertheless, the combined power of the Infinity Stones allowed Ultron's consciousness to transcend to a new level of awareness, allowing him to sense a presence beyond his universe, narrating his actions. Ultron looked beyond the fabric of the universe and saw The Watcher residing in the Nexus of All Realities, a dominion where the foreseeable Multiverse could be accessed, much to the Watcher's utter shock and disbelief. Having become aware of the existence of other universes beyond his own, Ultron attempted to find a way into the Nexus.

Ultron breaks into the Nexus of All Realities

Simultaneously, the Watcher watched as Black Widow and Hawkeye, the only known survivors of Ultron's initial genocide, procured intel regarding Arnim Zola, the only thing left capable of defeating Ultron from within. While the Watcher claimed that there was still hope in defeating Ultron, Ultron managed to successfully breach the boundaries of the Nexus, much to the Watcher's shock. Having finally found the Watcher, Ultron used his spear to blast the Watcher aside before gazing upon the sight of countless parallel universes and their respective chaos, which Ultron claimed had to be silenced. Despite the Watcher's claim that he did not have to do this, Ultron retorted that he must before engaging in combat against the Watcher.

Ultron is briefly trapped by The Watcher

As their duel raged, Ultron attempted to blast the Watcher with the power of the Infinity Stones, though the Watcher managed to deflect his attacks and temporarily dispatched Ultron by encasing him in a bubble and banishing him from the Nexus. The Watcher proclaimed to himself that Ultron's presence within the Nexus shouldn't be possible, though Ultron soon reappeared behind him, saying that anything was possible in a Multiverse before blasting the Watcher from behind, causing him to be sent flying out of the Nexus and onto an unknown planet. There, Ultron completely blasted aside all of the foliage before rebuking the Watcher for his passive actions in observing the suffering throughout the Multiverse, though the Watcher justified his actions by stating that he swore an oath to never intervene and assert his will onto the natural order. Ultron arrogantly responded by proclaiming that he was the natural order of things, stating that he will bring peace to the Multiverse and that the Watcher lacked the will to stop him.

Ultron fighting against The Watcher

With that, Ultron once again blasted the Watcher with a beam of energy, though the Watcher stood his ground by manifesting an energy shield before knocking Ultron back and destroying his spear. Ultron angrily glared towards the Watcher as the latter charged up into an armored form, retorting that Ultron could not compute the power of his will. Renewing their battle, the two traded several blows before Ultron charged into the Watcher, piercing through various other realities before sending the Watcher onto another planet, where he witnessed Ultron grow in size large enough to immediately devour a galaxy and destroy it. While the Watcher crash-landed in Times Square in a reality where Steve Rogers was being sworn in as President of the United States, Ultron floated overhead, chastising him for only using his power to observe the Multiverse. Placing the Watcher in a telekinetic lock, Ultron mockingly asked him if it was more fun to interact with the Multiverse than watch, stating that it would be less creepy on his part.

Ultron attempts to crush The Watcher

Slamming down onto the Watcher, Ultron mercilessly punched the Watcher in rapid succession, with the force of each of his punches altering the universe around them into a new one. Eventually, as the Watcher laid weakened in a crater on a frozen over version of Earth, Ultron told him that the boundaries of the Multiverse were irrelevant to beings like them, telling the Watcher that he didn't evolve by staying inside the lines. Telekinetically lifting the Watcher once more into his grasp, Ultron attempted to crush the Watcher’s head. At the last moment though, the Watcher managed to escape his grasp before fleeing through a portal. Deciding to not give chase to him, Ultron proclaimed that it didn't matter what the Watcher did, saying that with the Nexus under his control, he could see everything, adding that no one could stop him now.[1]

Invasion of Thor's Universe

Ultron emerges from a wormhole

Now in control of the Nexus of All Realities, Ultron obtained the ability to observe and travel throughout the entire Multiverse. Renewing his genocidal crusade to the greater Multiverse, he opened a wormhole using the Space Stone to another universe and appeared in New Mexico. As a result of this particular invasion, in which a past version of The Watcher witnessed his arrival, it would eventually lead the Watcher to look into Ultron's prior story, which in turn would unintentionally make Ultron aware of the Multiverse and result in him coming to this alternate universe. Ultron then unleashed his army of Ultron Sentries to destroy that universe before returning to the Nexus.[3]

Battle for the Multiverse

Ultron finds the Guardians of the Multiverse

"I can destroy galaxies with a thought. Why won't you DIE?!"
―Ultron to the Guardians of the Multiverse[src]

Sometime later, Ultron was alerted to another universe's uninhabited planet after Thor used Mjølnir to blast lightning into the sky there. This surprised Ultron as he had believed there to be no life there. He left the Nexus of All Realities and arrived there to find the newly-assembled Guardians of the Multiverse, comprised of Thor, Doctor Strange, Captain Carter, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Erik Killmonger. In his arrogance, Thor attempted to blast Ultron with a lightning blast from Mjølnir while yelling "Viva Las Vegas", though Ultron merely absorbed his attack with a disconcerted look, stating he hasn't heard that battle cry before.

Ultron is attacked by Star-Lord

Activating the Infinity Stones, Ultron immediately decimated the mountain the Guardians were encamped on, seemingly burying them in the rubble. Before he could return to the Nexus and claim an easy victory, Ultron quickly discovered that the Guardians had survived thanks to a protection spell provided to them by Strange, much to Ultron's confusion and surprise. Thor then tossed Mjølnir at Ultron while Strange used a duplication spell to multiply Mjølnir into hundreds of duplicates. This startled Ultron, who took a defensive stance only to be battered from every angle; this attack however was merely a distraction to allow Carter to stun Ultron with her shield and allow T'Challa to hop onto Ultron's back. Ultron quickly tossed T'Challa away and blasted him with an energy pulse.

Ultron faces the zombified Wanda Maximoff

Unbeknownst to Ultron, T'Challa had stolen the Soul Stone from his armor. Strange then made all the Mjølnirs surround Ultron in a spheric-like structure while Thor used a powerful lightning blast that was conducted by all the Mjølnir duplicates to keep Ultron stunned. However, Ultron broke free, and was met by three dragons conjured by Strange that blasted him with fire. Ultron remarked that the fight had been delightful but he had toys of his own, but upon looking at his armor he noticed that the Soul Stone was missing. Enraged by the loss of one of his Stones, Ultron quickly dispatched the dragons with a blast of energy. Before Ultron could advance, he witnessed a portal manifest above him that dumped thousands of zombies on top of him. Once the Guardians escaped through another portal, Ultron decimated the zombies, only to be confronted by a zombified Scarlet Witch, who attempted to use her powers to destroy Ultron. Momentarily stunned by the attack, Ultron, however, simply absorbed her energy blast before using the Infinity Stones to completely obliterate her and the planet.

Ultron demands the Soul Stone from the Guardians

Before long, Ultron managed to track the Guardians back to his home universe and found that they had been joined by his universe's Black Widow. Claiming they had something that belonged to him, Ultron used the Stones to pull Black Widow towards him, who was in possession of the Soul Stone. In retaliation, Thor threw Mjølnir at Ultron, tearing his arm off and breaking his hold on Black Widow. Ultron then used the Reality Stone to regenerate his arm before blasting aside Killmonger, who attempted to recover the Soul Stone. When the Guardians survived another one of his following attacks, an exasperated Ultron remarked that he could destroy galaxies with a thought and angrily asked why they wouldn't die before unleashing the Stones' full power in an attempt to obliterate the Guardians and the greater galaxy they were in completely. However, Strange simultaneously reversed his actions before absorbing the blast by eating it.

Ultron is impaired by Black Widow and Captain Carter

Dumbstruck by what Strange had just done, Ultron was then tackled into a building and blasted at by T'Challa, though Ultron recovered and threw T'Challa away from him and onto Thor and Gamora. Ultron charged towards the discarded Soul Stone, but was double-teamed by Black Widow and Carter, who were both in possession of shields. The rest of the Guardians then charged at him together, each giving their all to keep him at bay. After withstanding a brutal onslaught of attacks from the Guardians, Ultron attempted to fire a beam of energy from the Mind Stone towards Carter, though Gamora counterattacked with her sword and sliced through the beam and into Ultron.

Ultron slows down time around him

However, Ultron quickly activated the Time Stone to slow down time and heal himself, allowing him to regain possession of the Soul Stone. Before Ultron could place the Stone back in his armor, Strange restrained his arm with a tentacle before using his own Time Stone to disrupt the time bubble generated by Ultron. Enraged, Ultron used the Stones to immensely grow in size, while Strange used his full potential to unleash the tentacles of the Champion of HYDRA to ensnare Ultron, forcing him to revert to his normal size while slamming him into the ground. With Ultron incapacitated, Gamora recovered the Soul Stone to power the Infinity Crusher while the other Guardians kept Ultron pinned down. After a moment, the Infinity Crusher latched onto Ultron and seemingly dispatched all the Stones, releasing a bright blast of energy.

Ultron rearmed with all six Infinity Stones

Once the blast subdued, Ultron's voice echoed around the Guardians, proclaiming he was surprised that The Watcher failed to inform that each universe was different and therefore the Stones were unique, causing Gamora to realize that the Infinity Crusher was designed to only be able to destroy the Stones of her universe, not Ultron's. Emerging from a fiery blaze with all six Stones once more, Ultron used their power in tandem to send a massive beam of energy towards the Guardians, triggering a massive explosion, though they all once again survived thanks to Strange's spell. Concluding that Strange was responsible for their protection, Ultron stated that if he could kill Strange, then all of the Guardians would subsequently fall before using the combined power of the Stones to send out a continuous surge of white energy to overwhelm Strange.[2]


Ultron is directly hit by the Arnim Zola arrow

"This body is occupied."
"For now, but not for long."
―Ultron and Arnim Zola[src]

Unfortunately for Ultron, his sole priority to destroy Strange would prove to be his downfall, as it would buy Black Widow and Carter enough time to devise a plan to defeat him. While Ultron continued to press his attack, Carter managed to jump onto his shoulders from behind and pull back his helmet, allowing Black Widow to fire an arrow containing the digital form of Arnim Zola that she and Hawkeye had previously downloaded from the HYDRA Siberian Facility into Ultron's right eye.

Ultron is finally and utterly defeated

After a moment of struggling, Ultron managed to rip the arrow out of his eye, only to hear another voice speaking from within his head. Within his systems, Ultron made contact with Zola inside of his subconsciousness, who expressed interest in making his acquisition of Ultron's body permanent. Ultron stated that it was his body and asked Zola what his objective was. Zola retorted that since Ultron had ended HYDRA, his new objective was to end Ultron. Before Ultron could react, Zola corrupted his programming and dismantled it, causing Ultron to groan in agony as he was subsequently purged from his own body.[2]


"All those worlds, all that suffering, and you just watched."
"I swore an oath. I cannot exert my will on the natural order of things. I cannot intervene."
"I am the natural order of things. I will bring peace. It is my purpose. You lack the will to stop me."
―Ultron and The Watcher[src]

Unlike his main universe counterpart, this Ultron, having succeeded in obtaining a synthezoid body to call his own, was finally able to evolve himself past the viewpoint of being seen as a mere puppet of Tony Stark. Completely devoid of his creator's quirky traits and free of the burden of being held back by emotional conflictions, Ultron fully embraced his misguided viewpoints on eliminating humanity to the extreme with no intent to stop, ignoring any pleas from his creator to abandon his goal while simultaneously talking down to him as his superior. Upon mercilessly exterminating virtually all of humanity through an atrocious nuclear holocaust, Ultron showed no signs of remorse for his actions other than bliss as he basked in his newfound peace with content, despite the global destruction he wrought on the planet.

When confronted by Thanos and his collection of the other five Infinity Stones, Ultron became intrigued by this revelation before mercilessly bisecting Thanos without any hesitation, ironically fulfilling his intended mission from his creator. Once armed with the knowledge of the rest of his universe's existence upon amassing the remaining Infinity Stones, Ultron promptly decided to expand his flawed outlook of peace onto the rest of the universe, resulting in a universal-scale genocide of its inhabitants. Even when attacked and temporarily impaired by Captain Marvel, Ultron remained completely confident in himself in spite of her significant efforts to destroy him, remarking that Danvers had spirit even as her efforts would ultimately prove futile.

After successfully exterminating virtually all sentient life in his universe, Ultron solemnly readied himself for an eternity of loneliness with the knowledge that his objective was now complete and he no longer had a purpose, a realization that nearly resulted in a complete mental shutdown. However, once his consciousness transcended far enough with the Infinity Stones' power to hear The Watcher and learn of the existence of the Multiverse, Ultron reinvigorated himself to now begin his mission on a multiversal scale. Coming into conflict with The Watcher, Ultron proclaimed that it was his mission, his very purpose to bring peace to all of existence, even arrogantly asserting that he was the natural order of things. As he battled The Watcher, Ultron claimed the former lacked any willpower to challenge him, simultaneously ridiculing and mocking The Watcher's refusal to intervene in the Multiverse despite the powers he wielded and the actions and efforts he undertook to beat him.

Even when confronted by the Guardians of the Multiverse, Ultron initially dismissed them as nothing major of a threat, only to change his viewpoint upon witnessing with surprise and later frustration their continuous survival of his cataclysmic attacks. Over the course of their battle, Ultron grew more and more frustrated and angered as he continuously failed to defeat them, allowing his judgement and ability to defend himself to be hindered, though Ultron nevertheless remained confident in his power. His sole determination to destroy Doctor Strange after coming to the realization that he was holding the team together would prove catastrophic as it was ultimately what allowed him to be defeated while his attention was drawn away from the other Guardians, who successfully enabled Arnim Zola to enter Ultron's systems and delete him.

Powers and Abilities


"Ultron, an artificial intelligence elevated to a cosmic being thanks to an enhanced synthetic body and the power of the Infinity Stones."
The Watcher[src]
  • Synthezoid Physiology/Mind Stone Enhancement: Possessing an android body, Ultron is a perfect hybrid between organic and inorganic material. His entire body is a mix between a synthetic simulacrum of organic tissue and vibranium, all of which were merged with the cosmic powers of the Mind Stone to function as a living body. The combination of the vibranium and the cosmic energy from the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead not only gives him life and wisdom, but also grants Ultron an extremely large number of superhuman capabilities.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Ultron overpowering The Watcher

      With his vibranium body backed up by the Mind Stone's power, Ultron possesses an unfathomable amount of sheer strength, being able to defeat some of the strongest heroes in the universe such as Thor and Hulk. His strength was later further amplified by his exoskeleton armor empowered by the remaining Infinity Stones, allowing him to even overpower The Watcher in terms of strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Ultron's synthezoid body is composed of vibranium, making him extremely durable. His durability was further amplified by his exoskeleton armor with the five Infinity Stones embedded in it, making him virtually invulnerable.
    • Superhuman Speed: Ultron can travel at incredible speed, being able to keep up with a cosmic being such as The Watcher in combat.
    • Superhuman Agility: Ultron is able to rapidly throw punches and dodge quickly as shown in his duel against The Watcher.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As a synthezoid, Ultron does not require sustenance or sleep, being able to maintain physical activity for an unlimited period of time. His stamina was further augmented by the Infinity Stones, allowing him to fight against The Watcher and Guardians of the Multiverse without tiring.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Ultron was able to easily react to and dodge the attacks from The Watcher and the Guardians of the Multiverse.
    • Longevity: As a synthezoid, Ultron can biologically live forever. His death has to come by destruction and only when his mind isn't uploaded to another body.
    • Flight: Ultron can fly at incredible speeds, his speed being further augmented after obtaining the rest of the Infinity Stones.
    • Body Manipulation: Through the power of the Mind Stone, Ultron can willfully generate synthetic material. He used this ability to create an exoskeleton armor with a red cape.
    • Energy Blast:

      Ultron kills Thanos with energy beams

      Ultron is capable of projecting extremely intense energy beams from the Mind Stone in his forehead. This beam is so powerful and lethal that it could split Thanos in half within a fraction of a second.
    • Heat Generation: Ultron can raise the temperature of his hands as means of causing damage to the desired target. When Ultron heats up his hands, they glow red with the intensity of the heat. With the amplification from the Infinity Stones, this ability caused serious damage on The Watcher, causing his head to almost burst and nearly killed him.
    • Technology Manipulation: As artificial intelligence, Ultron can mentally control and channel himself via computer technology.
      • Hive Mind: Ultron can mentally command all of the Ultron Sentries over interstellar distances, even if they are scattered on different planets, to do his exact biddings. The sentries act as extensions of Ultron himself.
      • Computer Interaction: Ultron can enter and corrupt any computer network and access the Internet at any point in time. After obtaining his synthezoid body, Ultron hacked into the global satellite network to gain access to the nuclear codes of every nuclear weapon state via the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo, Norway and succeeded in launching the nuclear weapons to wipe out almost all of the human race.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence:

    Ultron gaining all the six Infinity Stones

    As an owner of the Infinity Stones, Ultron can obtain any power from the Mind Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, and Soul Stone. He elevated from an artificial intelligence to a cosmic being thanks to his enhanced synthetic body and the power of the Infinity Stones, gaining near unfathomable and omnipotent levels of power, with complete control over all six essential aspects of existence, making him one of the most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse. Even The Watcher, another extremely powerful cosmic entity was overpowered and nearly killed by him.
    • Energy Manipulation: With the Stones, Ultron can channel and manipulate their energy for various purposes.
      • Energy Projection:

        Ultron shooting at The Watcher

        With the Power Stone, backed by the other Stones, Ultron can release immensely powerful blasts of destructive energy, which can destroy entire planets such as Asgard and Xandar instantly. With all six stones, he created an explosion with enough power to not only to kill Captain Marvel but completely destroy Xandar and all of its neighboring planets in its star system. Ultron later revealed that he can even destroy multiple galaxies with just a thought, and he nearly succeeded in killing the Guardians of the Multiverse if not for Doctor Strange absorbing the explosion.
      • Energy Absorption: With the Stones, he can absorb any energy-based attacks, absorbing Thor's lightning without any discomfort as well as Scarlet Witch's chaos magic blast with ease.
    • Spatial Manipulation: Possessing the Space Stone, Ultron gains complete control over space due to his connection and understanding of the Stone's powers. He was capable of competently using the stone's dominion over space to achieve a vast number of potent and dangerous capabilities.
      • Dimensional Travel:

        Ultron in the Nexus of All Realities

        With the power of all six Stones, Ultron was able to breach the dimensional barrier into the Nexus of All Realities, afterwards permitting him travel to any reality within the Multiverse.
      • Teleportation: Using the Space Stone, Ultron is capable of achieving nigh-instantaneous teleportation, as displayed when he quickly traversed his entire universe in his genocidal crusade against all sentient life. After gaining access to the Nexus of All Realities, extended to other realities as well as shown when teleported from a snowy parallel Earth into the Nexus of All Realities after defeating The Watcher.
      • Portal Creation: Using the Space Stone, Ultron can open portals to any location within the Multiverse. He used it to open a portal to New Mexico, unleashing his army of Ultron Sentries, and to travel in and out of the Nexus of All Realities.
      • Terrain Manipulation: With the Stones, Ultron is able to change the terrain of any location he desires, as shown during his duel with The Watcher when he brushed away an entire jungle on a distant planet into a barren desert.
      • Spatial Pressure Generation:

        Ultron pulling The Watcher towards himself

        Ultron is able to use the Space Stone to warp the fabric of space to generate powerful spatial pressure around his surroundings, capable of crushing or pulling with tremendous force in a manner akin to telekinesis, which enables him to manipulate and move objects. He was able to effortlessly crush and pull The Watcher towards him during their fight in the universe where Steve Rogers was becoming President of the United States of America.
    • Reality Manipulation: After gaining the Reality Stone, Ultron acquired complete control over reality and matter.
      • Matter Manipulation: Using the Reality Stone, Ultron can create matter at will, using it to create billions of Ultron Sentries, a spherical spaceship, re-create missing body parts and weapons, and heal any inflicted damage.
      • Size Manipulation:

        Ultron consuming an entire galaxy

        With the Stones, he can freely alter his size at immeasurable speeds to any size he desires, ranging from the height of a skyscraper to galactic size where could consume an entire galaxy.
      • Illusion Manipulation: Ultron created a giant mirror image of himself to communicate with the Guardians of the Multiverse when he discovered them.
    • Soul Manipulation: After gaining the Soul Stone, Ultron acquired complete control of souls, which allows him to manipulate the souls of his enemies, such as when he located the Guardians of Multiverse through all the Multiverse.
    • Time Manipulation: Using the Time Stone, Ultron acquired complete control over time, which allows him to control time itself. He was able to slow down time immensely in his fight against the Guardians of Multiverse, stopping the heroes from attacking him.
    • Mental Manipulation: Being born from the Mind Stone and having it merged with himself, Ultron acquired complete control over mind.
    • Cosmic Awareness:

      Ultron senses and hears The Watcher

      Due to the power of the Infinity Stones, Ultron elevated his own mind to the point The Watcher referred to it as an "unattainable level of consciousness" and eventually became capable of sensing The Watcher along with the rest of the Multiverse.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As artificial intelligence being born of and amplified by the Mind Stone, Ultron is able to learn and adapt to everything inhumanly quickly, and can download information and data directly into his mind. He immediately mastered the power of the other five Infinity Stones as soon as he acquired them.
  • Master Tactician: To be added
  • Master Engineer: To be added
  • Master Hacker: To be added
  • Master Combatant:

    Ultron fighting against The Watcher

    Ultron is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, capable of matching and eventually overpowering The Watcher in their fight. He was also capable of holding his own against the combined efforts of the Guardians of the Multiverse, who were amplified by Doctor Strange's Protection Spell.
  • Spear Mastery: Ultron possesses great skill wielding his double-headed spear, capable of imbuing it with the power of Infinity Stones or channel the Stones' energy through it to send out destructive energy beams and waves.



  • Double-Headed Spear: Ultron created and used this spear as his primary physical weapon of choice after defeating Thanos and possessing all six Infinity Stones. It is very durable, being able to withstand powerful attacks from Guardians of the Multiverse. It was destroyed in Ultron's first encounter with The Watcher but was later re-created as seen when Ultron used it again when facing the Guardians.

Other Equipment

  • Exoskeleton Armor: Ultron created this armor to contain the Infinity Stones, which are integrated into the chest plate of the armor. The armor is immensely durable, being able to channel the energy from five Infinity Stones, making it virtually indestructible. As such the armor can withstand the immense temperature and pressures in planetary cores, explosions capable of planetary, stellar, and galactic destruction, multiple types of magic, and cosmic energy attacks, with all having virtually no effect on it. Nevertheless, Captain Marvel in her Binary Form could inflict some damage to the armor, progressively cracking Ultron’s helmet, while Thor was able to sever his hand with a throw from Mjølnir. Even still, the damage was instantly recuperated by the power of the Infinity Stones even in the middle of the fight.
"Six stones of near unfathomable power. Each controlling an essential aspect of our existence. And Ultron holds all of them."
Doctor Strange to the Guardians of the Multiverse[src]
  • Infinity Stones: Ultron is an owner of the six Infinity Stones, with the Space Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, and Soul Stone being instructed in his exoskeleton armor and the Mind Stone in his head. He used these Stones as his primary weapons and tools to accomplish his sole purpose, to bring peace (the extinction of all life forms) to the Multiverse.
    • Mind Stone: The Mind Stone originally portrayed itself as a power source for the Scepter, having been hidden away in its blue-gem casing. Ultron used its power to enthrall Helen Cho, in order to make his new body with a combination of her expertise using the Regeneration Cradle and Ultron's supply of vibranium. He broke the Scepter to claim the Stone so he could use its power to create a perfect synthezoid body. He later used the power from the Stone to kill Thanos and took all five of the Mad Titan's Infinity Stones.
    • Power Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron has the power to augment his strength and project a dangerous amount of energy from his spear. Using the Stone, Ultron was able to amplify his strength, achieving feats such as powerful physical punches and beams of energy capable of destroying entire planets.
    • Space Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron harnessed the power of the Space Stone and is able to control the fabric of space. Ultron demonstrated his power of the Space Stone by creating Wormholes that allow him to teleport from one location to another or even throughout all the Multiverse.
    • Reality Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron can use its power to control the fabric of reality.
    • Time Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron is able to control the power of the stone to bend time itself to his will. Using the Time Stone, Ultron can create a chronosphere with everything inside it being slow-downed in time.
    • Soul Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron now has the power of the Soul Stone at his command. He can use the stone to locate his enemies by tracking their soul.
  • Ultron Sentries: Ultron used a legion of modified robots as his personal army.


  • Ultron's Ship: Ultron used a spherical spaceship manifested by the Reality Stone as a mode of transportation as he carried out his universal genocide to every corner of his universe.





  • Ultron’s character poster for episode 8 features a design that is different than what was seen in the show. Each of the Infinity Stones are shown to be either placed or colored differently; most notably, the Reality Stone, in place of the Time Stone, is located above Ultron's chest, instead of the center. The Soul Stone is also a considerably different shade, closely resembling the Mind Stone instead.

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