"You don't understand I need it!"
"Come a step closer and I'll shoot your dick off!""
Malcolm Ducasse and Tweaky[src]

Tweaky is a drug dealer who supplied Malcolm Ducasse until he failed to pay her.


Drug Dealing

Threatening Malcolm Ducasse

"You make me come all the way over here and you ain't even got the money? Bitch please!"
"You can have my TV alright, and this printer."
"I got a better TV than that, got the HD and everything, and what the hell am I gonna do with a printer?"
―Tweaky and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

One day, Tweaky got a call from Malcolm Ducasse to meet him at his apartment with a supply of drugs for him; however, when she arrived, Tweaky learned that Ducasse did not have any money. Ducasse offered to bargain with her, saying that she could have his television and computer printer, but she laughed, citing that she had no need for a printer and that her television was better.

Angry, Ducasse made a sudden gesture; Tweaky drew her gun and threatened to castrate Ducasse with it if he continued. While backing out the door, a woman grabbed Tweaky and disarmed her. Leaving the apartment, Tweaky taunted Ducasse by suggesting that if the woman had money, she would make an exchange.[1]


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