"I don't trust people who kill their partners."

Tua was a marijuana trafficker being supplied by Reno on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. After capturing Karnak, he was presumably killed by Black Bolt and Medusa.


Marijuana Trafficker

Tua Shots Reno

Tua kills Reno

Tua was in business with Reno, who provided him with marijuana he grew on his farm on Oahu. After Reno killed his partner Ted and tried to murder Jen and Karnak as well, Tua called Reno to inform him he was on his way to the farm earlier than planned. Upon arriving, Tua asked about Jen and Ted. Reno answered that Ted had died in an accident and that Jen and Karnak were on the run and could go to the police. Tua asked to see Ted's body and figured out that Reno had murdered his partner. Deeming him untrustworthy, Tua shot Reno before ordering his men to load the merchandise on his truck while he left to chase Jen and Reno.[1]

Capture of Karnak

Tua Captures Karnak

Tua captures and interrogates Karnak

Having failed to find Jen and Karnak, Tua returned to the camp at night while his men loaded the truck. Karnak and Jen, who had hidden in the camp all along, attacked them, setting the plants on fire before trying to run away, but they were caught by Tua, who captured them. Tua interrogated Karnak, demanding to know who Karnak was working for. When Karnak answered that he came from the Moon, Tua disbelieved him and ordered his men to bludgeon him. However, Gorgon found them and stomped the place, knocking Tua and his men. Gorgon, Karnak and Jen fled, and Tua soon encountered Black Bolt and Medusa, who killed him as well as his men.[1]



  • Ted † - Former Associate



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