"A cape is just an add-on to a shirt. But a cloak... it hugs you."
Roland Duplantier to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Tyrone Johnson's Cloak is a handmade cloak created by Billy Johnson and later used by his brother, Tyrone.


"Why'd you pick this one?"
"I don't know. It spoke to me, I guess."
"That was your brother's."
"I'll finish it for Billy."
Otis Johnson and Tyrone Johnson[src]

As a member of the Mardi Gras group Wild Red Hawks, Billy Johnson was making his own Mardi Gras suit, however, Billy died before finalizing the cloak.

Years later, Otis Johnson, father of Billy, took his youngest son, Tyrone, to the Wild Red Hawks and explained to him about the beadwork they do every year. Entering the closet of unfinished costumes, Tyrone focused on the black cloak. Upset that Tyrone choose the cloak, Otis revealed that the suit belonged to Billy. Tyrone explained to his father that he wanted to finish the cloak in honor of his brother.[1]

Tyrone did finish it and used it to devise a plan in which James Connors, the man who murdered Billy, to confess the crime. He would do so by pretending to be Billy's ghost and use his channeled powers to scare the cop, which does succeed.[2]

However, Tyrone had to runaway from the police, due to being framed for killing a cop. While hiding, his father gave him the cloak and began hiding from the police but still got caught. When Terrors began attacking at the police station, he lured them into a room, where the Terrors began to rip apart the cloak. But Tyrone suddenly appeared in front of Tandy Bowen and subdued Mina Hess. He laments his now destroyed cloak, as he was able to finally harness his powers.[3]

Otis Johnson would return to the Wild Red Hawks after he and his wife separated where he began to create a copy of his sons' cloak.[4]


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