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"I'm not trying to be Steve. I'm not trying to replace Steve. I'm just trying to be the best Captain America I can be."
―John Walker to Falcon[src]

Jonathan F. "John" Walker is a super soldier and a former Captain of the U.S. Army's 75th Rangers Regiment. A highly decorated soldier, Walker was chosen by the U.S. government to succeed Steve Rogers as Captain America in 2024. However, his aspirations of living up to Rogers' legacy attracted the ire of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in their pursuit of the Flag Smashers, during which he took the Super Soldier Serum after failing to apprehend Karli Morgenthau. When his partner and best friend Lemar Hoskins was killed in action, Walker snapped and brutally murdered a surrendering foreign national in public, leading to him being stripped of his mantle and discharged with total loss of rank.


Early Life

Custer's Grove High School

"I've been a Captain before."
―John Walker to Olivia Walker[src]

When John Walker was a teenager, he attended Custer's Grove High School, where he also met Lemar Hoskins and a woman named Olivia. Walker was the captain of the football team, although he would fail drama class. Eventually, he would marry Olivia and joined the United States Army with Hoskins.[3]

Military Career

"Three badges of excellence to make sure I never forget the worst day of my life. We both know that the things that we had to do in Afghanistan to be awarded those medals felt a long way from being right."
―John Walker to Lemar Hoskins[src]

Having graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2010, Walker went on to have a successful career in the United States Army, performing numerous acts of valor. He became the first person in American history to receive three Medals of Honor and led RS One missions in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue. During one of his tours, he fought alongside Christina Raynor.[3]

Captain America

Presented to the World

"On behalf of the Department of Defense and our Commander-in-Chief, it is with great honor that we announce here today that the United States of America has a new hero. Join me in welcoming your new Captain America."
―Military Man[src]

John Walker as the new Captain America

In the months following the retirement of Steve Rogers, the American government became aware of its need for a new symbolic hero to take his place. Sam Wilson, who had been trusted to become the next Captain America by Steve Rogers himself, had donated the symbolic Captain America shield to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.—feeling that he could not fulfill Rogers' legacy. The shield was quickly taken by the United States Department of Defense and given to Walker, who was nominated for his extensive military career. Shortly after receiving approval from the President, Walker was unveiled to the world and announced as "The New Captain America."[1]

"Cap is Back" poster featuring Walker

Following his appointment, Walker began attending various meetings with government officials and made speeches as Captain America, duties that he did not express any genuine interest in. Fanfare about Captain America's return to the modern-day world was established soon after Walker was chosen to take on the mantle, making him a superhero celebrity in the process.[3]

Return to High School

Walker reminisces his past with Olivia

"I’m not Tony Stark, I’m not Dr. Banner, okay? I don’t have the flashiest gadgets, I don’t have super strength. But what I do have is guts. Something Captain America always had, always needs to have, and I’m gonna need every ounce of it. Because I got big shoes to fill."
―John Walker to Sara Haines[src]

In preparation for another interview with Good Morning America, Walker returned to his hometown of Custer's Grove, Georgia. Prior to his interview, he and his wife Olivia Walker reminisced of their past in high school, back when Walker played as captain of the high school football team, before expressing nervousness about not living up to the expectations of the Captain America mantle.

Walker signing his autographs for his fans

While practicing his opening lines for his upcoming interview, Walker was joined by Lemar Hoskins, who acknowledged how their lives had suddenly changed as they became celebrity superheroes, when they were only preparing for a special-ops mission in Chile weeks earlier. Walker made clear to Hoskins that the main reason he wanted to take up the mantle of Captain America was to serve his country, not to participate in senator meetings and rallies. When it came time for the interview, Walker ran out to the high school football stadium, signing autographs on Captain America posters and action figures.

Walker interviewed on Good Morning America

Walker ran triumphantly onto the stage for his interview with Sara Haines of Good Morning America. During the interview, a rundown of Walker's military career was televised, and that he excelled in all of the trials that the United States Armed Forces put him though in preparation for taking on the Captain America mantle. Walker expressed that he had big shoes to fill, and looked up to Steve Rogers as an idol, following his career closely while he was an Avenger.[3]

Chase of the Flag Smashers

Walker attacks the Flag Smashers

"John Walker, Captain America."
"Lemar Hoskins."
"Looks like you guys can use some help."
―John Walker and Battlestar[src]

When Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes traveled to Munich to investigate the anti-nationalist group known as the Flag Smashers, Walker and Lemar Hoskins hacked into Redwing to track their location, which ended up being destroyed by Karli Morgenthau.

Captain America introduces himself to Falcon

Arriving as reinforcements by helicopter while Wilson and Barnes were engaged in a fight on top of two speeding trucks carrying medical supplies, Walker used his shield to incapacitate Dovich before he could kill Wilson, and then with Hoskin's help, knocked Morgenthau off-balance and onto the side of the speeding truck before she could attack Barnes. Walker and Hoskins introduced themselves personally to Wilson and Barnes, to their annoyance despite having rescued them from the Flag Smashers.

Captain America saves Battlestar

Morgenthau got to her feet once again, but Walker threw his shield at her, knocking her and another Flag Smasher down. The two were not able to hold themselves off for long, as Hoskins was quickly outmatched due to the enhanced strength the Flag Smashers possessed. Walker used his handgun to shoot one of the Flag Smashers restraining Hoskins, but this allowed Morgenthau to roundhouse kick Walker onto the edge of the truck, holding on for his life. After Wilson was forced to rescue Barnes, sweeping him to safety but into a field, Walker used his shield to save Hoskins from being injured by his fall by throwing it onto the road and under his body.

Captain America sees Flag Smasher escape

As the enhanced super-soldiers recovered, Walker climbed back onto the truck, and prepared to engage Morgenthau in combat once again. Due to her enhanced strength, she made quick work of Walker, and the impact of her punches threw him into the traffic behind them, with Walker's fall being cushioned by the windshield of a passing car.[3]

Making an Offer

Walker offers Falcon and Bucky Barnes a ride

"Violent revolutionaries aren't usually good for anyone's cause."
"Usually said by the people with the resources."
"We got a lot of resources. If you guys, if you joined up with us, we could..."
―John Walker and Sam Wilson[src]

As the Flag Smashers made their escape, Walker met up with Lemar Hoskins again, and arranged for Gary to pick them up for a ride to the airport. En route, they passed by the defeated Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, who were hiking to the runway. When Walker offered them a ride, Wilson and Barnes coldly refused, despite Walker suggesting that the four must unite and work together to defeat their common enemy. When Barnes coldly announced to Walker that because he carried the shield did not mean he was Captain America, Walker argued that he had put in the effort and hard work during his time with the United States Armed Forces required for the position, and jumped on a grenade four times in an act of valor. Wilson and Barnes reluctantly accepted Walker's offer for a ride.

Walker discusses the GRC's current mission

Walker, having made the same assumption as Wilson that the Flag Smashers were all super-soldiers, explained that he and Hoskins came to their rescue by using Redwing to track their location. Walker explained that the Global Repatriation Council managed resources for Blipped refugees, he and Hoskins were assigned to maintain order throughout the world. Walker furthermore explained that he was not trying to be a direct copy of Steve Rogers, but someone who was trying to make a name for himself and become his own person.

Walker insists he is trying to be his own best

While Walker tried to sympathize with Wilson and Barnes by saying that he understood why they felt opposed to him bearing the shield, Wilson coldly retorted to Walker that he was not in support of him once Walker said that he wanted the support of Rogers' wingmen. Set aback and dismayed by Wilson's rejection of his offer, Walker told Gary to continue driving to the airport, returning back to the United States.[3]

Freeing Bucky Barnes

Walker reveals he freed Bucky Barnes

"I heard you were working with Bucky, so I thought I'd step in. Bucky's not gonna be following a strict schedule any longer."
"We haven't finished our work. Who authorized this?"
"He's too valuable of an asset to have tied up."
―John Walker and Christina Raynor[src]

When Bucky Barnes was taken into custody in Baltimore, Maryland for not appearing to his mandated court therapy session, Walker reached out to the Baltimore Police Station and arranged for Barnes to be freed. At the station, he was reunited with Christina Raynor, Barnes' assigned therapist and Walker's former military comrade. Walker explained that he arranged for Barnes' therapy sessions to come to an end, citing that Barnes was too valuable an asset to be forced to comply with such rigid schedules. Walker then waited outside with Lemar Hoskins for Barnes' session to finish.

Walker updates the group on his findings

Barnes and Sam Wilson left the precinct, they met with Walker and Hoskins, who further insisted that they should work together. Reluctantly, Wilson listened to Walker, who provided them with news that Karli Morgenthau was the leader of the Flag Smashers, having geotagged their location throughout Europe, and tracking the stolen shipment of medical supplies. Bucky haughtily put down Walker's new information, conceitedly questioning Walker if he had any more relevant information.

Walker warns Falcon to stay out of his way

Before Barnes and Walker could continue, Wilson intervened and alleviated the tension by acknowledging that Walker was right. However, Wilson informed Walker that they had no interest in working with them, since they operated as freelance operatives as opposed to being contracted by the government with specific authorizations put in place. Begrudged, Walker left Wilson and Barnes one final word of advice to stay out of their way.[3]

Chasing Flag Smashers

Walker prepares to raid 1337 Connect

"He says he doesn't know."
"Bullshit. That’s bullshit. We know she came through here. Now where’d she go? Do you know who I am?!"
"Yes, I do. And I don't care."
Lemar Hoskins, John Walker, and Rudy[src]

Walker's investigation led him back to Munich, Germany, in search for answers as to the whereabouts of the Flag Smashers. Working in conjunction with the Global Repatriation Council and GSG 9 der Bundespolizei, Walker launched a police raid on the 1337 Connect internet cafe.

Walker angrily questions Rudy for information

Walker arrived at the scene with the federal police to announce his search for Karli Morgenthau. Walker interrogated Rudy, the owner of the cafe, who challenged Walker's incursion on his business. Walker asked Lemar Hoskins to be a translator and serve as the median for the questioning, but Rudy was non-compliant, saying that Americans were brutes. Annoyed, Walker sternly asked Rudy knowing that they had harbored the Flag Smashers, to which Rudy spit in Walker's face in response.

Walker and Hoskins leave empty-handed

Infuriated and disrespected, Walker resorted to physical violence by pushing him against a wall, asking if he understood who he was. Rudy retorted he did, but didn't care, as he had no influence over him. As he wiped the spit off his face, Walker was only suppressed by his own limitations and Hoskins saying there was no point in continuing to question him, that Walker left the building with no new information. With no new leads from the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Walker realized that they would have to shadow Falcon and Winter Soldier for new leads.[4]

Escape of Helmut Zemo

Walker learning of Helmut Zemo's escape

"What happens next isn't a strictly on-the-books type thing, is it?"
"Lemar, if we get the job done, you really think they're gonna sweat us on the how?"
Lemar Hoskins and John Walker[src]

After the terrorist mastermind Helmut Zemo escaped from a correctional facility in Berlin, Walker and Lemar Hoskins were assigned to question the staff and review the security footage. Learning that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes visited Zemo the day he escaped, Walker hypothesized that they were involved in the breakout, but with no evidence to support.

Walker discusses Helmut Zemo's escape

As Walker was also desperate for leads, Walker convinced Hoskins to continue investigating their activities, although it would go against their contractual obligations. Hoskins objected that Walker was attempting to procure this information through corrupt off-the-book means, to which Walker retorted that their superiors wouldn't question them on their methods once they turned up with new information and got the job done.[4]

Search for Karli Morgenthau

Walker and Hoskins find Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo in Latvia

"I know those soldiers, which is why I know this is a bad idea."
"Wait, John. If he can talk her down, it might be worth a try."
―John Walker and Lemar Hoskins[src]

Walker and Hoskins went to Riga, Latvia and found Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo in the streets. They joined them to the location of Donya Madani's funeral where Walker then handcuffed Zemo to a wall, while Wilson went inside the room to talk to Karli Morgenthau.

Walker attempts to arrest Karli Morgenthau

After taunting Barnes about the Super Soldier Serum inside of him, he broke into the room, disrupting Wilson's efforts, and announced that Morgenthau was under arrest. Feeling betrayed by Wilson, Morgenthau kicked Walker and Wilson back into a table and fled the room, to which Walker was temporarily downed while Barnes chased Morgenthau. Walker recovered as Morgenthau was shot by Zemo, and in their small scuffle, he began destroying her serum vials one by one. Upon finding Zemo destroying serum vials, Walker threw the shield at him, knocking him out. However, Walker found one serum vial left, to which he picked it up and put it inside one of his pockets, before Hoskins, Wilson, and Barnes found him.[5]

Skirmish with the Dora Milaje

Captain America demanding Helmut Zemo

"Hi. John Walker. Captain America. Well, let's put down the pointy sticks and we can talk this through, huh?"
"Hey, John, take it easy. You might wanna fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje."
―Captain America and Sam Wilson[src]

Captain America and Battlestar barged into Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' room in Latvia, and demanded that Helmut Zemo be handed over to them, before the Dora Milaje made their presence known, throwing a Vibranium Spear at a column that narrowly missed Captain America. Ayo, Nomble, and Yama arrived to arrest Zemo themselves. Captain America introduced himself to Ayo and told her that they did not have jurisdiction in Latvia, to which she responded that they did wherever they pleased.

Captain America is beaten by the Dora Milaje

In an effort to get them to leave, Captain America attempted to alleviate any tension by putting his hand on Ayo's armor, only for her to knock him back and into the spear. Captain America grabbed the shield and fought back against her and the others, although. After getting the shield stuck on a table, Yama took his shield away from him, only for Ayo to tell her to leave it there, before they left. Captain America was left, humiliated, and commented that they were not super-soldiers.[5]

Super Soldier

Taking the Serum

Walker discusses the Super Soldier Serum

"If you had the chance to take the serum, would you?"
"Hells, yeah."
"You wouldn't be worried about how it might... how it might change you?"
―John Walker and Lemar Hoskins[src]

At a Latvian shopping district, Walker was reassured by Lemar Hoskins that although Baron Zemo destroyed the Super Soldier Serum and Wilfred Nagel was dead, their loss was not for naught, although Hoskins did not realize Walker had a vial of Nagel's serum in his possession. During their discussion, two of Walker's fans approached him to sign his autograph on their Captain America poster. Walker showed camaraderie to his partner by teasing him that he was jealous the two fans didn't ask him for an autograph, although Hoskins retorted that it was their loss, by saying that he had a custom Battlestar logo sketched out.

Walker reflects on his past military career

Deliberating whether or not to take the serum, Walker asked Hoskins if he would've taken it given the opportunity. Hoskins explained he would've without hesitation, going on to say that the serum only amplifies the traits that of which the person already had, and went on to put a spotlight on Walker's numerous acts of valor that won him three Medals of Honor, and that he was a seasoned strategist, having consistently made the optimal decisions during battle.

Walker deciding that he will take the serum

Walker reflected on the worst day of his life, reminiscing of a tour in Afghanistan in which Walker resorted to cruel actions in which he regretted. Recognizing that what he did was not right, Walker came out to say that he finally felt he was doing something right for his country once he was picked to be the next Captain America. Inspired by this conversation, and having previously shamed himself for being defeated by the Dora Milaje and being looked down upon condescendingly by Falcon and Winter Soldier, Walker ingested the serum, granting him enhanced abilities.[5]

Ambush at the GRC Camp

Walker fights the Flag Smashers

"Where is she?!"
"It wasn't me! It wasn't me!"
―John Walker and Nico[src]

While searching for Lemar Hoskins, Walker reunited with Sam Wilson, who were subsequently ambushed by a group of Flag Smashers, including Nico and Dovich. During the fight, Walker was suddenly suppressed from behind by Nico, and was restrained until Karli Morgenthau arrived, running at Walker and preparing to kill him by stabbing him in the chest with her knife.

Walker realizes Battlestar died to his injuries

However, Walker's fate was averted by none other than Hoskins, who freed himself from his restraints and tackled Morgenthau. Walker could only watch helplessly as Morgenthau quickly overpowered Hoskins, punching him hard enough that he was cast into a brick column, caving in his chest and killing him on the impact. Walker quickly ran to the aid of his partner, realizing that it was too late and he had already died. With little time to mourn, he watched Morgenthau and the remaining Flag Smashers flee, as did Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Walker furiously murders Nico in a blind rage

Walker jumped through a window and onto a car, looking for any straggling Flag Smashers. Walker turned to see Nico running, the same person who restrained Walker with the intention to have him killed, and the same person who held him behind from intervening to help Battlestar, although playing no direct part in his death. Furious, he demanded to know where Morgenthau went. Nico attempted to throw a stone cinder block at Walker, but he quickly deflected it with his shield.

Walker is looked upon by horrified onlookers

Walker chased down Nico to a statue located at the center of the town, in which he threw the shield at Nico repeatedly to incapacitate him. Walker stepped on his body to prevent him from escaping, and despite Nico's pleas that he wasn't responsible for Hoskins's death, Walker ignored him, and repeatedly bashed his shield through Nico's body in a fit of furious anger until he died. Walker quickly realized that he had murdered him in front of many bewildered witnesses and onlookers who video-recorded the incident. Among the crowd included several of his fans, along with Morgenthau, Wilson and Barnes.[5]

The Fight for the Shield

Walker in loss over his friend's death

"We don't want anyone else to get hurt. John... you gotta give me the shield, man."
"Oh... so that's what this is. You almost got me."
"You made a mistake."
Sam Wilson and John Walker[src]

In anguish over Lemar Hoskins' death, Walker ran away to an abandoned warehouse, distraught of what to do without his best friend and angered over his recent decisions.

Walker fights Bucky Barnes

Shortly, Walker was confronted by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes who had followed him to warehouse. Despite his attempts to reason with them, rationalizing that he did what he had to do and that he justly avenged Lemar by killing who he believed his murderer, they refused and in return tried to persuade him to abandon his violent path and hand over the shield and explain to the United States about his reasons to give them an incentive to consider his record. Walker refused, asking them if they were really going to try and take it from him. As Barnes said that they would even if they have to by force, Walker then engaged in a fierce fight with them, using his shield, enhanced physical prowess and combat skills to fight them off. As he easily overwhelmed Wilson, he found Barnes to be a much more formidable opponent as he disarmed him of his pistol and persistently pushed him back, but eventually overpowered Barnes, sending him flying and knocking him out temporarily.

Walker fights Sam Wilson

Walker then engaged Wilson, hitting his blows with the shield. However, after Walker lost grip of the shield and it was separated from him, he and Wilson ran after it. Walker tackled Wilson violently and recovered the shield.

Walker prepares to kill Sam Wilson

After Walker had knocked Wilson to the ground, he yanked his helmet off and in a fit of rage, yelled at Wilson that he was Captain America. He ripped off Wilson's EXO-7 Falcon using his newfound abilities and threw them aside. He then grabbed the shield and prepared to kill Wilson, only to be tackled by Barnes, who had recovered. Despite Barnes once again proving himself to be a dangerous opponent and suffering hits, Walker was able to pin him down and attempted to kill him using the shield, but Barnes was able to hold him at bay, giving Wilson the opening needed to get a hold of Walker's hand and together they ripped the shield out of his hand, breaking Walker's arm in the process.

Walker gets the shield taken by Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson

Despite this, Walker was still able to get up but without his shield, he was no match for the seasoned fighting abilities of Winter Soldier and Barnes easily blocked his punch and dealt a blow to the face before finally decisively defeating him by manhandling him and allowing Wilson to deliver the finishing blow on him.[6]

Facing Consequences

Walker during his trial

"John F. Walker, it is the order of this council that you are no longer to act in any capacity as a representative of the United States government or its military. You are hereby stripped of your title and authority as Captain America, effective immediately."
―Senator to John Walker[src]

After returning to the United States, Walker was subjected to a hearing, where he was formally stripped of the Captain America title and other than honorably discharged from the military, narrowly avoiding a court martial due to his previous exemplary service. Despite his best attempts to explain to the council the grave circumstances that led to his killing of Nico, Walker received no sympathy, leading him to chastise the council for penalizing him despite his dedicating his life to following his training and serving the country. As he exited the hearing, Walker was ordered to return the Captain America shield to the government although it was no longer in his possession.

After the hearing, Walker told his wife, Olivia, that he refused to back down as no one understood what it took to be Captain America. As Olivia urged Walker to refocus and visit Lemar Hoskins' family, the two were met by Valentina Allegra "Val" de Fontaine, who explained to Walker that he was not punished for his killing of Nico, but for damaging the government's reputation. Val explained that because Walker took the serum, he was valuable to certain groups of people, and told him to keep in contact with her, before advising him to not worry about the shield as it was not the property of the government, falling instead under a legal gray area.[6]

Consoling Battlestar's Family

After the hearing, Walker decided to visit Lemar's family like Olivia told him, in order to give them closure. There, he told them his falsified recollection of the event of Lemar's death, claiming that it had been avenged now that he had killed Lemar's murderer. Saddened after hearing him, Lemar's mother gave him a picture of him and Lemar that Lemar took after their first tour, and told him how proud Lemar was to be his partner when he became Captain America. After giving them the closure that they needed, John left the Hoskins household but not before telling them that he would be there for them if they need it.

Walker passes a "Cap is Back" poster

On his way home, John noticed a poster of himself as Captain America still up on a bus and walked past it.[6]

Making a New Shield

Walker builds a new shield

After returning home, Walker forged his own version of Captain America's shield. He finished it by welding the medals he had won throughout his military career on the inner face of the shield and then painting the outer face in the colors of the original shield.[6]


"I lived my life by your mandates! I dedicated my life to your mandates! I only ever did what you asked of me, what you told me to be and trained me to do, and I did it. And I did it well."
―John Walker to U.S. Senate[src]

Having been a career soldier all his life, John Walker modeled his work after Captain America, and prior to taking the Super Soldier Serum, only wanted to do what was good for his country. John Walker acknowledges to being uncertain on fulfilling the role as the new Captain America, admitting to be only trying his best to meet expectations. Walker also cares about his friends, choosing to save his friend Lemar Hoskins before confronting his enemies. When Walker attracted resentment from Steve Rogers' comrades Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, he attempted to make amends with them by assisting them help them on several occasions, Walker felt scorned and embittered when Wilson and Barnes turned down his attempts of reconciliation. However, he retained some arrogance, looking down upon Wilson and Barnes as Rogers' "wingmen", rather than people he could learn from. Walker is also very prideful in his abilities and decorations, having attained three Medals of Honor during his military service.

Due to the expectations and pressure mounting on him, John appears to be prone to outbursts, shoving a man for spitting in his face and refusing to answer his questions and ruining an attempt by Falcon to negotiate with Karli Morgenthau because he was impatient to arrest her. Walker has displayed condescending attitudes, as displayed when he attempted to deny the Dora Milaje custody of Baron Zemo on the claim of jurisdiction. He has a deep seated insecurity due to not being able to measure up to Captain America and the pressure put upon him to measure up to Steve Rogers. His ego is also shown to be extremely fragile, which in turn makes him prone to rash decisions. He was humiliated by his defeat to the Dora Milaje, shaming himself for not being able to take down a non-super soldier. After the ruined negotiations with Morgenthau, Bucky Barnes expressed concern about his mental stability, noting that Walker struck him as crazy, and Sam Wilson found Barnes' observations to be stating the obvious.

Not long after, once Walker took the Super Soldier Serum himself, anything that may have been perceived as mental instability was exacerbated, and Walker became increasingly unstable. His outbursts came to a head after Hoskins was accidentally killed by Morgenthau, at which point he descended into a bitter and vengeful blind rage and chased down and brutally murdered Nico with his shield. He rationalized his horrific actions after the fact by convincing himself Nico, not Morgenthau, had killed Hoskins even going to the point of outright lying to Hoskins family about who had killed him. This self-delusion continued after he was stripped of the Captain America mantle by the U.S. Government; as Walker convinced himself he is still Captain America, he later forged another shield directly patterned off of the vibranium original from his military decorations.

Powers and Abilities


John Walker in action

  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Walker enhanced his peak human physical prowess by injecting himself with the Super Soldier Serum, granting him enhanced strength, durability, speed, agility and stamina.
    • Enhanced Strength: Thanks to the Super Soldier Serum, Walker has the strength to perform superhuman feats such as folding a metal pipe with his bare hands when fighting Dovich, send him flying with his hits and throwing Captain America's shield with such force to embed it into a stone wall. He also used the shield to destroy a concrete structure swung at him by Nico. Walker's physical strength allowed him to initially maintain the advantage over Falcon and Bucky Barnes, the latter being a super soldier like himself. He was able to launch Falcon away with a kick and launch the shield strong enough to send Bucky flying several meters, as well as launching Barnes against an electric metal pillar that incapacitated him for a few seconds. Walker was also able to rip off the EXO-7 Falcon's wings without much effort and incapacitate Falcon with a single hit.
    • Enhanced Durability: Walker's muscles and bones are denser and more durable than normal humans. This was demonstrated during Walker's conflicts with members of Flag Smashers; after taking the serum Walker could easily block and shake off their strikes, a feat he could not perform before taking the serum. Walker's displayed his enhanced resilience when he jumped out of a building and landed on a van; crushing its roof, he was also able to keep fighting after his arm was broken, a feat which required considerable effort from the Falcon and Bucky.
    • Enhanced Speed: Walker can move, run, and react much faster than any normal human. Walker's enhancement afforded him the prowess to keep up in fights with enhanced members of Flag Smashers, as well as fight both the Falcon and The Winter Soldier at the same time; maintaining the upper hand for most of the fight. Walker was also fast enough to catch up to the similarly enhanced Nico, who was running at high speeds.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: The recreated serum enhanced Walker's reflexes; allowing Walker to more easily keep up with enhanced members of Flag Smashers, fight The Falcon and Bucky at the same time, and narrowly avoid a knife thrown at him by Dovich.
    • Enhanced Stamina: The serum also improved Walker's stamina; allowing him to easily perform superhuman feats. After taking the serum Walker was able to fight and outmatch serum enhanced members off Flag Smashers, chase down and Kill Nico, flee from the scene of his murder, then go on to fight The Falcon and Bucky for the shield; requiring considerable effort from the latter.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Walker is able to heal at a much faster rate than that of a normal human. Walker was able to heal from the injuries he sustained in Latvia, including the broken arm he suffered from his fight with Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Walker fully recovered from these injuries in a matter of days; allowing him to forge a replica shield.


"The government did a study of your body at MIT, and you tested off the charts in every measurable category. Speed, endurance, intelligence..."
Sara Haines to John Walker[src]

Walker, as a soldier, former football player and graduate of West Point, is extremely athletic. While he was not enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical potential like his predecessor, the government conducted a study of his physiology at MIT, where he tested off the charts in every measurable category, including speed, endurance, and intelligence. He is also highly decorated and experienced, being the first person in American history to receive three Medals of Honor and has led RS One missions in counterterrorism and hostage rescue. Of his own admission, Walker has "guts," as he has dived onto a grenade four times.

  • Expert Combatant:

    Walker fighting Falcon and Winter Soldier

    During his time as a member of the United States Armed Forces, Walker has received advanced hand-to-hand combat training. Walker's fighting style includes a combination of boxing, firearm improvisation and modern army combative. He was able to fight against Karli Morgenthau and two Dora Milaje in two separate instances briefly before being overpowered by Morgenthau's superior strength and the Dora Milaje’s more advanced combat skills. After gaining enhanced physical abilities, combined with his combat skills and shield, Walker was able to defeat several Flag Smashers members with relative ease. Walker was also able to fight both Falcon and Winter Soldier in combat at the same time, being able to easily repeatedly incapacitate Falcon and overpower him even with his EXO-7 Falcon's technology, but struggled to handle Barnes even with his shield, though he was able to deliver multiple blows on him and drive him into the corner until Falcon eventually helped Barnes disarm him of the shield by breaking his arm, and was easily man-handled upon being disarmed of the shield due to his injury, showing his fighting prowess was still not on the same level as world-class fighters like Barnes head-on.

Walker throwing the shield in battle

  • Shield Mastery: Walker is skilled in wielding his predecessor's shield in battle. He can ricochet the shield in a way it returns to his grip. He consistently threw it at the Flag Smashers to knock them down, and even threw it with enough accuracy to catch Battlestar on the concave side. After taking the recreated serum, he was able to throw the shield to make it deflect off surfaces and people before it returns to his grip. He was also proficient in close combat with the shield, using the shield's edge to kill Nico and able to use it to effectively block and launch attacks on his own, which he used to defend himself from the Dora Milaje and Flag Smasher, though on the losing end, and after being empowered he was able to use it to easily bash aside a Flag Smasher and both block and disarm the other of his knife to send at Bucky. He even managed to use the shield to successfully defend himself against and push back the combined efforts of Falcon and Winter Soldier, delivering several blunt blows on them and using the shield to defend himself from Bucky's attacks and nearly managing to kill Falcon with it before he was disarmed by a combined effort.
  • Expert Marksman: Walker is trained in firearms. He used his sidearm to shoot Matias holding Battlestar, barely missing the latter. Walker is also very precise with throwing the shield, consistently hitting his opponents in their center mass, and he once threw it at Zemo's head to knock him out.
  • Gifted Intellect: According to a government study at MIT, Walker tested off the charts in intelligence. On the admission of Battlestar, Walker is an exemplary military strategist, commended for consistently making the right decisions in the heat of battle.



"Just 'cause you carry that shield, it doesn't mean you're Captain America."
Bucky Barnes to John Walker[src]

Captain America uses his shield

  • Captain America's Shield: When Walker was chosen to be the second Captain America, he was entrusted with the shield to aid in his missions. Since then, Walker has used it in a manner similar to his predecessor by utilizing it in a primarily defensive manner and throwing it in an offensive manner. However, due to his aggressive personality, Walker has used the shield with lethal intent, such as when he killed Nico. Nico's murder resulted in Sam Wilson reclaiming the shield with the aid of Bucky Barnes in order to put an end to his rampage.
  • STI Perfect 10: Walker carries a sidearm like Captain America did during World War II, holstered on his utility belt. He armed himself with the pistol in Munich, using it to shoot Matias restraining Battlestar. Although he was disarmed by their leader, he eventually found his weapon. He continued to carry the pistol on missions, as seen in Riga.
  • John Walker's Shield: After losing Captain America's shield to Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, getting stripped of the Captain America title, and being other than honorably discharged from the United States Army, Walker forged his own version of the shield, decorating it with the medals he had worn throughout his military career. This new shield seems to have a different design, with the white stripe on the innermost ring and with two red stripes that had yet to be attached, implying a second white stripe between them.

Other Equipment

"This suit, it comes with expectations, brother."
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  • Captain America's Uniform: Walker wears a blue and red uniform similar to those worn by Steve Rogers. Like Rogers' helmet, his helmet features a symbol representing the combination of the letter "A" and a star. The same symbol is located on the right side of his chest and on the back of his uniform, where the shield is stored. The helmet of this suit is reinforced, supposedly capable of surviving a grenade blast.
  • Super Soldier Serum: During an attempt to capture Karli Morgenthau at the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp, Walker noticed one Super Soldier Serum that had not been destroyed by Helmut Zemo. Believing that it could give him the edge against the enhanced Flag Smashers, Walker injected the serum into his body, amplifying his physical capabilities.


  • Helicopter: Walker and Lemar Hoskins flew in a helicopter to help Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes fight the Flag Smashers in Munich, Germany. Walker stood on one of the landing skids as he threw his shield to stun Karli Morgenthau before leaping off the helicopter to join the fight.
  • Jeep: In order to return to the airport following their defeat at the hands of the Flag Smashers, Walker and Hoskins rode a military Jeep, and offered Wilson and Barnes a lift with them, which they rejected.


  • Custer's Grove High School: Walker attended Custer's Grove High School where he would play sports and according to Lemar Hoskins, failed drama class.[3]







  • In the comics, John Walker was a former United States Army soldier who was originally known as the Super-Patriot, an anti-hero who was the dark reflection of Captain America and his views on patriotism. Walker later took over the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers abandoned the role. After Rogers reassumed the role of Captain America, Walker became a government operative and occasional vigilante/mercenary codenamed U.S. Agent.

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