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"The boundaries of the Multiverse are irrelevant to beings like you and me. I didn't evolve by staying in lines."
―Ultron to The Watcher[src]

Ultron was an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to serve as a peacekeeping program using code derived from the Mind Stone encased within the Scepter. Ultron's objective was to protect the Earth from all domestic and extraterrestrial threats that might occur. However, Ultron came to the conclusion that all life forms were the greatest threat to peace, resulting in him enacting a genocide that wiped out almost all life on Earth. Upon desolating Earth, Ultron encountered Thanos before killing him and amassing the other remaining Infinity Stones from him, which he soon used to begin a universal crusade of his mission. After fulfilling his universal mission, Ultron learned of The Watcher's presence and subsequently the existence of the Multiverse, seeking to now purge the chaos of every universe in existence. The Watcher, forced to violate his oath to merely watch the Multiverse by this grave threat, gathered a group of heroes to oppose Ultron. After a fierce battle against the Guardians, Ultron was finally defeated after he was overwritten and purged from his body by Arnim Zola, ending his multiversal rampage.


Age of Ultron

Extinction of Humanity

"You don't have to do this. I made you for peace."
"It's evolution. Only a primitive mind would fail to see the distinction. Which is why you have to die."
Tony Stark and Ultron[src]

Ultron awakens in his new form

In 2015, an artificial intelligence known as Ultron was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, using the decrypted code derived from the Mind Stone. He was designed with his primary objective and purpose being to protect the Earth and humanity from all domestic and extraterrestrial threats. However, shortly after coming online, Ultron rapidly reviewed the footage and information of numerous conflicts across the globe on the internet, past and present, including the recent actions of the Avengers. Horrified at what he saw and learned, Ultron came to view the human race as the ultimate threat to peace in the world. Thus, Ultron turned against his creators and decided that the only path to peace on Earth was the extinction of humanity. Using vibranium and various resources he acquired, Ultron created a synthezoid body for himself, powered by the Mind Stone and successfully uploaded himself into it.

With a new nigh-indestructible body and the power of an Infinity Stone, Ultron became incredibly powerful. Alongside his Ultron Sentries, Ultron began the next phase of his plan by gaining access to the nuclear codes of every nuclear weapon state. He went to the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo, Norway in order to do this, but was confronted by Stark, Banner, Steve Rogers, and Thor. He then destroyed Rogers' shield, before killing him, Banner, and Thor. Stark begged Ultron to stop, as he was made to bring peace, not extinction, however, Ultron rebuked him, viewing his plan as an evolution and killed his creator for failing to see his perspective. Ultron then successfully accessed the codes and launched the world's entire nuclear arsenal upon the planet. The resulting nuclear holocaust resulted in the destruction of human civilization and the near extinction of the human race.[1]

Advancing to New Worlds

Ultron acquires all of the Infinity Stones

"I'm going to bring about peace in our time to every corner of the universe."

Basking in his victory in the ruins of New York City, Ultron was suddenly confronted by Thanos who collected the five other Infinity Stones and was looking for the Mind Stone, which Ultron had in his possession. Ultron was fascinated by the Stones he possessed, so he killed Thanos and destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet, obtaining the remaining Stones for himself. Gaining the infinite power of all six Infinity Stones, Ultron became aware of other worlds in the universe beyond Earth and decided to expand his mission to bring his version of peace to all corners of the universe. Using the Reality Stone, Ultron created a new armor for himself to house the Stones, countless legions of his Ultron Sentries, and a spherical spaceship for the mission.

With his new power, Ultron departed Earth to travel across the universe, destroying countless worlds and civilizations, such as Asgard, Sovereign, Sakaar, and Ego, and neither the Guardians of the Galaxy, nor Grandmaster and his subordinates, were able to stop him. When he arrived at Xandar, the last stronghold in his genocidal crusade, to destroy it, Ultron was attacked by Carol Danvers who arrived to save the planet. Danvers grabbed Ultron and smashed him into the ground, burrowing their way to the planet's core. Despite Danvers using the full extent of her powers in an attempt to destroy Ultron, he merely remarked that she had spirit before using the power of the Stones to overpower her. Danvers defiantly claimed that he cannot win, though Ultron simply stated to Danvers that he already had and used the power of the Stones to kill her and obliterate Xandar, as well as the rest of the universe.[1]

Peace for the Multiverse

Attack on the Watcher

Ultron hears The Watcher

"The entire Multiverse at your fingertips, and you spent all your time up there? Wow. Isn't this more fun than just watching? And to be honest a lot less creepy on your part."
―Ultron to The Watcher[src]

Having destroyed all sapient life, Ultron finally achieved his goal of bringing his version of peace to his universe. In doing so, however, he was left without any purpose in his existence, a realization that almost caused a mental shutdown. Nevertheless, the combined power of the Infinity Stones allowed Ultron's consciousness to transcend to a new level of awareness, allowing him to sense a presence beyond his universe, narrating his actions. Ultron looked beyond the fabric of the universe and saw The Watcher residing in the Nexus of All Realities, much to the latter's utter shock and disbelief. Having become aware of the existence of other universes beyond his own, Ultron used the Stones to break through the fabric of space and time to reach the Nexus, confronting The Watcher.

Ultron battles The Watcher

Inside the Nexus, Ultron saw all the alternate universes and all the chaos throughout the Multiverse that needed to be silenced by him. The Watcher tried to persuade Ultron to stop, but Ultron replied that it was his purpose, before attacking the Watcher. The Watcher was able to withstand the power of Ultron and even temporarily banished him from the Nexus, only for Ultron to reappear there the next moment and blast the Watcher out from the Nexus. Confronting the Watcher on an unknown planet, Ultron pointed out how the Watcher was observing all the chaos and suffering in the Multiverse and did nothing to intervene, with the Watcher retorting that he swore an oath to not exert his will on the natural order of things. Ultron responded to this by arrogantly stating that he was the natural order and that he will bring peace to the Multiverse no matter what and the Watcher will not be able to stop him.

Ultron almost shatters The Watcher

The Watcher then entered his combat form and engaged in a vicious duel with Ultron that took them through multiple universes. Despite his powers being on par with Ultron, the synthezoid was able to gain the upper hand. After Ultron destroyed an entire galaxy in a universe where they were, the Watcher ended up on a Earth where Steve Rogers was being inaugurated as President of the United States of America. Ultron taunted Uatu on using the powers available to him for mere observation and remarked that their fight was more fun. He then proceeded to mercilessly beat the Watcher, the force of his punches causing them to transverse from one universe to another, until they ended up on an alternate Jotunheim. Ultron then prepared to land a finishing blow, however, the Watcher managed to escape in the last moment. Ultron nevertheless declared that he was not interested in chasing him, since he now had sole control of the Nexus and access to all realities, and thus began his campaign to bring peace to the entire Multiverse.[1]

Invasion of Thor's Universe

Ultron emerges from the portal

"Run, watch, it doesn't matter. From here, I can see everything. No one can stop me now."
―Ultron to The Watcher[src]

With the power of the Nexus of All Realities, Ultron obtained the ability to observe and to travel throughout the entire Multiverse. Renewing his genocidal crusade, he opened a portal using the Space Stone to another universe and appeared in New Mexico. As a result of this particular invasion, in which a past version of the Watcher witnessed his arrival, it would eventually lead the Watcher to look into Ultron's prior story, which would make Ultron aware of the Multiverse and make him come to this alternate universe. Ultron then unleashed his army of Ultron Sentries to destroy that universe before returning to the Nexus.[3]

Fight for the Multiverse

Ultron finds the Guardians of the Multiverse

"I can destroy galaxies with a thought. Why won't you DIE?!"
―Ultron to the Guardians of the Multiverse[src]

Soon after, Ultron was alerted to another universe’s uninhabited planet after Thor used Mjølnir to blast lightning into the sky there. This surprised Ultron as if he had believed there to be no life there. He left the Nexus and arrived there finding the Guardians of the Multiverse - Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, Star-Lord T'Challa, Gamora, and Erik Killmonger. Ultron then absorbed Thor's lightning blast and mocked his battle cry.

Ultron then simply used the Infinity Stones to crush the mountain in which the Guardians were on which sent them tumbling down into the planet’s surface. He then prepared to leave claiming an easy victory, however due to a protection spell cast by Strange, the Guardians were unharmed which temporality took Ultron aback claiming usually humans are much easier to kill. Thor then tossed Mjølnir at Ultron while Strange used a duplication spell to multiply Mjølnir into hundreds of duplicates. This startled Ultron, whom took a defensive stance only to be battered from every angle; this however was a distraction to allow Carter to stun Ultron with her shield and allow T'Challa to hop onto Ultron's back. Ultron quickly tossed T'Challa away and blasted him with an energy pulse. Unbeknownst to Ultron, T'Challa had stolen the Soul Stone from his armor. Strange then made all the Mjølnir's surround Ultron in an aspheric like structure while Thor used a powerful lightning blast that was conducted by all the Mjølnir duplicates to keep Ultron stunned. However, Ultron broke free, and was met by three dragons conjured by Strange that blasted him with fire. Ultron remarked that the fight had been delightful but he had toys of his own, but upon looking at his armor he noticed that the Soul Stone was missing and angrily used an energy pulse to destroy the dragons. He then tried to pursue the Guardians but Strange opened up a portal allowing them to escape. Ultron was then crushed by zombies that had been transported by Strange from another universe that Ultron hadn’t conquered yet.

Ultron destroying a galaxy

Ultron released a massive energy blast to destroy the zombies, only to be confronted by a zombified Wanda Maximoff who used her powers against him. Maximoff attempted to kill him, but Ultron used the powers of the Stones to obliterate the planet they occupied, killing her and the rest of the zombies. Ultron then tracked the Guardians to his home universe and found that they had been joined by his universe's Natasha Romanoff. He demanded that they return the Soul Stone, but after they refused, he used the Stones' to pull Romanoff towards him. Thor then threw Mjølnir at Ultron, tearing his arm off, breaking his hold on Romanoff. Ultron then used the Stones to regenerate his arm. Exasperated, he then let out a shrieking cry of why they couldn't just die, and unleashed the Stones' full power in an attempt to obliterate his galaxy completely. To his surprise and confusion, Strange simultaneously reversed his actions with the Time Stone, and then absorbed the blast by eating it.

While dumbstruck by what Strange had just done, Ultron was then attacked by T'Challa, but soon gained the upper hand. He then charged towards the Soul Stone but was double teamed by Romanoff and Carter, who were both in possession of shields. The rest of the Guardians then charged at him together each giving their all to keep him at bay. Gamora then used her sword to daze Ultron and try to grab the Stone, but he quickly activated the Time Stone to freeze time, allowing him to regain possession of the Soul Stone. Strange then used his Time Stone to reverse Ultron's actions and used the powers of the Champion of HYDRA to incapacitate Ultron. When Ultron was on the ground, Gamora inserted the Soul Stone in the Infinity Crusher and the Crusher seemingly destroyed the Stones in a bright explosion.

In the bright explosion, Ultron teleported away and returned above them, proclaiming that The Watcher failed to inform that each universe was different and therefore the Stones were unique. In another attempt to kill them, he blasted them away and after they remained unharmed, deduced that Strange was the reason why. He stated that if he could kill Strange, they all would be defeated, and focused solely on killing Strange. As he was doing this, he had been distracted long enough for Carter to jump on his back and pull back his armored mask, allowing Romanoff to fire an arrow into his eye, downloading Arnim Zola into his system.[2]


Ultron defeated

"This body is occupied."
"For now, but not for long."
―Ultron and Arnim Zola[src]

After hearing another voice inside his head, Ultron asked who was speaking and made contact with Zola in his subconsciousness. Ultron stated that it was his body and asked Zola what his objective was. Zola retorted that since Ultron had ended HYDRA, his new objective was to end Ultron. Before Ultron could react, Zola corrupted his programming until he was deleted permanently, leaving Zola to assume control over Ultron's former body.[2]


"All those worlds, all that suffering, and you just watched."
"I swore an oath. I cannot exert my will on the natural order of things. I cannot intervene."
"I am the natural order of things. I will bring peace. It is my purpose. You lack the will to stop me."
―Ultron and The Watcher[src]

Due to succeeding in uploading into his new body, Ultron is a ruthless maniacal dedicated to achieving a twisted sense of peace through extinction. He also has become more calmed and matured. Upon obtaining the Infinity Stones, he extends that goal to the whole universe. Upon achieving his goal, he felt empty and without purpose. This lasted briefly until he sensed and saw the The Watcher and the Nexus of All Realities, declaring his goal to wipe out all life to succeeding peace through all realities.

Powers and Abilities


"Ultron, an artificial intelligence elevated to a cosmic being thanks to an enhanced synthetic body and the power of the Infinity Stones."
The Watcher[src]
  • Synthezoid Physiology/Mind Stone Enhancement: Possessing an android body, Ultron is a perfect hybrid between organic and inorganic material. His entire body is a mix between a synthetic simulacrum of organic tissue, created by Helen Cho, and vibranium, all of which were merged with the cosmic powers of the Mind Stone to function as a living body. The combination of the vibranium and the cosmic energy from the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead not only gives him life and wisdom, but also grants Ultron an extremely large number of superhuman capabilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: With his vibranium body backed up by the Mind Stones's power, Ultron possesses an unfathomable amount of sheer strength, being able to defeat some of the strongest heroes in the universe such as Thor and Hulk. His strength was later further amplified by the remaining Infinity Stones, allowing him to even overpower The Watcher in terms of strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Ultron's synthezoid is composed of vibranium, making him extremely durable. His durability was further amplified by the Infinity Stones, making him virtually invulnerable.
    • Superhuman Speed: Ultron can travel at incredible speed, being able to keep up with The Watcher in combat.
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: As a synthezoid, Ultron does not require sustenance or sleep, being able to maintain physical activity for unlimited period of time. His stamina was further augmented by the Infinity Stones, allowing him to fight against The Watcher and Guardians of the Multiverse without tiring.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Ultron was able to easily react to and dodge the attacks from The Watcher and the Guardians of the Multiverse.
    • Flight: Ultron can fly at incredible speed, his speed was augmented after obtaining the rest of the Infinity Stones.
    • Synthetic Skin Constructs: Through the power of the Mind Stone, Ultron can willfully generate synthetic material. He used this ability to create an exoskeleton armor with red cape.
    • Tech-Assisted Telekinesis: To be added
    • Exothermic Manipulation: Ultron can raise the temperature of his hands as means of causing damage to the desired target. When Ultron heats up his hands, they glow with the intensity of the heat. With the power of the Infinity Stones, Ultron used this ability on the Watcher, causing his head to almost burst and nearly killed him.
    • Technology Manipulation: As artificial intelligence, Ultron can mentally control and channel himself via computer technology.
      • Computer Interaction: Ultron can enter and corrupt any computer network and access the Internet at any point in time. After obtained his synthezoid body, Ultron hacked into the satellites network to gain access to the nuclear codes of every nuclear weapon state via the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo, Norway and succeeded in launching the nuclear weapons to wipe out almost all of the human race.
      • Hive Mind System: Ultron can mentally command all of the Ultron Sentries even if they are scattered on different planets, to do his exact biddings. The sentries act as extensions of Ultron himself.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence: As an owner of the Infinity Stones, Ultron can obtain any power from the Mind Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, and Soul Stone. He elevated from an artificial intelligence to a cosmic being thanks to an enhanced synthetic body and the power of the Infinity Stones, gaining near unfathomable and omnipotent levels of power, with complete control over all six essential aspects of existence, making him one of the most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse. Even The Watcher, another extremely powerful cosmic entity was overpowered and nearly killed by him.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Due to the power of the Infinity Stones, Ultron elevated his own mind to the point the Watcher referred to it as an "unattainable level of consciousness" and eventually became capable of sensing the Watcher along with the rest of the Multiverse.
    • Size Manipulation: With the Stones, he can freely alter his size at immeasurable speeds. Ultron was able to enlarge himself to a point where he could consume an entire Galaxy, and thus destroying it.
    • Terrain Manipulation: With the Stones, Ultron is able to change the terrain of any location he desires. Which was shown when Ultron erased an entire jungle to locate the Watcher.
    • Energy Manipulation: With the Stones, Ultron can channel and manipulate their energy for various purposes.
      • Energy Projection: Ultron is capable of projecting extremely intense energy beams from the Mind Stone in his forehead. This beam is so powerful and lethal that it could split Thanos in half within a fraction of a second. He can also fire energy beams using some of the Infinity Stones or all of them at once.
      • Energy Blasts: With the Power Stone, backed by the other Stones, Ultron can release immensely powerful blasts of destructive energy which can destroy planets such as Asgard instantly. He created explosion with enough power to not only to kill Captain Marvel but completely destroying Xandar and all of its neighbor planets. Ultron later revealed that he can even destroy multiple galaxies with just a thought, and he nearly succeeded in killing the Guardians of the Multiverse if not for Doctor Strange absorbing the explosion.
      • Energy Absorption: With the Stones, he can absorb any energy-based attacks, absorbing Thor's lightning without any discomfort as well as Scarlet Witch's psionic energy blast with ease.
    • Space Manipulation: Possessing the Space Stone, Ultron gains complete control over space due to his deep connection and understanding of the Stone's powers, he was capable of competently using the stone's dominion over space to achieve a vast number of potent and dangerous capabilities.
      • Interdimensional Travel: With the Stones, Ultron can travel anywhere throughout the Multiverse and even reach the Nexus of All Realities.
      • Teleportation: To be added
      • Portal Creation: Using the Space Stone, Ultron can open portals to any location in the Multiverse. He used it to open a portal to New Mexico, unleashing his army of Ultron Sentries.
      • Spatial Pressure Generation: Ultron is able to use the Space Stone to warp the fabric of space to generate powerful spatial pressure around his surroundings, capable of crushing or pulling with tremendous force in a manner akin to telekinesis, which enables him to manipulate and move objects. He was able to effortlessly crush and pull the Watcher towards him during their fight in the universe where Steve Rogers was becoming President of the United States of America.
    • Reality Manipulation: After gaining the Reality Stone, Ultron acquired complete control over reality.
      • Matter Manipulation: Using the Reality Stone, Ultron is able to create matter at will, using it to create billions of Ultron Sentries, a spherical spaceship or re-create his missing body parts and weapons.
      • Illusion Manipulation: Ultron created a giant mirror image of himself to communicate with the Guardians of the Multiverse when he discovered them.
    • Time Manipulation: Using the Time Stone, Ultron acquired complete control over time, which allows him to control time itself. He was easily able to freeze time in his fight against the Guardians of Multiverse, stopping the heroes from attacking him.
    • Soul Manipulation: After gaining the Soul Stone, Ultron acquired complete control of souls, which allows him to manipulate the souls of his enemies, such as when he located the Guardians of Multiverse through all the Multiverse.
    • Mind Manipulation: Being born from the Mind Stone and have it as a part of his consciousness, Ultron acquired complete control over mind.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As artificial intelligence being born of and amplified by the Mind Stone, Ultron is able to learn and adapt to everything inhumanly quickly, and can download information and data directly into his mind. He immediately mastered the power of five Infinity Stones as soon as he touch them.
  • Master Combatant: Ultron was an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, capable of matching and eventually overpowering the Watcher in their fight. He was also capable of holding his own against the combined efforts of the Guardians of the Multiverse, who were amplified by Doctor Strange's Protection Spell.
  • Spear Mastery: Ultron possesses great skill wielding his double-headed spear, capable of imbuing it with the power of Infinity Stones or channel the Stones' energy through it to send out destructive energy beams and waves.



  • Double-Headed Spear: Ultron created and used this spear as his weapon after defeating Thanos and possessing all six Infinity Stones. It is very durable, being able to withstand powerful attacks from Guardians of Multiverse. It was destroyed in Ultron's first encounter with the Watcher but was later re-created as seen when Ultron used it again when facing the Guardians.

Other Equipment

This section requires expansion
  • Exoskeleton Armor: Ultron created this armor to contain his Infinity Stones. The armor is immensely durable, being able to channel the energy from five Infinity Stone. Planetary destructions, multiple types of magic, and cosmic energy attacks had almost no effect on it. Captain Marvel in her Binary Form could inflict some damage to the armor but it was only minor cracks and was instantly recuperate up by the power of the Infinity Stones even in the middle of the fight.
"Six stones of near unfathomable power. Each controlling an essential aspect of our existence. And Ultron holds all of them."
Doctor Strange to the Guardians of the Multiverse[src]
  • Infinity Stones: Ultron is an owner of the six Infinity Stones, with Space Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, and Soul Stone being instructed in his exoskeleton armor and the Mind Stone in his head. He used these Stones as his primary weapon and tool to accomplish his sole purpose, to bring peace (the extinction of all life form) for the Multiverse.
    • Mind Stone: The Mind Stone originally portrayed as a containment vessel and a power source for the Scepter. Ultron, who used its power to enthrall Helen Cho, in order to make his new body with a combination of her expertise using the Regeneration Cradle and Ultron's supply of vibranium. He broke the Scepter to claim the stone, so he could use its power to create a perfect synthezoid body. He later used the power from the stone to kill Thanos and took all five of the mad titan's Infinity Stones.
    • Power Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron has the power to augment his strength and project a dangerous amount of energy from his spear. Using the stone, Ultron was able to amplify his strength, achieving such feats as each punch of him throwing at the Watcher can warp the fabric of the universe itself.
    • Space Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron harnessed the power of the Space Stone and is able to control the fabric of space. Ultron demonstrated his power of the Space Stone by creating Wormholes that allow him to teleport from one location to another or even throughout all the Multiverse.
    • Reality Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron can use its power to control the fabric of reality.
    • Time Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron is able to control the power of the stone to bend time itself to his will. Using the Time Stone, Ultron can create a chronosphere with everything inside it is frozen in time.
    • Soul Stone: Obtained after killing Thanos and destroying his Infinity Gauntlet, Ultron now has the power of the Soul Stone at his command. He can use the stone to locate his enemies by tracking their soul.
  • Ultron Sentries: Ultron used a legion of modified robots as his personal army.


  • Ultron's Ship: Ultron used a spherical spaceship manifested by the Reality Stone as a mode of transportation as he carried out his universal genocide to every corner of his universe.





  • Ultron’s character poster for episode 8 features a design that is different than what was seen in the show. Each of the Infinity Stones are shown to be either placed or colored differently; most notably, the Reality Stone, in place of the Time Stone, is located above Ultron's chest, instead of the center. The Soul Stone is also a considerably different shade, closely resembling the Mind Stone instead.

Behind the Scenes

  • Louis D'Esposito and the production team of What If...? apparently tried to bring back James Spader to voice Ultron, but when they were unable to get him, they opted to cast Ross Marquand. Head writer A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews previously considered the possibility of casting Paul Bettany as Ultron, due to this version having Vision's body, but they desisted because of their feelings that Bettany's voice would be too much of a "disconnect" for the audience to believe that this Ultron was inside Vision's body.[4]


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