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Tyler is a member of the Hand who served under Nobu Yoshioka in his quest to capture Elektra.


Hand Soldier

Working for Nobu Yoshioka

Tyler, under Nobu Yoshioka's orders, procured a list of twenty people, all in New York City, who had been either rescued or put away by Daredevil. Yoshioka ordered her to abduct all of them, in order to lure Daredevil into a trap.

Tyler and other Hand members transported the twenty people, including Karen Page and Turk Barrett, on a school bus to bring them to Yoshioka's location. When Tyler struck Page in the face, one of the other captured people, an old man, yelled at her to leave Page alone. When the man continued to yell at her, she shot and killed him, warning the other hostages that the same fate would befall them if they didn't stay in line.

A police car arrived at their location, and Tyler ordered Hand ninjas to take care of them. She then left the hostages to tell Yoshioka about this development.


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