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"Tell you what. You play his game and if you can convince him to leave, I'll let you both go. But don't forget... You in Samedi's house. And the house always wins."
Samedi to Tandy Bowen[src]

Two Player is the eighth episode of the second season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


Tandy and Evita must go to great lengths when Tyrone is put in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Adina looks to someone surprising for help.


Tandy Bowen contacts Evita Fusilier and asks her for assistance to help Tyrone Johnson, who seems to be trapped in a massive stream of Darkforce. Fusilier, unaware that her aunt has been killed by Andre Deschaine, gathers some things before leaving to the St. Theresa's Church. Brigid O'Reilly, who has seen the results of the events at the Viking Motel, also goes to the church and finds out about Tyrone's situation. The three women figure out that Tyrone is stuck in the Dark Dimension, meaning that they have to go and rescue him.

Using Fusilier's knowledge of Voodoo, especially regarding Papa Legba, a gateway to the Dark Dimension is opened, enabling Bowen and O'Reilly to jump into the Dark Dimension. They meet with Papa Legba, but are soon separated. Bowen is immediately transported to Fun Arcade Games, an arcade owned by the Loa Samedi where Tyrone is stuck playing a video game entitled Duel to D'Spayre. O'Reilly is confronted to a recreation of Kenneth Fuchs and transported to The Esplanade, a mall center, where she is ambushed by Mayhem.

Deschaine and Lia Dewan managed to escape arrest at the Viking Motel. However, Deschaine still suffers from painful migraines, and sees no other choice than using his powers on Dewan, manipulating her despair to ease his own pain, even though Dewan suffers in his place. During his stay in the Dark Dimension, Deschaine once again faces the door with his personal vévé, but finds it still locked. O'Reilly and Mayhem, who confront each other and heard the music, discuss Mayhem's findings that Deschaine is behind the kidnapping of young girls he manipulates from the Dark Dimension. Eventually, O'Reilly and Mayhem are able to discuss and accept their differences, causing them to merge into a single person.

Bowen is told by Samedi that he will let both her and Tyrone go if he can convince her to leave. Since Tyrone refuses to stop playing the game before he finishes it, Bowen has no choice but to play with him. She thus finds herself an active part of the game, fighting regular foes with her Lightforce powers. However, she and Tyrone quickly arrive in a recreation of the Viking Motel where they are confronted by Deschaine. This is too much to bear for Bowen, who quits the game.

Meanwhile, in St. Theresa's Church, Fusilier has a vision of her aunt and understands that she is dead. Fusilier is then told that the only way to save Tyrone is to become a mambo herself just like her aunt was, which means marrying a Loa and giving up on her dreams to become a doctor. Fusilier initially refuses, unable to sacrifice her life goals, but eventually understands that she has no other choice if she is to save Tyrone, and thus begins a ceremony to marry Samedi, which will allow the release of Tyrone.

Bowen attempts to convince Tyrone to leave the Dark Dimension. However, Tyrone does not wish to follow her, as he feels that the real world has nothing but pain and failure to offer him. Still, Bowen insists, citing how several people will miss him nonetheless if he disappears, starting with Bowen herself. Bowen then claims that she will remain at Tyrone's side in the Dark Dimension should he choose to stay. Tyrone is almost ready to leave, but hesitates too long, and it is finally Fusilier's wedding to Samedi that brings everyone out of the Dark Dimension, including Mayhem, who explains that O'Reilly is in her as well.

Adina Johnson goes to Irish Channel Sober Living Center to see Francis Xavier Delgado and asks for his counsel. She hands him over documents that prove James Connors' guilt in the death of her son Billy so that he can relay them to the authorities, but Delgado is initially reluctant to accept them. Adina is then told that she has to confess to protect the information she had gathered, and eventually reveals to Delgado that she murdered Connors, leaving the priest shocked as she leaves and entrusts him with the documents.

As the night comes, the body of Fusilier's aunt is finally found, with Fusilier taking her place as the manager of Damballah Voodoo Tours & Shop, now unable to continue her relationship with Tyrone. Mayhem returns to the Viking Motel and sets the place on fire. Bowen goes to her mother's home, but she is nowhere to be found and seems to have relapsed into alcoholism and drug consumption. As Bowen bursts into tears, Tyrone appears and comforts her, assuring her that they will find her mother. Meanwhile, Deschaine figures out the meaning of his vévé and drives away, abandoning an unconscious Dewan on the roadside.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Against The Clock Marc Payne
Death of Me Saint PHNX
Running From The Night GAITS
I'm a Legend Phantom Passenger
Ready For War Fleurie Mayhem paints Brigid O'Reilly's nails and the two merge back into one.
Sanba Pran Pale Legba Lakou Mizik
We All Got Our Demons Boga
Suite for Violoncello Solo No. 5 In C Minor, BWV 1011: II. Allemande Klaus-Peter Hahn
Over My Head Asher



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