"So you're making them fight? Inhumans? That's what this place is for? Fighting for entertainment?"
"Not just for entertainment. For profit. Kasius' profit."
Quake and Tye[src]

Tye worked as the Inhuman main combat trainer under Kasius' rule at the Lighthouse. While serving Kasius, Tye had trained the likes of Ben and Abby to become combat ready. When Quake caused a rebellion, Tye was ordered to send all the Inhumans to fight with Kasius forcing him to drink Odium and fight with them. During his final battle against Quake, Tye's rage was fueled by the Odium in his system until he was finally defeated and killed by Quake.


Inhumans' Trainer

Recruited by Kasius

A Life Earned 1

Tye training Ben to be their Inhuman warrior

An inhabitant of the Lighthouse, Tye was recruited by the Kree Watch as a trainer for the Inhumans, so that they would become living weapons to be sold to the highest bidder for Kasius' profit. Tye would attempt to teach the Inhumans to control their newly gained abilities, despite having little patience with them, before putting them in the ring and teaching them to fight, with Tye himself often fighting with them to ensure their abilities were satisfactory before Kasius would be able to sell the Inhumans to the highest bidder.[2]

Abby's Training

Tye Abby

Tye tries to train Abby to control her powers

"No! You need to learn."
"What did you do to her?"
"She's doing it to herself. It's your problem now."
Abby, Tye and Jemma Simmons[src]

After Abby underwent Terrigenesis, she gained density manipulation powers and Tye was tasked with learning her how to control it for combat situations. However, the training did not go well as Abby regularly had seizures when trying to get used to her newfound abilities. Tye reported the situation to Kasius, who got angry since it meant that Abby could not be sold. Kasius had Jemma Simmons brought to Abby and Tye told Simmons that Abby was no longer his concern. Tye later accompanied Kasius as he came to pick Abby for her fight against the Beast and attended the duel.[2]

Quake's Demonstration

Tye Quake

Tye orders Quake to show her powers

"Maybe I don't feel like performing on cue today. Unless you've got peanuts."
"Maybe you should get in the mood. Fast. For your friend."
Quake and Tye[src]

Tye was sparring with Ben as Quake was brought into the Crater following her capture by Kasius. Tye ordered everyone but Quake to leave and told Quake to demonstrate her powers, threatening to hurt Jemma Simmons if she did not comply. Quake obeyed by throwing Tye against a wall with her powers. Angered, Tye activated Quake's Inhuman Control Device and had the Kree Watch take her away.[3]

Final Showdown

Tye Odium

Tye after drinking the Odium

"What happened to you?"
"Kasius freed me. I feel no pain."
Daisy Johnson and Tye[src]

As the inhabitants of the Lighthouse were rebelling against him, Kasius summoned Tye and ordered him to gather the Inhumans he had left to fight the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. However, Tye informed Kasius that these Inhumans were not combat ready. In response, Kasius decided to have Tye forcefully drink Odium, which gave him superhuman abilities as well as an intense rage. Then, Tye was sent to face the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He encountered Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson and violently fought against them, wounding and infecting Coulson with a knife in the process. However, Tye was ultimately defeated by Quake, who stabbed him with his own knife.[4]


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Powers and Abilities


Tye possessed superhuman abilities after he drank Odium.

  • Superhuman Strength: Tye showed some degree of superhuman strength. He was able to fight Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson after drinking the Odium.
  • Superhuman Durability: Tye was granted superhuman durability, as he remained unaffected by several I.C.E.R. shots.
  • Pain Suppression: Tye seemed to not feeling pain, enabling him to fight with rage until his death.


  • Expert Combatant: Tye is a proficient combatant as he was put in charge of the training of the many Inhumans enslaved by Kasius so that they could be turned into living weapons to be sold to bidders coming from all regions of the galaxy.






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