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"I have a reputation to uphold. Being nefarious is good for business."
―Turk Barrett[src]

Turk Barrett is a small time crook from Hell's Kitchen, often working with the Russian Mafia, before he then betrayed them and began working for Wilson Fisk instead. He was frequently fighting against Daredevil until the FBI arrested Barrett for his involvement with Fisk's criminal empire. Upon being freed on a parole, Barrett continued his criminal ways, selling guns to criminals fighting the Punisher while he also had supported Cottonmouth and the rest of their Stokes Crime Family. He was eventually found and stopped by Daredevil again, before getting kidnapped by the Hand, only to then be rescued by Daredevil. Barrett subsequently returned to crime, selling his weapons to Diamondback, Mary Walker, and Ward Meachum, which would be frequently interrupted by the various heroes of New York, much to Barrett's frustration.


Small Time Crook

Ryker's Island Inmate

"I know this guy, we did a stretch in Ryker's, getting by now in a chop shop on the edge of the Kitchen."
―Turk Barrett to Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

While getting work in New York City was a small time criminal, Turk Barrett was soon arrested and sent to Ryker's Island. Upon being released, Barrett stayed in contact with some of his former cell mates, knowing that one ended up working in a chop shop on the edge of Hell's Kitchen.[5] Barrett did not stop all his criminal ways, however, and was hired by Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov, who in turn were working for Wilson Fisk's new criminal empire.[6]

Working for Wilson Fisk

"Hey, hey, bitch. Shut up. We're getting a thousand dollars a head for y'all, so you keep quiet, I'll let ya have a bucket."
―Turk Barrett[src]

Barrett threatens all of his female prisoners

Barrett was eventually given the job by Wilson Fisk's organization of transporting a group of young women in a cargo holder to be forced into sexual slavery overseas. When the girls would not stop screaming due to the traumatic ordeal, Barrett held a gun to their heads and threatened them; he then promised that if the women stayed quiet, he would be kind enough to give them a small bucket to use as a toilet. In order to stop their screams, Barrett stunned one of the girls with his taser before then ordering all of his men to put them in the cargo hold for their journey across the sea to begin their new terrible life.

Barrett attempting to kill the Masked Man

Barrett taunted the girls that no one would hear their screams but before they could be taken, Barrett and his men were attacked by a man in a mask; although Barrett fired his gun at his attacker, he seemingly dodged the bullets before hiding amongst the cargo holds. Barrett continued the search, but was quickly disarmed by the man, who brutally beat him before rescuing the girls. Barrett was forced to contact Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, and inform them of what he witnessed. Despite the strangeness of Barrett's story, the Ranskahovs believed it was true and informed Madame Gao, Nobu Yoshioka, Leland Owlsley and James Wesley of the attack.

Barrett buys some illegal guns on the street

Although Gao questioned Barrett's claims, in the end, the Ranskahov brothers were able to convince the rest of the group that Barrett was to be trusted and he was therefore allowed to continue working for the organization. With his broken nose now bandaged, Barrett later met with a group of small-time arms dealers in a darkened alley, where he purchased a box of handguns which he intended to sell himself to the various assassins within New York City who would be hired by either the Ranskahovs or their employer, Fisk. As Barrett took the gun, he sniffed the barrel as he enjoyed the smell.[6]

Gun Supplier

Barrett selling his handguns to John Healy

"Love that smell. Metal and oil, fresh, never been fired."
"I like a good revolver better. No chance of jamming up."
"Man, look at this. This is top of the line. I guarantee this baby will not jam, or my name ain't Turk Barrett."
―Turk Barrett and John Healy[src]

Barrett supplied an assassin named John Healy with a gun when was hired by Wilson Fisk and the Ranskahov brothers to assassinate a rival mobster. While Barrett enjoyed commenting on the smell of a new, unfired handgun, Healy argued that the guns were not up to standard, mentioning he preferred revolvers as there was no chance of them jamming. Barrett, however, assured him that the guns had his seal of approval and would never jam. Healy purchased the gun from Barrett, however it did indeed jam during the attack.[7]

Tricking the Russians

Barrett speaking with Vladimir Ranskahov

"Never liked those borscht eatin' bastards. Paid shit for shit work. Although, Vlady did offer a cool mil to give up your boy."
"You're alive, which means you made the right decision. Your conversation with Vladimir caused him to react predictably."
―Turk Barrett and James Wesley[src]

Barrett visited Vladimir Ranskahov as he was cleaning the corpse of his brother Anatoly, Ranskahov asked Barrett what information he had for him. Barrett revealed someone from Ryker's Island, working as a mechanic, had had an SUV come in for cleaning covered in blood and brains; the person who owned it was seemingly Wilson Fisk. Barrett also claimed that the man claimed to be close to the masked man. Ranskahov became convinced that Fisk was working with the masked man and then declared war against Fisk.

Barrett is paid for his work by James Wesley

Barrett later met with James Wesley inside a limo and received his payment for leaking the information to Vladimir Ranskahov. Wesley thanked him for his work before Barrett questioned why they needed to trick Ranskahov instead of blowing him up from the start, Wesley explained they need Ranskahov to be emotionally off balance as it led to his predictable actions of gathering all his men together in his warehouses, allowing for Wilson Fisk to arrange for them to be killed in the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Barrett noted he was impressed and always happy to work for a man with a plan like Fisk.[5]

Encounter with the Masked Man

Barrett tries to escape from the Masked Man

"What're you beating on me for? I ain't done nothing!"
"It's not about you, I want information."
"What do I look like? Public damn library?"
―Turk Barrett and the Masked man[src]

One night, Barrett was attacked by the masked man, but was able to escape and went on the run through New York City, even firing his gun at the man to help him get away. Despite all his best efforts to deter him, however, the masked man continued to chase him. Barrett ran up a rooftop and attempted to shoot his attacker, but when Barrett attempt to jump to a second rooftop, he fell hard on the ground and was caught and disarmed by the man who pulled Barrett back onto his feet.

Barrett is threatened by the Man in the Mask

Barrett was told that if he went for any of his back-up weapons, the man would either break his arm or throw him off the roof; not wanting either situation to happen, Barrett surrendered. The man asked Barrett who supplied Wilson Fisk with his body armor, when Barrett claimed to have no idea the man picked him up and threatened to drop him off the roof unless he began telling him the truth. Terrified, Barrett revealed the name Melvin Potter, whom he believed was the man who made the suits for Fisk and gave him the location of Potter's Workshop for him to go and investigate.[8]

Barrett attempting to escape from the FBI

When Fisk's entire organization's true intention had been uncovered the FBI due to Carl Hoffman's testimony, Barrett was exposed. As he knew he would be sent back to Ryker's Island, Barrett attempted to escape, but was arrested.[9] However, Barrett soon had escaped jail and, while attempting to collect money from one of his former client, he was ambushed by Daredevil who almost beat him to death. While in Metro-General Hospital, Barrett was found by Jessica Jones who had been sent by a woman with whom he had her baby and took his wallet to give to the woman, disconnecting Barrett from the IV.[10]

Return to Hell's Kitchen

Threatened by Daredevil

Barrett sells protection against the Punisher

"I gave you what you wanted. My hands busted, got all this glass I gotta replace now... Maybe just let a brother go? Come on, D. I'm out on parole man, I can't go back to jail, please. I missed Hell's Kitchen."
"Yeah, it didn't miss you."
―Turk Barrett and Daredevil[src]

Barrett was once again out selling guns to potential buyers, as the mobsters were scared of a new enemy who had recently attacked and almost wiped out the Kitchen Irish, including their leader Nesbitt. As Barrett recommended which guns the mobsters should use, they were intercepted by Daredevil who quickly knocked out the various mobsters.

Barrett is confronted by Daredevil once again

As Barrett attempted to escape, Daredevil broke his hand and threw him out of his car window. He forced Barrett to tell him information he heard from a man on Ryker's Island regarding Wilson Fisk's stolen ammunition, with Barrett admitting that the Mexican Cartel may have more information. Barrett pleaded for Daredevil to release him as he has missed New York City, to which Daredevil refused and threw away Barrett's car keys. Barrett then mentioned he would be out by the end of the month and was then knocked out unconscious, with Daredevil replying that he would see him on that day.[11]

Betraying Pop

Barrett plays a game of chess with Bobby Fish

"Yo, where's my money?"
"How the hell did you get up here?"
"I'm Turk Barrett, baby. The door ain't been built yet that can hold me back. Now where's my money?"
―Turk Barrett and Cottonmouth[src]

Taking some time away from Hell's Kitchen, Barrett traveled to Harlem where he spent his days playing chess with Bobby Fish inside Pop's Barber Shop. One day while playing a chess game and mocking his opponent, Barrett witnessed Cottonmouth enter the shop and get a razor shave from Pop, although Barrett mostly ignored their encounter and focused on his game as Fish jokingly mocked Barrett's mother.

Barrett sees where Chico Diaz is hiding

When Barrett went to find the bathroom key during his chess game with Fish, he discovered Pop was speaking with Chico Diaz, who Cottonmouth had offered a reward to find due to his part in a robbery of Cottonmouth's money and Hammer Industries' guns. Knowing that Barrett was a clear threat due to his greed and criminal history, Luke Cage ordered him to leave immediately, threatening him if he did not leave. Barrett did as the large Cage instructed him, but was already planning on how he would hand over Diaz to Cottonmouth's men in order to then gain the reward money from him.

Barrett is confronted by Misty Knight

As Barrett was leaving, he encountered Detective Misty Knight with her partner Rafael Scarfe heading towards Pop's Barber Shop to search for Diaz. Speaking to Barrett alone, Knight noted that she was surprised to see him in this part of New York City rather than Hell's Kitchen, with Barrett claiming he had just come to his area to play some chess with his old friend Fish. Barrett and Knight exchanged insults to each other before Knight ordered him to go return to Hell's Kitchen before she found an excuse to arrest him yet again, to which Barrett smugly claimed that he would do soon enough.

Barrett secretly meets with Tone and Shades

Barrett sent a text message to Tone, Cottonmouth's main bodyguard, informing him that he had located Diaz. Barrett soon met with both Tone and Shades around the back of Harlem's Paradise and informed them both that he had discovered Diaz was currently hiding out in Pop's Barber Shop. Shades questioned if he was sure who he had seen and how long ago it had been, which Barrett answered as just a little while back. Tone and Shades then both walked away from Barrett, who was left calling out after them as he demanded to get paid for giving them the promised information.

Barrett asks Cottonmouth to pay him money

Barrett went to the roof of Harlem's Paradise where he found Tone explaining his actions to Cottonmouth, who questioned how Barrett had been able to get onto the roof. When Barrett demanded to get his money that had been promised to him from Tone, he watched as Tone was suddenly thrown from the roof by the clearly furious Cottonmouth, who demanded that Barrett collect his money from Tone's corpse downstairs. Seeing this, Barrett claimed he would be leaving Harlem and returning to Hell's Kitchen which he viewed as safer in comparison to dealing with them.[3]

Kidnapped by the Hand

Barret and others are kidnapped by The Hand

"I wasn't doing nothing, just taking a goddamn stroll. Supposed to be under house arrest."
"House arrest? You're being monitored?"
"What are you, my PR?"
―Turk Barrett and Karen Page[src]

As an attempt to lure out Daredevil to kill him, the Hand, under the orders of Nobu Yoshioka had kidnapped everyone Daredevil had saved and put away, including Barrett and Karen Page. Barrett was on house arrest at the time he was kidnapped, which gave Page the idea that the Police were monitoring him. However, Barrett revealed that he had tampered with the device so that the police could not track him, but after seeing a hostage being executed by Tyler, Barrett was convinced enough to turn his tracker back on.

Barrett and Karen Page arrive at a warehouse

Under the supervision of Tyler and the rest of the Hand soldiers, Jerry's corpse was removed from the vehicle before Barrett, Page and the other hostages were ordered to step out and follow them inside a warehouse elevator and taken upstairs. As Barrett took his place beside Page, they overheard the arrival of two New York City Police Department offices who had eventually tracked down Barrett to the Hand's hideout. Before they could enter the warehouse, they were both shot and killed with the Hand's arrows, but fortunately, the second officer was able to give a call out on the radio in time.

Barrett's foot being almost cut off by the Hand

One of the Hand's men discovered the tracker on Barrett's ankle, but the latter claimed that it was a family heirloom while Page attempted to convince them it was nothing to be concerned about. The men were not easily fooled and proceeded to draw a knife and try to saw off Barrett's foot. Just as Barrett screamed in agony as they began cutting into his flesh, Daredevil arrived and saved Barrett and the other hostages by using his billy club to subdue the kidnappers. Barrett and the others then ran outside where Brett Mahoney and a team of police officers were waiting to save them.[12]

Deal with Diamondback

Barrett making his deals with Diamondback

"So are you down?"
"I'm down, as long as the business is business, I'm good with it. 'Til then I'm outta here, man."
"Show Turk out, Zip."
Diamondback and Turk Barrett[src]

Barrett was contacted by Diamondback who needed his help in the wake of his battles against Luke Cage who had now gone on the run. Going into Diamondback's Warehouse, Barrett briefly tried to pocket some of his money before complimenting Diamondback on all his tactics as Shades had been arrested before being informed that he was needed to sell all of his Hammer Industries guns in order to continue profiting.

Barrett watching Diamondback's true brutality

Barrett then witnessed Diamondback attacking Zip after being told some of his most needed equipment were missing. Barrett listened as Diamondback explained that the issue he was having with Shades was that he was becoming too ambitious, using the example of Icarus which Barrett understood. Diamondback explained that he would have Shades freed from his cell at the New York City Police Department's lockup in order to have him assassinated, promising to give Zip the job if he wanted it, which embarrassed Barrett as he saw Zip being even more obedient to all of his demands.

Barrett insulting Zip for becoming a coward

Diamondback then asked Barrett if he was now willing to help his organization, at which point Barrett made it clear that he was always willing to do the work as long as it was uncomplicated business and nothing more personal. Upon hearing this, Diamondback asked Zip to take Barrett out in order to begin his work. As they were walking, Barrett told Zip that their former ally Romeo would be ashamed of him, as he was once a legend of New York City and explained that while he did business with him, Zip had now become Diamondback's own bitch before leaving the warehouse.[13]

Confronted by Luke Cage

Barrett walking alone through New York City

"Somebody would have seen him, might as well be me! How was I supposed to know Tone was going to shoot up the shop? Whole damn world knew that Pop's was Switzerland. Forever."
"I should crush you."
"You won't though, you need me."
―Turk Barrett and Luke Cage[src]

With his deal with Diamondback now complete, Barrett walked through New York City during the night without a care in the world. However, without warning Barrett was grabbed by the throat and violently pulled into an ally way where he was confronted by the furious Luke Cage, who accused him of not only betraying Chico Diaz but killing Pop as a result, although Barrett insisted that this was not his fault as Tone had done the shooting, not him.

Barrett is furiously confronted by Luke Cage

While Barrett continued to argue that Diaz hiding out in Pop's Barber Shop meant he would have been found either way, Cage expressed his desire to crush his bones. Barrett noted that Cage clearly still needed his help at which point he was asked where Diamondback was, when Barrett claimed to not know, he was lifted up and thrown into a dumpster which was crushed by Cage, trapping him. Terrified, Barrett revealed the location of Diamondback's Warehouse, only to be left by Cage to be later found by Misty Knight who then arrested Barrett yet again for all of his recent various crimes.[13]

Ratting out White Hat

Barrett boasts to his fellow criminals in a bar

"Look, I'd love to help, but I don't know shit."
"I think you do."
"Okay! I heard about it! But ain't nobody come asking me, okay? I'm too old-school for this anyway."
―Turk Barrett and Luke Cage[src]

While spending time in Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice, showing off some solid gold watches he had stolen to his fellow criminals, claiming that the New York City Earthquake had gotten everybody into a panic making them easier to rob. While Barrett was talking however, Luke Cage came up behind him, wiping the smile from Barrett's face as he welcomed Cage back from Seagate Prison. Cage, however, then told Barrett that they needed to talk before Cage then violently took Barrett into the back room to begin questioning him.

Barrett is violently confronted by Luke Cage

Cage pinned Barrett against a wall demanding answers from him, with the nervous Barrett jokingly questioning if this was the only way Cage knew how to talk. Cage demanded to know what Mariah Dillard and Shades had been up to in Harlem while he was gone, although Barrett insisted that as far as he knew they were not up to anything, as he had little contact with Harlem's Paradise since Diamondback had been arrested. Cage then questioned who it was who had been recruiting kids into the criminal activities and getting them killed as a result, of which Barrett still denied any knowledge of.

Barrett confesses what he knew of White Hat

As Cage did not believe Barrett's claims to not know anything, he responded by punching the keg right next to Barrett, spraying the alcohol all over him. Fearing for his safety, Barrett confessed that he had heard of something but denied being involved as he claimed to be too old school for that kind of work. Barrett told Cage of White Hat, admitting he did not know his name but promised his fashion sense would make him stand out. Cage questioned where he could find White Hat in New York City and left when given all the answers, promising to come back for Barrett if he was lying to him.[14]

Robbed by the Punisher

Barrett's life being threatened by the Punisher

"I'm just a guy trying to make a living, supply and demand. What people do with the guns isn't on me, swear to god."
"You believe in god, Turk?"
"Well, right now, I want to. Look, man, I ain't seen you, don't know you, don't want to. So how about you let a brother go, huh?"
―Turk Barrett and Punisher[src]

Barrett continued his criminal ways by buying and selling weapons illegally all across New York City; however, due to the heat on him he struggled to find major jobs, losing out on a job to the Greek Mob due to not being able to sell their high tech weapons. While dealing with his cargo crate filled with pink guns for a criminal's daughter, Barrett was ambushed by the Punisher who held down Barrett at gun point.

Barrett asking the Punisher to spare his life

The Punisher demanded to know what guns Barrett was selling on the streets, but he confessed that he did not have much, blaming it on not being able to take higher class jobs any more as well as the Greek's racist. As Barrett was forced to open a box containing the pink gun for the gangster's daughter, the Punisher demanded ammo as well, but Barrett confessed that he did not have any for fear of being robbed. Barrett claimed that he was just a man trying to make a living and was asked if he believed in God, before the Punisher knocked him out by striking Barrett across the head.[2]

Supplying his Lawyer

Barrett meeting with Jeri Hogarth on a road

"Never took you for the type to get her hands dirty."
"Well, if it's untraceable, my hands are immaculate."
"Scrubbing 'em clean is what I do."
―Turk Barrett and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Wanting to get her revenge onto Inez Green and Shane Ryback who had ripped her off, Jeri Hogarth had secretly contacted Turk Barrett in order to purchase a gun from him illegally. On the road, Hogarth was waiting for Barrett to supply her with a firearm in a conspicuous deal as Barrett had eventually arrived in his porche. As he walked towards Hogarth, Barrett commented that she should never leave her bag out as it was dangerous in the part town they are in and it could easily be taken.

Barrett supplies Jeri Hogarth with her firearm

Hogarth then joked that if he continued going down the criminal path then he would then require Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz's assistance in the court room whenever Barrett would get in trouble with the New York City Police Department, to which Barrett noted that it was now Hogarth who needed Barrett's skills. Getting to business, Hogarth questioned if he had bought what she had asked for as Barrett gave Hogarth a bag with contained the gun, joking that he had included some curly fries in there and said that he never suspected her to be the type of person who would order a gun illegally from him.

Barrett comments on Jeri Hogarth's actions

Barrett questioned why she ever needed a gun and whether or not it was for her use, but hesitantly decided that it was likely best that he did not actually know the reasons, as Barrett noted that he did not think she was the sort to get her hands dirty, to which Hogarth noted that if Barrett's promise that it was untraceable then her hands would always remain clean, with Barrett promising that ensuring they were untraceable was his specialty. Hogarth suggested to Barrett whether he needed cash or a trade, Barrett choosing the trade, as he thought he would be seeing her for a while before then walked away.[15]

Back to Work

Informing on the Stylers

Barrett notices Luke Cage entering his shop

"Word on the street is that the gangs are piss that the Jamaicans are driving everyone out of the weed business."
"I don't know. But they have taken the biggest grow houses in the city."
―Turk Barrett and Luke Cage[src]

Having grown tired of all his constant run-ins with the heroes of New York City, such as Daredevil, Barrett opened his own Shop where he sold various kinds of bongs. While looking over his merchandise, Barrett was frustrated to find that he was being visited by Luke Cage and Danny Rand, as Barrett tried to convince Cage not to bother him, noting his surprise at seeing Rand there, commenting on how impressed he was that Madame Gao had been defeated by Rand.

Barrett mocking Luke Cage about Bushmaster

Barrett and Cage then discussed why he had reopened up this shop, with Barrett explaining that by dealing in legal business he was now making more money than ever before, although Barrett admitted that he had liked to stay quiet as being perceived as a criminal helped his business. While Rand admired a dragon shaped bong, Barrett asked if they were searching for Bushmaster, while noting how Bushmaster managed to defeat Cage during their first encounter, although Cage had still insisted that it was the other way around which make Barrett smirk, before Cage then began looking at the items in the shop.

Barrett tells Luke Cage to stop breaking items

Picking up one of the bongs, Cage commented on the quality of the glass before casually dropping it on the floor where it smashed apart, much to Barrett's complete horror. Cage made it clear that he was willing to destroy more of Barrett's items if he did not tell him what he wanted to know, as Barrett had relented and informed Cage that his contacts had told him that all of the criminal gangs in New York were furious that the Stylers were pushing them out of the weed business, since they had taken over one of the biggest Grow Houses within the entire city to grow all their Nightshade for Bushmaster's strength.

Barrett demanding Luke Cage pay the money

In order to get rid of the Defenders, Barrett had then given them the address of the Grow House, as Cage and Rand had turned to leave before Barrett complimented Rand on his aura, questioning who he had trained with, but before Rand could explain how he had trained with the Order of the Crane Mother back at K'un-Lun, Cage simply reminded him that they had to leave in order to stop Bushmaster. As they walked out, Barrett called out to Cage and demanded that he pay for the bong that he had broken, as Cage simply told Barrett to send him a bill for what he broke, much to Barrett's frustration.[16]

Supplying Walker and Meachum

Barrett practicing his golf swings by himself

"I know you're not the type to really lay it down, so I figured–"
"Having the option does not hurt. She clean?"
"You'll be her first dance."
"Got any AP rounds?"
"Come on, now. You come to Turk for a reason, don't you?"
―Turk Barrett and Mary Walker[src]

While on the outskirts of New York City, Barrett was enjoying playing a game of golf by himself when he was then interrupted by the arrival of Mary Walker and Ward Meachum who had come to purchase weaponry from him, while Barrett complained that Meachum calling out advice to him ruined his swing. As Walker insisted they get down to business, Barrett questioned why she had brought the "suit" with her, despite Meachum noting that he was not wearing his suit.

Barrett is asked to sell guns for Mary Walker

Walker had explained to Barrett that Meachum would be covering the cost of what they had come to buy, before noting that if Barrett was uncomfortable with that then they could make a deal with somebody else. Not willing to miss out on a big sale, Barrett had then directed Walker and Meachum to his truck where he was keeping all his main guns that he had collected for them. Looking over all of the weapons, Walker immediately pulled out the M4A1, as Barrett had then noted that the gun had not yet been used while Walker questioned if Barrett could supply her with any AP rounds, which Barrett happily did.

Barrett selling his weaponry to Mary Walker

Turning to Meachum, Barrett questioned what he wanted to buy for himself, although Walker claimed Meachum would not be interested. However, Meachum claimed that he was indeed interested in buying a gun, although Walker noted how he had brought her on to do a job with killing Davos, not to bring him on an adventure safari. However, Meachum noted that he knew how to fire a weapon having shot and killed his father, Harold Meachum. Barrett had watched on with great amusement as Walker had then noted how Joy Meachum let her call Meachum a pussy before inviting him to chose a gun from Barrett.

Barrett gets his money from Ward Meachum

As Meachum stepped up to the truck, Barrett gave him the choice of guns as he picked him a handgun which Barrett simply referred to as a classic before asking what kind of rounds Meachum wanted, while Meachum would only claim that he wanted good ones. Having given Walker and Meachum what they wanted, Barrett gave them his price as Walker walked away while Meachum gave him the money. Having handed over the cash, Meachum then gave Barrett the advice on his posture while he swung his golf clubs and also telling him to think of sunsets before walking away, with Barrett smirking to himself.[17]

Punisher's Mission

Barrett locks up and leaves his Shop at night

"I don't know what you've heard, but I ain't done nothing to nobody. Ask around. I'm head-to-toe legit."
"That's good, Turk. But I need to find a Russian. I know before you found this, uh straight and true path you're on, you used to sell guns to the Russian vory."
"I look like the United Nations to you?"
―Turk Barrett and Frank Castle[src]

While shutting up his Shop late in the evening, Barrett returned to his car and prepared to head home; however, when he checked his mirror, he found that Frank Castle was sat in his back seat, much to Barrett's horror. Fearing that the Punisher had come to kill him, Barrett then insisted that he had not committed any crimes, which Castle complimented him on but claimed that was not why he was there.

Barrett is cornered in his car by Frank Castle

Castle had then explained that he was only interested in finding the Russian Mafia, believing that Barrett could assist him with this as he used to supply Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov with guns. Castle explained that he was specifically looking for Sergei Konchevsky as Barrett confirmed that he knew who Konchevsky was before Castle told him that he wanted to have a meeting with Konchevsky. Having become annoyed at the request, Barrett told him that he would make a call to the New York City Police Department instead to have Castle arrested, only for Castle to threaten his life if he made the call.

Barrett being told about Sergei Konchevsky

Fearing for his life, Barrett then informed Castle that Konchevsky had worked with Kazan at Kazan's Gym, explaining that these were not good people and if he wanted to kill them all, the Gym was the place to go, since they would not be carrying guns there. Despite Barrett's reluctance to get involved, Castle offered him a large sum of cash if he would make contact with the Russians and claim that somebody had all photos and the girl, although Castle did not explain what this meant. Barrett and Castle then agreed on a price as Barrett asked if Castle had become a criminal now, which Castle claimed he had.[4]

Captured by Russian Mafia

Barrett happily greeting Kazan inside his gym

"Swear to God, they made me do it, man."
"Yeah. Don't worry, Turk. You did exactly what I wanted you to."
"Shit. I really don't ever want to see you again."
―Turk Barrett and Frank Castle[src]

Following Frank Castle's instructions, Barrett had then made his way into Kazan's Gym, where he immediately teased the Russian over his weight lifting. Barrett then greeted Kazan who commented that it had been a while since they had last seen each other, as Barrett had then noted that he had spent some time uptown of New York City before asking if Sergei Konchevsky was anywhere close by so that he could speak with him, noting that he had some news which Konchevsky was going to love.

Barrett getting attacked by the Russian

However, it soon became clear that something was wrong as Kazan confirmed that Barrett's news had come from Chicago, while Barrett noticed that all the other gym goers were beginning to gather around him. Once Barrett once again questioned if Konchevsky was nearby, Kazan informed him that somebody had murdered Konchevsky while he had been in Chicago. Before Barrett could even react, the Russian then put him into a chock-hold, since they believed that Barrett could have some important information about who killed Konchevsky and why, with Barrett being completely unable to defend himself.

Barrett is under hostage inside Kazan's Gym

With Barrett having been captured by the Russian Mafia, he was then forced by Kazan to phone up Castle, pretending that his meeting with the Russians had gone to plan, claiming that Kazan wanted to get his hands on all the photos and the girl that Castle had promised. Castle had appeared to accept this while he questioned if Barrett had sorted out the price yet before they had then arranged to have the exchange back at Barrett's Shop. Having seemingly managed to arrange their ambush for Castle, Barrett had nervously reminded him to remember to take care of his friend Turk before they hung up the phone.

Barrett asks Kazan to let him leave the gym

While Kazan sent most of his thugs to the Shop in order to ambush Castle, Barrett was kept inside the gym with Kazan and several other Russians, as Barrett noted that this entire situation was not right as he had come to the gym with good faith and he had done everything that Kazan had asked. They were then interrupted by the arrival of the Punisher, who had predicted the ambush and gone into the gym instead, while Barrett noted that Castle was definitely not his friend. Barrett then watched as Castle and Kazan confirmed that neither of them had killed Konchevsky, as Castle demanded some answers.

Barrett talks to Frank Castle about his plan

Barrett then watched on while Kazan ordered his thugs to beat down Castle, leading to a brutal fight, resulting in the Russian being beaten to death with the weights. Once the fight was concluded with Castle standing victorious, he then forced Kazan to confess that it was their Russian Mafia had been paid by Nikolai Poloznev to take the pictures which were currently being hunted, before Castle knocked out Kazan once he had the information he needed. Barrett then tried to claim he was forced into tricking Castle, only for Castle to then explain that all this was always his scheme, much to Barrett's great annoyance.[4]


"I'm down. As long as the business is business, I'm good with it. Until then, I'm out of here man."
―Turk Barrett to Diamondback[src]

Turk Barrett is a selfish and greedy man. When Daredevil attacks him for information he quickly gives up Melvin Potter's location. He is always seeking opportunity, quickly betraying the Russians for a sizable fee from Wilson Fisk and tipping off Tone to Chico Diaz's location for more money. When released on parole he quickly turns back to his criminal ways. When Daredevil apprehends him, he tries bargaining with the hero, begging to not report the parole violation.

He apparently has lots of affairs with women, stating "Which one?," sarcastically when asked about child support by Jessica Jones.

However, he has since then seemingly changed his ways, moving on from his life of crime and moving forward on the straight-and-narrow.[4]


"How the hell did you get up here?"
"I'm Turk Barrett, baby. The door ain't been built yet that can hold me back."
Cottonmouth and Turk Barrett[src]
  • Expert Thief: Barrett is a seasoned criminal, displaying average skill with kidnappings, weapons dealings and breaking into places. He claims Puff Daddy does not compare to him and that he is "the real bad boy worldwide," followed by Misty Knight stating he has an extensive background and exaggerating his record could put out a record. When Barrett had sold a revolver to Jeri Hogarth, he assured her that he does not disappoint his customers it was untraceable due to excelling at scrubbing his gun products clean.
  • Marksman: Barrett is proficient with several firearms,including pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles.



"Go for the knife in your boot, I break your leg. Go for the backup piece tucked behind your belt, I throw you off the roof."
Masked Man to Turk Barrett[src]
  • Smith & Wesson 5946:

    Barrett searching for the Masked Man

    Barrett carried this handgun while committing crimes, as a means of threatening his victims and defending himself. He tried to shoot at the man in the mask to prevent him from rescuing a group of women he intended to sell as slaves, and also when the masked man chased him to obtain information about Wilson Fisk's armorer.
  • Heckler & Koch P30: Barrett sold the Heckler & Koch P30, a semi-automatic pistol, to John Healy to use in an assassination, although Healy claimed he would have preferred to buy a revolver because it had no chance of jamming up, but Barrett assured him the pistol would not jam up. Barrett was wrong in his prediction.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 60: Barrett sold this revolver and bullets to Jeri Hogarth after scrubbing it clean, in exchange for possible future legal assistance.
  • Pistol: Barrett sold this "classic" pistol to Ward Meachum along with "good" rounds, as per request.
  • Shotguns: Sometime after he was released on parole during the Hell's Kitchen heat wave, he tried selling shotguns to gangsters gearing up in preparation for an "army" to no success. These shotguns included break-action single shotguns, side-by-side shotguns, over-under shotguns and classic pump-action shotguns. He recommended sawing off the barrels in order to spread the pellet blast to compensate for poor marksmanship, which offended his customers. However, they did not want to purchase shotguns and instead wanted semi-automatic firearms.
  • M4A1: Barrett sold this rifle to Mary Walker, along with armor-piercing rounds.
  • Knife: When the man in the mask interrogated Barrett, he sensed a knife located in his boot, and threatened to break his leg if he tried to use it.

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  • In the comics, Turk Barrett is a crook who steals villains' suits to fight Daredevil. He was also a friend of Grotto.

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