"Take Diet Obama upstairs, Ty. Keep a gun on him till I get up there."
Diamondback to Ty[src]

Ty is a henchman hired by Diamondback.


Working for Diamondback

Attack on Harlem's Paradise

When Diamondback, Shades, and several of their henchmen, Lopes decided to come along with them in order to capture several important political figures in order to evade the New York City Police Department's siege. Lopes, along with several of Diamondback's henchmen came into Harlem's Paradise and shot at Misty Knight in hopes of killing her, however Knight was shielded by Luke Cage, who was unaffected by the bullets.

Later Diamondback assigns Ty to guard Damon Boone and tells Ty to keep a gun pointed at Boone under he returns. Later when Diamondback returns he has Ty leave Cage battled Diamondback's henchmen and defeated them while Diamondback waits for Cage. Later, on a police unit lead by Mario Green, came into Harlem's Paradise and arrested Cage, Shades, Sugar, Lopes, Ty, and the rest of Diamondback's henchmen and brought them to a police station for questioning.




Behind the Scenes



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