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"So you opened a head shop, huh?"
"Hey, I followed the money, baby. Colorado, California, Washington. My cousin started this shit. We're making so much money selling legal gear to all the dispensaries, I haven't done any crooked shit in months."
Luke Cage and Turk Barrett[src]

The Turk Barrett's Shop is a head shop in Harlem owned by Turk Barrett.


Seeking for Stylers

Covering his criminal activities, Turk Barrett has started a legal business at a disclosed location in Harlem. While checking his wares, he was visited by Luke Cage and Danny Rand who were looking for Bushmaster. Barrett was annoyed by Cage's presence and surprised that Rand accompanied him having heard about his conflict with Madame Gao.

Cage asked him about Bushmaster's whereabouts and after he destroyed one of Barrett's wares, he relented and informed that the Stylers have taken one of the biggest grow houses in the city. The duo left Barrett who complained that Cage should pay for his destroyed ware.[1]

Ambush on the Punisher

"My man wants to get his hands on what you got."
"All right. He gives you a price?"
"Figured you two will work that out."
"Where at?"
"My place. Five o'clock. I'm taking a risk, letting you use my crib. Hope you appreciate that."
Turk Barrett and Frank Castle[src]

Captured by the Russian Mafia, Turk Barrett was forced by Kazan to call Frank Castle who had him to discuss their business in Chicago. Barrett informed Castle that Kazan agreed to deal with him and arranged a meeting in Barrett's shop. Kazan then ordered several Russian Mafia members to wait for Castle in his shop, however, Castle recognized his trap and headed right to Kazan's Gym.[2]